These Times

An:Bonus chapter

Over the past few weeks Harvey noticed very distinct features about, Mike, the newly hired member of his team. Anyone may shrug it aside but he knew better especially in the world they lived in. He was Harvey Spector, he wasn't anything but observant and efficient it's what made him the best dang closer in all of New York.

On this note, today was the day his careful analysis was put to bed as the saying goes. He invited Mike in and as usual the other seemed on the verge of 20 questions. He gave him a cool and collected smile as if he weren't possibly about to humiliate himself in front of the man.

"Have a seat."

As the younger male sat he walked around his desk and began to lean giving the air of care free atmosphere. Though whether or not the other felt comfortable wasn't his highest priority not in the slightest not in these times.

"Harvey?" Mike questioned.

He looked carefully at his newly hired associate. "Mike I've noticed some patterns in your behavior."

The male's facial expression changed slightly to concern.

"I know the sign said take one but you can't just have one donut. I mean."

Harvey raised a single brow. Maybe he had been mistaken about this particular hunch. Just as he was about to end the conversation he noticed something. Obviously something was indeed occurring as he predicted he just had to throw another string of bait out. He walked around his desk and began shuffling in his drawer.

"As I've stated I've noticed some distinct differences."

His fingers curled around the object of interest. Without a second to lose he rushed the younger but not before a hand gripped around his wrist. The suffocating dead lock increased with each heavy breath.

"Very impressive," Harvey smirked.

Mike gave him a confused look which rivaled the fangs hanging like stalagmites in a cave.

"I knew I was accurate. So how old are you?"

The younger frowned and then looked at the stake forgotten on the floor.

"You can't tell anyone."

Harvey raised a brow.

"In these times? I'm a smart man do you take me for some kind of fool?"

Mike narrowed his eyes even after he loosened his grip on the elder's wrist. The lawyer rubbed at the reddening bruise still quite amused.

"Only reason I would doubt my prediction is that I could never imagine you of all the possible suspects. On the other hand Louis..."

The brunette snorted. Harvey raised both his brows in question.

"Just Louis as a vampire."

A small smile flitted across his face but disappeared as soon as it came. Instead he fixed the newly found out vampire with a stern look.

"You are going to let me go aren't you?" he questioned. "I don't blame you. The city is lousy with vampires good and bad and then vile. I should know some of my former friends are the vilest. They don't think they have to share the city with 'walking food platters' or 'refrigerators for blood.'"

Harvey arose from his spot before looking pointedly at the brunette pale blood drinker.

"Okā€¦Ground rules," he spoke strictly. "I am not food. You drink before you come to work. Any signs of blood lust and I will not hesitate to use a weapon against you. Remain in hiding I do not want to express my change of heart to my superiors or hear anything from Louis scratch that eat Louis. If nothing else registers remember that."

Mike scrunched up his nose. Harvey dare let a smile grow on his face. "Return to work."

The other arose smiling softly. "I know you said you don't care about me but I find it hard to believe."

Harvey held up the stake in warning. "I can use this you know."

Mike chuckled. "No you can't but thanks."
He opened the door and headed out leaving Harvey baffled. He was the best dang closer in all of New York. He could stake a couple vampires. He sat before his desk as he watched Mike turn toward his station. Couldn't he? He shook his head before returning to his previous work. He scoffed softly.

"A vampire as a lawyer, fitting," he stated with a tiny smile

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