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Molly hated the color green. No, that wasn't quite true. She did enjoy the color green most of the time, but on March seventeenth it was simply too much. Green everywhere and on every one in an abundance that made Molly feel like she had crash landed on an alien planet.

Just waking up in the morning was difficult today because it meant digging through her closet simply to find an acceptable green blouse and matching accessories because this holiday meant so much to everyone else in the world.

She chastised herself about her sour mood as she finally found an appropriate shirt with the saying 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' that she matched with blue jeans and a green headband to keep her hair from her face. She knew she would have to pull it back into a tail while she was at work but Molly enjoyed leaving her hair down when she could.

In the end she was running five minutes late for work, but she consoled herself with the fact that she looked cute so it could be worse. Once she had sat through the excruciatingly long cab ride she hurried into Bart's only to find Mike Stamford waiting for her in the morgue.

"Morning Molly." He called to her cheerfully as she hurriedly tied back her hair and pulled on her lab coat.

"Good Morning Mike. Anything I can do for you?" Molly graced Mike with a smile as she checked her work space for any paperwork she needed to be aware of.

"No, not really," Mike answered. "I do have a class this afternoon and I am lecturing on the digestive system of all things. Do you mind if I bring them down? Maybe you could show them a few things?"

Molly's smile widened, she enjoyed working with Mike's classes so her response was eager, though she tried to maintain some sense of decorum. "Of course, just phone down on the landline about an hour before you need me to be ready." With a few more pleasantries Mike soon left Molly alone to her work for the day.

There was nothing too gruesome on Molly's docket today. She had one natural death that for some reason required an autopsy and one terminally ill patient that had died sooner than the doctors anticipated. The second one did upset Molly, but in her world death was a constant factor.

After about two hours Mike phoned down and Molly, excited, went about preparing for the class. With fifteen minutes until they were supposed to arrive she pulled out one of the donated cadavers for the class, and debated back and forth between cutting the cadaver herself or having someone else do it. She finally settled on letting one of the students do the cutting with the idea that hands on experience was the best way to learn.

The morgue was set up and ready when the class filed in and it worked out as well as could be imagined. At the end of the hour Mike had asked for only three of the students lost their lunch so to speak, which must have set a new record, usually it was more. Molly felt bad for those students; she had been one of them when she first started studying forensic pathology. It had taken her longer than she would care to admit to be able to control her gag reflex when she was performing autopsies.

The rest of her day was full of paperwork, lots and lots of paperwork. The natural death from early had been tied up for about an hour and Molly worked diligently to release the body to the family as quickly as possible. There had been the small matter of a signature from a higher up that had been overlooked, but Molly tracked him down and got everything straightened out as quickly as possible.

The worst part of her job was always when paperwork got in the way of the families. Often everything would run smoothly, but not often enough and that would cause distress to the family. Molly hated any upset to the family; it was bad enough they had lost a loved one, but to have added stress on them helped no one.

So with that topic hanging heavy on her mind Molly left work. It did cause her to be just a little less bubbly than usual, but because she had no more plans for the night besides a small microwaved meal and some telly it hardly mattered to her.

She had let down her hair so that it hung loosely around her shoulders again and was hurrying out of Bart's ten minutes after her shift ended. It would have been five minutes, but Mary had trapped her into the usual pleasantries for a few minutes just as she was about to walk out the door. Molly felt like Mary was stalling her for some reason, but couldn't figure out why, and so was glad to be released when Mary's mobile phone beeped signaling she had a text. She was about five meters out the door and on the pavement outside when she suddenly ran smack into someone.

This someone was tall and trim, much like . . . no. It couldn't be . . . could it? Molly took a step back and found that she had run straight into Sherlock.

"What are you doing here? I . . . why aren't you at the university?" Molly asked so surprised that she was almost yelling.

"Molly, my term ended two days ago." Sherlock said with a tone that sounded almost condescending but was betrayed by wide smile that he only reserved for when he was teasing her. Then his expression changed to one that was less teasing and instead simply happy. "I thought you might like it if I surprised you."

"I do, immensely. Oh I am so happy you are here!" Molly's mood changed faster than she had expected and soon all she could think was that Sherlock was standing there on the sidewalk with her. All of her worries and stress from the day were as good as gone for now.

"What are your plans for dinner?" Sherlock asked as he led her in the direction of her flat. He seemed to know at the very least what direction she lived in, but since she had been heading in that direction when she bumped into him she assumed he simply figured it out.

"I didn't have anything special planed." She wasn't about to admit that she had really been planning just to curl up on her couch and mope. "Why?" Molly asked curious.

"Good. I made us reservations. We can go back to your flat if you wish to clean up. Though I really do like how you look now. The green complements you and I would enjoy taking the directive from your shirt." Sherlock's voice dropped not just to a whisper but also at least a half octave lower than usual with his last comment.

