Then and Now

An:(Takes place in the past)

1. Then
It was the second week in August. The young man sitting at the kitchen table glued his eyes to the screen of his smart phone. He knew no other presence in his life currently. In the background humming blanketed his surroundings with a soft melody. 7 am wasn't his favorite time of day but as a student at Wellington Boys and Girls Academy he knew not to protest out loud. His texting continued as the humming flitted upon the air in the background. Despite the pleasant music he knew the real feeling of his mother. After all it was the first week of school. This factor wasn't much of a bother to him. Sophomore year was only an hour and twenty minutes away. He couldn't say he wasn't secretly counting down. He snickered lightly to himself at a particularly ridiculous comment from one of his academy friends.
Soft thumping broke the humming orchestra. Casually he glanced at the interruption of an otherwise peaceful moment. He rolled his eyes at the sight of a younger male wearing a pristine navy blue blazer and nicely ironed khaki pants with a collared white shirt beneath the blazer. The emblem of the academy shined brightly proving to the occupants of the kitchen that 'Yes this is a new blazer, thank you very much'.
"Oh, Louis dear," the woman smiled warmly. "I was beginning to wonder where you were off to. Are you just waking?"
Louis shook his head softly. Harvey smirked knowingly at the male. If he knew anything about his brother he was certain the other had been up an hour earlier than them all. Harvey on the other hand took the extra minutes of sleep like much needed time on an exam.
"Mother, I have come to a decision."
The warm smile gracing the woman face only brightened. "And what may that be?"
"Decided to drop ballet and let me teach you some boxing moves?" Harvey asked casually.
Louis gave Harvey a look of disgust as if he had just told him to lick his armpit.
"No. I am no longer going by the last name of Spector. Instead I wish to be addressed as Louis Litt. I would appreciate notice sent to the teachers, Mom."
Miss. Spector chuckled lightly. "Don't be silly dear."
"Yeah, Louis," Harvey smirked. "You are a Spector. Wear the name proud. It comes with a wide array of perks."
Louis snorted as he sat down. Harvey rolled his eyes once more. Louis was his younger brother. They weren't too far apart age wise. Louis was a year younger than Harvey. It was the shorter boy's first day of academy. He had been at Preparatory Learning since the young age of six which was the equivalent of elementary and middle school. Louis voiced his opinion on the school every day. He didn't quite like it, but he was looking forward to the academy. Harvey overheard it had something to with Ballet Co open auditions.
"Now boys," their mother stated sternly. "Promise me this. It is a new year, new school Louis. Branch out…make new friends…be open minded."
He frowned at the last statement. "And Harvey…be there for Louis."
Harvey feigned an expression of shock. "I'm always there for Louis. That is what being the oldest is about."
Louis crossed his arms. "I will try and get along with my classmates if you promise to let my teachers know about my important name change."
"Dear, why do you want to change your last name so badly?" she questioned. "It is my maiden name…and…are you stating something is wrong with my family?"
Louis flayed slightly at the implication. "No, not at all…I just…I don't want to share the same last name as Harvey."
A twinkle in his mother's eye was a bad sign. "Ah, you are worried what the student body will say. Well dear…I can just tell you this…you'll make a name for yourself this year…and you don't have to worry because you aren't in Harvey's shadow."
Harvey's smirk broadened and Louis looked horrified. "Mom, that isn't it at all. I promise. I just think it would be best for us if I changed my last name to Litt, so in a way I have made a name for myself."
Harvey ruffled the younger's crop of unruly hair. "Don't worry, Louie. We won't be in the same hall at the same time. I will be avoiding you to the best of my ability."
Miss. Spector fixed her eldest son with a glare. "I mean…I will be there for you to the best of my ability."
"That is what I thought I heard. Now, I promised I'd drop you boys off but something came up, so you'll have to take the bus."
"Bus?" Harvey asked as he quirked an eyebrow. "There is a bus for academy? Aren't we too prestigious for a bus?"
"Harvey don't be ridiculous. With the fees I pay there better be transportation. Now you should be out by the bus stop now."
Both boys were ushered quickly out the door after breakfast. Louis had to scarf his meal down quickly. Louis looked up at the elder boy who had a deep frown etched in his face.
"Can you believe this?" Harvey grumbled. "A bus for a private school? Something is wrong here."
Louis fiddled with his thumbs slightly nervous. Most students graduated with acquaintances or people they looked forward to seeing. Louis only hoped those terrible Neanderthals at Prep Learning were no longer in the school district.
"Nervous?" Harvey glanced casually at the youth who was fidgeting. "You shouldn't be you know."
Louis smiled softly. "Thanks, Harvey."
"I mean we are at academy now. The bullies are a lot more…mature."
The youth eyed him strangely. "Mature bullies?"
"Oh yes," he chuckled. "They have better reasons for stealing lunch money now…after all we all need a steady income. I am certain they won't target you the first day…now tomorrow. Tomorrow is fair game."
When the bus pulled up to their house Louis wondered if it was too late to get a diagnosis for the flu.

