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Molly and Sherlock had both truly enjoyed their honeymoon. Whenever they left the hotel they found all sorts of adventures. Molly was fascinated by the culture, but also the shops that lined some of the beach streets, and by the other tourist attractions that were surrounding her. Sherlock most enjoyed the snorkeling that was offered and if he had been able to he would have gone scuba diving. However the United States required some form of licensing for that.

It all ended far too soon for both parties, and so packing the hotel room was difficult for them. Molly actually kept getting distracted and within the first five minutes of trying to pack Molly somehow ended up with several scarves around her head and not entirely sure where they came from. She had a beaded lei around her neck along with three plastic flowered leis. Then to top it all off Sherlock was following behind her re-packing everything in a way he said was more efficient.

It was more efficient, but that did not mean Molly didn't tease Sherlock about it. "Do you not like my packing?" She asked with a huge smile on her face.

"No, Mrs. Holmes. I like your packing just fine. I just think this way might be more effective." Sherlock was standing behind Molly as he said this and he wrapped his arms around her for a moment before working around her to repack the case she had just finished. After he finished with that task, he pulled her back and turned her to face him.

"Are you aware of exactly how many scarves you have wrapped around your head?" Sherlock asked as he reached up to carefully remove the scarves from her head.

Molly started giggling and shook her head, hindering Sherlock's efforts. She then attempted to reach up on order to help, but instead got her hands tangled into the scarves along with his.

This sent the two into a fit of laughter that bounced off the walls of the hotel room and had Molly folding in half. "Perhaps I ought to let you just do all the work." Molly choked out past her laugh.

"Yes, perhaps that is best." Sherlock smiled as he responded, and the concentrated on disentangling their hands and the scarves.

After that mess was settled Molly switched from trying to pack to making sure that they had not left anything behind the desk or under the bed. It only took Sherlock about five minutes to finish the packing and they were on their way to the airport in no time at all.

After hours first on one airplane and two layovers they finally arrived at the London airport. Molly was exhausted when they finally found a cab to take them home, and Sherlock had to make sure that she didn't fall over as they walked up the stairs.

Molly crashed almost immediately and was asleep before Sherlock could get her to the bed. He didn't mind though, and managed to mostly unpack the bags before he fell asleep next to his wife.

The next few days were relatively quiet for the couple as they settled into married life, but it did not take long for Sherlock to find himself a case. Lestrade phoned early on a Saturday morning with a recent string of murderers that had the Yard baffled. Sherlock eagerly took the case and was so excited that he only just managed to remember to kiss his wife on the cheek before rushing out of the door.

The next time Molly heard from Sherlock it was just past noon. She still had today and tomorrow off of work so when Sherlock called her she was in the kitchen of the flat fixing herself some lunch.

"Yes?" Molly asked as she answered her mobile phone. The caller id told her that it was Sherlock so she didn't need to bother with a standard greeting.

"I need you to attend dinner with me tonight. It is for a case. I picked out a dress for you, it should arrive by messenger soon." And with that the conversation was over.

Molly was surprised that she had received such a call from Sherlock, but figured that he would only ask for her help on a case if he really needed it. So she finished making and eating her lunch before showering.

She had only just gotten out of the shower and dressed as best she could without having the dress she was supposed to wear when the doorbell rang. Assuming that it was the messenger she pulled on the closest housecoat, one of Sherlock's, and answered the door. The young messenger looked vaguely familiar. Molly had to take a minute before she realized that he was the same messenger who brought her the chocolates on that Valentine's Day a few years ago.

"Delivery for a Mrs. Holmes." He announced as he handed over the clothing box.

"Thank you." Molly said with a small smile and took the parcel from him before stepping back into the flat to get dressed. Sherlock had not mentioned a specific time for her to be ready by, so she settled for being ready well before the time she normally prepared diner by.

The dress turned out to be far more extravagant that Molly had expected, but it was truly lovely and suited her better that even Sherlock had expected. The light pink, or more likely champagne colour made Molly's hair seem to shimmer and her skin glow. Sherlock had also included a small and elegant necklace that set off the neck line of the dress perfectly. How he managed to have a better fashion sense better than her she would never understand.

She didn't have long to wait before Sherlock appeared at their door and walked in with a bright smile his face.

"You look spectacular Molly." He said as he greeted her with a kiss pressed to her cheek.

"Thank you. You ought to go clean up yourself." Molly smiled back at her husband, he was always sweet, but sometimes seemed to forget that he had appearances to keep up.

He did as she suggested though and moved to the bedroom to clean up. He didn't make it all the way to the bedroom before turning back to Molly and pulling her close to him for a long, slow kiss that Molly felt all the way to her toes.

Once the kiss ended they stood together for as long as either of them could justify and stealing kiss after kiss before Molly managed to coax Sherlock into getting ready for the dinner he seemed so anxious for, by reminding him that he was trying to solve a case.

Molly was surprised to find out that rather that a high class restaurant like she had been expecting, they were going to an ambassador's party. The embassy was elegantly decorated and Molly remembered Sherlock explaining that it was the ambassador of France's daughter's eighteenth birthday, she hadn't thought much about it.

He had not explained why they were there exactly, but he had told her that they would not be assuming any false identities during the party. She was nervous about the idea of helping Sherlock on a case like this though. She could cut up dead bodies for him no problem, but to do investigation work with him was another matter entirely.

He did try his best to keep her calm, but in the end the best he could do was to keep a hold of her hand while they walked into the building. As they entered the party he felt her snake her arm around his waist and pull closer to him. He in turn covered her shoulders with his arm and held her close.

She relaxed as the night went on and by the end of the first hour she only just noticed when Sherlock left her side to talk to one of the men across the room from her.

She was talking with the mother of the birthday girl for a little while as Sherlock took his time gathering information. She had always been a little awkward in high class situations because she never really felt like she fit in. However, this time Sherlock had made sure that she looked and felt the part. Besides, no one should ever doubt the power of a good set of high heels.

By the end of the party Sherlock had figured out exactly who the culprit of the murders was thanks to the slight callouses on the heel of his hand. When he announced to the waiting D.I. Lestrade later that night that it was the cook hired by the ambassador everyone was surprised.

Molly's favourite part of the evening however, was the fact that there was a danceing. She had not had a chance to dance with Sherlock since their wedding reception and even though that had not been too long ago she loved to spend the time in his arms anyway.

They spent the better part of the evening on the dance floor and Sherlock seemed to know just how much Molly was enjoying the evening.

"This has been lovely Sherlock." Molly said in thanks as they twirled around the floor to a recently popular slow song.

"I thought you would enjoy it." Sherlock answered, his voice just loud enough to be heard over the music. "Strictly speaking I did not need you here, but I wanted you here. I wanted you here with me tonight more than anything." Sherlock admitted.

To Molly's way of thinking he might as well have declared his undying love for her, never mind that they were already married, and so she reacted without thinking, pulling him down towards her so that their lips met in a sound kiss.

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