These Times

The skies were grey. Large rain drops descended from above adding moisture to the already wet citizens below. Years ago rain was a blessing in disguise and all those opposing mankind knew it to be true. A shorter male walked along the sidewalk toward the towering glass building of Pearson and Hardman Law firm. He tightened his grip around the paper cup as he surveyed the setting before him. Shadowy figures lurked in every alley. It used to be that it was rare to spot such villainous creatures but they had gotten cocky and were now emerging from their caves.

"Hey check it out," a voice stated. "Lawyer man, what is on the agenda today?"
The companion of the creature snorted as a reply. The male ignored the taunts and continued on. He was used to the badgering by now. The times they lived in called for adaption. Anyone resisting the change was in for a rude awakening.
"Hey Louis," the figure responded with a little less amusement in his voice. "I'm talking to you."
He stiffened for a few seconds. Today was different. They never called out his name before.
"Yeah," the other rolled its eyes. "We know your name. You walk by here every day…besides. We read minds."
Louis Litt didn't appreciate being taunted. He got it enough at work but he wasn't an imbecile. He knew not to aggravate these creatures. It gave them an invitation and Louis wasn't having a party.
"Look," the one with bloodshot red eyes remarked stepping out from the alley. "We have been surprisingly kind to you."

He bit his lip as the taller one wrapped an arm around his shoulders as if they were friends. The smell of copper and decay drifted from the animals lips. Everything about the creature was falling apart. The brunette hair was stringy and thinning but it didn't seem to faze them.
"Most people," he remarked. "We demand a toll, but you…see we like you."
The other snickered. "You are real…tough…the no crap from any one type of guy…of course…except for…Harvey."
Louis gritted out. "Don't read my mind."
"Hear that, Dave?" the tall one grinned. "We touched a nerve. Well our patience is running. My friend and I may have given you a free pass but now it stops. "
"As Lance stated, we usually demand a toll," Dave repeated.

The tall one named Lance smiled a red colored smile. "I find that fair. Don't you Louis? You are a man of fairness. Aren't you?"
Louis eyed the two scoundrels around him. Other members of the sidewalk passed on softly. That was what it came to these days. When you see someone cornered you don't act. You ignore while hoping after they fed it wouldn't be you next. As a human he had to confess to being one of the many but on occasion he dropped a garlic bulb for the sensitive ones but these vampires weren't the normal. Abruptly a bicycle zoomed past nearly taking out the three occupying the sidewalk. Both creatures narrowed their eyes at the cycling figure.
"What has the world come to these days?" Lance commented.
On the side a limo perched nearby. Louis glanced at it as a tall and familiar character emerged.
"Louis," Harvey called out.
The two creatures gazed at the newcomer hungrily. Casually Harvey slipped him a water bottle and then motioned toward the two mesmerized creatures.
"Keep hydrated," he stated with a smirk.

Louis glanced at the water bottle and then took a swig but realized it wasn't regular drinking water. He glanced at the two pests and then instantly doused them in holy water. Both creatures let out a howl from pain and then scurried back into the alleyway. Up ahead Harvey shook his head clearly amused. Louis gaped at the spot where Harvey had momentarily been. Today was different indeed.

These days ignorance wasn't bliss. Vampires were almost in control of the city. Rumor had it that the mayor would be the final one to fall. As soon as one of their own was in office it would be downhill from there. Louis use to think it was set in stone. The vampires were on the streets and humans are the homes. Strangely the line blurred somewhere in the years. Vampires were assimilating into society. They were now some of the teachers, store shop owners, and the actors/actresses. It was now politically incorrect to say vampires were street rats. Some of the vampires came from old, old, old money and therefore ruled their section while others scavenged for food in the allies.

Ever since the change amongst the human population Louis became suspicious. At first he pegged Harvey as one of them. He was manipulative to an extent, selfish, charming, yet people despised him. A vampire was known for being such things. If they could get it down correctly you were putty in their hands. If they failed then you staked them before they had a chance. After further analysis he came to the conclusion Harvey wasn't anymore vampire then he was.
"Mike I am going to need those files on my desk," Louis reminded as he walked up to the associate's cubicle.
"Right," Mike groaned. "Also could you please lower the blast? I have a headache."
"Lower the blast?" Louis questioned eyeing the youth. "What is that? Lingo?"
Mike ran his fingers through his short hair. "I guess…I just need a little more silence."
"Well that is unfortunate then isn't it," Louis smirked. "I have no sympathy for your petty associate headache. And in addition will be as loud as I wish. You work for me. Not the other way around."

