Something's wrong, shut the light.

Heavy thoughts tonight,

And they aren't of snow white.

Dreams of war.

Dreams of lies.

Dreams of dragon's fire.

And of things that will bite.

Sasuke stared into a mirror. He wasn't quite sure what he was looking at, but it looked like him, in a way. But it wasn't him, because it had fangs and glowing red eyes with black marks inside them, like dirt. They were dirty, sinful eyes that he didn't want to look through.

"Hello pet, hm." A mockingly amused voice said behind him. He watched as a blonde figure appeared in the mirror. He had fangs too. He dug his sharp nails into his palm, not flinching when he drew blood. It was one thought he couldn't stand; that he was the same thing his rapist was.

Deidara grabbed him by the hair and forcefully dragged him across the floor. Was he not good enough to even stand anymore? He growled hatefully at the older Vampire, rage shining in those unholy red eyes. He was angry, but more than that, he was terrified; it only angered him more so that anyone could have such power over him, to make him feel so utterly afraid.

He was pressed face down onto the cot he was forced to sleep on. He struggled desperately as Deidara tore his clothes from him, vain obscenities leaving his mouth. For some reason it began to eat at his temper that Deidara thought he could do anything he wanted to him, at any time. He wasn't a toy, he wasn't a living flesh-light, he was a person, with feelings and thoughts.

Deidara growled warningly at the raven, fisting his hair and shoving his face into the mattress. Sasuke was a Fledgling and was quite strong, but Deidara held experience over him and kept him pinned down. Sasuke snarled, vaguely surprising Deidara that he was so intrepid after the past month's events. He hissed when Sasuke's sharp nails dug into one of his wrists. The raven was getting more brazen and he was growing sick of it, he liked when they broke, when they cried and begged him.

"I'll teach you your place." Deidara hissed at the young Vampire. Sasuke's eyes narrowed in suspicion, gasping harshly when he was suddenly yanked from the bed by his wrist. He knew that the older Vampire could easily snap his arm, but that didn't seem to be his intention this time. Normally when Deidara grew angry he would simply beat him; abuse him until he couldn't even stand. Sasuke had been through things worse than any horror movie he had ever seen; he wasn't even sure a movie would go this far.

The raven glanced at his arms and legs, and he supposed he should be grateful that this Vampire blood ran through his veins, because every wound that the blonde inflicted upon him healed quickly. But instead of being grateful, he was angry. Because it seemed that now, it was like he was never being hurt; like every day he wasn't thrashed around like he was nothing more than a punching bag. His wounds healed faster than any human's ever could, but that didn't mean that he didn't feel the pain. The blonde barely ever gave food to him, he had not fed since that day he killed that man, and it was beginning to take a serious toll on his health.

He knew he wasn't human anymore, but now it was like he wasn't anything at all. He didn't mean anything, he was something to use and something to hurt, something to abuse and something to play with. He was carelessly dragged by his arm across the stone floor and out the door; Sasuke was mildly surprised at this because he hadn't been let out of that room since he'd been forcibly brought to this hellhole.

Another thing that he was not fully aware of, was that Deidara did not live alone. His clan consisted of nine other Vampires. Deidara was the only one of them to own a pet, and you could say that some of them were getting a little… Haphazardly curious about him; if there was an easy food source at home, they saw no need to go out and waste energy hunting. They could all sense Sasuke's presence in that dungeon, and it was all their power to not go down and simply take what they wanted. They all were strong in their own way and none of them were overly excited to start a fight with Deidara because of his power with explosives.

The blonde didn't like to share, but if Sasuke wanted to misbehave then he would make sure he was punished. He came upon another door, ignoring Sasuke's incessant struggling. He knocked, and as he waited for the door to open, a sadistic smirk crossed his face. Sasuke would wish he had never even looked at Deidara wrong.

Sasuke tensed as the door was thrown open, a white haired man with fuchsia eyes glared down at the blonde as if he was angry he been disturbed. The raven could tell immediately that he was another Vampire, even if he hadn't been able to sense it; it was just the appearance that they gave off. Too perfect to be mortal.

"What the hell do you want, I'm fucking busy." He told Deidara, folding his arms over his chest. He then slid his gaze over to Sasuke, said raven felt his heart sink when a cruel glint sparked in his eyes. "So you finally decide to bring this bitch out of his cage?" He asked Deidara, a sharp bite in his voice. Sasuke tugged on his arm in a last-ditch attempt to try to get the blonde to let him go, even though he knew it was in vain. He hissed when Deidara yanked him forward, practically shoving him against the other Vampire's muscular chest.

