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Paper Airplanes


"Hm?" Fon asked Tsuna after he had set a teddy bear over the top shelf. "What about airplanes, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

Reborn, who was out in the patio, had overheard the almost hushed exchange between the pair. He was above eavesdropping but the tone that Tsuna had was… interesting, to say the least.

Tsuna fidgeted as he held onto his crinkled shirt. "Otou-san s-said he would let me ride one when I grow up!"

"Ah, that's good then, isn't it?" Fon proceeded to take Tsuna up into his arms as he sat on the couch. He knew that there was something amiss because Tsuna was sullen – usually, he would be bouncing on the older man's lap and chattering away – and this alerted Fon of the dawning problem. "What's wrong, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

"B-but when Otou-san and Okaa-san leave on a plane, I f-f-feel very lonely…" Tsuna's hands seemed to move towards Fon's red chinos and somehow, the tears welling up in the corners of the little one's eyes made Fon's heart clench.

Finally, Reborn strode in and ruffled the brown mop of hair. "Why don't both of you make paper airplanes?" he had suggested and Fon took a liking to the idea in an instant.

Fon hoisted Tsuna up into the air. "Do you have paper, Tsunayoshi-kun? We can make a lot, if you want."

Tsuna quickly nodded. "Yes, let's!" As soon as his favorite uncle had let him go, he scrambled towards his room and took sheets of colored paper from his desk. "Fon-oji, I want an orange plane!"

"Then, I want a red one," Fon said as he watched Tsuna fold one piece after another. After some short minutes, he began to run short save for that bright yellow one. "Oh, why don't you fold that one for Reebon-oji?"

Tsuna perked up upon hearing Reborn's name and slowly, he turned around to face him, "Reebon-oji, would you-"

"If you make me one, then," Reborn paused for a while, then added, "I'll let you ride on my shoulders."

Fon smiled because Reborn was surely getting the hang of caring for the boy and this subtle gesture was not missed by the hitman. "Thank you, Reborn."

"So, Fon-o-oji wants a ride too?" Tsuna asked, brows furrowed in slight confusion.

Reborn sighed – maybe the proposition was outrageous after all. "No, even if he wanted to-"

"When I grow up as big as Otou-san, I'll give F-Fon-oji a ride!" Tsuna crashed onto the seat cushions and Fon gave his hair a light tussle.

"Is that a dare, kid?" Reborn huffed, "Bring it on."

Boo Boo

When Tsuna came running to him, Reborn knew on the spot that something was incredibly wrong.

The small guy was holding a leek for some reason while under a sobbing fit. "R-R-Reebon-oji," he managed but he still did not stop crying.

"What?" he grit out, hands still poised over his hips. He could only tolerate so much.

"F-Fon-oji…" Tsuna was gesturing wildly, with the limp vegetable still in his tiny hands.

Out of sheer annoyance, Reborn plucked it off Tsuna's grip and tossed it someplace else. "What is it?" he reiterated, this time, with more stress.

"Fon-oji…" Tsuna pointed towards the kitchen, from where Reborn could hear faint chopping sounds.

Reborn still could not get where Tsuna was getting at, so instead of continuing with the conversation, he went into the adjacent room and dragged Tsuna with him. Fon sensed their presence as they came in and greeted them with a wan smile. "What is it, you two?"

Reborn sat on a stool as he stared icily at Tsuna. "The brat won't stop bothering me," he accused rather pointedly.

"Tsunayoshi-kun, is that true?" Fon appeared quite disappointed as he dropped whatever he was doing. Tsuna shuddered into himself, afraid that he would be reprimanded for something he did not even know that he did.

"G-gomen… d-demo…[1]" Tsuna squeaked, his voice breaking into bits.

Fon patted Tsuna's head as he spoke, "What is it, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

Tsuna was looking at Fon's face with worry. "Boo boo."

"Boo boo?" Reborn and Fon asked simultaneously.

"This," Tsuna muttered, his touch landing on the finger that Fon had cut while preparing today's lunch.

And Fon realized how observant Tsuna had become. "Oh, this is nothing but a scratch," he reassured the tike and yet Tsuna was unsure. "Fon-oji wouldn't lie to you."

