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Game of Seduction


By Mg

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I was seventeen, and he was 25. In my eyes it was perfectly legal and I didn't care what it was in the eyes of everyone else. It didn't matter, 'cause I had my eyes set on him. Unfortunately, he didn't even know I existed in that matter. He was my 12th grade math teacher, Mr. Darien Shields; he was single, dark, and so very sexy. He was the newest and youngest faculty member in the school. I wasn't the only one to notice him. He was the hot topic of female students and teachers alike. We all flirted, on different levels, some more bold than others, and I am proud to admit, that I was one of the more bold ones. Don't get me wrong, I'm not always nearly so…uh…forward, but Darien, Darien was different. Anyone who even caught a second of his attention knew; you needed a very strong game to get his attention. He flirted semi openly with everyone, and took the bait from no one. There was something different about him, that smile, that nonchalant attitude, and…I don't know, something else. I've seen plenty of sexy guys in my time, plenty just as gorgeous and hot…I'm sure we all have in our time, but it was the 'I don't know', the 'something else' that made Darien Shields come alive for me. In essence, I wanted him.

All I need is a plan.

And then one day, God set the clock and the wheels turned in motion.