Sasuke's arms wrapped around Naruto, pulling him closer and kissing him once more with ardent warmth. Though Sasuke refused to show it, he was unconfident in what he was doing, unsure of how to act. He'd never felt emotions such as this before, much less had any experience dealing with them. This wasn't sex; it was intimacy, trust, amity. Naruto slid his tongue along Sasuke's lower lip, earning access as Sasuke parted his lips.

Sasuke shuddered in pleasure as Naruto deepened the kiss, their tongues battled in a venereal battle for dominance. Sasuke lost when Naruto slowly slid his warm hands beneath his shirt, causing him to gasp and allowing Naruto to win dominance in the kiss. He ran his tongue along every crevice he could reach, ravaging Sasuke's mouth in the slow, amatory kiss. Sasuke's hands entangled in Naruto's blonde hair, moaning softly into the kiss as their tongues sensually danced together. Heat pooled in Sasuke's abdomen, beginning to spread through his body like a fast-acting drug.

They finally broke away, their breath coming quickly. Naruto kissed down Sasuke's jawline, his warm lips sending a shiver down Sasuke's back as they slid across his neck. A low gasp escaped Sasuke when his lover grazed over a sensitive area on his neck, feeling Naruto smirk against his skin. He barely withheld a moan when Naruto began to suck lightly over his pulse, his hips pressing against the other male's as arousal pulsed throughout him.

Naruto continued moving his sinful lips across Sasuke's heated flesh, nipping gently on his shoulder and earning a muffled moan of lust. It felt too good, it was almost addictive the way the unusual pleasure set fire to his senses, igniting a deep desire inside of him.

He pulled apart from Naruto slightly, grabbing the hem of the blonde's shirt and pulling it off of him to reveal the well-defined chest. Their lips met in another intense kiss, Naruto broke it for a short second to all but rip Sasuke's shirt off of him, reconnecting their lips and sliding his hands slowly up the pale torso. A light blush dusted Sasuke's face, slight self-consciousness welling in his mind. All anyone had ever done was insult his body, what if Naruto ended up agreeing with them?

He shivered when Naruto slid his fingertips across his nipples, the blonde pulled back and pecked Sasuke gently on the lips. "You're beautiful." He murmured against Sasuke's lips. Sasuke smiled lightly, the anxiety he'd felt bubbling up completely vanishing. He had to remember who he was with, how much he cared about him. Sasuke trailed soft nips down Naruto's throat.

Naruto tilted his head to allow Sasuke more room, growling softly in lust as he slid a hand between Sasuke's legs, unfastening his pants. Sasuke repressed a gasp of pleasure as Naruto slid his pants down, freeing his erection from its tight confines. He ground their hips together, his hands roaming Naruto's chest and sliding lower, palming his erection. He received a moan in reply, smirking lightly as Naruto bucked his hips into Sasuke's hand. Sasuke slid Naruto's pants down, letting them hit the floor.

He gasped as Naruto suddenly flipped their positions, Sasuke squirmed beneath him as Naruto ground their hips together, both males groaning at the friction. Sasuke's head tilted back as Naruto kissed along his neck and down his chest, sliding his hot tongue across one of his nipples. Sasuke bit his lip, a muffled sound leaving him as he arched his back. Naruto slid his hands down Sasuke's hips, taking off the last bit of clothing the raven had on. He flicked his sinful tongue over Sasuke's other nipple, lightly blowing cool air over it and watching Sasuke shiver at the sensation.

His mouth closed over the pert nipple, circling it with his tongue and finally rousing an unsuppressed moan from Sasuke as the raven entangled his fingers in Naruto's blonde hair, his breath coming in slow pants. Naruto kissed lower down Sasuke's torso, pausing when Sasuke squirmed. Was his stomach a sensitive place? He nipped the skin beside Sasuke's bellybutton, receiving a sharp gasp. Sasuke blushed hotly, his dark eyes glazed in lust as Naruto teased one of his soft spots.

Naruto smiled lightly against Sasuke's skin, kissing lower down his body. Sasuke slid his legs apart on instinct, comfortable enough to let his nerves go. It was overwhelming, how much you could love and trust a person. He shivered when Naruto kissed the inside of his thigh, his eyes fluttering shut in pleasure as he softly moaned the blonde's name.

