Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, this is just for entertainment.

Okay, so this is my first fanfic, and I decided to create an OC, so I hope you enjoy it. The story revolves around Atalanta and Robin (Tim Drake).

"Tim, there's an unidentified group heading towards Mount Justice. Why don't you take Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl and check it out?"

Tim nodded. It wasn't often that a strange group tried to attack. Not many people were that stupid. He jumped nimbly on his motorbike and sped off. Maybe he'll have a bit of action today after all. Blue Beetle and Wonder Girl soared above him, being awkward as usual. Relationships, he scoffed inwardly. How hard could it be for them to just admit they liked each other? Then it would save a lot of time and bother. Then again, it was fun to watch. Probably better that way.

"What is that?" Blue Beetle yelped.

Wonder Girl stopped short. "It's a monster!"

For some strange reason, she was smiling. Tim froze for a minute, and went into autopilot. Launching himself off the bike, he pulled out his bo. He spied a dark blur hurtling towards the gargantuan creature. A girl? For a moment, he was horrified, and froze like a statue.

"She's going to kill herself!" yelled Jaime.

Wonder Girl shouted "No! She can take care of herself. Just watch, you're in for a show."

As Tim watched, an enormous wall of water crashed into the creature, causing it to stagger back. Screaming, it flailed around, slowly dying. What was it, anyway? It looked like a mixture of lion and bird…he realized quickly it was a gryphon. As he stood there, weapons forgotten, she slashed at the monster until it dissolved into dust. As soon as the wind scattered the gryphon's remains, Cassie flew towards the girl.

Thank you for reading! I might be doing a crossover with Percy Jackson, but that remains to be seen ;). New chapters coming soon, definitely.

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