Louis smiled cheekily at the young associate who narrowed his eyes at him. The elder male would have shrugged it off if the glare hadn't seemed extra icy. And was there an odd glow in the other's eyes? He shook the thought aside. As the day progressed his curiosity increased. Mike's behavior was unstable and other associates were noticing. On his way to his own office after lunch he noticed Harvey having somewhat of a heated conversation with Mike. He walked by slowly trying his best to catch bits of their conversation. He always thought they were hiding something.

"I'm sorry if the bank is low and the security high, Harvey."
"Mike, we made a deal."
"I remember I was there," he commented loudly.
He paused a few centimeters away from the glass doors.
"You do know you aren't invisible right?" a female voice stated.
He turned to the red head known as Donna, the ever famous secretary of Harvey Spector. He gave her his best smile which she wasn't buying.
"They are hiding something aren't they?"
She shrugged. "You ask me this as often as you can."
"Yes," he stated casually. "Just waiting for some sort of hint."

She casually looked to him before a sly grin showed upon her face. "You do not want to try this again, Louis."
He thought it over carefully and then realized she was terribly correct. He backed away slowly but just slow enough to hear Mike storm out of the office. Harvey looked slightly alarmed but turned to Donna who was concerned. Louis had to know what was going on now. An hour later he was engrossed in his work before he arose and headed off to the men's restrooms. On arrival he noticed the eerie silence of the bathroom. Of course he didn't believe in paranormal activity in Pearson Hardman so he went about his business. What could be eerie about Pearson Hardman?

After using the restroom he headed over to the sinks and began to thoroughly wash his hands. As he noted most males at Pearson forgot to do so. In his opinion it was these individuals that were allowing diseases to spread. He chuckled to himself as if it were a joke.

"Something funny Louis?" a male voice asked.
His eyes focused back on the mirror to see Mike casually standing in a stall. Louis eyed his reflection and then turned to take in the carefree posture of the youth.
"What may I ask are you doing?" he asked quite offended that his quiet time was interrupted.
"I went to the bathroom of course."

Mike headed toward the sinks himself and began to wash his hands. Louis watched curiously and suddenly was mesmerized by the entire action. There was something peaceful about the rush of water and the sound of suds forming. His eyes glued to scenery. The water swirled in the sink before quickly plummeting down the drain. Why didn't anyone notice the gentle artistic beauty of running water? The act of flowing water, free from restraint was trance inducing. Then in a second he realized he had no idea what he had been thinking. It was an uncomfortable feeling, so he shrugged it all aside.

"I heard you arguing with Harvey," Louis remarked breaking from the small trance.
"I know."
Louis gave him a look. "Of course you do."
Mike pulled his body onto the sink countertop after obnoxiously drying his hands on his suit pants. Louis glanced over the male as if he had just bitten off a chicken head.
"Louis, I have just as much rights as you do to sit here."
"I would never."
Mike smiled softly eyes closed as if taking in the fresh air. "Of course not you Louis…you have a reputation to uphold. Just like Harvey."
"Are you alright?" Louis finally asked. "I didn't invite you into a conversation with me."
"That is the funny thing about humans," Mike grinned. "They think we need an invitation."
"Humans…what?" he remarked as he finally moved from the sinks to dry his hands.
From the mirror Louis spotted Mike back at the sinks still sitting. After he had concluded his drying he turned again to find the youth standing right before him. He couldn't fib. His heart jumped.
"Boo," Mike whispered.
Louis narrowed his eyes. "Are you out of your mind today Ross?"
"No," he remarked before showcasing the world's largest canines. "Just thirsty."

And it was then that Louis knew Mike's secret. This was the secret the associate had on him since day one. The youth was a vampire…and…Harvey had to have known.
"I see, well there is nothing in here to drink," Louis commented softly inching toward the door. "I suggest the vending machines…you kids like soda pop. Am I right?"
"Soda is great but I would say there is something for me in here," Mike smirked looking a little devious.

