Chapter 1

The front door opened, and a small child walked in.

"I'm home." The child said, expecting his parents at any moment. The sound of a plate breaking echoed across the house, and the child's mother came running to the front door. She hugged the child and said, "Nny! You're home!" Cursing could be heard from the kitchen and a couple of seconds later a man appeared in the entrance to the hallway.

"Mary! Why did you break another plate?" he scowled. Mary laughed nervously.

"Sorry, Akio. I was just so excited that Nny was back!" Mary gave Nny a tight squeeze before releasing him. Akio sighed.

"Mary, he came back from school. He does that every week." Mary pouted.

"So?" Akio rubbed his temples and walked over to the front door.

"How was school, Johnny?" asked Akio, picking up Nny. Nny crossed his arms.

"Dad, call me Nny." Akio rolled his eyes.

"Okay, how was school, Nny?" Nny perked up.

"First grade is awesome! Today the teacher gave us chocolate chip cookies! They were so good and…" Nny continued to tell his parents about how his day went. He told them about a Chihuahua he saw in the playground and how it attacked and kidnapped a boy named Frank. Nny also told them about a strange boy he met, and how he hoped they could be friends. "And also-"

"Okay! I think its time for dinner right, Mary?" interrupted Akio.

"But…" Akio glared at Mary, and she shut up. Dad has that strong power, thought Nny. To make anyone shut up by glaring at him or her. Mary went to the kitchen, with Akio following behind her. Nny stood there for a moment, feeling a bit disappointed that no one was paying attention to him anymore. He set his backpack aside and took of his coat and, not knowing where to put it, set it next to his backpack. Nny walked over to his room.

"Hi, Mr. Boo! Did you miss me?" asked Nny, opening the door to his room. In the middle of Nny's bed was a gray bear with black eyes. Nny's favorite thing about Mr. Boo was the evil grin he always had. He thought it was cool. Nny patiently waited for Mr. Boo to reply. Nothing. "Mr. Boo, are you ignoring me today?" whined Nny, jumping on his bed.

"No, I was just thinking about something." Muttered Mr. Boo. Nny grabbed Mr. Boo.

"What were you thinking about?" Nny asked him. No response. "Do you want to know how my day was?"

"Sure, but only if you save some food for me when you eat dinner." Said Mr. Boo. Nny nodded and told Mr. Boo about his day.

While Nny talk to his bear, Akio stood outside his room listening. Mary saw Akio, and she poked his arm. Akio jerked his head to her, and Mary held back scream. His pure black eyes were full of hatred.

"Akio, what're you doing?" she whispered. Akio scowled quietly.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to make sure that evil bear doesn't fill Johnny's head with ideas." Mary was confused for a second; then she realized what he meant.

"You mean Mr. Boo?" she questioned. Akio glared at her.

"Yes, Mr. Boo. He's full of evil, I don't know what you were thinking when you got Johnny that bear." Mary crossed her arms and returned the glare.

"Mr. Boo is just a stuffed animal."

"Johnny talks to him."

"So? Nny has an imaginary friend."

"No, it's alive. But Mr. Boo is only letting Johnny hear him!" Akio said that a little too loudly. Nny heard and walked out of his room, holding Mr. Boo.

"Why are you talking about Mr. Boo?" asked Nny.

"He's just mad that he can't hear me." Chuckled Mr. Boo. Akio hissed at the bear, scaring Nny, and ran to the front door.

"Where are you going?" shouted Mary, as Akio put on his jacket.

"I'm going for a walk! Oh and I'm skipping dinner today, Mr. Boo killed my appetite." With that, Akio slammed the door shut. Mary growled and went back to the kitchen.

"Why is he so crazy?" Nny could hear his mom growl. Nny hugged Mr. Boo a little tighter. He was beginning to grow a bit frightened of his dad.

"Mr. Boo…" whispered Nny.

"Yes, Nny?"

"I'm a little scared of dad."

"…I know. I can sense fear."