AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari


TITLE: Virtuous Sin

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: NarutoXSasuke/SasukeXNaruto/DeidaraXSasuke

STATUS: Multichapter: Complete


WARNINGS: Mental and physical abuse, brutal rape/non-con, violence, dark themes, Vampires, AU, mentions of domestic abuse.

~Fear is simply a lack of knowledge for what we do not know and understand~

A sixteen year old boy with eyes as dark as the night sky above him and hair of the same obsidian color that hung around his jawline walked down an eerily empty alleyway of the small town he called home. He had moved to France nearly a year ago, to escape his cold home village of Konoha. It was nearly seven years after his older brother ran away from their home. Leaving him alone, alone to handle their family, the pressure of growing up under the stress of being the Uchiha heir after Itachi's disownment.

Leaving him alone to face their father's cruel abuse.

Sasuke shook his head to clear his mind of the turbulent memories that attacked him like small knives into his heart. It didn't do anything to dwell on his past. His brother had left, and so had he. He was done with their mistreatment. He had his own life now. He'd followed the clan expectations in one way at least, he excelled at nearly everything. He finished high school soon after turning sixteen, and was now deciding on finding a college to enroll in to pursue a higher education. He lived in a small house he'd rented from an elderly woman, not expensive and it was pretty comfortable.

He sighed as he pulled his jacket tighter around him. He hadn't made any real "friends" while living here. He'd worked with people and had people that might consider him a friend, but he didn't find the need to waste his time with others. They got in his way. He wondered then, if anyone in his home village missed him. His family wouldn't. Well, his mother might, but she was never able to stand up to their father. He'd put Itachi in the hospital, and after that, the elder escaped home. And Sasuke took all the pressure and pain Itachi had left behind him. He held a cold grudge against Itachi for abandoning him, but he had done his best to move on; to forget his old life. He walked up to his home and pulled out his key, not knowing someone had been following him ever since he had walked out of the library.

Iwa Deidara's attention had zeroed in on a young human male, a lithe body and gorgeous features. He was boiling over with emotion; anger, hatred and utter sorrow. He shivered as the young man's emotions filled him with unadulterated hunger. He wanted him, he needed him. He hadn't fed in weeks, and this enticing raven was perfect. The blonde Vampire's fangs lengthened and shone forbiddingly in the full moon's light. He followed after him silently; his icy blue eyes were cruel and sadistic. He waited for Sasuke to turn the key in the lock before shoving him forward into the house and locking it behind him. No one was around to hear him; he could have all the fun he wanted with this attractive, esoteric teenager.

Sasuke gasped in shock as someone that felt incredibly strong practically threw him forward, making him land on his side on the hardwood floor. He shook his head, lifting it to glare icily and scream obscenities at whoever had dared to do such a bold thing, but his words grabbed onto his throat and wouldn't leave.

A man leaned against his door, his long blonde hair reached near the middle of his back and part of it fell over one of his cold blue eyes, it was partially tied up. He was taller and more muscled. He wore a smirk that spoke volumes of his cruel intentions. "What do you think you're doing, you insane idiot?" Sasuke demanded in a nonchalant, cold voice. The man laughed, making him angrier. He stood up and raised a fist to punch the arrogant and obviously delusional person, but his arm was grabbed and twisted painfully behind his back. He gasped as he was forced forward, his knees connecting hard onto the ground.

"Manners, Sasuke. Is that any way to treat a guest, yeah?" The man purred into his ear, causing Sasuke to shiver and his eyes to widen. "What the hell do you want? How do you know my name?" He hissed, wincing as his hair was grabbed in a fist and yanked back, exposing his throat. He bit his lip, was he going to kill him? He had no reason to, he had nothing to steal, no information to give, no enemies. "I've been watching you a little while, Sasuke. I know all about you. Poor thing, left all alone with no one to care for him, hm." He nipped his throat, earning a flinch. "No one to protect him." He smirked then as Sasuke thrashed against him. He was a fighter.

It would be so much fun to break him.

He tore the jacket straight off of the Uchiha's body, growling in warning as Sasuke violently tried to wrench away from his grasp. He pinned the raven to the floor on his back, arms above his head.

How did he know so much about him? Had he been stalking him? For how long… He struggled as his shirt was unbuttoned to expose him. "Fuck off!" He hissed the vulgar demand, glaring in rage.

