So, I started writing this like two years ago when the Final Act was released and I never finished. And then the other day I got random Inuyasha feels and decided to try and finish it. I have like seven chapters done, so I will try and reread them and edit them and get them up as soon as possible. If I don't like what I had written, it might take longer, so bear with me on this.

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It has been almost seven years since that fateful day that Kagome found her way back through the bone eaters well. It has been almost ten years since Naraku was defeated. Ten years since Lord Sesshomaru left Rin in the human village with Kaede. Kaede had suggested that it would be a good for Rin to live in a village instead of traveling around with two demons.

And in time, Rin would be able to make the choice about what she would do with her life, whether she would stay in the village or to travel with Lord Sesshomaru again. It was her decision, and hers alone. But that time had not come yet, although Rin was ready for it.

But Rin had not been very keen on the idea of living in the village. Sure she got used to it, but she hated the idea at first. She hated the idea of leaving Lord Sesshomaru. She threw quite the fit after he had left. But upon hearing the reasoning behind it, she went along with it, and waited for the day that her lord would return to her to hear her final decision.

In those ten years, Rin was taken under the authority of Kaede and even Kagome. Rin helped with the child births and the yearly and monthly checkups of the villagers. She would even go and visit and help prepare medicines with Jinenji, whom was very happy to see her again. Kagome taught Rin how to read and taught her other subjects that were important for a woman to know. Kagome even taught her how to use a bow.

Inuyasha had tried to teach her some basic defense moves, but Rin grew to not have much patience with him. Must have been something she learned from Lord Sesshomaru. But all of them became a family to her and she was family to them. Rin helped take care of Sango and Miroku's children (honestly, she lost count after the fourth one) when they came to visit, and Inuyasha and Kagome's children.

Rin did make friends of her own too. Growing up, she became close with the other village children. They were all she had on some days when the others weren't around. She almost felt like she was home again. Almost.

There was still Lord Sesshomaru, Jaken, and Aun. They were Rin's real family.

Lord Sesshomaru had left Aun with Rin when he left. Aun was her protector when Lord Sesshomaru wasn't there, which was, most of the time so Lord Sesshomaru continued to leave it that way while she was in the village. Rin knew it was because he didn't trust Inuyasha to protect her all the time.

Lord Sesshomaru and Jaken came to visit the village every so often. And with every visit, Lord Sesshomaru always brought a gift for Rin. It was usually nice kimonos, ones she could only wear on very special occasions. Kaede was always upset every time Rin received one. So Rin only wore them when she knew Lord Sesshomaru was coming.

As for Sesshomaru, he still traveled his lands and continued to look for ways to become more powerful. Although it had become a known fact, he had become to most powerful demon in the area, possibly in the whole world. Since surpassing his father, it was clear that no one would be able to defeat the great Lord Sesshomaru.

But there was someone who wanted to become more powerful than Sesshomaru. And she would be willing to do anything to accomplish that. Even follow in Naraku's footsteps.

And I know this is short but just wanted to have this up so everyone can get a little feel into what is going on and all that. So, I will try and update soon, but as I am in the process of finishing another story, it might be a bit. So just be patient. =)

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