Field trips. Serina's high school rarely got them and when they did they were always educational. This time there was one upside. The boys from the adjoining school would be joining the girls today in a tour of a history museum. Then there was another down side to their tour. Since Serina's last disappearance, her parents had hired personal body guards to keep a diligent watch over her when she went on excursions outside of school or when her parents weren't around. After Serina had come back everyone treated her like she had been kidnapped or like she was a rape victim. Of course the only people who didn't believe that were Sedona, Conner, and Sean. Serina was able to get some time alone with them after her parents put her on lock down and told them where she had gone and what had happened. Sean, being the only one who watched 'Fullmetal Alchemist', had to help Serina explain most of the unfamiliar terms.

It had been at least a week since then and now Serina was holding hands with her boyfriend, Edward, as she walked through the tour trying to ignore her bodyguards, which were following them. They came to a small statue that looked like a woman with long onyx hair and instead of arms she had large, beautiful, golden wings. Serina was transfixed on the artifact and took her time with reading the history behind it. Meanwhile, the rest of the students were gathered around the tour guide who was reading the history out to them as they observed an artifact that Serina had passed by, finding no interest in it. She was more drawn to the golden Egyptian statue that she was now observing. When she read who had discovered the artifact. Edward looked over his shoulder at his girlfriend who was laughing to herself, one body guard on either side of her. "What's so funny?" he said waking over to her with a slight chuckle. "The name of the archeologist," Serina began pointing to the name on the plate. "Prof. H. Jones. Coincidence much?" "Think the 'H' means Henry?" Edward asked picking up on her classic movie reference. "Well it is a common name. I love those movies. I actually saw the first one on the big screen once. I'm a huge fan of the action. I'd love to be where Indy's been. Wouldn't it be awesome?"

The lights flickered once and that was the only sign that Serina need to regret what she had said. Serina looked up with a panicked expression that he remembered from the convention she had been to a month before. He held her close as the light flickered faster and everyone began murmuring and shifting nervously and the tour guides tried to keep their groups together. The body guards took their positions around Serina and Edward and made sure that the two of them weren't able to get lost in the crowd. Serina knew her disappearance was unpreventable but what scared her was how it would affect the people she left behind while she was missing. Why hadn't she switched places with someone when she appeared in Amestris so that they could take her place like George did? Perhaps when she switched with George it was a onetime thing never to happen again. That didn't matter; what did matter was how long Serina was going to be gone this time.

Edward was looking around for anyone suspicious when Serina tugged on his shirt sleeve to get his attention. He looked down at her seeing her expression of unease and tried to comfort her. "It's ok, Serina. I'm not gonna let anyone get to you." He said keeping a close hold on her. "Edward, no matter how long I'm gone I want you to know that I'll be safe and I'll be back in one piece." "I'm not going to let them get to you, Serina." She shook her head and pitied his useless efforts. "Good-bye, Edward. I'll be back as soon as I can." The lights in the museum went completely out and where Serina stood between his arms Edward felt her fall. The lights came back on and Serina was gone from sight.


Serina went through the cold darkness falling quickly into her new destination unsure of where she was. The place smelled of dirt and was very dimly lit by torches that were hung to the wall on metal supports. Serina took one and held it at arm's length. Serina feared small thing and being burned was one of them. When she explored her surroundings she found no doors, no windows and no signs of other human life. The room was small, cold and Serina was surprised that there was even oxygen in the room. This gave Serina the idea that there may indeed be an opening somewhere that Serina could escape through.

As she went along the walls Serina noticed that they were decorated with hieroglyphs and depictions of ancient Egyptians. This led Serina to the conclusion that she was in ancient Egypt or perhaps just in an undiscovered tomb. While looking over the paintings on the walls Serina noticed a familiar depiction of the artifact she had seen just before disappearing from the museum. There was something different about it though. Serina noticed the addition of a large blue gem that darkened towards the center making it look like a human eye. Serina pressed her hands against it and the image retreated into the wall. To Serina's right a stone slab slid into hiding and revealed a narrow hall leading up to a large illuminated room.

Serina, despite her better judgment took a curious step into the hall. When nothing happened and she found the coast was clear Serina continued to step forward through the hall. About half way through Serina heard a crunch from under her foot. Serina didn't dare look down to find out what she had tread upon and simply began to run, hearing more crunching sounds from beneath her foot. The crunching stopped once she reached the illuminated room and found a step to sit on. Serina examined the bottom of her leather knee high boots and was disgusted to find dead insect remains. She stood and commenced to scrape the disgusting substance from her shoes before drawing her attention to the pedestal atop the steps. The artifact that she had seen was sitting on the pedestal looking all innocent, just waiting to be taken. Serina was cautious and knew better than to get any closer to something gold sitting on an ancient pedestal. Unfortunately Serina was also a curious 16 year old who just happened to have a note book and a pencil in her bag that she had brought to take notes at the history museum. Serina stayed three steps down from where the pedestal was and just as she was sketching the finishing touches on the wings she had the urge to get closer and do more detail on the woman's face.

Serina was stopped just as she took her first step by a thudding sound coming from the other room she had just left. Serina froze in place, unsure of what she would be met with and not risking bumping into a booby trap. She heard what sounded like a crumbling wall and then she heard a voice. It was deep and familiar but Serina waited before approaching the unknown voice. Footsteps echoed through the adjoining room and the person with finally spoke. "The door has already been opened. Someone has already been hereā€¦These footprints are fresh. Someone is still here." Serina became tensed as she heard the man's footstep coming down the hall she had just traveled. He was crunching through the many insects she had run through until he finally came into view of the torch light. For a moment the two of them took the time to look each other over and find out who each other were.

Serina already knew who her subject was. A brown leather jacket, cargo pants, a whip on his hip and his key card fedora; before her stood the infamous professor and archeologist, Indiana Jones. Dr. Jones was at a disadvantage seeing as he didn't know the girl who had beaten him to his goal so he quickly took in her every feature breaking it down to piece together who she was. She had hair that was borderline between brown and blonde, bright hazel green eyes that were looking directly into his, an army-style jacket, and knee high leather boots. All together she looked very German which was only partly true. "Step away from Isis, fraulein." Indy demanded of the young girl. "Isis? I thought she looked familiar." Serina said glancing back at the golden figure. "Don't get any ideas. If you just take it without knowing the risks you could end up dead." "Believe me I know the risk I'm in now that you're here at least." Serina said as she descended the steps, standing on the same level as Professor Jones. "What do you mean by that?" he asked quizzically of the young girl standing before him. "Let's just say you have a reputation for getting in the way of danger." She said crossing her arms and standing with her hip jutted out slightly.

This girl didn't act like any Nazi Indy had ever encountered. She had a sarcastic and smart-alecy way of speaking to her elders, she didn't stand straight which showed she was a freelancer who wouldn't follow orders well, and to top it off she had an American accent that didn't have a hint of fakeness to it. "Just who are you and why are you here?" The archeologist asked curious about the presence of this German-like 16 year old female. "I'm Serina Bloom and I think I'm here to help you Dr. Jones."