Then and Now
An: Still in the Present

Five. Won't Stop until I reach Success

Louis was so livid that he didn't apologize to the intern or associate he just pushed from his path. How could Harvey be so…impossible sometimes? It was as if he had fun making him mad. When he reached his office he was slightly winded. Lunch was on the horizon and he realized he spent a good portion of his time yelling at Harvey. He sat down before his computer and quickly got to work.

One meeting with the associates and an unreasonable large cup of coffee later brought upon a new wave of illness. His head felt lightheaded and the sweat was accumulating on his brow. He checked the time and noted it was around noon. Most of his colleagues grabbed a quick lunch around this time. He grimaced at how painful his headache was feeling. He guessed his anger masked over his overall feeling of instability. Anger tends to cover a lot of things. Sighing he took a swig of water from his expensive beverage L'Eau and continued on with his current task. After a few grueling seconds the status of his health was bothering him terribly.

He arose softly opting to move around a bit to clear his head and calm him. Louis Litt was strong. He didn't require any "half day" like Harvey so daintily coined it. He could last the rest of the day. He would show the older how strong he had gotten. After years of being the hospital kid he was not ready to obtain the title anytime soon. After pacing about for a few minutes he felt slightly dizzy so he paused. After the spell passed he began to feel a strange gurgling in his stomach. The inside of his mouth began producing excess saliva. Instantly he covered his mouth and ran out the door pushing over Harold on his way to the restrooms.

Mike had been casually looking out for Rachel. They had a few matters to discuss so he made sure to not lose sight of his mission. All of a sudden he noticed Louis running to the bathroom from his position. His hawk like vision pinpointed the elder and his destination easily. He frowned when he noticed Louis was on his way to the bathroom. The younger knew Harvey was in a meeting so he decided it would be best to investigate.

He was half way down the hall when he began to almost rethink his decision. He then noticed a few males heading out of the restrooms. One was an associate by the name of James. He currently discussed a very relevant topic to his fellow companion.

"Yeah, I mean if you have the stomach flu, stay home," he remarked. "I mean…I have a life. I can't get sick. You know?"

Mike rushed past them and into the bathroom. He came upon one of the stalls that were open a jar. Heaving and gurgling resonated throughout the public men's restroom. The sound of water splashing concerned him further as he stood to the side.

"Hello? Louis?"

For a few minutes puking was a reply until the male spoke. "I'm fine…don't worry."

"Louis?" he questioned as he stood outside the stall.

Louis slowly looked to the male when he realized he hadn't locked the stall door. Mike sighed heavily.

"Louis," he frowned sadly. "You aren't well."

Louis narrowed his eyes. "Don't give me that look."

"Aren't you supposed to be in bed?"

"Aren't you supposed to be working?"

Mike frowned while Louis struggled to get to his feet. "I'm aware I am ill. I can power through this."

"No you can't," Mike commented as he helped the male to the sinks. "You can barely keep your balance on your own. You should be in bed."

Louis eyed him suspiciously. "Why are you so helpful all of a sudden?"

Mike sighed. "I saw you at the hospital Louis. You are more human than you like to let on."

The frown on Louis's face deepened before he nodded softly as if he agreed. He cleaned his hands and wiped a damp paper towel across his mouth. He winced at the headache slowly brewing within the deepest crevices of his brain. Mike watched carefully as Louis attempted to collect himself. He felt bad for the elder and knew he didn't want anyone to see him like this.

"Louis, you need to go home."

He narrowed his eyes at the youth. "Unhand me Ross."

Mike would have gladly let go of the elder but Louis was unstable. He knew the look of illness in anyone's eyes. Louis was sick. He ignored the grumbling and headed out the door and by the break room. Louis began to notice their destination and he fidgeted slightly.

"No," Louis gritted out. "I'm not going to see him."

Mike rolled his eyes. "Don't be a baby…I mean…he needs to know about this and you need to get back home."

Louis growled. "If you bring me any further I will hate you forever."

The prospect of Louis hating him forever was laughable. Mike couldn't remember the elder liking him anytime but he kept this to himself. They arrived before Harvey's office where the elder casually looked up and spotted them. He arose with a bit of alarm written over his face. His eyes set on his youngest brother for a few uncomfortable moments. Donna sighed in the background.

