These Times

They ended up outside of this decrepit building. Questionable characters roamed about. Mike smiled at a couple walking by who responded to his gesture with a frown. Harvey drew in a deep breathe only to cough from the stench of decay.

"Where are we?"

"Well hello," a pretty blonde female remarked standing beside Harvey all of sudden. "Well well Mikey."

Mike bit his lip. Harvey frowned. "You know her?"

"So, you don't look like you are hungry. How about helping a friend out?"

"He isn't a meal."

Jenny smirked eyeing Harvey. "All humans are, Mikey."

"Where is Lance?"

"Lance?" she snorted. "Why are you both friends now? Trevor will be jealous."

"I mean it, Jenny. Where is Lance?" Mike pressed urgently.

She smiled sweetly and then shrugged. "I forgot."

He pushed her against a wall. She giggled. "Mike, you vampire you…fine…only because you are going to fail miserably. He is out on Clarks Avenue. Down there you can't miss it. If you want you can leave your friend. I'll babysit."

"No, Jenny."

He turned around and after a few seconds Jenny sighed. "Mike, come home. It isn't the same."

Mike sighed at how human she sounded at the moment. The humans believed they knew how vampires came to be. Rumor was they were turned. Fact was it was by birth. A small population of vampires had been turned previously. Jenny was one. He turned to look at her crestfallen face.


Jenny bit her lip before nodding. She disappeared no stage smoke, just gone. Harvey sighed as he studied the look on Mike's face.

"Clarks Avenue?" Harvey questioned reminding the youth of their current situation.

"Uh yeah," Mike sighed. "Clarks…up ahead."

"Do we have an understanding?" Lance asked the human who was playing possum. "I know when someone is pretending so stop it."

Louis nodded eyes wide open and fearful…pained and scarred. Maybe it was only five minutes, or an hour…he couldn't quite tell anymore…he was dizzy and sore…and he knew no one was coming. After all he was Louis Litt. If Harvey went missing everyone would know. Jessica would have a field day…Mike…Mike would probably form a search party and Donna, beautiful Donna would cry…not heavily…but enough. Lance arose from the human a blood drenched smile upon his lips.

"Don't you move anywhere," he smirked. "You do I'll hunt you…and I'm hungrier when my meal is on the run."

Lance disappeared through the front door. Instantly Louis was on his feet. He rushed to the window and noticed there were a few creatures walking about. It instantly squashed his idea of exiting out the window. The less attention he gained the better. For a few seconds his scenery blurred around him drastically. After experiencing the temporary dizzy spell, he ran to the door and listened. He opened the door softly. Standing before him was his nightmare all smiles.

"I am disappointed," Lance smirked. "I went out to get you something to eat…and here you are…about to leave me. You were right, Louis…I'm terribly lonely. Girlfriend hated that about me…she said I'd keep a meal around if I could…guess she was right."

Louis suddenly noticed the walls. Upon the walls were thick splotchy red crusting hand prints. He bit his lip because he knew they didn't belong to him. They were fresh. Lance grinned.

"Now, Louis. Where were we?"

Mike and Harvey arrived at a complex. The building was falling apart. Dangerous characters made faces at Harvey from the first floor. Mike and Harvey ignored the obscene gestures and continued to the third floor. Mike was able to retrieve the number and location from Jenny's thoughts; he knew she would give him vague information at first. They arrived at a particular door and instantly Mike began to wince.

"Mike?" Harvey questioned.

Mike nodded. "They are in there."

Harvey looked to the door. "What are we waiting for?"

Mike sighed. "It is going to be messy, Harvey. I have to warn you. You aren't as strong as you think."

"Shut up Mike."

Harvey kicked down the door without warning. The whole display had been macho. Beyond the kicked open door Lance was sitting casually on the couch clearly waiting for them. He didn't look like he was going to attack.

"Aw is the fun over already?" Lance grinned nastily. "Louis, your ride is here."

Mike frowned seeing no signs of the human anywhere. Harvey's eyes widened. There in the doorway, bleeding from a grotesque neck wound was his colleague and rival Louis Litt. Strangely he seemed at peace as if he hadn't been stuck with a nightmarish creature for a good hour to hour and half.

"Louis?" Mike asked quietly.

Louis smiled but didn't respond.

"Go ahead," Lance smirked. "Greet your friends, Louis."

Louis nodded. Suddenly the elder male charged with a knife raised at Harvey.

"LOUIS!" Harvey grunted out as Louis collided with him.

Mike's eyes widened at the sudden display before him.

"See, Louis and I had a long discussion," Lance remarked as Harvey fought Louis off. "Why do I have to stop all this fun? When we could all play nice together, right Mike?"

Mike growled. "Stop this Lance. You don't have to do this."

Lance turned to the humans rolling on the floor.

"He knew you weren't coming you know," Lance remarked with an evil grin. "He kept saying he was practically a doormat at work. I don't blame him…I mean he is bald, rat like…who would want him around?"

"Shut up," Mike growled angrily.

Mike knew everyone had a different picture of Louis. The associates labeled him as cruel and inconsiderate. No one seemed to take him seriously at the firm. He became the punch line to a plethora of jokes by the break room. Standing before all this chaos brought a wave of regret upon the young vampire. Louis hadn't thought he was worth saving. No one should think that of themselves.

Lance arose. "So, are we going to pick up where we left off?"

They were close now. They stared down each other while Harvey struggled with Louis in the background.

"Louis, listen to me," Harvey shouted out. "You don't want to do this."

Louis smiled widely. "I have to."

"You don't have to anything," he grunted as he kneed Louis in the gut.

