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I promise to be patient with you.

I promise I won't force you to tell me anything.

We can take it slow, you know.

We don't need to rush things, I can handle the wait.

I know you need it.

I know you need the support.

I know you need the patience.

I know you need the love and care of somebody.

Please don't apologize, because I love you.

Please understand that no matter what, I love you.

Please know that I'll be here for you.

Know that I'll be by your side, even if you think you don't deserve it.

Because you do deserve it.

You deserve someone that loves you.

You deserve the joy of having friends.

You deserve it.

I understand that you need time to heal, and that's okay.

I understand that you're not ready for a relationship yet, and that's okay.

I understand that you're still scared, and that's okay.

But please don't ever call yourself useless, or a piece of trash, or 'not good enough', or heartless.

Because you are none of those things, Lovino Vargas.

You are not useless. You are not a piece of trash. You are not heartless.

You are kind, valuable, and is just shy sometimes.

And you are definitely worth it.

If I must wait a thousand years, then I will.

Because one day, I know you'll trust me, believe in me, and hopefully, love me too.

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