Lenne: Hiya everyone! Meet Claus' POV of TOB!

Sorry, you all were probably expecting the sequel, RWTOB (Don't worry, first chapter is coming soon.) And if you don't know what that stands for, you should check my profile for future stories.

Anyways, this multi-chapter set, will cover Claus' POV and the important pieces from TOB that conveys how his relationship with Ninten grows. I don't plan to make this like 21 chapters long, I'm only going to take important parts of where he interacts with Ninten. Overall this story may just take at least 5 or 6 chapters.

Why am I doing this? For the ClausXNinten lovers, and so I don't just leave them as a side pairing.

When will I finish this? Hopefully before the Chapter 2 or 3 of RWTOB. At some point after getting far in RWTOB I have to make RWTOBT too, so that there's a balance of NxL and CxNi for everyone.

Anyways, let's begin.

And if you're confused here, we start off when Lucas and Claus split during school to go to their separate classes, around the beginning of Chapter 4 in TOB.

Chapter 1: Ninten's Clinginess

After Tech Systems class, my next destination was Choir. Singing would be a new feel for me, even though I admit that I sometimes sing out loud to myself when I think of my favorite songs. However, I've never used my voice to entertain others, so it would definitely feel very strange for me at first.

Choir was a better choice for me anyways—I would have failed Art class, slack off in Spanish class, and most likely be terrible in Theater, even though I was good at pretending to be sick.

As I exited out the door, I watched a large amount of girls exit from the door on my left. Reading the room label on the wall, it read "A282 Choir." How convenient that the class was just across from mine.

When the girls cleared out of the room, I was the first boy to enter. The first thing I saw was a huge platform that elevated in three sets—I believe they were called risers. They faced east of the room, as well as facing a man and a woman talking to each other by a piano. When they caught a glimpse of me, their conversation stopped.

"Oh, hello," said the woman.

"Hi," I replied.

"Are you new here?" asked the man. I nodded. "What's your name?"

"Claus," I answered.

"Getting a new student on the last month of school...that's rare," commented the woman.

The man looked at her, and then back to me. "Well, I'm Mr. Richards, and this is Mrs. Nores," he stated. "For now..." he looked at the risers, "...just take a seat right there on the second level." He pointed to the middle section of the risers. I did as told and sat down. I watched Mrs. Nores go back to the two desks farther ahead in the room, grab an item, and then enter a small building nearby.

"So Claus," began Mr. Richards, "do you have any experience in choir?"

"Um...not really," I replied.

"Do you like singing?" he asked.

"Well, I like to sing to myself," I answered.

"I see," he commented. "Well, this period is the boys' choir, and it's a lot of people so it may take time for you to adjust with everyone until the end of the school. For today, I'm gonna grab you later so we can go test your voice and see if you sing high or low, okay?"

I nodded, "Okay."

I sat here for the rest of the moment as new boys began to enter the room on my right. They caught me in their sight, checking who I was or if they could remember me. Soon, the room began to fill with more boys sitting on the risers. None were able to recognize my appearance, except for two people.

"Clausy!" I heard.

Oh no.

Immediately, he tackled me while I sat and knocked me over. My reacting yelp caught everyone's attention.

"...Ninten, what're you doing?" I heard another boy say.

"Hugging Clausy," he replied.

"I told you, it's not Clausy!" I responded.

Everyone was laughing at us at that point. My face flushed a faint pink as I pushed Ninten off of me. I acted calm and returned to my upright sitting position. Then, I met that one boy's face. I think Ninten told me who he was. I believe his name was Ness. He was staring at me curiously.

"...What?" I said.

"Sorry, you look like someone I met this morning," he said.

"Oh, okay." He must be talking about bumping into Lucas. No doubt he would have thought that, since we both were twins.

Speaking of twins, now that I took a good look at his face, he looked kind of like Ninten. Similar black hairstyle, and somewhat similar face. Now, if only their personalities matched...

As I pondered, he walked past my me and sat on the third level of the risers.

"Clausy, Clausy," Ninten called.

"It's Claus!" I responded. I flicked his forehead, and he reacted with a "wah!"

"That hurt!" he cried.

"Call me 'Clausy' and I'll do it again," I threatened.

"Clausy!" he happily responded. I reached for him but he backed away, giggling.

"Just go to your seat," I said.

"But my seat is right here," he replied. He sat down, next to me, smiling like a child.

I groaned. I can't believe I'm going to be stuck with him.