Louis pushed out the door while Mike smiled brightly. His next stop was the office of Harvey Spector. He rushed past Donna and was glad to know the door was opened. Donna would have commented on the rash behavior but this was Louis.
"Is this a game to you?" Louis bellowed.
"Am I winning?"
"Why would you bring a vampire into this firm?"
Harvey didn't respond. "That Ross kid is a vampire. I would know I am pretty certain he tried to eat me or at least wanted to."
Harvey looked Louis in the eyes "I guess he kept his side of the deal."
"What do you mean his side?" Louis asked exasperated.
"I told him to eat you if he couldn't remember any of the other rules I set for him."
"You told him to what?" Louis shrieked.
Harvey shook his head. "Louis, you are stressed about something clearly."
"Yes," he frowned. "Mike is a vampire."
"Right and how do you know?"
Louis narrowed his eyes. "I barely escaped with my life."
"Now I know you are fabricating," he smirked. "Vampires do not delay or let anyone escape."
"If Mike was a vampire," Harvey stated. "He would have cornered you…and ate you. Simple."
Louis's eyes widened. How could Harvey be so nonchalant? Didn't he know what the times were like? Didn't he know vampires weren't to be trusted? It seemed the male was confident about whatever insider knowledge he had.
"I have all the proof I need," Louis stated seriously. "I'm going to take this secret to Jessica. Mike is a vampire. I don't need proof, it'll prove itself."
"I'm a what?"
Louis whirled around slowly to take in Mike holding a manila envelope in hand. He watched carefully as the male handed it over to Harvey. Mike then turned to Louis curiously.

"Louis?" he questioned innocently as if he hadn't tried to eat him.
Louis looked between the two males before giving them both a look.
"I know what you are Mike. I know your secret."
Mike shrugged. "Yeah. I made it obvious for you back in the bathroom."
Harvey would have been shocked to know Mike was admitting to his identity but he knew Mike wasn't quite comfortable in his skin. Louis unable to find the right words to describe the situation decided on an abrupt exit.
"I thought this was a secret."
Mike sighed. "I'm thirsty Harvey. The hospital isn't exactly happy with the vampire population. If I can't get blood, then I can't eat. If I can't eat, then I am not very polite witty or anything."
Harvey sighed heavily while rubbing his hand upon his forehead. "Mike, did you try to eat Louis?"
Mike smirked. "Yes, but he was quick to notice. I knew I had him at the sinks...but then he broke free of the trance I placed upon him and…"
Harvey shook his head. "I don't need to hear about your hunting plans. When I said eat Louis…it wasn't a direct order."
Mike chuckled lightly. "When I'm hungry nothing is a direct order. Harvey, I may seem sweet and sympathetic…which I am…but I am also a vampire. We have primal instincts."
Harvey crossed his fingers as he regarded the younger male before him.
"Go. Find food. I don't care if it is a rat. You are starting to annoy me."
Mike looked slightly offended but he left

Harold didn't know why he was being summoned but when he arrived to a disgruntled boss he knew it wasn't something good.
"Harold," he stated. "Have a seat."
He nodded. "Yes, of course."
He scrambled into his seat and then continued to remain silent until Louis went on.
"What are your thoughts on vampires?" he questioned casually.
"Vampires?" he asked for clarification.
Louis nodded softly as he glanced out the window behind him.
"Uh…they are kind of cool," he stated freely.
Louis turned to the associate smiling. "Really? I never thought I would find someone with such a likeminded approach to the state of our cities situation."
Harold beamed.
"Of course that isn't what I think you clown! Vampires are dirty, vile, manipulative beasts that have no remorse when it comes to the delicate fabricate that is human life. You know what I saw on my way back from lunch today?"
Harold shook his head aggressively.
"I saw a teenage punk vampire going after this, innocent pastry shop keeper. He trashed the shop and then jumped over the counter. Usually in this situation one ignores and hopes for the best…but I started to carry holy water on me because these things get out of hand. I sprinkled a little while he was wrestling the owner."
"Wow that makes you a vampire slayer."

Louis smirked leaning back in his chair. "I believe it does. Of course the creature lived but…I don't think he will be going back to that shop anymore."
Harold nodded. "So…is there something…?"
"No, you disappoint me," he stated. "You should leave."
Harold's features fell at the sudden dismissal from Louis. He was used to his boss telling him to go away after long conversations. This conversation was strange and had absolutely nothing to do with being a lawyer or an associate.
"You stated vampires are cool. Obviously I strongly disagree, so…"
Harold arose slowly. "I mean I meant their powers are cool…and…"
"Don't make me stake you."
Harold frowned. "I'm not a vampire."
Louis eyed him. "I don't care."

