Then and Now

An: Chapter takes place in the past.

Six. Then you were sick

Harvey didn't know exactly how he ended up at south wing of the school. He cursed his schedule with all his heart. As a sophomore at the academy he hoped he wouldn't have a problem with crossing campus but here he was running and out of breath. He felt lousy…and…like he failed again. He pushed past a few students. He winced as he heard the orders of the paramedics. He leapt forward grasping the younger male's hand. Louis didn't want anyone to know his true family connections and Harvey didn't mind. They kept the secret for a while.

"I don't know what happened," Lisa wept. "I just turned around and he was on the floor. We were practicing Summer Breeze…and then he said he didn't feel well. He left and…I should have gone with him…I don't know what I was thinking."

"It is okay Lisa," he hushed the fears of his fellow age mate. "You didn't know."

One of the paramedics looked to Harvey. "Would you like to accompany us?"

He nodded solemnly as the rest of the student body dispersed around them. At the E.R. he sat quietly beside his mother. They held hands tightly. T Harvey was used to the inside of a hospital but every other visit he was shaken. What now? What was the problem with Louis this time? And why couldn't the doctors fix it? Louis deserved better than constant trips. Academy was supposed to be a fresh new start. Didn't he have enough blasted medication for every little function in his body?

"Miss Spector?"

Miss Spector looked up to the doctor standing before them. "Yes."

"Your son is awake and fine…just overexerted himself. And I know he is active in ballet…but I would suggest a decrease in hours possibly."

They followed the male down a long corridor.

"Louis won't like that."

The doctor turned to the teen accompanying the woman. "Ah, well I assure you your brother understands…with his…condition."

Harvey snorted as they entered the room. "You must be new here. Louis has been to the hospital five times already this month and in and out for all his life. He isn't going to listen to you…so just give him more medicine which seemed to be all you doctors are good for anyway."


He looked to his mother but couldn't see the problem. It was the truth. Doctor Stine smiled warmly. "Ah, Louis your family is here."

Louis smiled weakly before letting out an innocent cough. "Hey."

Harvey waltzed up to the younger and narrowed his eyes at the IV and strange devices connected to Louis.

"What were you doing runt?" Harvey demanded with a bit of warmth.

Louis glared "I have an important part in this ballet, Harvey. I'm not an uncultured swine like you. Naturally art takes blood, sweat, and I have to give 110 percent."

"Well stop will you?" Harvey crossed his arms. "You want to rack up ten visits this month? Last month was seven."

Louis frowned. Miss Spector smiled softly as tears welled in her eyes.

"Mom, I'm fine," Louis sighed. "Really I am… currently a little dizzy and nausea…but…there wasn't any seizure this time. And let me remind you Prep Learning was a seizure ever two weeks. Remember Harvey? You had a boxing tournament and I seized in the audience…and you leapt over the ring and nearly tackled me."

"Oh my poor dear," she cried a bit. "Look at you…so positive…so strong."

Harvey smirked. "Modern day Clark Kent."

Louis rolled his eyes before allowing his mother to hold him tightly. After the hugging she promised to get him something to eat though he wasn't hungry. Harvey sighed watching the youth in the bed.

"You don't have to pretend you know."

Louis bit his lip. "I…don't know what is going to happen Harvey."

Harvey frowned as he took a seat.

"I just…I know they want to keep me in here every time I stop by…I know it. The doctor and the nurses want me to be one of those hospital kids and I can't. I don't have time to be sick like that…and those kids…they look so…sad," Louis remarked softly.

Harvey's frown deepened. "I know."

"I…I still have some strength…even if I'm not supposed to…even if I end up here all the time…I still have too much to do. Please Harvey; don't let them keep me here."

The elder sighed. "Louis…if you need to stay here. You need stay here. Imagine what I felt when I heard you passed out…I…just you need to cool it. I mean ballet…and now I am hearing you are going out for tennis too?"

Louis smirked. "Tennis team tryouts are next semester."

Harvey sighed.

"Look, I spent five years of my childhood in and out of the hospital for months at a time…one time I was there for two months."