Naruto kissed down Sasuke's thigh, reaching his throbbing arousal. He flicked his tongue across the tip, eliciting a high moan of pleasure. Sasuke's hands clenched the sheets below him as pleasure coursed up his back, the ecstasy was electrifying. Naruto slowly took Sasuke's member into his mouth, his tongue circling the head. He shivered in lust listening to Sasuke's soft moans, sucking at varying pressures as he bobbed his head, relaxing his throat to take Sasuke deeper.

Sasuke's head was tilted back, his face flushed hotly as the intoxicating combination of pleasure and lust flooded his senses. He felt Naruto shift slightly, hearing something open. He didn't comment, focused on the heat coursing through his veins. Sasuke shivered as he felt something cold circle his entrance, biting down on his lip. Naruto gently pushed the finger into him, sucking slowly on his erection to distract him. Sasuke shifted a bit, tensing slightly before his muscles relaxed. It didn't hurt, it was only a minor discomfort once he got over the initial panic of letting someone touch him in such an intimate place. His mind slowly let go of the past, focusing entirely on Naruto and his actions.

Naruto slowly pumped the finger in and out as he bobbed his head, entering a second one a minute later. He felt Sasuke trying to stay relaxed as he scissored the fingers, carefully stretching him. He paused for half a second in thought, bending his fingers a certain way before pushing them back in. He was rewarded with a surprised, rather loud moan as he struck Sasuke's prostate. Naruto internally smiled, adding the last finger alongside the other two and immediately pumping them against Sasuke's special spot as he sucked at a faster pace on his member.

Sasuke felt a pressure building up in his abdomen, it slowly intensified as Naruto deep-throated him. Electric ecstasy shot throughout him as Naruto assaulted his prostate with his fingers, it was almost too much. He shivered when he neared the edge, Naruto completely pushed him off of it with one last hard suck. Sasuke came with a soft cry, his body arching as the climax hit him. Naruto swallowed, pulling away and licking his lips with a salacious smirk as he removed his digits from Sasuke's body.

Sasuke blinked, a bit dazed from the aftermath of his orgasm. He moaned as Naruto kissed him, the blonde took advantage of Sasuke's already parted lips and ravaged the raven's mouth with his tongue. Sasuke shuddered as he felt Naruto grind their hips, sensitive; he pulled Naruto closer, feeling one of his hands slide down to his hip. "Do you want me?" Naruto murmured against Sasuke's lips, Sasuke instantly replied. "Yes." His voice was breathless with lust, but he meant it so deeply. He wanted everything about Naruto.

Naruto smiled softly, his eyes warm with affection. He poured a liberal amount of the lubricant into his palm, using it to slick his erection before positioning over Sasuke. He kissed him lightly in an effort to take his mind off the next action, slowly pushing into the tight ring of muscle. Sasuke's hands came up to clutch Naruto's arms, withholding the sound of pain that threatened to leave him. His attention zeroed in on their kiss, trying not to focus on the slight pain as Naruto sheathed himself inside of him. Naruto had taken care in preparing Sasuke and was thankfully slow as he entered him, he wanted to make sure Sasuke felt as little pain as possible.

They broke the kiss to catch their breath, Naruto nuzzled Sasuke's neck lightly. Sasuke's senses buzzed with the dynamizing sensation of Naruto filling him, his erection already rising again as lust hit him like a bullet; he felt overwhelmed with satisfaction at finally being connected with the man he loved so much. It was almost startling, how hard and quickly he'd fallen for Naruto, but he was grateful it had happened. He moved his hips as his body relaxed to the intrusion, his desire immediately begging to be satiated.

Naruto pulled back slightly before thrusting back inside, keeping himself under control with the slow pace as Sasuke's body adjusted. Both males quickly wanted something more. "Faster." Sasuke's voice was barely a whisper breathed against Naruto's ear, but the message was conveyed clearly. Naruto lifted one of Sasuke's legs onto his shoulder to reach deeper inside of him, now thrusting completely into him.

Naruto paused for a moment and adjusted his angle before he thrust back in, smirking at the cry of his name Sasuke hadn't been able to stop. Sasuke's hips bucked up, encouraging Naruto to thrust faster as waves of pleasure crashed through him. Soft moans slipped past his lips at the hard pace Naruto built up, his special spot being slammed into each time. He was panting as his hips met Naruto's thrusts, pulling him down to roughly connect their lips. They both moaned into the deep kiss, Sasuke was beginning to tighten around Naruto as he neared his finish.

