"What could they possibly want with her?" Indy pondered this as he rode out into the desert on a motorcycle following the subtle trail the Nazi's had left behind. He was able to locate the tent where Serina had exchanged her army jacket for the leather one she was wearing and bought it back to use as a disguise to get into the base. It was a bit of a tight fit in the arms and shoulders but the chest and torso areas were almost form fitting to Indy like a tailored suit. "She must an attachment to loose clothes." Indy deduced.

He pulled up to the entrance of the Nazi base and was surprisingly let through quite easily. He couldn't believe how close the appearance of Serina's jacket was to the Nazi uniform. He was starting to think that maybe this was all a trap set for him and that Serina really was part of the Nazi party. If she was the Nazi's were getting really corrupt if they were using young girls to do their dirty work. "Now how am I going to find her with all these…" Before Indy could finish his thought there was a banging from behind one of the doors accompanied by yells. "Let me out! I need to go to the bathroom! Let me out!" Indy opened the door only to be hit square in the chest by Serina's clenched fists. She became silent when she saw who she'd hit and grinned. "Well, this is embarrassing. Hey that jacket looks good on you." "We'll talk later. For now just play prisoner and follow my lead."

Serina nodded and Indy commenced to grab her by the arm and twist it behind her back roughly. "Ow! You're taking this a bit too seriously." "Just go with it." Indy said as he began leading her to the exit. Just as they were at the top of the steps and leaving the base a German soldier stopped them. "You there! Where are you taking Jones?" Indy was taken aback. Did this soldier think that Serina was the one holding him captive? Then it hit him. "I was told to take her and have her show me where she hid the idol" Indy said with his best attempt at a German accent. The German soldier nodded and responded. "Once you've found the idol there will be no need to keep her alive." Serina showed a genuine expression of shock on her face. She knew that the Nazi's were brutal but brutal enough to have someone from their own race killed? Of course they didn't know she was German at all.

Indy turned and led Serina to the motorcycle and had her ride pillion behind him before taking off back towards Cairo. Once they were there they sold the motorcycle for a good price and used the money to buy plane tickets. "Where are we going?" "I'm taking you home. Your parents are probably panicking that you escaped your bodyguards and fled to Egypt." Serina scoffed and he raised an eyebrow at her. "What's so funny?" "You still don't believe that I'm from the future. Well you can try and find them but my parents haven't even been born yet." Serina said. Indy was starting to think this girl was insane and that's why her parent had bodyguards on her. "Well either way we're going to make a stop by my father's house he may have some information on the staff's whereabouts." "He's still alive? Wait, what staff are you talking about?" Serina asked as they started boarding the plane.

As the two of them were traveling by map to Indy's father's town they began interrogating each other. "They mistook you for me? How?" Indy asked with a slight humor in his voice. "I think it was mostly the hat." Serina started and gestured to the hat that had been returned Indy. "That or they think Indiana Jones is a name that's passed down, which would be cool. Also, I've seen pictures of you when you were young. It's astonishing how alike I look to your younger self." Indy shook his head not questioning how she had pictures of him from his childhood. "Well then, they won't be looking for me this time they'll be looking for you." "All the more reason you shouldn't be taking me home! They won't stop searching just because we go to a different country."

Indy couldn't argue with that logic but none the less they still had to get some research material from his father. Now it was Serina's turn to ask her question. "So what do the Germans want with the idol? I bet it's some sort of supernatural power they think will help them win the war am I right?" "The idol is supposedly a gift of favor from Isis that was bestowed on Cleopatra before she died. Legend has it that if the idol is taken to the temple where it was created by Isis and lets the midday sun shine through the blue gem held above the idol's head to return it to her that she will give them her aid and mysterious powers." Indy explained. "Well, good to see they're thinking realistically for once." Serina stated with a sarcastic chuckle. Indy appreciated her simple sense of humor.

They landed in Princeton, New Jersey by nightfall and Indy drove them to his house for the night. "We'll stop by my dad's place tomorrow. The guest room is down the hall to the right. We can get you some new clothes tomorrow." "What's wrong with the clothes I have now?" Serina asked; she was quite happy with her current attire. "Maybe because you only have one outfit." Indy said gesturing toward her outfit. "…Valid point, Good night Indy." Indy shook his head as he watched her walk down the hall. He had to admit that when you couldn't see her face and her hands her hands in her pockets she looked like the spitting image of his teenage self.