Getting the hint he left. Louis sighed as he thought of the Mike situation. If he tried staking the thing, Harvey would know. Holy water would only aggravate the situation. He knew he would have to seriously think about this. Jessica wasn't currently accepting any outside meetings…and he knew if he brought this piece of information up he would find himself scorned instead. No, he would carefully think about this.

The city mayor stated all night travels are ill advised. He unfortunately once again was caught out at night walking a good distance to his ride. He told his driver repeatedly that parking in front of the building was essential. No matter, all the blame was on Harvey. The pretty boy just had to place his limo in the spot he had sectioned out for himself. Due to further obstructions his parking was further from Pearson-Hardman.
"If it isn't Louis Litt, Lawyer man."

Louis bit his bottom lip in frustration. The familiar voice patterns of vile creatures would always be a memory of his. Days in the future he would look upon this day with a bit of admiration but also a tiny bit of fear. Soon two figures were on either side of him. In the distance there was his limo and further along the pathway was a questionable stain upon the sidewalk. On the night air was the shriek of another victim somewhere. He could hear her calling out to anyone. Sadly the police force had been terribly infiltrated. Now only certain cases were visited. Human policeman turn the other cheek in an attempt to save their own skins.
"It must be my night," Louis commented dryly.

Lance chuckled darkly, which seemed to echo in the night. Most vampires walked during the day, but the night still belonged to the vampires. Louis was just sharing their territory.
"We haven't forgotten that lovely charade you pulled. Throwing Holy water at us, well done. My friend and I got quite a bit of a skin irritation from your act."
Louis smirked. "I am so sorry."

Suddenly he felt his back hit the brick wall of a building. He winced feeling his breath leave him for a few uncomfortable seconds. Accompanying shortly after there was a hand upon his chest. Lance grinned.
"Don't get smart, human. You are on our grounds now."
"If I pay you off, will you leave?" he asked tiredly.
He knew he was in a dangerous situation and any sly remarks could mean an instant bite to the neck. From previous observation he learned that vampires enjoy human banter…they like their prey lippy, so he engaged them as much as he could without getting a bite in the neck.
"Pay us?" he snorted. "Pay. Hm, I never thought of that but sadly no. I can't get the same satisfaction from blood with money. I may still want your cash…though your permission doesn't matter. You'll be an empty vessel after we are done."

The other vampire grinned evilly. Louis was out of holy water having spent it on good deeds. He didn't own a stake having seen the tragedy one brought on a naïve human. Maybe the correlation between failure and the stake wasn't appropriate…but it had been the worst battle of human strength he had witness. If anything the stake got in the way.

Louis attempted to free himself but was unfortunate which wouldn't be anything new with the way the night has been. First the work he had given to the other associations was done incorrectly and with half the heart. He had to swoop in and make tremendous corrections. Then as he walked by Harvey's office all he could think about was Mike the vampire. Mike the wretched vampire that tried to eat him in the men's restroom.
"Lance, why do I always find you?" a voice asked pulling Louis from his inner rant.
Lance's grin widened. "Mikey Ross. You know you really angered Trevor. Tell me…why are you turning your back on your kind?"
Louis watched the space beyond Lance. Mike was here? He couldn't see anything. It was then that he looked up to spot Mike only a few inches above his head. He stomached a gasp from shock. The male somehow was lounging comfortably upon the wall as if he were on solid ground. He rested with his head upon his hands.

"What can I say? I got tired of the usual scum."

Lance smirked. "So, are you here to join us…or…save him?"

Mike shrugged. "I guess that is the true question here. Personally, I don't like Louis all that much. And if I were anything like the vampires in the alley…I'd fight for the chance at popping a vein in his neck."

The other vampire looked at the youth. "What is stopping you?"

"Sympathy, appreciation for the delicate strand that is human life…mostly he is my boss."

Lance nodded. "We were told to eat our bosses."

Mike jumped down from his position and landed nicely behind Lance.

"I don't have the same teacher anymore."

"Right…you mean Harvey Spector your new teacher…acts like a vampire…bleeds like a human."

Mike laughed. "You think he acts?"

Louis grunted out a response to bring the attention back.

"Mike, if I've taught you anything we don't prolong our interaction with scum."

