Sasuke sat in the corner of that same, freezing cold room. He felt like a trapped animal, like he had been stripped completely of his pride and independence. And that was exactly what Deidara had wanted to do to him. He swallowed dryly, desperately wishing he had something to eat or drink. His body felt like it was collapsing on itself, he was so weak and starving. It was a different kind of hunger though, one that he didn't understand. It felt almost primal, like he was some sort of a carnivorous monstrosity. Ever since the ill-fated day when Deidara had hunted him down like he was nothing more than a mere rabbit and changed him into this demonic, bloodthirsty being, he had felt like everything was wrong. Nothing was the same, and he knew it never would be again.

He wrapped his arms around himself and rocked back and forth slowly, trying to keep his mind busy and away from the dark path it kept trying to turn onto. His brain kept trying to give him "what if" scenarios, like what if he had never left home that night? What if he had never left home ever, and simply stayed in his home village?


He would be dead if he had stayed with his family, his father had obviously had no qualms with putting his children in the hospital, and so what would the problem be with killing them? And as he focused on that single thought, he wondered what would happen to him here, and whether or not death would have actually been better. He jolted like a skittish dog when the door was thrown open once more, he couldn't explain this irrational terror he felt for the blonde; but he did know that Deidara wanted nothing but to hurt him. To hear him scream, to watch him bleed, and to tear absolutely everything away from him.

A cruel laugh left the Vampire's mouth as he stared down at the raven haired teenager, his eyes holding a sadistic glint as he noticed that Sasuke would not look up at him. "What's the matter Sasuke, are you afraid of me, hm?" He taunted, kicking the Uchiha hard in the stomach and smirking at the suppressed gasp of pain. "Why don't you stand up and fight me?" He knelt down beside him and grabbed his chin in a harsh grip, forcing Sasuke to look up at him. Sasuke waited for some other burst of pain to come forth from Deidara, even after only a short week he was well aware that the blonde liked to inflict pain both physically and mentally. "Are you hungry, hm?" Sasuke's body tensed at the sultry tone of Deidara's voice, of course he was hungry, he was downright starving! But he was far too scared to ask for anything to eat, because it was common sense knowing what Vampires fed on.

Deidara's palm connected to Sasuke's cheek, the strike echoing in the stone room. "Answer me when I ask you a question, you filthy slut." He spat at the younger Vampire. Sasuke looked up with his now frighteningly crimson glare, shaking his head no. The blonde smirked, Sasuke had no idea what it meant to be a Vampire. It would tear him apart to learn that he would have to kill to stay alive.

And, as a newborn vampire he would have much less control. He chuckled at that thought, wondering just who would be more horrified; Sasuke, or the man that he was about to kill. The teenager watched as Deidara left the room, desperately hoping that he would be leaving him alone. Although at his age, he should know hope was only a lie. The blonde came back a few minutes later with a struggling, middle-aged man in his hold. Sasuke shivered so violently that he ended up throwing himself forward and had to catch himself on his hands, a wretched feeling spread through him like a toxin, a hunger. Hunger so violently desperate to feed that it would do anything and kill anything to be satiated.

Deidara smirked cruelly at the young Vampire as he tried to keep himself in control, he threw the man in front of Sasuke as if he were nothing more than a piece of meat. And, the more Sasuke's instincts grew out of his control, the more the man only seemed to be; a piece of meat, nothing more and nothing less. He was food. His hands covered his ears as if trying to tell his inner demons to shut up, to leave him alone. But everything inside of him knew that he was no longer human, and these horrible instincts and the horrible thing he was about to do was as far from human as anyone could ever get. As soon as the man looked up and their eyes met, everything was lost between him and any sense of mercy he might've had. He lunged forward, slamming the now screaming brunette into the floor and tearing into his throat.

Sasuke's heart began to beat rapidly as blood poured into his mouth from the man's wound, growling deep in his chest as energy and life pulsed through him. He connected to the poor human's emotions, feeling his terror and shock as his life was taken by this animal he had become. He only pulled back when there was no more blood to drain from this now cold body, he panted hard for air as he stared at the mangled human, feeling like he was staring at one of his own nightmares. He couldn't have done this, there was no way that he had done this to this poor man… He had felt no regret, no shame. Only primal, desperate blood lust.

Deidara mockingly clapped, a malevolent smirk on his face as he overlooked the bloody and horrified teenager. Sasuke opened his mouth, so many hateful things burning on his lips, but he chose to ask the question that had been swirling in his mind ever since he had woken up in this godforsaken hellhole. "Why?" His voice was a shameful hollow of what it used to be, it was raspy and broken. And although that was exactly how he felt, his eyes still had that prideful and unbreakable glint to them. The blonde gave an almost bored sigh as he circled around Sasuke, shaking his head slowly as though he were disappointed. "You need to learn to be more specific, Sasuke. Why what? Why did I bring you here, why did I turn you into this immortal creature," he roughly took his chin and forced him to look up at him. "Or why did you brutally kill this innocent person, hm?"

The raven jerked his chin away and buried his face into his hands as if to hide from the world. He had, hadn't he? He had killed a perfectly innocent man for absolutely no reason other than his own lack of self-restraint, he had become a murderer. And what was worse, he couldn't feel any remorse for it. Not with the way his heart had started to beat, the way that stabbing pain of unusual starvation had finally left him. He felt more alive than he had in days, and perhaps his entire life. The world was so sharp, everything was in complete focus. Maybe this was what God felt like. He had immortality and unbelievable power at his hand.

And he had seen the price for it.


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