Naruto gently nipped Sasuke's lower lip as they pulled back, his desire-darkened blue eyes looking down at his flushed lover. He really did look gorgeous, caught in the throes of passion. Sasuke gasped in surprise when Naruto's hand began to pump his neglected member, the added stimulation nearly short-circuiting his senses. He tried to hold on for as long as he could to prolong the incredible feeling, but he had to give in.

"Naruto!" His voice was laced with bliss as he came, crying his mate's name. His vision turned white, his body on overload as the climax hit him with violent intensity. Naruto shivered at hearing his name called in such a way, pushing deep inside of Sasuke and coming with a breathy moan. Sasuke whimpered in pleasure at the warm feeling, responding dazedly when Naruto kissed him as he slowly pulled out. Naruto used the discarded shirt from before to clean himself and Sasuke off, smiling lightly as Sasuke tried to regain his sense.

Naruto lay beside his lover, wrapping an arm around him and pulling Sasuke against him. Sasuke sighed in contentment, deeply pleased and comfortable. Naruto looked over the raven haired Vampire, biting his lip. He truly never had made such a connection before, it was past any emotional or physical level he'd ever been on. "I love you, Sasuke." Naruto's voice was soft in the quiet room, his fingers slowly brushing through Sasuke's hair as he held him closely. Sasuke smiled lightly, tilting his head up to peck Naruto on the lips before resting his head back on the blonde's shoulder. "I love you too. So much." His eyes drifted shut as Naruto lulled him into a deep, peaceful sleep.

You've done so much for me… It's frightening to love you so much.

But it's amazing all the same.

Sasuke looked up as he lay on the cool grass below him, the moonlight glinting off his obsidian eyes. He was a little older, a little wiser, and much happier; but the moon had always been the same. A guide, really. He felt Naruto lean against him, smiling imperceptibly. The moon was the same for everyone else in the world, if you looked at it, be sure your loved one was looking at the very same moon. She knew your secret, but she wouldn't tell.

It had been barely a month since he and Naruto managed to break the Akatsuki apart, to be together, and it would suffice to say it felt like much longer. The Akatsuki seemed like a distant nightmare Sasuke had dealt with a long time ago. "I love you." He told Naruto, the statement having far more meaning to it than he would have believed had he not met Naruto. "Forever?" Naruto said with a chuckle. Sasuke smirked at the game they'd somehow made. "Forever." Naruto smiled, kissing Sasuke's hand. "For eternity, then." He murmured.

"Eternity is a long time." Sasuke said with a hint of amusement in his voice. Naruto gave him a blinding grin, Sasuke felt himself begin to smile back; Naruto's cheerful personality was contagious, one of the things he found so addictive about his mate.

"Yeah, but you'll be spending it with me." Naruto said matter-of-factly, bringing Sasuke into a soft kiss. Sasuke interlaced their fingers as they pulled back, eyes meeting. "An eternity with you? Is that a good or a bad thing?" Sasuke chuckled as Naruto lightly punched his arm.

"I love you, you jerk." Naruto said with a smile, tilting his head up to look at the full moon, giving Sasuke's hand a squeeze. Sasuke followed his gaze, feeling as if the moon herself was smiling down at them. "I love you too, Naruto." He said softly, finally not fearing anything anymore. He was certain that one way or another, things would always be okay.

After all, eternity means forever, and forever means never ending. So if the soul is eternal, does that mean love never ends? Love and lust mix together; as with virtuous actions, comes the beckon of sin, and sin holds a sentiment of virtue as long as love is entwined with intimacy. Walk the path between heaven and hell and experience the ultimate, of our virtuous sin.


Almost cried at this. It's been a long, happy journey with ups and downs, but it all comes right back up to end another wonderful chapter of my writing life with you lovely and supportive readers!

I died writing the love scene here. Credit goes to; music, the authoress Sasuke Neko, the storm outside, and online NaruSasuNaru porn.

Also one more thing to say; yes, this story is complete and as always, there's a chance I would write an epilogue, but I doubt it here since I really have no more ideas for it. It's one of mine that just has a happy ending. If I write an epilogue it's probably going to be another love scene set a few years from now. Some of you were really hoping for a longer story, but honestly, I have no more places to take this. The ending was always going to be this, and I knew it; we just had to break Sasuke out and end the cycle. And then of course, make everyone who deserved it, happy.

And just ONE thing I have to say; I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who is not on the current chapter of the Naruto manga, but logically speaking Sasuke is afraid to love, it seems. He and Naruto had a close bond and he's afraid of that, he doesn't want ties with anyone; so what I was writing wasn't entirely unrealistic. It is a frightening feeling, to love a person so deeply.