"I want you to teach him a lesson, Hidan, hm." Deidara growled maliciously, turning on his heel and walking away; leaving Sasuke alone with what he knew was a very dangerous and obviously sadistic creature. He cringed when the older Vampire grabbed him by the throat and pushed him back into the room, making him land on his stomach with a loud thump. Sasuke slowly rose to his knees, shaking his head to clear the dizziness. His body tensed like at tight coil when he heard the door shut, a dark sound echoing throughout the stone room.

"Well, well, well. I guess I should consider myself fucking lucky that I finally get to taste Deidara's precious pet." He snickered cruelly as he stepped closer to Sasuke. The raven stood up with lightning fast reflexes, desperately looking around the room for way to escape. In his momentary panic he forgot that any other Vampire possessed the same speed. He was slammed back into the floor; a violent pain shot through his body when his head connected with the hard ground. "Get away from me!" He snarled at the older Vampire, as he tried to strike out.

Hidan took his arms and slammed them beside his head, easily pinning his wrists with one hand and using the other to take his chin in a rough grip. Sasuke knew his jaw would be bruised, even if it would only be for a few seconds. Then it would just disappear like it had never happened, leaving an invisible scar. His heart began to race in fear, fear because he knew exactly what was going to happen. He thrashed like a fish out of water with all of the power and energy he could force out of his starved and exhausted body as he felt Hidan tear at his clothes. Was this really his life now? To be nothing but a sex toy and a food source for these demons?

He screamed so loud that he gave himself a headache, he heard Hidan curse underneath his breath. "Damn you sure are screamer, aren't you?" He smirked cruelly at the young Vampire. He slammed his knee into Sasuke's stomach. The raven gasped hard for air as he felt a rib snap, any oxygen he had inside of him was gone and he couldn't seem to get it back. Hidan grabbed his hair and forced his head down, slamming it into the stone-cold floor. A loud crack echoed through the room, though Sasuke could barely hear it to the dizziness and harsh ringing in his ears. He still gasped for air as he clutched at his stomach, trying desperately to get enough air, but like always, his body wanted to refuse it; like it was a poison.

He cried out loudly as a fierce burning pain shot up his arm and down his back. He tried to move it, his terror and panic rising inside of him as he realized Hidan had broken it. He was so focused on the pain that he didn't notice the white haired Vampire move to the other side, he screamed again when he felt the same pain overtake his left arm; how could he do anything to protect or keep himself alive with two broken arms?

That was exactly the thing, they didn't want him to.

He felt tears dripping down his cheeks, but he couldn't bring himself to care about the weakness or pathetic show of emotion. Everything hurt too much and he was so, so afraid. He always thought that he would be would able to pull himself together and remain brave should something horrible ever happen to him, but now that he was in the position where he was being tortured and abused every day by demons much stronger and more powerful than he was, he knew that bravery was nothing but an absolute lie.

He heard Hidan chuckle above him, he was almost delirious with the pain coursing through his body; he had been through so much trauma throughout the past month that his body was struggling to cope with having both of its arms broken. He could barely pay attention when he finally felt the last shreds of his clothes torn away from his mistreated figure.

He was panting for air when he felt Hidan lift one of his legs onto his shoulder. Blood leaked from the corner of his mouth, he tried to get his vision to focus when he heard the older Vampire chuckle. "Fucking pathetic little bitch, you didn't even fight." Hidan hissed against Sasuke's throat, with a powerful thrust he was inside of Sasuke. The raven cried out harshly as his body tore and bled around the forced intrusion.

"Stop!" He pleaded, his voice a desperate cry for mercy. Mercy was a word no one understood. "Fuck, you're tight for a slut." Hidan hissed out, his eyes shut in pleasure as he began thrusting hard in and out of Sasuke's body, not caring that Sasuke was bleeding. The raven was unable to do anything, with his means of fighting taken away he could do nothing but lay there like a broken doll. Tears slid like rivers down his face as the excruciating pain spread throughout his body like a storm.

It sickened him to know how much pleasure Hidan got from this. He whimpered when the zealot dug his nails into his pale hips to thrust faster. He wanted his body to give out, but it never did. He kept living through whatever agony and neglect that was forced upon him. His body was too strong to die, and too weak to fight.

