Chapter 7: Our Happiness

Lucas, Ninten, and I landed at our bus stop. We had just finished the last day of sophomore year, and god damn, it was long.

Ninten clung onto my arm as we made our way down the street. Lucas grinned at us as we all chatted about our last day of school and about the plans we had for the summer. Ninten was delighted to have us over again at his villa, and we were looking forward to it.

I know I was really excited to go, because there, something very special happened during the summer before our freshman year. The events there changed my relationship with Ninten. Of course, we still loved each other, but...

"So, Clausy, how long do you guys wanna stay over?" Ninten asked, interupting my thoughts.

"As long as possible," I replied. "Heck, I'd rather spend the whole summer there."

"Too bad Mom doesn't really want us to stay over for so long, huh?" Lucas reminded.

"At least your parents allowed you guys to stay over for a month now rather than two weeks, unlike the first time you came," Ninten responded.

"True." Lucas chuckled.

Lucas and I arrived at our home. Ninten let go of my arm, even though he didn't want to. However, we knew I planned to meet him later, so I gave him a quick kiss before I watched him made his way further down the sidewalk.

We headed inside our house. I threw my backpack down against the stairs, tired of the weight I was carrying throughout the school year. I let out an obnoxious groan, finally relieved of spending a second year of high school.

"So, what're you gonna do?" I asked Lucas as he set his backpack down gently.

"I'm gonna meet with Ness later."

"As usual," I said, chuckling.


"Do anything naughty yet?" I sang as I poked his side with my elbow.

Lucas blushed and turned away. "O-Of course not."

"You both need to be more daring," I said. "Try it, it's fun."

"You know we're both waiting until we're older," he argued.

"When you're younger it's better," I responded.

"Of course you would say that, since—"

Lucas cut himself off after he saw Mom and Dad sitting depressingly at the dining table. Boney was also beside them, looking down as well. Our parents looked like they were probably in a fight. No, they wouldn't be near each other then. Then what? What was wrong?

And...why was the atmosphere so...sad?

"Mom? Dad?" I called onto them.

They perked up after they heard my voice. "O-Oh, Lucas, Claus..." Mom whispered. She looked to Dad for a moment. "...Do you want to tell them now?"

"...I may as well give them the time to prepare," Dad replied.

"Prepare for what?" I interupted.

"...Boys, come sit here." Dad directed us to the two seats in front of him. Lucas and I walked over and sat down.

"What's wrong?" Lucas asked.

"...I'm afraid you're going to hate me," Dad said.

"Why's that?" I questioned, growing suspicious.

Mom and Dad looked at each other again. Mom sighed and spoke first.

"Your father...has gotten a new job," she stated.

"Oh? That's great then, isn't it?" I said. "Does it pay a lot?"

"Yes, it does, actually," Dad replied. "But that's not the point."

"What do you mean?" Lucas questioned.

"The point is..." Dad stared at the table. He didn't want to speak anymore, it seems. But he felt like he had to tell us. He made contact with our eyes.

"...We have to move."


"O-Oh, move?" I said. "Is that all? Where're we going, like, down a couple blocks or something?""

"...No, Claus," Mom said. "I'm afraid we have to move to a new town."

...New town?


"New town?" I burst out. "Where?!"

"...Fourside," Dad answered.

Fourside. We were taught where that was in school. All the way across the country.



No. No. No. No...!

"Why?!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry Claus," Dad said. "I was offered a big promotion, and it pays a lot too, but they need me to move to Fourside, and it's very far from Onett. It's across the whole country; I can't just leave all of us behind."

"That's—" I stuttered, "that's so stupid!"

"Please, Claus," Mom begged, "Try to calm down."

I yelled at them. "You expect me to calm down after telling me I need to leave Ninten behind?!" Tears formed in my eyes. I didn't want to raise my voice like that. I didn't want them to see my pain. I jumped out of my seat and ran upstairs.

"Claus!" Mom called.

I didn't look back. I hurried upstairs into my room and locked the door. When I knew I was alone, I slid down against the door, covering my face with my hands. I couldn't hold back the sobs within me any longer.

"Claus?" Dad called from behind the door. "Claus, open up, please!"

"NO!" I answered. "J-Just leave me alone!"

"Claus," Dad continued, "I know it's hard to deal with this, that's why i didn't want to tell you at the end of this summer. I'm telling you now so that you can prepare to say good-bye."

"I never wanted to say good-bye in the first place!" I responded. "You know how much I care about Ninten. You know how much Lucas cares about Ness. You know how much we all need each other! Why are you taking it away now?!"

"I'm not taking it away forever!" Dad stated. I paused for a moment. "We will only be living there for one year. That is it. One year is enough for me to get enough money so you two can go to college and have even more than that. After I am done there we can move back as soon as you and Lucas want."