Harvey appeared beside Mike without any kind of evidence that he had walked there. Louis had a suspicionthat his colleague was indeed a vampire from this one moment. All doubt was gone.

"Another human, looks like we don't have to share after all."

Harvey remarked. "Who said you are eating me?"

Before Lance could lunge at Harvey Louis tripped the unfocused vampire who unhanded him. He smirked and announced, 'You just got Litt Up'.

Harvey rolled his eyes before shoving a stake at the scrambling friend. He didn't know what Mike had just done but it helped. Lance was the last one but before they could continue on with their destruction Lance disappeared in a puff of really bad looking stage smoke.

"I always hated how he did that," Mike frowned and then looked to Louis. "You okay?"

Louis laughed it off. "Ha, great. You just got them ready for me is all."

Mike smiled warmly. "Louis I know you are scared. I'm a vampire. Remember?"

The other let out a heavy sigh expressing his true emotion. "The heck."

Harvey shook his head. "Why are you walking out here at night?"

Louis narrowed his eyes. "I don't know…someone had the audacity to put their limo in my spot."

Harvey smirked. "And so you walk out at night and get yourself eaten?"

"I didn't entice them," Louis growled. "They cornered me."

Mike sighed. "Don't worry about Lance anymore. He hates when meals show him up. If he does come back I'll be surprised. Though I'll kind of miss Dave."

Harvey looked at the youth and then at the pile of ash. "Shut up Mike."

Mike then turned to Louis. "So…what do you think?"

Louis was taking slow and deep breaths. "What do I think?"

"About me?"

Louis eyed the youth. "Vampires are still scum."

Mike frowned. "But…you…saved my life…wait…I don't owe you anything do I?"

The youth broadcasted his fangs. "Depends, are you O positive or B Negative?"

Louis paled for a few seconds before Mike burst out into laughter. "Don't worry…I don't think I could bring myself to try eating you again. You looked real sad and vulnerable with those guys. I don't want you to go through that again."

Louis scoffed. "How thoughtful of you but you are still on my watch. Come at me again…and I will stake can't be trusted."

Mike grinned. "I know you can't physically stake anyone. I am not worried…beside…you are so easy to manipulate."

"Excuse you."

Harvey smiled. "Mike has a hard time using that vampire nonsense on me. Guess you are weak minded."

Louis wanted to retort on the matter but after walking past another alley with vampires he changed his mind. Mike spotted some of the creatures and let out a warning hiss.

"They are my food."

The others debated on whether the fight would be worth it but then they disappeared into shadows. Finally they stood before Louis's limo.

"I can't believe my driver has been here the entire time."

Mike looked through the tinted window but then stopped Louis from making his move.

"I wouldn't go in there."

Louis wanted to ask why but Mike sadly shook his head.

"Great, I get attacked, my driver destroyed. Why don't I just throw myself in an alley to end the night well?"

Mike smiled. "I am certain Harvey will give you a ride…Harvey?"

Harvey was already down the sidewalk toward his limo. Mike frowned at how fast the male had changed direction.

"I'll call a cab."

Mike shook his head again. "I wouldn't go in there alone."

Louis grumbled. "I can come if you want. If they see you and me they'll think I'm taking my food home."

Louis raised a brow. "Of course that isn't the case."

When they agreed on the matter Louis was unhappy to know Mike was correct. The cab driver was a beast. He kept looking at Louis the entire ride. Instead of accepting cash, he tried to bite Louis's hand off.

"Thanks," Louis remarked softly as he looked up at his complex.


"You heard me Mike."

Mike smiled allowing the light of the moon to shine upon his sharp fangs. A chill went up the elder male's spine.

"They aren't all bad."


"Vampires, some are nice…some care."

"And some slaughter."

Mike nodded solemnly. "Yes."

"Who is Trevor?"

Mike eyed Louis who looked serious. "I don't want to talk about it."


"See you tomorrow," Mike waved and then turned to the sky.

Louis watched the youth slowly lift from the ground and then rocket over the buildings. A part of him still wanted to tell someone about the vampire at the law firm, but the other part just wanted to get to sleep. The sleepy part won. As he rested in bed that night he replayed the event in his head. Maybe vampires were okay. He turned over on his side to come face to face with a shadowy figure looking through his window. Or maybe he needed to hire himself a slayer. Yes a vampire slayer would be the best decision.

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