The next morning, Serina had the pleasure of getting to sleep past 7 am which was not a privilege often given to her with her strict school schedule. She got dressed in her adventure's attire as she called it and went to the kitchen where Indy was attempting to make pancakes. They were quite obviously burning and Serina raised an eyebrow at him along with a joking smile. "Not much of a home maker are you? Looks like you have a lot of practice ahead of you if you're gonna take care of that family you'll have someday." Indy opened his mouth to question her statement but Serina stopped him saying. "I just know, Indy. I just know." She tossed out the burnt pancakes and gestured to Indy's outfit which consisted of and undershirt and his pants that he wore with his suit saying, "You should finish getting dressed, Professor Jones." He left her to do as she wanted, trusting that she wouldn't burn down the house. He came back fully dressed and Serina had already made a pair of cinnamon sugar pancakes. He sat down at the table where Serina had set butter, syrup and 2 glasses of milk. Indy assumed from this quick set up that she was used to making breakfast.

"Do you have a lot of siblings to cook for?" "No, I'm an only child. For a while I lived in what I guess you would call a surrogate family consisting of the parents and their 7 kids although two of them had moved out of the house and the other one was spending some time with my family though they didn't know it. You wouldn't believe how hard it was passing of for a red headed twin boy. I bet he had a hard time passing of for me in the meantime." Serina said with a grin quite certain that Indy wouldn't believe her. "Sounds like you have experience with disguise and deception." Indy said taking a bite of the pancakes Serina placed in front of him. "As do you, Professor. I know your work, and don't ask how I know because your logical mind wouldn't believe me." That seemed to be her quote 'You wouldn't believe me.' Indy continued to ponder exactly who she was and what Serina intended do by following him around.

She finished her pancakes and grabbed up her bag, "Are we ready to go see Sean Connery?" Serina said in an incredibly accurate impression of Indy's father. "Who?" he responded with a raised eyebrow. "No one. Let's go see your dad." Serina said walking her way to the door. Indy caught up with her and they got into the car and drove down to his father's house. It looked very proper just as Serina had expected. They made their way to the front door and Indy knocked. The door was soon answered by the familiar face of Sean Connery or in this case Henry Jones Sr. Serina made note that he looked a bit older than he did in the final movie of the original trilogy. "Junior, what a pleasant surprise." He began noticing Serina who was slightly hidden behind Indy. "Please come in."

Indy's father stepped aside to let them in and noticed the lack of a hat on Indy's head. "Where did you hat go?" he asked. "It's been taken hostage." Indy said seriously though it was meant to be a joke. It was then that Henry Jones (that's how we'll refer to him since Indy is referred to as Indy) noticed that young figure following his son that was now wearing has hat that cast a shadow over their eyes. "Junior, I must be seeing things because I think I'm seeing your teenage self following behind you." Henry said somewhat bewildered. "Nah, you're not seeing things, Dad, but you are mistaken about them being a boy and being me." Serina removed Indy's hat from her head and smiled charismatically at Henry Jones Senior. "Hello sir, my name is Serina Bloom. It's a pleasure to meet you." Serina bowed being theatrically dramatic as was her nature as a thespian. Henry Jones didn't understand what was going on. He knew that Indy traveled with young women before but never this young. "Henry Jones Junior, what is the meaning of this? Who is this girl and why do you have her dressed in such an unlady-like fashion?" "Hold your horses, Dad. She dressed herself this way it was out of my hands. As for why I keep her around I'm planning on sending her back to her family but she keeps saying they don't exist." Indy responded. "That's quite impossible." Henry Jones said facing Serina. "It's actually quite possible, Mr. Jones. You see I'm from the year 2013. My parents haven't even been born yet."

Henry Jones turned to his son. "She isn't serious is she?" "She's serious." Indy replied. "Impossible." Henry Jones responded. "I'm telling you it is." Serina said defensively. "How?" Henry Jones questioned. Serina opened her mouth and for once in a great turn of events didn't have anything to say other than, "I don't know…but it's true you can check even check the phonebooks or the records. My parents haven't been born yet." The two men stood there in disbelief and Indy sighed going to the office and bringing back the phonebook. "What are your parents' names?" Indy asked. "Fred Bloom and Cynthia Bloom but her maiden name is Kent." Indy search the book twice finding neither of their names in the state of California. "There is a David Kent here. Any relation?" Indy asked. "That's my grandfather on my mother's side. He died about 10 years ago when I was six. He had just disappeared but not much later did they find him dead. The autopsy didn't show any signs of death known to us."

What Serina said seemed too realistic and she seemed too upset about her grandfather's history for it to be a lie. Indy closed the book and acknowledged his partial belief in her story. "You can't be serious, son." Henry Jones said in response to his son's acceptance of the ridiculous story. Serina smiled knowing that Indy was on her side. "I can't very well send her away. She has nowhere to go and anyone else would think she was insane and put her in a mental institution." "Hey, my story isn't that farfetched compared to what the Nazi's come up with; and don't for one second think my German blood has a part in this and is making me come up with this." Serina said in defense. "She's German?" Henry Jones asked Indy an edge of suspicios in his voice. Serina rolled her eyes and flung her arms above her head then let them fall to her sides with a groan. "Even he's suspicious of me." "She's part German and part Hispanic but that's not the point. Dad, we need you research journal on the idol of Isis."