"Why can't you leave him alone, you've tortured the child enough." Pein hissed venomously. Deidara arched a brow, standing up and moving close to the older Vampire. "Would you rather I take your beloved whore, instead?" He said in a whisper, eyes sparking in malevolence. Pein snarled, shoving the blonde back hard. "Mind your place. It's a shame you are incapable of courting someone into your bed willingly." He said, leaving the room before he got Konan or Sasuke into deeper trouble.

Deidara sneered after him, turning when Sasuke moved, rustling the blanket as he weakly pushed himself up. The raven swallowed, licking his dry lips as he moved into a sitting position, holding his forehead. He felt a heavy pressure inside of him, a mix of bitter emotions. Hatred, anger, sorrow, fear… Even loneliness. He didn't understand the torrential cauldron of emotions boiling within him, he had tried to lock those inside his heart and forget they existed.

He gasped when a shadow loomed over him, quickly looking up; onyx met sapphire in a clash between cruelty and fear. Really, what was fear? Sasuke was taught fear was only born when you didn't understand or know about something, like the saying; "children fear the dark, because they don't know what lurks in its depths." But Sasuke knew very well what Deidara could and would do; this was a burning fear that only intensified the more he knew about it.

"Have fun with Hidan, hm?" Deidara hissed, fisting Sasuke's hair and tossing him off the bed and onto the ground. Sasuke withheld his gasp, knowing any sound only fuelled the blonde. Deidara kicked him in the abdomen to turn him onto his back, his insane expression of twisted amusement furthering the growing panic Sasuke felt blooming. "Maybe you'll learn to shut up for once in your miserable life." Deidara spat at him, taking Sasuke's hair in his hand again and dragging him across the floor. Sasuke clutched at the blonde's arm, trying to pull himself away.

Deidara snarled at him, shoving him onto his stomach. Sasuke, like every other time, thought about fighting or running; but each time resulted in another vindictive beating that made none of the attempts worth it. He was trapped, he was caged by each Vampire here and chained to Deidara as his mate. He had no chance to escape him. The blonde was forcibly linked to his body and mind, he owned Sasuke, he was his slave, his property.

The raven grunted when his arms were jerked up and chained above his head, he attempted to tug them down but the bonds wouldn't break. He let his head hang down, too tired to watch Deidara. He was exhausted, the malnutrition and abuse causing a state of near delirium. He could process things, but he had no energy to care or think it through. He focused on hearing, shivering at the sound of something uncoiling. He realized what it was the second it made contact with his flesh.

"Ah!" A sharp cry of pain and surprise echoed off the walls. Deidara chuckled, pulling the whip back and snapping it forward again. Sasuke grit his teeth hard enough to cause an ache, trying not to cry out each time the leather whip struck his bare back. He trembled in pain as blood slid down his back and sides, his breathing shallow as he made an effort to remain silent and not give the blonde what he wanted.

"Come on, it's better when you make noise, hm." Deidara said, snapping the whip with as much force as he could.

It connected on Sasuke's seal, making him scream as an acidic, burning sensation shot through him. Deidara chuckled, dropping the weapon to the ground. He circled Sasuke almost predatorily, unchaining his arms so they could fall to his sides. He grabbed the raven's hair and forced his head to the side, slowly licking down one of the slash wounds on his neck and shoulder. The teenager flinched, wincing at the sting as the older Vampire lapped the blood off.

Deidara took him by surprise when he sank his fangs into his throat, bringing forth a scream. It wasn't that it hurt, though it was uncomfortable and it was a frighteningly unfamiliar feeling to have your life force drained from you. He pushed at the blonde, only succeeding in having Deidara dig his nails into his hips. This always triggered the memories of the bad nights.

Sasuke collapsed onto his injured back when Deidara finished, cringing in pain. The bomber smirked at him, turning on his heel and leaving the room. "Clean yourself up." He told the young Vampire, locking the door behind him. Sasuke's heavy breathing was the only sound as he lay like a broken doll on the ground, his body protesting against movement. He tried to patiently wait the few hours it took to replenish his blood, the lightheaded feeling dwindling down to minor dizziness. He forced himself up, gasping in pain; the blood from his wounds making it painful to pull up from the floor.