I looked at the door and opened it slightly. Dad could see my reddened face. "One year?" I whispered. He nodded. "You promise we'll come back?"

"I promise," he vowed. "I don't want to seperate you boys forever. I'd be a terrible father to do that."

I looked down at the ground. One year? I have to survive one year without Ninten just so I can be somewhat rich in the future? It sounds like an okay deal...

...but could I handle it?


"...I'll think about it," I depressingly answered. Dad opened the door and pulled me in for an embrace.

"It'll be okay, son," he said. "Just trust me."

I said nothing. I gave him my trust. For now, my mission was figuring out how to say good-bye to Ninten.


I discussed things with Lucas, Mom, and Dad for the next couple of days. We eventually agreed on moving, even though Lucas and I greatly resented it. It was for the sake of our future, we believed. If we couldn't get education, we couldn't get jobs, and we couldn't support our lovers. It was for their sake too as well.

We hid our disappointment from our boyfriends. It was a difficult task. We didn't know how to tell the news to them yet, or how to say good-bye to them. We couldn't say good-bye to them. But, that was our job for now. And so, to make it easier, we had to give them our most memorable last moments together until we meet again.

The trip to the summer villa came. To help us, Mom and Dad allowed us to stay as long as we wanted to until the end of summer. Honestly, Ninten's villa was a place that was the most convenient and romantic for our situations. Large swimming pools under daylight, a fake beach, a quiet private park, an enjoyable public park, barbecue parties, night-time fireworks, long hours of video gaming, relaxation in the spa—an endless amount of amenities. I wondered how Ninten's family could have afforded this in the first place. Regardless, Lucas and I used the villa to make the most of our last moments with our lovers.

For Lucas, he tried to be as loving as he could with Ness. I noticed he would be more flirty with him, confident in his decisions, and brave when given situations he didn't normally face. It helped erase some of his timid-like self, but most of all, Lucas always made sure Ness had a great smile. He seemed to be successful with it.

For me, I felt like I had no difficulty. Nearly everyday I spent with Ninten ended with pure happiness. It was mainly because...

"Clausy~" Ninten whispered.

I had realized how much I wandered off into the past. Ninten had just arrived into the room and landed next to me in our bed. He was pulling on the right side of my undershirt, appealing to me with his cuteness.

"Yeah, babe?" I replied.

"I need my usual~" he responded.

I chuckled. "Of course you do." I closed in on his lips and we began making out with each other. His tongue clashed with mine. When Ninten had enough, he grabbed my hand and placed it at a certain area on his body. I could feel Ninten getting stimulated like he wanted. He let out small whimpers as I continued my hand movements. I did my job as Ninten's lover, and pleased him for the night.

After the event, I kissed a sleeping Ninten's forehead and rested my hand on my stomach. It was always a work out, I thought, using my hand every night for him. I thought I should use other parts of my body, but we both wanted to wait until we were older.

So this was what I always did with Ninten. It would happen every night when Ninten wanted it. And I never reluctantly refused, I wanted to make Ninten happy.

If only he could return the favor, though. He was shy about wanting to touch other areas of my body.

This continued until mid-July. One midnight, I woke up during my slumber due to my need to relieve myself in the bathroom. I carefully slid out of bed to not wake Ninten, and headed out to one of the six bathrooms in the mansion.

I chose to use the one nearest to the recreation area, because it had an interior marble and glass design that was so fancy to all of us. It was large as well—it felt like having our own public bathroom. After leaving, I heard careful, light footsteps from afar. A burgular? No, the security alarm would have gone off. In fact, the pacing and applied force sounded familiar. The unknown figure neared me as the volume increased. The dim moonlight shone through the windows nearby to reveal a faint blonde head. Lucas was sleepily making his way back towards his room.

"Oh, h-hi Claus," he whispered sleepily.

"Hey," I whispered. "Bathroom?"

"Mm-hm." He made his way past me and used the bathroom. I waited outside by the door. I wanted to ask him something.

When Lucas exited, he grinned at the sight of me.

I began, "Did you tell Ness yet?"

"...No," he replied.

"...I see," I said. I turned away, looking deep into the darkened home.

"Did you tell Ninten yet?" Lucas asked.

"...I might soon," I said. "We both should soon, actually."

"...You're right," he agreed. "I'd think it'll hurt them more later than now."

"We still have about four weeks left," I stated. "Better make our last moments more enjoyable than now."

"Mm-hm." Lucas began walking off. "I'm going to head back to bed." He waved at me. "Good night," he whispered.

"G'night, bro," I responded. I began making my way back to my room, but I paused for a moment. Up ahead, I could see a very faint figure hiding behind the corner of the wall. It escaped before I could analyze it more, but I knew it was human-size. It had black hair too, because any other color would be obvious under the dim moonlight.

