Then and Now

An: Still the present
4. Junior Brother

After two days of recuperation at Harvey's place Louis was ready to get back to work. Harvey's attempt at giving care was priceless. He hadn't spilled soup on him the entire visit but he did forget to help him to the bathroom a couple of times. Harvey scrubbed the floor for hours after each incident. Louis admitted to feeling sorry but the doctors had made it clear that Louis was in no condition to be moving on his own. The family physician insisted bed rest for a couple more days but he rarely listened to the physician. Soon he found himself sitting beside Harvey the next morning on their way to work.

"For years we kept this secret," Louis commented.

Harvey turned to the younger before waving the comment aside.

"Nothing changes…and if you ask me you should have stayed back at my place. You are tempting fate again."

Louis dabbed at his forehead and winced at the sweat accumulating on the cloth. "I need to get back to work before those associates get ideas."

Harvey smiled lightly. "I wondered what they were thinking when you collapsed."

Louis smirked. "Ding Dong the witch is dead."

Harvey frowned at that. "I laugh at your expense all the time but even that wasn't funny."

Louis raised a brow at the older Spector.

"Okay Louis…1 percent of me is laughing…the other part is feeling uncomfortable and wishing you'd stay back at my place."

They arrived in the elevators and Louis was looking better than two days ago but still weak. When the elevator doors opened all eyes were on them. They didn't bother to put on a show for them either. Everyone knew. Harold and Mike were the first to approach them which they expected.

"So," Harold stated with a bit of nervous curiosity. "You both are brothers…but…different names…"

"Fake name…" Louis winced as he confessed. "I'm really Louis Spector."
"Oh," Harold commented.

"See," Mike smiled. "It wasn't a lie…now let us give them space."

Both males powered on to Donna's desk where she smiled at Harvey and frowned at Louis.

"Come on Donna," Louis wheezed a bit. "What did I do?"

She shook her head. "You are still sick…and standing at work. You should go back to Harvey's place."

Harvey grinned. "Don't worry he is only having a half day…he'll be back by lunch."

Louis glared at his elder before coughing a little.

"Oh and Jessica would like to speak with you."

"She wasn't there was she?" Louis questioned slightly fearful.

"No, but Harvey was quite the screamer that afternoon," she smiled warmly.

Louis turned to the other. "You screamed?"

Harvey rolled his eyes. "You were on a stretcher…come on. Let us go explain our case to Jessica."
Donna shook her head lightly as she watched both men head toward Jessica's office.

"And as you can see," Harvey stated smoothly. "This was in no way a hoax for harmful reasons…we simply wanted our own names…well I have a name. Louis wanted his own identity."

Jessica glanced casually at the males before him. She suspected something about their relationship but she just assumed they were secretly friends. Hearing they were brothers was a whole other scenario she hadn't pondered. She crossed her fingers as she casually sat in her chair.

"Harvey, Louis," she remarked. "This doesn't change a thing…though…how you were able to use a fake name all these years still baffles me. After all when you came to Pearson-Hardman from Harvard I would have thought you came with real names."

"The forms I filled," Louis remarked. "I made sure to put my fake last name there. I made it seem that my documentation was in fact incorrect."
"All this time," she grinned amused. "And I thought I was a secret prank enthusiast…the joke is now on me and the firm."

Louis didn't know whether her statement was a good sign or not. Jessica smiled warmly at them.

"But brothers who are lawyers has an edge to it," she stated out loud. "I see it working for the best."

Louis frowned at that. "All due respect Jessica, but I'm my own lawyer…I don't need to be grouped with Harvey just because I'm the youngest."

Jessica laughed lightly. "I must be honest with you…if you had another brother I would expect his talent to be of equal magnitude…the Spectors seem to be able to handle themselves quite well."

Harvey smirked. "Well I did teach Louis all he knew, after all."

Louis noticed she seemed to consider the lie as truth. This was what he feared…that nothing would be his own.

"Actually, Jessica, I taught myself all I know. Harvey slept in class."

Harvey smirked as he tried to ruffle Louis's hair but quickly stopped. "I forget sometimes. There was hair there though at one point in time."

Louis glared at the older's comment.

Jessica laughed softly. "Well, I can see things are going to change a bit around here now that you are free to be the brothers you have always been."

Harvey arose. "We weren't lying to you Jessica…per se…"

"No," she stopped him. "You've walked behind me before…in decisions…this…this proves that you are who I think you are."

Harvey smiled and she returned it. Louis already felt like he was being put on the side. "Well, thanks for understanding."

Jessica looked to Louis and nodded. "Of course Louis."

He frowned at the way she said it and the way she smiled at him as if he were five as if he were frail. He arose and left without a word. Harvey followed quickly after a little curious by the younger's sudden behavior change.

"What was that?" Harvey asked sternly.
"Am I a child to you Harvey?"

"What? She didn't care that we lied."

Louis gave him a look of disgust and then headed to his office. After reviewing some of the works from the associates he began his normal routine. He stood before all the associates wondering exactly how his directions could be so misconstrued.

"Now," Louis stated as he glanced at the associates. "There are some important aspects one needs to learn as an associate. Like the importance of fact check. Though the internet is a wonderful source it is also the ender of careers. Now I suggest you all comb through your findings with more of a critical eye before you turn in such…heinous work to me."

One associate, the newest of the members, snickered as a reply. "Why are you going to send big brother Harvey to make us?"

The other associates laughed.

"Hello?" Louis stood before them. "Is there something you wanted to share?"

The rather bold associate nodded a smirk on his face. "So, since you are Harvey's younger brother doesn't it make sense that he became senior partner first? I mean…you are younger…why give a kid brother that role…got to work your way up…right?"