"I hate you," Louis growled.

Mike smiled. "I am fine with that."

Harvey finally opened his mouth to comment but Mike beat him to it. "I caught him secretly puking in the men's bathroom."

Louis groaned. "Exactly how did you find me? Now that I remember we never walked in at the same time."

Mike shrugged. "On my way to the restroom anyway… but the point of this conversation is Louis is sick, Harvey. You need to get him home. He is dizzy and I've walked him from the restrooms to here. If I let him go I promise you he'll fall over."

Louis stood up straighter and pushed the younger away. "Oh he is exaggerating I'm…"

He stumbled a bit as his head ached and his vision blurred. Harvey grabbed Louis's arm with a bit of harshness as if he were angry.

"Thank you Mike," he stated. "I will return in an hour."

Louis frowned. "Return?"

"You are going home," he stated.

And without a word they headed back to Harvey's apartment. In the confides of the lavishly set up den Louis narrowed his eyes at the television program before him. He appreciated the soft feel of the couch cushions on his aching body but he wasn't a child. Harvey set some soup before him.

"I bet you just love this," Louis frowned deeply.

Harvey eyed him. "You sick?"

He nodded bitterly. "Now all the wonderful people at work get to see you save the day…save…Little Louis from his terrible sickness…frail…Louis Spector…the poor kid who spent most of his life in a hospital. You know I envy you...your health…your experiences."

Harvey sat beside the younger as he reluctantly tasted the soup. "Look, Louis. What happened before at academy, home…I…don't know how to say it but I didn't act out the role of older brother right. I failed you."

Louis gazed at him a little shocked. "I know…I did…I remember the times too…but one thing I won't do now…is fail again."

He nodded softly as he slowly drank the warm chicken noodle soup.

"And you are my younger brother so," Harvey grimaced at how sentimental he sounded. "So…I care…and don't like seeing you this ill. Though I don't think it would hurt for those at work to see you. If anything it is a testament to how strong you really are. Most of your years in a hospital bed…and now here we are. You and I are both lawyers."

Louis smirked. "I know I'm great."

Harvey rested a hand on the younger's shoulder. "I didn't exactly say that."

The younger male beamed before frowning. "You promise not to treat me like a child."

Harvey smirked. "Depends…when do you want to stop acting like one?"

He frowned but shrugged. "The associates think…I'm a joke now."

Harvey rolled his eyes. "They may…but until they have done what you done…they have nothing on you."

Louis smiled before he let out a sigh. "This soup is terrible."

Harvey eyed him. "I'll kick you out."

"Wow," Louis commented. "Aren't you the chef?"

The elder smirked. "That is what I thought you said. Now, I'm heading back…and no you aren't coming with me. You are going to sleep…and I'm calling mom over…not because I want to give her a heart attack…just. She will want to see you."

Louis understood. When his mother came over all worried lines and a look of pain on her face he allowed her to baby him. She powered on like a freight train, cleaning this…cooking that. She was amazing. Later that night Harvey arrived to a warm apartment, a frazzled woman, and an annoyed Louis.

"Dear I am just saying," she stated casually over the boiling pot. "Maybe you are a little too hard on your brother. I know there are some things you feel is unfair but…Harvey."

"Mom," Harvey smiled as he entered the apartment. "Good to see you again."

"Likewise, how was work?" she beamed.

He nodded toward the direction of the younger male. "Good. How is Louis?"

She turned to the grumbling male and smiled. "I see he is getting better…and I think the doctor was right about this one. He won't be at work tomorrow."

He looked to the younger and nodded. "I agree."

"What?" he questioned. "I can't stay here forever. The associates will tear the place down."

"Don't worry Mom. It is the fever talking," Harvey smirked.

"Louis, you need to rest."

He noticed the look of concern on his mom's face and so he silently nodded. And when the next morning came around he was happy to sleep soundly as Harvey headed off to work.

"Harvey," Mike called out as the male exited from the elevator. "Oh, I see Louis isn't here."


"I bet," Mike nodded.