I think he was listening.

I calmly headed back to my room and entered. I found Ninten peacefully sleeping under the blanket, his back facing me. I got back into bed, sitting up right.

I did a little test with him. "You're awake, aren't you?" I whispered. "I saw you eavesdropping."

He didn't react. I silently sighed and laid back down. However, Ninten turned over and wrapped an arm around me.

"...What did you mean, 'last moments'?" he whispered.

"...I thought so," I mumbled.


I shut silent for a moment. Then, I sat up, bringing Ninten up as well and holding him tightly.

"...I'm moving," I said.

I could see Ninten's face turn into shock. "W-What?"

"...I'm sorry, I didn't want to make you sad." He said nothing. "...I guess it couldn't be avoided anyways."

"What do you're moving?" Ninten asked.

"...My dad got a new job, and apparently it pays a lot, enough to support Lucas and me for college after about a year's worth of payment."

Ninten still looked a little confused. "...So...?"

"...We're moving to Fourside."

"Fourside?!" he raised his voice slightly louder. "All the way to Fourside?!"

I nodded. We sat still like that. I was still wrapping my arm around him, making sure he doesn't lose comfort.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I don't want to leave you. But I can't really control this decision. And I think Lucas and I will really need the money for the future."

Ninten brushed my arm off. I was guilty at first, but then he crawled in front of me and embraced me with both of his arms, burying his head into my shoulder.

"Ninten?" I whispered.

"...I understand," he replied.

"...You do?"

He brought his head closer to mine and kissed me. He pulled away, "It's for the best, isn't it?" He said that with a grin.

"I guess..." I whispered.

"Besides, we'll see each other again, right?"

He was correct. I smiled, "Right. I promise you that." Ninten's grin grew bigger, and almost looked like he was going to cry. I kissed him again to prevented that.

I pulled back and hugged him again, as comfortably tight as possible. "I love you, Ninten."

"I love you too, Clausy." We kissed even more, enjoying it until it lasted.

Suddenly, Ninten gently pushed me down. He used both of his arms to place himself above me.

"So, I guess we gotta make the best of our last moments together, right?" he asked.

"...I guess, but what are you going to...?" I stopped speaking when I recognized why Ninten was in this position. Then, my face blushed. "You're gonna...?"

"I'd thought I finally return the favor," he happily said. "Is that okay, Clausy?"

I turned my head, trying to hide my shyness. "I-It's not that I don't want you to do it or anything...but, s-since you want to, I guess it's fine..."

Ninten giggled. He kissed me once more before he crawled backwards and pinched the waist of my boxers.

My legs shivered as a reaction. "Uh—um..." I nervously sounded.

"Just relax, Clausy. I know what I'm doing..." He pulled down my boxers and began his work.

At the end of the summer, it was time to say our farewell. Ness and I helped Dad and the few helper men move some heavy boxes into the transportation truck. When we found everything was packed, we were prepared to leave.

The friends we made during school—Kumatora, Duster, Travis, Jeff, Tony, Paula, Loid, Poo, Ana, and our recent high school friends came to say good-bye. Ness was finishing his last moments with Lucas.

I was still with Ninten, and I was holding him tightly. I wanted to take him with me, but I knew that wasn't possible. I felt like if I wasn't here for him, I couldn't protect him. I didn't want to leave him lonely.

But, Ninten kissed me one more time. "I'll be fine, Clausy. J-Just..." he sounded like he was about to cry. It almost tore my heart as well. "...Just text me everyday or something."

"Of course, I promise," I immediately said. We stared into each other's watering eyes for the last time. Then, we made our last kiss—making it as memorable as possible until we could be together again.

I turned away immediately got in the car, wiping my tears with my arm. I couldn't see his face again, it was painful now. Any longer and I probably would have broken down and demand I stay with Ninten or something. It was for my own good, I believe. I knew Ninten was thinking that as well.

When Lucas got in the car and shut the door, we began to move out. I heard Lucas' whimpering about his farewell. I couldn't stop crying either.

After a moment, however, I heard something that reassured me.

"I love you, Clausy!"

Lucas and I turned around to see Ninten and Ness running towards us for the last time, their faces completely painted with tears.

I reached out for Ninten with my hand. He only grew farther away from me.

Why...why did I agree to this?

...I slumped back down into my seat, slapping my continuous tears. They didn't stop. I just wrapped myself around my knees, hoping this journey would be over already.

...Then I remembered I had to survive. Not just for my sake, but for his sake as well. I promised him I would see him again, and I would make sure of that.

I tried to smile for the future. I looked forward for the future where I would be reunited with that one boy.

"...I love you, Ninten."

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