Harvey groaned inwardly as he headed down the open hallway. Their academy was the only in the area that offered free period to their students. The head master believed the students were mature enough to conduct themselves appropriately with their own time. Harvey didn't argue it gave him time to catch up on conversation with companions as well as dissect his thoughts properly. Sadly he was curious of Louis's whereabouts, so he scanned the hall for the ever familiar sight of short cropped brunette hair. He noticed a few ballet flyers on his way down the hall and he silently grimaced. Of course, the try outs were during free period.
"Harvey," a male called out to him.
He acknowledged the male's presence and decided he wasn't about to find Louis at this time. Unfortunately the exact moment he gave in the search was over. The auditorium doors were only a few more doors down. He heard the giggles as well as the soft chuckles of females and male students.
"Oh my gosh," one girl stated sweetly. "You were so good."
Harvey turned back to his friend becoming engrossed in their conversation. If he kept his cool no one would say a thing. Two rather large burly fellows ended up around the auditorium's doors. He hadn't noticed their presence but then again girls and skirts, was any scum bags signal.
"Hey, Lisa," a male voice smirked. "You are looking good. See you are trying out for ballet? I always knew you would be great."
Lisa was a petit blonde but had strong legs, which Harvey had heard Louis state it was a trait of many ballerinas. Harvey of course didn't need to know this information but it was hard to block the younger's enthusiasm. Finally giving up his own sensibility to his curiosity he turned and spotted the girl and next to her was none other than little brother, Louis.
"Oh, did you see the tryouts?" she asked casually as she rifled through her locker.
"Of course," he lied obviously which Louis frowned at.
"Believe me Hector," she stated sweetly. "I was nothing compared this dancing master piece, Louis. He is a freshman here. Right Louis?"
Louis beamed at the praise. He had thought his positions were a little sloppy and the jumps were just fine but not as clean cut as he had practiced at home or at the dance studio.
"Heh," Hector stated looking over the short male with a bit of interest. "Louis huh?"
Louis nodded smiling. "Litt, Louis Litt."
"Ah," Hector smirked arms crossed. "Wasn't aware ballerinas are male these days…right Steven?"
Steven who had been talking up a small group of sophomore ballet candidates joined his friend. Harvey had a bad feeling about this.
"What? Male ballerina?" he questioned slightly confused. "Who would want that?"
"Louis Litt here, our new friend."
Louis smiled softly unaware that 'Yes they are mocking you'. Harvey almost couldn't take the whole scene in any longer. His friend looked at him.
"Man, feel bad," his friend pointed out. "Those guys never leave the guys alone. I mean I don't know how I feel about males in leotards and tutus…but you like what you like…right? That Louis kid is marked for life now. I bet."
Harvey was itching to intervene but just the thought of emerging as the big brother seemed a little nerving. He told Louis he wouldn't interfere in the halls…yet his mother had been less than pleased. Often he wished Louis could be like the other boys his age, bruised knees and raw scabs from rolling around in the dirt or throwing a football. On the other hand being the opposite was what made Louis, Louis. And he'd be foolish to say he wanted to completely change him.
"So Litt," Hector stated. "Care to show us some moves? I'm curious."
Louis faltered a bit unsure about the whole suggestion but Lisa just smiled which boosted his confidence a bit. He lifted a bit on his toes without the need of pointe shoes and raised one arm before him and the other back in a position he'd seen in a rendition of The Nutcracker on CBC channel, Classical Ballet Channel.
"Look at that, he is actually good, Steve," Hector snickered evilly. "Wow how inspiring. That is some talent."
Lisa frowned softly noticing the statement taking a more sarcastic turn. "That is enough, Hector."
"What? What is going on Lisa…you like this freak?" he pointed at Louis who melted down to nothing from the insult.
His previous position changed to that of a kicked pup.
"He isn't even really a man, barely a boy."
Lisa turned away no longer interested in the male before her. "Please stop and go Hector."
"Heh, wow…wait a minute we are not through with this conversation Litt."
Hector wrapped his fingers around the small neckline of Louis's black tee. A dangerous grin spread across the older boy's face. Before the male could make a move, Harvey grabbed the male's arm giving him a stern look.
"Harvey Spector," the male stated smirking. "I was wondering when I'd see your ugly mug again."
"Leave him alone."
Hector cackled. "Huh, you know this guy? I'm surprised…I would have thought your posse…or band of clones were more…of your social status…what are you doing with the lower rung of the ladder, Harvey? Lose a bet? Or is he just a pet?"
Harvey snarled. "Just don't, Hector."
Hector laughed looking between them both before something hit. "Ah, I see…well…I'll just let him go then…have a nice day boys, Lisa."
He disappeared with his friend down the hall probably on their way to their next class. Free period was coming to a close. Harvey let out a heavy sigh before turning to the shocked look of Louis. He smiled warmly at the youth before patting him softly upon the back.
"Don't think about it too much, Louie."
Lisa smiled. "Wow, Harvey…you are a hero."
He flushed rubbing the back of his neck. "Not really."
Lisa shook her head furiously. "You are…the girls were wrong about you."
"Oh were they now?" he stated a flirtatious smile on his lips.
She blushed before giggling and then departed quickly. Harvey eyed her strangely before turning his attention back to Louis.
"Guess it isn't going to be a quiet year huh Louis?"
Louis nodded softly before walking ahead to his locker leaving Harvey without a response. The elder sighed heavily. If he further inspected the scene he would have made sure to take it more seriously. The future only held a lot worse for Louis. If he predicted the oncoming torment he would have been more available to help. He regrets that now, but the small victories were all they could be happy about.

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