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Once a Coach

Chapter One: Fulton

Gordon Bombay heard his phone ringing as he entered his home. Instinct had him hurrying to answer it.

"Hello?" he answered urgently, his gut clenching with worry.

"Hey Coach." came a deep but shaky voice, "its Fulton." A shaky but brief pause followed, "Reed."

Gordon almost laughed, like he would ever forget the frequently bandana headed bash brother but given how upset Fulton sounded he held back. It was five years since Fulton and his fellow Ducks graduated with honors from Eden Hall, but it wasn't the first time one of them gave him a phone call.

"I could never forget who you are Fulton," Gordon answered honestly, "What's wrong?"

"Last month I found out that Guy, you know my fellow Duck, is my half brother." He stated and had Gordon sitting down himself.

"Wow, that's quite a shock." He answered honestly.

Fulton gave a bitter laugh. "That's an understatement." He said simply. "I've pretty much been a mess ever since. I've been in the bottle almost every day. I lost my job, my girlfriend kicked me out. I need your help, Coach."

"Of course." Replied Gordon automatically "What do you need?"