Sasuke swallowed his nerves as he walked back inside the base, his eyes flitting around as if trying to find the monster that lurked in the shadows. His heart was racing, but it wasn't from running; that blonde Vampire had made his heartbeat and adrenaline shoot up. He took a deep breath and exhaled it in a sigh, running a hand through his hair. Sasuke felt pulled towards the other man, a strange desire for connection that he wasn't sure he wanted to explore. He walked back into his chamber, shaking his head. He would never meet the blonde again, it was a chance meeting… That left him curious and wanting more. He shivered, letting the cloak drop and fall to the ground. He took his shirt off, standing in front of the mirror to inspect the wounds. He bit his lip, his skin was clear from any marks, the Vampire really had healed him. Why?

He swallowed hard when Deidara walked inside. The blonde cast a critical eye over him. "Put some clothes on, no one wants to see your worthless body." He sneered. Sasuke sighed, accustomed to Deidara's sharp tongue. Too pale, too slender, too much of a bitch to even be called male. His body didn't meet the blonde's standards, but he damn sure used him enough didn't he? Sasuke broke off his bitter thoughts when Deidara stood before him. "I have to go somewhere tonight, you're coming with me." He said. Sasuke blinked, mildly confused.

"Our Leader is meeting with another Clan's Leader, you're coming so I can keep an eye on you. Who knows how boring this will be, hm?" Deidara mocked. Sasuke knew their Leader's name, he'd heard Deidara call him Kakuzu. Supposedly Deidara was the Beta and would take over if Kakuzu was gone. Deidara took him by the arm and dragged him out the door. Sasuke knew better than to fight him, but his crimson eyes narrowed in hatred as he was forced to walk with him. He didn't want to go, he would be passed around as a food source and he knew it. Deidara would let anyone who wanted to do whatever they wanted with him, and he couldn't say no.

How long had he been here? He couldn't remember. Less than half a year, at least. He remembered actions, but not the times. He recalled the night he was taken, the nights he suffered through The Change. The awful night he had killed a human like a bloodthirsty monster. He knew each day had been dragged out by Deidara treating him like either a sex slave or a punching bag. He was a pet, used to please other Vampires.

He was nothing.


Naruto had been pacing for at least an hour, his mind heavy with thoughts. He had been unable to fully remove the raven haired, young Vampire from his mind, not that he wanted to. He kept thinking about him, as if trying to call him back. He felt like he'd taken a drug and was now desperate for more. Something in his dark eyes, his scent, his personality; it left him wanting to know the raven.

His thoughts were now also worn down with the meeting the Akatsuki had called. Kakuzu had said he wanted to speak about a few matters. It wasn't rare for Clans to meet, but he knew The Akatsuki well enough to be suspicious of their Leader's intentions. All he'd said was that he wished to discuss territory laws.

Their ways were different from each other. The Akatsuki were known for cruelty, they killed humans as though it were a game. People grew frightened, worried, even suspicious at times that animals were coming into the cities. It endangered their food sources.

The only time he allowed his Clan to kill was if it was in self-defense or protecting another. Murderers and thieves weren't rare in these parts. Vampires used them to train Fledglings. Newborn Vampires couldn't control their thirst, once they start to feed they don't know when to stop and would kill the person; so they were taken to drink from criminals that roamed free.

"If you don't relax, you're going to dig a trench in the floor." A bored voice drawled. He glanced at his friend with narrowed eyes. "Shikamaru, relaxing is the last thing any of us will be doing until they leave. They set everyone on edge." He ran a hand through his hair. The Akatsuki were twisted, they even killed their own kind. He was aware that they would take other Vampires as their food sources and slaves. They had no right or wrong, it was only their wants and needs.

"Everyone has heard your lecture, they are prepared. No one will be hurt, Kakuzu knows better than to get on your bad side. You lead a much larger clan than he does." Shikamaru said, stretching his arms above his head. Naruto shook his head. They were powerful, but so were The Akatsuki. Granted, only Kakuzu and two other Vampires of his clan would be coming, but they were still enemies on his territory. He was wound tighter than a whip, and he had to be careful when he snapped.

"Everyone is to stay on guard, don't stray off alone. I don't trust any of them." He said, his azure eyes stormy. He had a strange feeling in his heart, as if something was wrong. He glanced outside as the sun set, casting shadows over the forest.

If something was wrong, he was about to find out what.


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