Your cruel device.

Your blood like ice.

One look could kill.

My pain, your thrill.

Every labored breath echoed off the stone prison. Sasuke's glistening black eyes stared straight up at the ceiling from his spot on the ground, where he was sprawled on his back. His shadow was his only company.

He'd been here three days. The excruciating, searing pain that engulfed his body and mind like a smothering blanket had finally ceased its relentless attack. He was sweating, panting, and desperately trying to calm the raging feeling inside of him that something was gravely wrong. He remembered nothing but vague pieces of being carelessly dragged for what seemed like endless miles and tossed into this hellish chamber.

He had nothing to hope or pray for. No one would know he was even gone, he had no family or friends to report to or miss him. He had no chance of being rescued. He doubted anyone could find him if he did. His chest moved quickly to supply him with air, but he never seemed to get any. It was as though his body wouldn't take it.*

He hadn't seen anyone else at all; but he knew they were there. He felt them. Felt the blood course through their veins, hearts thunder against their chests. He violently shivered, his naked form covered by an old cloak he had found. His hair clung to his face with blood and sweat, but the wounds were gone. He felt phantom pain, memories of the horrid agony racing through him, turning his nerves into live wires. He felt like he was rooted to the earth. He felt and heard everything like it was in front of him. It wasn't a superpower you would like having, it was terrifying. It was like never being alone.

It was like slowly going insane.

He flinched when several loud bangs started on their way towards him, curling into a ball and covering his ears. He still couldn't catch his breath.

He tensed as the door to the room was thrown open, shivering as a deep chuckle reverberated through the air. "Finally stopped your screaming, hm?" A familiar voice asked. He hadn't known he was screaming. "Oh yes, Sasuke." Deidara answered his silent question. "You screamed and begged and convulsed like something was shocking you, it was rather amusing, hm." Every time that speech habit left the blonde, it sounded like a cruel, amused laugh.

Now Sasuke remembered bits and pieces of his violent hallucinations. Of his past, of his brother, of the violent torture he'd suffered that night. "What have you done to me?" He rasped, feeling like his throat had sand in it. Deidara chuckled before reaching down and in one lightning fast movement, grabbed Sasuke by the hair and jerked him off the floor. The raven gasped harshly, reaching up to grip Deidara's wrists as he was dragged across the floor and into a small corner, where the older man threw open a door. He tossed him down in front of a mirror. "Look at yourself." He hissed at Sasuke. The teenager swallowed dryly before tilting his head up. Had he had anything in his stomach, he'd have been sick.

As he stared in horror at the mirror, rage overtook him. He had sharp fangs protruding from his lips, his skin was paler than before if possible. He looked utterly inhuman. He gasped in shock as his onyx eyes bled to crimson, three black markings swirling in the iris. "What did you do…" He whispered as he ran his tongue along the fangs, as if testing to see if they were real. "What the hell did you do to me!" He screamed, standing on shaky legs and whirling to face the blonde. Deidara sneered at him.

"How does it feel knowing you're now a monster, hm?" He mocked. Sasuke snarled, startled at the animalistic sound as it left his throat. He felt unbridled rage and pain. He wasn't human anymore, he was one of them. He wouldn't ever die, wouldn't ever be able to really live. Why hadn't the blonde just killed him.

In a way, he really had.


*- He is used to breathing and the feeling of breathing, his mind wants oxygen when his body doesn't really need it. You can just say he doesn't like all this change.

Should I be doing this? No. I have piled up schoolwork to catch up on and stories to beta and other stories to write. But, when you've been a writer for some time, you learn that it is a mistake to ignore inspiration when it comes along. Don't ever let it slip past you unless there's something else that's in dire need of attention.

Like whether you pass or fail classes. *Snort*

At any rate, this is getting increasingly darker… It will get lighter, but for right now it's a deep pool of angst and shadows. I promise it gets happier, you know me guys! I always lighten up my show. Also, the quote at the top is a bit from a song. "Poison" by Alice Cooper. Fucking awesome song.

What's your New Year's resolution, anyway? This was my first new story of the year. Mine is to be healthier, not procrastinate, and write down one thing every day that I'm grateful or proud of.

Sasuke: Like?

Amaya: Like having you to write violent love stories about. Oh! I heard a song… "Oops! I did it again." I thought of you when they sang the lyrics "I'm not that innocent."

Naruto: *Laughs*

Sasuke: Blondes are incredibly idiotic.

Amaya: I'm a red right now.

Sasuke: And you make redheads look stupid.

Amaya: Look Sasuke, I found this whip. Wonder what happens with it?