He felt like a walking corpse as he showered off and went back to the room. He dressed, the pants being a size or two larger than he was, but they still fit. He wasn't eager to put a shirt on, as the wounds hadn't healed completely and still stung. He may have healed faster than humans did, but not at the speed that would have made a difference to him. He sighed shakily as he finished dressing and pulled the cloak tightly around him to ward off the chill. He had been here long enough to be allowed past the hideout's walls. There were gates in place to keep him from straying far, or at least that's what their Clan's Leader told him when he had been given the privilege to go outside. Something about their territory laws and their power creating barriers for him.

His friends were the shadows as he crept agilely through the corridors and out into the winter night. He looked up to the moon, her light illuminating the darkness around him and casting a gleam off of his obsidian hair. His eyes were crimson, creating a frightening appearance in the darkness. He didn't know what the reason was for his coming out here, but he wished for a moment of solitude. A moment where he was himself, someone with a name and feelings and freedom. When he went back, he was nothing, and he had nothing. He shuddered at the thoughts, looking down at the ground. He wondered if he could break free, right then. Just run. Run as far as he could, to stop breathing and not slow down until he reached the ends of this earth.

You're a stupid child, thinking of such chimerical wishes. He reprimanded himself, bitterly smiling at the whimsical ideas of liberty. He had wandered quite a ways from the hideout, having drifted into his daydream. He couldn't even see it, it was shrouded by the forest and her darkness. He turned forward and felt every muscle in his body stiffen like a band pulled back tightly. He smelled something, he sensed someone else was close to him. He shivered when an overwhelming presence shadowed over him, but it was different than his own Clan's. It was strong, but didn't promise danger. His ruby eyes shifted upwards, a barely audible gasp leaving his lips as they met with an intense blue gaze.

He took a step back, but that was the limited amount of movement his body wanted to allow him. The Vampire before him had shaggy blonde hair, he was only a couple of inches taller than Sasuke was but he was larger in build. He was muscular, his skin a tan color. Sasuke was a Fledgling, of course, but even he could sense the power from another of his kind. This man wasn't ordinary. He held his gaze then, put off by the expression. Sasuke was ready for the blonde to attack him, but the other male didn't seem to have any intention of that, to his surprise. He looked curious, his eyes calm and almost promising he wasn't there to endanger him.

Sasuke tensed when the Vampire took a step closer, his eyes focused on his slightest move. He had every reason to be suspicious and worried; no one cared if he died, so he doubted anyone would help him. This fight would be on his own and he didn't know anything about fighting, not with the power he'd seen some other kindred wield. The blonde paused, sensing the raven's distress. He leaned back in a relaxed posture, folding his arms. He looked over Sasuke, eyes narrowing at his strange eyes. It was obvious he had an ocular power, one of his own Clan members did as well. "What's your name?" He asked the young Vampire. Sasuke's eyes narrowed in thought, pondering as to whether or not he should speak to him. He didn't see harm in it, since a name wouldn't matter in the long run, right?

"Sasuke." He replied shortly, his black hair moving with the wind. He scrutinized the blonde, still tempted to run, but he felt inclined to stay. "Mine's Naruto." The blonde said with a bright smile. Sasuke blinked at the cheerful gesture. "Why are you here?" He asked then, suddenly realizing that he had to have gotten past the barriers and anyone guarding the territory. He didn't want him to get hurt if he was discovered, he didn't want to see someone else die. Naruto chuckled, to his mild annoyance. "I was hunting. The Akatsuki don't guard their territory well and I occasionally take advantage to keep track of them." He then looked the raven up and down with knitted brows. "I haven't met you before, when did you become part of their Clan?" He asked. Sasuke looked to the side.

"I'm not." He said, shaking his head. He wasn't a member, he was a pet. He was reminded of that. Naruto narrowed his eyes, stepping closer to Sasuke, much to his discomfort. "Are you a Drudge? What have they done to you?" He asked, sounding angry. Sasuke grit his teeth, looking down at the ground. "Nothing. I don't know who you speak of, I'm trying to pass through without trouble. Leave before someone else comes." He hissed. He wasn't telling the story to this stranger. He was one of them. He gasped when Naruto appeared in front of him, not taking into account how fast Vampires could move. He started to turn around and run back, but Naruto caged him against a tree, placing both of his arms on it and trapping Sasuke. "Tell me the real reason you're here." The blonde said, undeterred by Sasuke's icy glare.