"We celebrated your fifth birthday after you had that horrible seizure."

The younger male smiled softly. "I'm not going to let my medical problems be the reason I can't do things. I'm going to be successful one day."

Harvey smiled. "Who said you weren't successful?"

Louis eyed the elder with a bit of confusion.

"Louis," Harvey bit his lip. "I…failed you. A lot."

Louis frowned. "But…you never failed yourself…that is for sure. Ballet? Calculus…you are…great."

"Great? Really?" Louis questioned softly. "Because…"

"No," Harvey pointed. "Don't listen to them. You are great."

Louis smirked. "If those Neanderthals at academy saw you like this…"

"Hey some of those Neanderthals are my friends," he stated with a laugh.

Louis scoffed. "Friends, more like safety hazards."
Harvey shook his head before sighing heavily. "Promise you'll take it easy in the future okay? I mean…I've seen you in here too many times to count."

Harvey couldn't count the amount of times on his finger. Louis spent so much time in the hospital that he had a regular room and wing. Often a few familiar nurses would personally come by to speak with him if they knew he was in. All the medical students were aware of his presence. The receptionist always had some new ballet thing to give to Louis on his visits. It was frustrating to know how often they came by. In their youth, Louis spent longer days, maybe even weeks in the hospital.

Then there was this one time when Harvey just started Preparatory Learning and his first day was shaken by a family emergency. Louis was convulsing and seizing at home and Harvey experienced half a day at school. He didn't mind because his younger brother was more important than the first day of classes. His mom always reminded him how much he cried that day…when five year old Louis ended up with tubes and IVs in his little body. And here they were now, all grown up with the same problems.

"Harvey," Louis called out finally catching the male's attention. "I'll try but…I have a life to live too. I'm one of the lucky ones."

Harvey nodded softly. "They'll want to keep you."

"I know," Louis smiled sadly. "They always do and I think mom will agree."

Louis sighed before giving Harvey one of his infamous looks of "I'm a miracle baby".

"They didn't have anything gluten free but they stated soup should be fine," their mother announced.

She set the tray on the side table and rolled it before him. He looked uneasy with the thought of eating but he took a spoonful. Harvey sat beside his mom and they both smiled as they began engaging in some old stories.

"Don't you remember the lovely little ballet Louis put on for your seventh birthday? Louis was so proud of it."

Harvey grimaced. "I remember. My friends laughed for weeks. Some are still laughing."

Louis snorted. "The choreography was impeccable. I feel sorry for their inability to grasp all that ballet offers."

Harvey laughed softly. Louis smiled and then yawned tiredly. He closed his eyes softly which didn't set well with Harvey. His mother arose.

"Let us let him sleep. You need to eat too."

Harvey looked back at his younger brother's peaceful form. "We aren't going to leave him are we?"

She frowned. "Of course not…we are…"

"I mean," he stated quietly. "He won't stay in the hospital forever will he?"

Miss Spector sighed. "I don't know…if this continues... Harvey you have to see it from a medical perspective. I am not at school with Louis and Louis isn't always around you. We can't keep constant watch to make sure he won't collapse or…have a seizure or…any of that…in a hospital they'll monitor him…and…"

"He isn't wasting away you know, he is pretty fit all things considered."

She smiled. "I know…and I didn't want to upset you. Let me buy you some food."

He sighed before smiling. "Okay."

After cafeteria style meatloaf he was feeling somewhat better. They arrived back in Louis's room. His mom went back out to talk with the doctor. He could hear their conversation in bits and pieces. The conversation held worrisome phrases like "Well Miss Spector I can't say his pattern is comforting" or "we will consider admitting him for longer I sense from his results he is worsening" and "I have to be honest with the amount of seizures and black outs he is known for he will soon need constant surveillance…too much medication at this age…". Harvey blocked out all the background noise. He watched Louis breathing softly as he slept.

"It is going to get better," he whispered. "I promise."

A smile came upon the younger's face as he slept. Harvey couldn't help but smile too.

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