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Once a Coach

Chapter Six: Ducks fly together

One year to the date that Gordon got the first phone call from his grown up Ducks, he entered the skating rink to see them all gathering together and chit chatting as they laced up their shakes. Gordon beamed; this was just what they all needed. No matter if they were succeeding or struggling, together they would fly.

"Coach!" Gordon turned at the familiar voice and saw a six foot tall Charlie Conway walking towards him, hand in hand with his wife and fellow Eden Hall Alumni Linda Hart.

"Charlie!" even though he was now dwarfed by the man he considered a surrogate son, he gave him a hug.

"This was such a wonderful idea getting everyone back together. I haven't seen some of these guys since we graduated. Thanks for always looking out for us." Charlie beamed, patted Gordon on the arm and squeezed his wife's hand before he hurried off to where Averman and Goldberg were waving him over.

Linda laughed, her belly swollen with child. Her eyes sparkled with joy as she looked at her husband and then at Gordon. They hugged.

"You are truly one of a kind Gordon." She said, "You give so much and don't get anything back. There need to be more men like you in the world. Charlie's been talking about this for weeks." She laughed.

"Hearing the ups and downs from a handful of the Ducks made me realize being a kid again for a little bit and catching up is just what they needed." Gordon explained.

Linda nodded. "Yeah Charlie and I are doing great, he's gonna be a coach like you and nothing makes me happier. I'm going to try to be that way with my students." She said.

Gordon was genuinely touched. "This is what I do it for, to inspire people to be better for others."

Gordon laced up his skates and joined the Ducks on the ice. They played games like kids and shut the rink down, all blowing off steam in one way or another. After that they went back to Gordon's house and sat in a circle and officially caught up on their lives.

Charlie was a pee-wee coach and following in Gordon's footsteps and his wife and fellow Eden Hall Alumni was an English teacher, Fulton disclosed his and Guy's familial discovery, then his struggle and recovery. Adam discreetly disclosed his success and mentioned the fact his career was soon to be on hold due to wrist surgery to repair his own injury. Goldberg disclosed he no longer played hockey but took over his family's Deli. Averman also no longer played hockey but turned his natural comedic time into a successful career as a standup comedian.

Guy brought his family and he had a successful business career. Connie was living in LA and was an up and coming actress and recently was cast in a movie about Vampires. Portman was beginning his Broadway career and was cast in Rent in New York. Dwayne went back to his cowboy roots and had a successful rodeo career in Texas. Russ ran a successful youth center back in LA. Luis went back to Miami and used his speed on the track instead of on the ice and was picked to be on the Olympic track team. Ken also went back to his figure skating roots and was back as an Olympic contender. Julie worked as a counselor in High School; she came out as a lesbian to the group and introduced her friend Catherine as her fiancé.

Friendships became strong once again, laughter was had and tears were shed. As the evening came to a close Averman offered a nostalgic thought "Chorus of 'We are the Champions' anyone?"