So I saw a post on Tumblr titled "How To Make My Girl Happy" with just over a dozen bullet points on it. I decide to turn each one into a Leonard/Penny prompt.

For those of you waiting on an update for The Good Old College Try; I'm waiting on the episode to air tomorrow. Then you'll get an update. In the meantime, enjoy prompt one!

#1 Make her breakfast in bed.

"Wake up, sleepy head!" Leonard said, walking into the room with a tray that held waffles, eggs, and orange juice – low pulp.

Penny opened one eye. "What time is it?"

"Nine. A full hour later than last time."

"Last time you made me food so I wouldn't get mad at you," Penny said. She sat bolt upright. "What did you do this time?"

Leonard smiled. "Nothing. Not trying to make up for anything, just wanted to make my girl breakfast."

"Aw," Penny said, reaching out and taking the tray. "This is so sweet." She looked up at Leonard, standing next to the bed and grinning, and she tipped her head and gave him a flirtatious smile. "I love you."

Leonard responded by leaning over and kissing her briefly on the lips. "Is there anything else you want right now?"

"I have breakfast and a servant?" she said playfully. "Hmmm, let me think."

Leonard held his arms at his sides and tried to look perfectly obedient, like he saw soldiers and guards do on television.

His stance made Penny giggle. "Come here, you," she said, pulling the covers from his side over to reveal the space next to her.

Leonard smiled and slid in next to her, laying back and putting his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling.

"No no," Penny said, giving him a playful slap on the chest. "You're either going to help me eat this or I'm going to keep noticing how cute you are lying there and abandon the meal in favor of showing you my appreciation for this meal from on top of you."

Leonard raised his eyebrows. "Well, I always appreciate knowing how you feel about me…but I'd hate for all my cooking to go to waste, so…" he sat up. "How about I help you eat it and then you can show me?"

"Sounds like a plan," Penny said, chewing another bite and nodding. She gave Leonard the fork, and he took a bite, and then handed it back to her. "Or…" she said, trailing off before looking at him and grinning.

Leonard cocked his head. "Or what?"

Penny stabbed a piece of waffle with a fork, swirled it through the syrup, and handed it to him. He tapped the waffle against the tip of nose, leaving some syrup behind. Her tongue exited her mouth, and her eyebrows furrowed as she tried to make it reach her nose. Upon failing, she leaned over to him, rubbed her nose against his cheek, and then kissed it, making sure to get all of the syrup off.

When she pulled back from him, Leonard was looking at her with raised eyebrows. Penny grinned, took the fork from him, and cut another piece of waffle to dip in syrup. This time, she pushed it against his nose.

"I see what you're doing here," Leonard said, leaning over to transfer the syrup to her neck. "Multi-tasking."

When Penny felt his nose leave her neck and his lips replace, she closed her eyes and twisted sideways to wrap her arms around his own neck as best as she could. The motion sent the breakfast tray sliding off the bed, hitting the floor with a clatter.

Neither Leonard nor Penny noticed.