"Excuse you?" he glared.

The others quietly warned the male. "You silently grumble to Harold all the time…we just think your time will come. All good things come to those who were patient enough to wait."

Louis smiled warmly. "You are so wise and thoughtful. Since you are so thoughtful I'll like to see you helping out in the file room…we need your generosity there."

He frowned. "You can't…"

"I can, because associates work hard here and respect superiority…so…therefore file room for you the rest of today and tomorrow."

His eyes widened before he disappeared from the lineup. "Anyone else want to comment on my familial relations? Any statements about how I'm a "kid brother"… "Harvey's little brother" hm…anyone dare make comments?"

"Louis," a familiar voice called out.
All the other associates finally exhaled. Louis narrowed his eyes as he turned to an amused Harvey.
"I see you are having fun with associates."

Louis turned back to the group. "Get to work."

They scattered. Harvey snickered fondly. Louis eyed him.

"What are you doing?" Louis asked suspiciously.

"I'm admiring your work ethic."

"Don't look at me in that way," he glared. "I'm not a kid anymore….therefore you can't look at me like I am."

Harvey sighed. "Relax Louis…I was having bad flashback of our years and…you know…two days ago you were in the hospital."

Louis shook his head. "No, you aren't allowed to get sentimental, no. no. I am not a child anymore Harvey…not here. Not here at work where everyone is watching us…my credibility is already taking hits. I don't want to be fussed over. Besides you never cared for me like this before. You aren't this sentimental."

Harvey stepped in front of the clearly disgruntled lawyer. "Wait a minute."

Louis smirked. "When I was at academy you didn't consider me as your brother. I was Louis Litt and even when you did see me…the next day I went back to being invisible. I was Louis Litt. I was ballet boy, tennis player…barely a man, barely a boy. Why are you suddenly taking interest now?"

He pushed Harvey aside but the elder called after him stopping everyone within hearing distance in their tracks. Louis growled inwardly. 'Curse Harvey and his stern sounding voice' he thought bitterly. He turned back to the elder who eyed him with a look that silently said 'Office now'. They arrived in Harvey's office where Mike was currently lounging. He noticed both brothers in the room and was curious.

"Leave," Louis pointed to the entrance.

"Stay Mike," Harvey stated with a grin. "Just going to tell Louis off like older brothers do."

Mike smirked. "Don't mind me."

"Sit Louis."

Louis crossed his arms. "I'm not a dog."
Harvey just eyed the younger who slowly took a seat. "Do you blame me for what happened at the academy?"

Louis eyed him. "Where is this coming from? Well it doesn't matter what I blame you for. Just erase our previous conversation."

"Louis, don't," Harvey stated no longer amused. "I know I ignored you. And I regret the consequences but being my brother shouldn't make you angrier all of a sudden. I mean you are terrible company at work but that was an act…for the most part…advice…people will like you more if you aren't making them physically and mentally uncomforta

Mike looked between the two brothers with a bit of concern. This conversation seemed a lot more personal then he thought it would be.

"Wise words from king of academy Harvey Spector," Louis announced. "Tell me oh wise Harvey…How do I get my popularity back amongst the associates? Should I stop liking ballet? Maybe I should go out for the football team."

Harvey frowned slightly knowing Louis was doing just what he expected. Freshman year of academy after Louis had realized he wasn't actually appreciated he began asking Harvey for advice strangely. Harvey smiled and told him to act normal, like play football and quit ballet. Louis had taken that to heart and avoided Harvey at home for a while until the elder cornered him one afternoon after school. It took a little wrestling to get the male to quit moving but in the end Louis had been spitting fire. The statement about quitting ballet and joining football was just a way of saying "You are a freak Louis" to his face.

"Louis," Harvey commented after dispelling the memory. "I know I gave terrible advice…but…we are Spectors."

"No you are a James-Spector," Louis narrowed his eyes. "I'm the strange daughter/son remember."

Harvey bit his lip. "That is enough Louis."

"Since we are going deeper into the past then let us bring up dad,"Louis remarked.

Mike's eyes widened. "How you took his side."

"I said I was sorry."

"Sorry doesn't cut it…they divorced…because of me I'm certain. He said I shouldn't have turned out this way. Mom actually believed in me. Dad thought I wanted to be a girl or something. Where were you?"
Harvey hardened his features. He wouldn't let Louis get to him at work. The elder of the two had a reputation to uphold.

"Leave Louis."

Louis scoffed. "Fine by me big brother. Brothers…right…what a load of bull."

Mike was surprised by the slang that came out of Louis's mouth. He always assumed he was the more proper of the two. He looked at Harvey who sighed.

"Mike, remind me not to call Louis in here again. He gives me a headache."

Mike frowned. "You never talked about your father."

Harvey shook his head. "Personal family business Mike. This isn't a therapy session. You aren't my therapist. Besides Louis will cool down eventually. I've angered him all his life…this isn't any different. You learn to move past it."

"I don't believe it."

Harvey grinned. "Louis has every right to be mad. I sided with dad when he yelled at Louis. I ignored him at academy…the bullies ate him alive…and on top of that he spent half of his academy time in the hospital but we aren't discussing this any further."

Mike wanted to ask more questioned but Harvey had returned to his lawyer self so he didn't say a thing. He just gave a nod to the other before arising.

"I have things to research."

Harvey eyed him strangely before agreeing. After the younger left Harvey let out a heavy sigh. He knew sending Louis away was wrong but…their past was something that he couldn't visit because he knew he did wrong. He sighed heavily before returning to work.

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