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Twenty-six weeks after Molly told Sherlock the good news the nursery was almost complete and Mary had taken up her social duty as Molly's best friend by throwing her a baby shower. Both expectant parents were increasingly nervous and excited about the arrival of their child and soon found that there was more to learn about children than they ever could have expected.

Two weeks after Molly had told Sherlock the good news John Watson had some news of his own. He had gathered the courage to ask Mary Morstan to marry him, and she had said yes.

That is how twenty-four weeks later Molly had managed to squeeze herself into a maternity style bridesmaid dress and played matron of honor at her best friend's wedding. Sherlock was best man and no one but John knew that Molly had written the best man speech and threatened Sherlock with the idea of having to sleep on the couch if he deviate from the script but so much as one word.

Both the wedding and reception were lovely and went off without a single hitch. Molly and Sherlock spent as much of the night dancing together as her feet would allow and the rest of the night they stayed nearby each other.

The reception ended around half past ten and Molly was thoroughly exhausted. So Sherlock made their excuses to the newlyweds, who couldn't seem to take the smiles off of their faces, and helped his very pregnant wife into a cab.

The ride was short enough that Molly didn't have enough time to fully fall asleep, but she did go into a somewhat comatose state for the ride. She stirred herself just enough to climb the stairs, although she needed Sherlock's help anyway, but then fell fully clothed on the bed.

He did the best he could to make her comfortable, but there was little more Sherlock could do than to take of Molly's shoes for her and cover her with a blanket. There was nothing more he wanted to do that to lay down on the bed next to her and sleep, but there was work to be done on his newest case so he settled for leaning over her and pressed his lips first to her forehead, then each closed eyelid, and finally to the tip of her nose with a whispered goodnight.

February 5th at 13:43 Elizabeth Marie Holmes was born at a healthy three and a half kilograms. There had been no complications with her birth and her parents fell in love with her the second that she was placed in Molly's arms by the nurse.

It didn't take long for both mother and daughter to be declared healthy and released from the hospital. Sherlock did everything he could to make sure that both of his girls were as safe as possible and had them both settled in for a well-deserved nap.

Three months later Elizabeth was hardly sleeping through the night, but both of her parents had worked out a system to take care of her. With her away for the first time of the night at 00:30 Molly was already asleep, but Sherlock was up and spent some time with her. Lizzybeth, as Molly affectionately called her, had been in need of a diaper change but was now calmed down.

With her head cradled on his chest she seemed to be teething on his shirt, leaving a dark stain on his grey nightshirt, but he didn't mind a bit. He talked to her for a while, not about a case but about the elements that he had loved since he was old enough to remember. He didn't know what the future held for his tiny daughter, but he hoped she would love whatever she did. Right now what she did love though was his voice and it only took ten minutes before she was fast asleep once again and he gently pressed a kiss to the top of his daughter's head before placing her back in her crib.

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