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Nny's eyes fluttered open. There was pain in his stomach, but it wasn't a lot. He slowly sat up and scratched his head. Nny wasn't at his house. He was in a dark alley.

"It's about time you got up." Scowled a voice, startling Nny. He turned to his side and saw Mr. Boo watching him. Nny remembered what had happened with his father. He was stabbed, but Nny wasn't bleeding anymore. Nor was the pain as great.

"W-What happened?" asked Nny. Mr. Boo was silent for a while.

"You, Johnny-Boy, were dead. I already told you I needed you to be alive so I too can be alive. Before I died I was able to bring you back to life." He explained, slowly.

"What?" exclaimed Nny, "How did you bring me back to life?" Mr. Boo grinned and looked at his hands.

"You're damn father, oh he was so stupid. He thought he could defeat me. When that knife made contact with you I knew you were going to die. One of my many powers is bringing people back from the dead. But in order to do so, I need a sacrifice…" Mr. Boo began to laugh. "So I used your father! Oh, his screams were like music to my ears!" Nny was horrified.

'Y-You killed my father?" cried out Nny. Mr. Boo stopped laughing and glared at him. Mr. Boo's cold black eyes frightened Nny.

"Yes, it seemed fair. He killed you first," he said, emotionlessly.

"It was an accident," whispered Nny, "He was trying to kill you." Mr. Boo nodded.

"Well, doesn't matter now. Akio's dead. I don't know about Mary, she's either probably going insane witnessing the murder of her husband or she's very happy witnessing the murder of her husband." Nny shivered.

"What's going to happen to me?"
"Oh, you're going to be staying with me," said Mr. Boo, "I guess you can consider me as a Guardian."

"But what about school?"

"What about it?" Nny knew there was no getting out of this. He was now under the care of Mr. Boo. "Well, get up. We got to go!" Mr. Boo kicked Nny. Nny quickly got up and followed Mr. Boo out of the dark alley. The sudden light from the sun hurt his eyes. Though Nny was scared he asked, "Where are we going?" Mr. Boo didn't look back.

"Don't worry about it. Look, Johnny-Boy, whether you like it or now you have to do what I say. Don't ever question me." Nny whimpered a little. This only pissed off Mr. Boo. "You're so fucking pathetic." Nny now wished his mother had never brought the evil stuffed bear home.