"O-okaa-san always kissed my boo boo for me," Tsuna whispered into Fon's ear but Reborn, being Reborn, was quick on the uptake.

"Come again?" Reborn barked, arms crossed over his chest.

Fon noted that Tsuna's lips felt soft but with the ruckus Reborn was making in the background, he couldn't help but chuckle at the odd atmosphere that surrounded his make-shift family.

Bed Time Capers

Reborn found himself on the verge of punching someone, something – any fucking thing. He was never this pissed off and, god forbid, he would not be able to hold this rage in.

However, Fon reasoned with him. "Please, don't be rash, Reborn. Tsunayoshi-kun's a child. Be more patie—"

"Fine," he relented as he swatted away the remaining soap suds on his dress shirt. "Go help him finish up."

Fon jogged on to the bath but before he did, he bowed in apology. "Sorry, I'll pay you back."

Reborn then shrugged, non-committal, but was looking for whatever Fon had in store for him after this whole ordeal.

"Tsunayoshi-kun," Fon started as he tended to Tsuna's hair, which was sticking out in a lot of places. "Reebon-oji is quite mad, you know?"

"S-sorry," Tsuna mouthed as he sunk into the lukewarm water.

Fon rubbed the small of Tsuna's back in soothing circles as he lifted his small figure. "It's alright. Be sure to apologize to Reebon-oji later, okay?"

Tsuna nodded once and disappeared into the mush of a white and newly-laundered towel. It is obvious that the boy was sleepy, as his eyelids were dropping despite his refusal to rest early.

"Fon-oji, will you tuck me in tonight?" he asked, face scrunched to prevent a yawn from escaping.

"If you want me to," Fon said as he guided Tsuna up the stairs and into his room. He took a set of pajamas and Tsuna slipped his limbs one after the other before disappearing under the covers. Again, brown strands appeared on the edges of the fabric as Tsuna started squirming. "Tsunayoshi-kun?"

Tsuna was quiet for a while but he quivered and sneezed – from the cold perhaps? – before he asked, "Where is R-Reebon-oji?"

Fon remembered leaving Reborn in the dining area, where the latter might have fixed himself coffee. "Would you want me to fetch him, Tsunayoshi-kun?"

Tsuna responded with a short hai[2] and watched Fon disappear into the dimly-lit hallway. Some minutes later, he heard the familiar footsteps from outside the door and suddenly, his cheeks were tinted a soft shade of red. Reborn was the first who strolled in, with his hands in his pockets.

"What is it?" The mattress creaked at the sudden shift in weight as Reborn sad down its edge. His brows were still drawn to the middle but somehow, the caffeine earlier hit just the right spot.

"I'm sorry," Tsuna murmured but it wasn't at all inaudible. He then climbed onto Reborn and placed a kiss on his left cheek. "Otou-san always kissed okaa-san when they fight. Sorry, Reebon-oji."

After Tsuna pulled away, Fon piped in, "What did both of you fight about though?"

Tsuna opened his mouth but no words came out because Reborn shut him up with both his hands, "It's nothing," he hitman supplied but he was far from convincing.

Reborn winced as Tsuna kept struggling against his grip, "B-but—"

"Quiet, brat." Again, Reborn's effort was swatted as Tsuna was set free by Fon.

"You know well enough not to bully Tsunayoshi-kun," Fon reprimanded Reborn, who had sunk into Tsuna's comforter.

Tsuna pouted, fully defiant. "Reebon-oji said—"

"Tsunayoshi." Reborn felt a migraine rolling along and how he wanted to dash out of the house.

"Reborn." Fon entertained Tsuna's tugging at his sleeves, "continue, Tsunayoshi-kun."

Tsuna lit up, and beamed at Fon. "Reebon-oji said I can't marry Fon-oji because Fon-oji belongs to Reebon-oji! But I still want to!"

Reborn regretted even agreeing to Iemitsu's babysitting job while Fon, well, ended up chuckling and wondering what made Tsuna tick – boy, the kid really was charming.

[1] Gomen, demo... means 'Sorry, but...'.

[2] Hai means 'Yes'.