Molly felt her cheeks warm as she focused on the pavement at her feet. She wanted to come up with some cheeky response but for a moment couldn't. Sherlock found the action endearing as he continued down the sidewalk; Molly was hardly ever truly shy around him, but when she was he found it impossibly cute.

They talked off and on while they walked. Molly asked about Sherlock's term at school. Sherlock asked about Molly's work. They even talked about the weather. Molly couldn't stop thinking about how awkward the conversation was, but Sherlock seemed content with it. They reached her flat after a short walk and Molly let Sherlock in.

"Sorry the flat is a mess." Molly tried to pick up the most incriminating things from her floor such as a pile of clean clothes she was going to fold tonight and an empty crisp bag from her coffee table that she had eaten last night.

"It's fine. Go clean up if you wish. The restaurant is higher end." Sherlock said with a slight wave of his hand. The most endearing part to Molly was that it seemed like Sherlock truly did not care about the state of her flat.

"Oh, alright." Molly agreed and then let out a squeal half in shock and half in delight as Sherlock pulled her back to him by her arm.

"I want to capitalize on the opportunity to kiss you first, though I am fairly sure you are not Irish." Sherlock murmured as he pulled her closer and pressed his lips to hers in a firm, but undemanding, kiss.

This one was not like the others in the past had been. Before there had been no rush, not expectation to the kiss, it was simply because they wanted to express affection. This kiss though was searching, like Sherlock was trying to ask a question without words, and when his tongue lightly brushed against her lips Molly responded in kind without any hesitation.

The kiss ended there however, and Molly hurried to her bedroom so that she could change into a nicer dress for dinner. She tried to move as quickly as she could, but in the end it took her nearly twenty minutes. Her head had been spinning from the kiss and it took her the full twenty minutes to put her mind back together.

"Molly, you look lovely." Sherlock complimented her as she stepped from the bedroom. She was wearing a black dress with a ballet style top and a skirt that reached to her knees. She had left the green ribbon in her hair and a small four leafed clover pendant on a sliver chain had been added for a classy touch, which to Sherlock's way of thinking was distinctly Molly.

"Thank you." She smiled and met Sherlock's gaze. "You look amazing as well, but you always do." A timid and honest smile playing across her face.

"Thank you Molly. Now we must go if we plan to make our reservations." Sherlock offered his arm to Molly and she smiled as she wrapped her arm in his.

Sherlock got them a cab for the ride to the restaurant and they sat quietly next to each other with their fingers intertwined. Molly's favorite thing to do when they sat like this was to take one of Sherlock's hands in the both of hers and play with his fingers or trace patterns into his palm. Sherlock had become very fond of this gesture and did everything possible to encourage the action with open body language and a relaxed hand.

Molly's breath was taken away when she discovered what restaurant they had arrived at. It was one of the most posh places in this part of London. When they walked in the MaƮtre D took Sherlock's name and led them to the table almost immediately.

It seemed Sherlock had ordered in advance and had picked out a few of Molly's favorite foods. First the salad came out with a lovely vinaigrette dressing, and then fried calamari as an appetizer. Molly had been squeamish about that dish she had only ever heard of it before, but tried it as Sherlock's insistence, and found she actually enjoyed it once she got past the little tentacles. Chicken tortellini followed for the main course and Molly was almost full to bursting when the cheesecake arrived along with the offer of coffee.

Just before she was able to bite into her cheesecake however Sherlock held up his hand in a gesture that caused Molly to pause. "What is it Sherlock?" She questioned.

"I perhaps should have done this earlier, but I figure just before dessert is a sufficient time." Sherlock said then stood.

"Sherlock, what?" Molly was cut off when Sherlock took a knee in front of her chair that she had pulled back a little from the table to face him.

"Molly Hooper, I may be good with words, but I am far from adept with emotions so I am not sure how best to go about this. However it would mean a great deal to me if you would agree to be my wife me." Sherlock said with a practiced tone as he pulled a small, black velvet ring box from his blazer pocket.

Molly gasped at the sight of the ring; it was elegant but simple and just perfect. She couldn't even manage words with how surprised she was; she even started crying just a little. So she nodded as best she could and all but jumped onto Sherlock, pulling him in for a quick kiss.

Sherlock smiled and held her close for a moment while Molly collected herself. The kiss had been an acceptance of course, but he was more excited to hear the actual words come from Molly. He didn't have to wait too long thankfully.

"Yes, of course I will marry you Sherlock. Yes." Molly whispered as she finally let him go.

When Sherlock reclaimed his seat he swore he could hear an older woman at the next table chattering to her husband. "Oh, they look so happy, and engaged on St. Patrick's Day too. What luck for them."

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