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It was raining when Sherlock came back from the university on holiday. He had not expected it, but there was little he could do to control the weather. It was fairly early in the morning and his mother was awake and preparing breakfast.

As it turns out his father was still asleep with Jet lag from being in China on business yesterday so that reunion would have to wait until later in the day.

While she cooked his mother filled Sherlock in on what had been happening while he was away. Molly had started her last year of secondary school. That was the only piece of information Sherlock really processed though. After the kiss they had shared before he left Sherlock had not truly said goodbye, and he had not taken the time to call.

Would Molly agree to see him after that? His biggest fear was that she would be very mad at him for his actions.

Because this fear quickly became all he could think about, Sherlock functioned on auto pilot through the rest of the morning until he was sure it would be an appropriate hour to visit Molly.

Molly had woken up before the sun this morning, not that that she expected it to make an appearance today. The rain was the steady, calm rain that had a tendency to last for hours or even all day.

She knew Sherlock was supposed to be home today, but she didn't expect to see him. She had kissed him and perhaps that had been a mistake. She thought he had kissed her back, but perhaps that had been her imagination. Then of all things, he left without saying goodbye.

Molly had been hurt by Sherlock's actions. She had even ben mad at him at first, but soon she was more mad at herself than him. She shouldn't have kissed him, they could have stayed friends and maybe he would have said goodbye.

It had been half a year since then however and Molly had reconciled her feelings and while she still liked Sherlock more than she probably should and might always feel that way, she was working on being okay with it.

She was already dressed and ready for the day as the sun rose. Not long after six that morning she sat in front of her bedroom window, just watching the rain, when she noticed a cab pull up to the Holmes' house.

She saw Sherlock get out, it was easy to tell it was him with his long and lean body hidden under his regular coat, and her heart skipped a beat. He hadn't changed a bit. Even as she berated herself for it Molly could not help but notice his usual grace and how handsome he was. He had changed a bit though she noticed, his hair was long and the rain accentuated that as he began to resemble a half drowned cat while he gathered his luggage from the car and walk up to his front door.

Molly had to giggle a little at the image but sobered up quickly when she wondered if Sherlock would visit her or even if he wanted to. As she had that though she turned from her window and silently padded barefoot out of her room and to the kitchen. It seemed her family would be surprised to wake and find breakfast already made and ready to eat this morning. Molly was thinking pancakes.

It was nearly noon by the time Sherlock managed to excuse himself from his family. He desperately wanted to see Molly. He had taken the last year to truly think, practically obsess really, over what Molly kissing him had meant. He had of course considered the idea that she could have moved on, found herself a boyfriend. One who was probably loads better at being affectionate, who could be there for Molly. Sherlock hoped to high heaven that this wasn't true.

Molly had been staring out of her window again when she saw him. The rain had picked up with a new fervor and Sherlock turned his coat collar up against it, but hadn't bothered with an umbrella for the short walk. He looked almost nervous as he walked down the short stretch of pavement between the two houses and then up the walkway to her door, but even once the doorbell rang Molly couldn't move from her window.

Downstairs she could hear her mother greeting Sherlock and then calling her father. Then her father's booming voice joined her mother's soprano lilt and the all too familiar smooth baritone. She could hear the rain hitting her window now, the staccato notes punctuation the conversation downstairs. Her name was mentioned and then the voices hushed to a low murmur. Yes, Molly still did not turn from her window. The patterns created by the rain made the world outside beautiful.

She heard his footsteps as he walked down the hall to her bedroom. She stood frozen. Even as she heard her door squeak open she couldn't turn around, not until she heard him softly call her name.

"Molly?" His voice was soft, like a nice blanket. Only then could she managed to take her eyes from the trailing patterns on her window.

"Welcome back Sherlock. How was Italy? And uni?" She still couldn't quite meet his eyes and she just stood there kind of frozen.

"Take a walk with me?" He asked ignoring her question. Sherlock did not particularly want to have this conversation within the earshot of Molly's parents, even if it was raining outside, and particularly when he considered her ability to become flustered so easily.

Molly was taken aback by this offer and responded with a meek, "but it is raining."

"We will take an umbrella, I'm sure you have one." With that Molly was out the door, before she knew it, standing under an umbrella that Sherlock was so graciously holding.

"University is dull but the way." Sherlock said once they were outside, "and Italy was an interesting change for a while, but that's not really what either of us wants to discuss, is it?" Sherlock, as ever, had seen exactly through Molly.

"You left without saying good bye." Molly's voice was just loud enough to be heard over the rain as they walked down the street.

"Yes, I am sorry for that; I didn't act very properly did I? Forgive me?" Sherlock's eyes searched for Molly's. He really was sorry, there was no excuse for how he had acted.

"Always," Molly's answer was immediate, "Are we going to talk about. . ." She trailed off.

"Well I suppose, although I don't see that there is much to talk about." Sherlock replied nonchalantly.

"Oh?" Molly asked a little hurt by Sherlock's supposed nonchalance.

"Yes, well I can tell you don't have a boyfriend and from the way you have been mostly avoiding making eye contact with me so far you still fancy me. So that leaves one question, obvious really." Sherlock talked as quickly as he ever did when deducing someone and Molly had to wait a moment so that her head caught up with what her ears had heard.

"What is that?" Molly thought she knew the question, but sometimes she could be wrong.

"Will you be my girlfriend? I know I will be away a lot, and I'm not the most attentive when it comes to this sort of thing but. . ."

Molly heard this news and immediately understood what he was saying and so cut off his rambling. "Yes."

Sherlock was stunned into silence for a moment then licked his lips a little before answering. "Really?" Molly's replay was a nod as she truly met Sherlock's eyes for the first time. "Then may I?" Sherlock trailed off at the end of his question and brought his free hand that wasn't holding the umbrella to Molly's cheek, and unmistakable question in his eyes.

Molly slightly nodded her head, almost infinitesimally before letting Sherlock tilt her chin up and he pressed his lips softly to hers. The kiss was short, lasting barely more than a second, but it was enough to warm Molly more than her coat did.

She giggled a little as they broke apart. To be kissed in the rain was nearly every girls' fantasy was it not?

Sherlock of course looked at Molly quizzically but she just shook her head at him. "As lovely as this is I am very cold, think we could go back to my place and watch a movie or something? I'll make tea." She offered.

"Only if you will set next to me like you did the last time we watched a movie together." Sherlock, to Molly's surprise, was teasing her just a little. While he did honestly want to sit close to her for the rest of the evening, maybe even steal a few more kisses, he would hardly admit it. Molly nodded readily and they quickly returned to her house as the rain poured out around them.

As Molly made them both a cup of tea Sherlock pulled out his mobile and sent a quick text to his friend.

You were right; everything went better than I had hoped. It was raining though, a slight draw back I should think. –SH

The reply came less than a minute latter

Marvelous. Bonus points actually for the rain. Girls love that stuff. –JW

Sherlock did not hesitate when he replied.

Why? –SH

The one word answer that came back almost four minutes later told Sherlock not only that John was now busy on a date with his current girlfriend, but why Molly had giggled after their kiss this afternoon.

Sentiment -JW