He was laughed at. "Shut up, Uchiha." He smirked, kissing him hard enough to bruise Sasuke's lips. The raven tensed in horror, trying to squirm away from the larger man. He was so strong, sure he was bigger in build than Sasuke but he still should have been affected by his violent struggles. But he wouldn't even budge. Sasuke felt a strange, icy fear crawl up his spine. He gasped as the man bit down on his lower lip, shuddering in revulsion as a tongue entered his mouth. It didn't register to him that he could have bitten the blonde, and it might have been lucky that it hadn't.

"Mm, you taste sweet. Innocent." An inexorable look entered his eyes. "You're a virgin aren't you?" He said, eyes seeming to become darker. Sasuke tried to keep himself calm, though he was tense. He'd never slept with a man; he'd not wanted to acknowledge his sexuality.

"Perfect." The man purred, keeping Sasuke's hands pinned he tore his pants off, making the teenager finally scream in desperate hope someone would hear him. He couldn't bear the thought of this man touching him.

Deidara growled, slapping Sasuke hard enough to break his skin, earning a stifled gasp. "Mm, you can handle a hit can't you? I guess you did learn something from daddy didn't you?" Sasuke's breath caught in horror. He couldn't know anything about that, there was no way… "Who are you?" He demanded in a high tone, his fear growing past his control. The blonde smirked as he ran a hand down Sasuke's chest and stomach. The Uchiha shivered, his belly was sensitive. "Name's Deidara. Remember that so you can scream it later, Uchiha." He smirked widely, his fangs catching the light as his hunger grew. He chuckled at the horrified, alarmed look in Sasuke's eyes.

He must have been seeing things, he… He looked like he had fangs. Was it some sort of strange surgery? Was this man even crazier than he had thought? "Wh-what are you?" His voice was barely a shocked whisper as Deidara undressed himself with far too much ease as he kept Sasuke immobile. "You want to find out?" The older male purred, grazing his fangs along Sasuke's throat and causing him to shiver vehemently. His hand slid down Sasuke's body, roughly grabbing his member. The raven ground his teeth against the sound of discomfort that tried to leave his mouth.

"You're a difficult slut to please." Deidara murmured against his neck, roughly pumping him. Sasuke winced at the harsh treatment, squirming as he tried to get him to stop. He turned to the side as he was forced to full hardness, gritting his teeth. He would steel himself against whatever the blonde did.

"Trying to be tough, hm?" The blonde smirked, forcing Sasuke's legs apart. The teenager's eyes went wide in undeniable horror, trying to close his legs as Deidara pulled him closer. He chuckled darkly, shivering as the unadulterated fear coursed through him like a drug. Every emotion Sasuke gave only made him stronger. Hungrier.

He didn't play around anymore, with one hard thrust he buried himself inside the virgin entrance completely dry and unprepared, groaning at the hot tightness and agonized scream that came from Sasuke. He dug his nails into Sasuke's thighs, making blood drip down them along with the blood coating his inner thighs and dripping to the floor. Tears made wet trails down Sasuke's cheeks as he shook his head, trying to pull away. "You're tearing me apart!" He screamed in a plea for Deidara to stop. One that the blonde ignored as he began to move hard into him, the blood acting as a lubricant and making it easier to move. Sasuke sobbed in pain, fists clenching together so hard his nails broke the skin on his palm.

Deidara growled as he started slamming into the lissome body beneath him, his instinct hazing his mind as he violently took him, nails scratching Sasuke's torso and thighs and teeth nipping his shoulder and neck to leave dark bruises. The young Uchiha, could do nothing but take it. He felt like a toy, like a completely helpless toy. He cried and screamed the rougher Deidara got until the older man finally came. Sasuke was nearly sick as his rapist filled him, blood and seed dirtied his body. His thighs, chest, belly and face had bloody nail marks covering them and his hips and neck were bruised darkly. His lips were swollen and eyes bright as tears still dripped from them. He felt completely torn apart, it was like fire.

He hoped Deidara was done, had gotten what he wanted. He flinched as the blonde kissed his neck, those forbidding fangs that Sasuke tried to ignore or pass off as some weird, plastic surgery, dangerously grazed his skin. And when they sank into his throat, stealing his crimson life and at the same time spreading an excruciating, burning toxin throughout his body that made him convulse and scream, he knew exactly what his tormentor was. The word screamed in his mind until he was incoherent with agony.



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