"Day two of no Louis," a male casually stated. "Man…best birthday gift ever. You know he had me filing like some intern. I graduated from Harvard…Harvard Law. I didn't go to law school to learn how to properly file. Heh, what a joke. Harvey must have had a load when it came to Louis. Can you imagine being related to Louis? Of all the worst life scenarios in the world…I'd say that would be it. Or imagine when they were brothers? That must have been a nightmare. It is identical to now….but with puberty and…high school drama."

Harvey paused before the male frowning. "Hello."

The male looked up and noticed Harvey but seemed at ease. "Hello Mr. Spector."

"Hm," Harvey hummed. "I can't help but hear you discussing something that is none of your business. What is your name?"

"Uh Derek."

"Derek," Harvey grinned with all teeth. "Right. Now I have heard of you. You graduated at the top of your class."

Derek beamed. "Well...hard work pays but you know all about that Mr. Spector…I mean…not all lawyers get to seniority I've heard and so young."

Mike rolled his eyes. Derek noticed but didn't comment.

"Well yes, hard work…and what you may not realize is in a day other people can accomplish what you do in a week."

Derek's face fell. "Don't you carry on this conversation any longer. You aren't as safe and secure in your position as you think. And on another note…no one gets to tease or make Louis's life miserable except me because I'm pretty certain I'm his older brother. Not you."

The younger gaped at the elder male. "Have a nice afternoon…maybe I'll see you tomorrow…maybe I won't. It all depends on how I feel."

He walked ahead leaving the associate a little less cocky then he had been. Mike hurried up to his employer. A smile graced Mike's lips as they took residence in Harvey's office.

"You stood up for Louis."

Harvey looked at Mike but didn't respond. "Nothing happened."

"You threatened him," Mike pointed out. "You stood up for your little brother."

A small smile graced his lips. "Get to work Mike."

Mike nodded. "You think Louis will be back by tomorrow?"

Harvey sighed. "Hopefully…I can't take care of him forever…besides…I think he is starting to take advantage of the situation."

The other male nodded softly. "You know I think you are a great older brother, Harvey."

"Am I?" he sighed as he looked over a few files.

Mike nodded. "So…your past…really is the past."

Harvey narrowed his eyes at the associate. "Now you have to leave."

The other arose and smirked. "Do I get to hear some stories about you two growing up? Like…who was the most annoying?"

Harvey smirked. "Who do you think?"

Mike shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know Harvey. You look like you could have been one of the overbearing older brothers…always poking around Louis's business."

"Get to work, Mike."

Mike smiled before heading out the door. Donna stopped him before inviting him closer.

"They were equally annoying," she smiled sweetly. "I've heard things."

Mike smirked. "Any stories?"

She smiled slyly. "Ask him about Halloween Senior year."

Mike's whole face lit up. "Was it embarrassing?"

The red head nodded quietly. "Let us just say even Louis was embarrassed. We know Louis gets into embarrassing situations all the time so think about how embarrassed Harvey must have been."

"Donna, don't fill Mike's head with stories," Harvey stated loudly from his office.

"I'll tell you later," Donna assured him. "I have plenty of stories, sweet, embarrassing..."

"I have lunch in a couple hours," Mike commented.

She grinned before turning back to her computer. After a few minutes Harvey stepped out and leant over the side of her station.

"Don't tell him anything incrementing," he stated with an amused smile.

She smiled with her eyes. "Oh…and…make a call to Louis…I want to make sure he is eating."

A warm smile fell across her lips as she reached for the phone.

"Hello…yes…Louis…this is Donna…big brother calls to say he loves you and is torn to pieces that he can't baby over you."

Harvey glared at her before sighing. "Hand me the phone."

"Yep, he is so upset. I think he may cry right now."

"Donna," he whispered. "The phone."
She winked. "Oh yes…I'll tell him that…bye."

"Louis says don't worry about him…that he is a miracle kid."

Harvey grinned before shaking his head. "Next time…doesn't sugar coat anything."

She nodded. "Of course Harvey."

Harvey returned later that night to Louis sleeping on the couch. He rolled his eyes before throwing a blanket at the younger. Softly he headed into his own room. Even when they were older, Louis would always be his younger brother.

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