The male groaned before slamming into the wall. His eyes bulged but he began to fidget and then came back to consciousness. He glanced at the knife but Harvey pushed him to the ground. He held the other's head to the floor.

"I'm a boxer, Louis," Harvey sighed. "Also have a little bit of wrestling. You can't defeat me."

"I have to," Louis growled struggling.

"Listen we are going to take you home. You'll be back to your annoying self in no time."

Abruptly, Louis was shaking underneath. Harvey frowned unhanding the male slowly. Moisture collected in the Louis's eyes. A few drops began to make tracks down his cheeks. Instantly Harvey was uncomfortable with the change in behavior.

"Have you ever waited for something?" Louis asked calmly. "Something big, something you deserved…like senior partner…or rescue…but it never came."

Harvey frowned. "Louis we are here. Open your eyes…and ears. Lance has you fooled."

"You had me fooled! You gave me away!" he shrieked scrambling to claw Harvey's face off.

Louis looked more emotional than threating. Harvey predicted the whole ordeal would leave anyone emotionally unstable.

"You know Mike," Lance stated as they circled around each other. "I am surprised you showed. I thought this Louis guy didn't matter…thought Harvey was your only friend…why care about something as useless as Louis? Let him stay here…I promise I'll play nice. Ask my other former 'human friends', they can vouch for me."

Mike hollered out before charging and pushing them both out the window. Harvey shot toward the scene and his eyes widened. In the back Louis reached for the knife and was about to attack but the door flew open.

"Stop human, knife down…on your knees."

Louis gasped before scrambling to a kneeling position. Harvey's heart beat was erratic. He noticed the knife currently resting by his feet. He took two calming breaths. Louis had almost…any second later and there would have been a terrible accident.

"Mr. Augustine."

"A poor sight this is, tsk, my nephew."

Without any warning Augustine retrieved the troubling youth by the collar. He threw him to the ground close to his previous exit out the window.

"Uncle," Lance smirked. "You are here."

"What have I told you about the weaker species?"

Lance scoffed. "Uncle, I hardly did a thing."

"You ruined this man, Lance," he glared. "What kind hypnosis is this?"

Lance shrugged. "Nothing special. It is just something I learned from Trevor."

Mr. Augustine narrowed his eyes. "I told you that vampire is a bad seed. That gang you hang around with is not acceptable of nobility."

"Who cares about the human," he smirked. "Got my revenge anyway…if that doesn't damage him…then I need another round."

"Lance," Mr. Augustine growled. "This is over. You will not continue this any longer…or…I'll find a place for you. These men are working on my case and you harass them? How dare you."

Lance smiled. "Oh but Uncle your case is as good as lost…especially cause good ole Greggy's story is out."

Mr. Augustine frowned. "That story isn't yours to tell."
Lance laughed. "Whatever…I'm gone. It is time for the gang to rally anyway. Oh, and Louis…don't get comfortable with your life…I know where you live…and I know your place of work…now if that doesn't give you some nice anxiety I don't know what will. Bye Mike and Harvey…great work fighting."

He left abruptly. Mr. Augustine eyed the opened door before turning to the two humans and the one vampire.

"He'll need to be restrained," Mr. Augustine commented.

"He seems fine to me," Harvey stated.

A fist connected with Harvey's jaw. Louis breathed in and out slowly. Before he nearly lunged again Mike grabbed one of his arms.

"All victims under heavy hypnosis get aggressive as they resurface," he remarked. "Aggressive and desperate."

"Desperate for what?" Harvey asked nursing his jaw.

'Their attacker," Mr. Augustine sighed. "Mike we will need to keep him under control."

They restrained Louis all the while he shrieked like an animal.

Mr. Augustine wasn't used to sitting in human waiting rooms but he wanted to show support. Mike knew Mr. Augustine was different just by the sight of his patience and concern. Harvey looked out into space suddenly curious of the wall and its components. Mike sat beside him.

"I never thought," Harvey smirked. "I'd see Louis so…unwound…psychotic before."

Mike eyed the male to see if it was a joke or not. He couldn't tell at first glance.

"The hypnosis does that," Mike commented softly. "Sometimes victims miss their attacker. It is a sick way for vampires to get the escaped ones to come back. They are sore losers that way."

Harvey nodded softly. "Louis will be just fine."

They turned at the sound of Mr. Augustine's voice.

"Paranoid for a bit, anxious…what do humans call it PTSD? Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?"

Harvey laughed. "Really? What good is a lawyer with anxiety?"

"Hey," Mike narrowed his eyes. "Louis is going to be going through a rough time."

Harvey sighed. "We used to be friends, Mike."

Mike smiled softly. "I know."

Harvey didn't speak further and even pretended as if he hadn't just confessed to a friendship. But he had. When Louis was released to them he refused to show his wounds but he invited the men into his apartment and insisted they have something to eat for their trouble. Around 1 am Louis was still quite lively. Mike yawned and Harvey nearly fell asleep.

"We have to get some sleep for the case Louis."

Louis nodded. "Right…I'm sure it will be a big day tomorrow. I'll be just fine…I mean. Lance couldn't possibly get past the person in the lobby…but he could…he'll come for me later, he is too tired now."

Mike frowned at his statement. Louis shook his head.

"I'll be into work tomorrow or possibly not. I am not quite sure yet…Lance could show up there too. But that shouldn't matter I'm not worried too much about it. "

Mike sat beside Louis and then turned to Harvey.

"Ray is downstairs," Harvey stated slowly.

"I'll stay here for a while."

Harvey nodded understandably. "Make sure he gets to work tomorrow."

Mike looked to Louis who kept staring wearily at his window. "One step at a time."

Harvey smirked. "Like I said Louis is always uneasy."

Mike didn't laugh which was Harvey's cue to leave.

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