Hidan slammed into the abused teenager for another twenty minutes before he came deep into him, making Sasuke cringe in disgust. Hidan smirked as he withdrew, biting Sasuke's neck hard and lapping up the blood that he drew. The raven convulsed in pain, trembling violently. "Thanks for the fuck." Hidan mocked, getting up. He kicked Sasuke as he turned and exited the room. The Uchiha could barely create a coherent thought through the pain knifing through him, he was unsure how long he laid there but he vaguely wondered if this meant they were done with him and were simply leaving him to die.

Another Vampire had recently arrived home, he had passed a bloody and smirking Hidan and had guessed he had finished sacrificing some poor soul to his faux God. He sighed, his silver ringed eyes glowing in the dark halls. He shuddered when he caught the scent of fresh blood, but something wasn't right; this was a Vampire's blood. He cautiously stepped inside Hidan's room, his eyes softened in pain. He knew this boy was Deidara's new slave, but he hadn't expected him to be so young. He couldn't be more than sixteen or seventeen years old. He was barely moving, aside from the ragged breathing.

He stepped closer, careful not to startle the Fledgling. Sasuke flinched when a figure knelt beside him, turning his face away. He was too exhausted to even beg the Vampire not to hurt him. His eyes glistened in pain and fright, making the elder sigh softly. "Ssh little one, I will not harm you. My name is Pein." He soothed softly. He mentally was calling for another clan member, a female named Konan, she had the capability to heal. Sasuke was so used to being strong and independent, but now it was like he was a young child that needed everyone to care for him.

A female with blue hair styled in a bun silently walked into the room. Her expression was one of sympathy and empathy. Females were not easily respected in certain clans, and definitely not this one. She was used as Sasuke was, no matter how she tried to fight. She covered her mouth with her hand; she had seen awful things in her years, but it never got easier. He was so young, and he looked so broken. No one should ever go through this.

"Konan?" Pein murmured her name, bringing her forward to kneel beside Sasuke. "I will heal your wounds." She said in a soothing, almost melodic voice. She concentrated on her energy, allowing it to flow through her hands; she placed her palms on Sasuke's chest and stomach, the energy spreading throughout him. He gasped in shock at the foreign feeling as his bones and muscles mended back together, eradicating the throbbing pain. His eyelids fluttered when she pulled away, having completed the healing process. Konan pursed her lips when Sasuke's breathing finally slowed, his body falling into a calm state as his mind entered sleep.

She glanced up at Pein, her amber eyes a mix of sorrow and bitterness. The older Vampire could do nothing to help Sasuke, and Konan knew it. Their clan was too strong; The Akatsuki were a clan of several Vampires ranging in age and power. The only thing they held in common was that they were all once rogue. Their leader had hunted them each down based on the strengths and talents they possessed, and asked them to become part of his clan. They had no real place to call home and no one to call family; they had no reason to refuse.

Pein and Konan both were the exception to this, they had been friends for a long time. Since childhood, and when the chance arose to have something even remotely similar to a home, they did not turn it down. You were safer, if you were part of a clan. But, they soon grew wary when they realized what cruelty these Vampires were capable of; and even enjoyed doing. Sadism was a disease that spread throughout them quickly.

Pein shook his head at Konan, lifting the smaller Vampire up and carrying him back down to Deidara's room. "You can't just take him back, Deidara is still angry!" Konan whispered hastily, wanting Sasuke to rest. Pein gave her a solemn look. "If he's found in either of our rooms, he will be punished along with one of us. Hidan will come back and will only hurt him again, you know it is best to just take him back… It's the only place he has now." Pein said in a patient, empathetic tone. Konan looked away then, letting Pein take Sasuke back downstairs to his room. He walked inside and laid the teenager on the small cot, turning around to glare straight into those sharp, blue eyes. "Ah, thanks for returning my pet, hm."

A slow, malicious smirk spread across his lips.


First off, in the roleplay this was based off of, Pein and Konan were not cruel. I'm slightly following the story line but I doubt I will make it completely the same. CrystalDarkSamus played Itachi, and there was just a lot of stuff that might be difficult to follow. Again, go look at her profile as she is an amazing writer. She's talented at tugging at your heartstrings. Also, this story is really only half AU. As you can see…

Fledgling means newborn Vampire. I've been studying Vampires. It goes along with my future interest in work.

Next chapter may take time, as things around my house have suddenly been thrown into a storm and I will have much less time to write. I apologize. I am currently writing at a hotel that provides no internet (yes I'm serious. Some things had to be done so the family and I packed out. I'll upload this when possible.