"I don't trust you. You're the same as them!" Sasuke growled lowly, struggling futilely against Naruto. The blonde Vampire was strong, above his own level. Naruto shook his head, his eyes softening. "You do know them. I'm not. They're different than my Clan. They are bound by no law or morality. We don't kill unless we must." He said, searching Sasuke's expression. He shivered at the storm of emotions raging within the raven. Sasuke was tense, his eyes cold and hateful. "Don't lie to me. You die if you don't." His expression softened, wincing slightly as his back pressed against the tree, the wounds flaring in pain. Naruto pursed his lips, eyes narrowing. "Are you hurt? What happened to you, Sasuke? Please tell me." He said, pulling back slightly. Sasuke's eyes shot up to glare at him, paranoia and mistrust in them. "A lot. Why are you so curious, you can't do anything." Sasuke said. He knew he was bound to Deidara. He was trapped to this destiny. Naruto already suspected, he needed to get away before he let something else slip.

Naruto caught him off guard by spinning him around and pulling his shirt up. He snarled angrily, trying to fight him off. Naruto cringed at the jagged marks marring the pale flesh. They were from a whip, he recognized the wounds. "Who did this to you? Talk to me, it won't hurt you to talk." He murmured, raising his hand. A glow emitted from him as he placed it gently on Sasuke's back. The raven gasped when a familiar feeling spread through him, the wounds on his skin healing. Naruto stepped back when he finished healing his injuries, smiling softly when Sasuke slowly turned around, not making a move to run away. "Will you talk to me now?" He asked, tilting his head. Sasuke pressed his lips together, but he nodded slowly, making Naruto's smile broaden. "Good. How long have you been here, did someone forcibly turn you?" He asked, hoping he was wrong.

"About six months. I was walking home and someone... Attacked me." He got a pained look as if the memory hurt. Naruto took a step back, disgust flashing through his eyes and causing Sasuke to bitterly look away. "He raped me and turned me into... Into this." He spat the word as if it burned his lips. Naruto swallowed dryly. Certain species received energy from emotions along with blood; sexual connections often gave them the emotional feed they needed. Rape wasn't unheard of. "Who?" He asked, reaching out for Sasuke, his eyes deepened with sorrow when the raven flinched. Every night must have been a living hell for the young Vampire.

Sasuke hesitated, looking over his shoulder. "I don't know the man, I was left to die by him. I must go, I've been out too long." He shook his head. He didn't want to get into more trouble with any of them, this lie should have been believable. Naruto reached out to stop him, but Sasuke was gone in a flash. He blinked, mouth falling open in surprise at how fast the raven was. He looked down the path.

He felt connected to him. A strange bond that was the reason he'd been attracted to him and found him in the forest. He had lied to him, he hadn't been hunting on these grounds. He had caught Sasuke's scent and tracked him. He felt the need to help him. The strong pull he felt towards him was odd, unique. He wanted to see him again.

"I'll see you again...Sasuke."

The moon guarded this promise.



I'm very young and going through an identity crisis that makes me not to want to anything in life because I'm confused and screwed up but no one lets me do that so here take this damn chapter.

CrystalDarkSamus gave me Naruto's general idea when she wrote for him. Also, we had made Kakuzu the clan leader. Because we wanted to. The way we were writing, Pein didn't really fit the role, so she suggested Kakuzu. Madara honestly will probably show up somewhere, I'm just not sure.

I have to apologize if this isn't really interesting, we never talked about how Naruto and Sasuke met, just that they had at some point.

*When I said "seal" that refers to the mark left by the Vampire that has bitten you/is bound to you. As in, your mate.

*Territory laws are just where Clans are allowed to tread. Naruto's little pack of merry Vampires happens to be quite large, and he claims a quite large part of land to live and hunt on.

*"Bad nights" is when Sasuke is referring to Deidara raping him.

*Drudge is -rough translation- a human turned into a Vampire and forced to be their slave.