This is my first Les Miserables story and I shall attempt to do it justice. This is kind of a three way Les Miserables. Book/Musical/Focus on the Family audio story. I own nothing.

My ideal cast for Les Miserables is the 25th Anniversay cast with Michael Ball as Marius from the 10th. The title of my story, 'Where's the girl?' is from 'The Scarlet Pimpernel and my favorite artist to cover that song is Rex Smith.

Chapter One

Where's the Girl?

Eponine shook a wet, sticky, strand of her dark brown hair out of her eyes. She was out of breath, her muscles ached and her head was spinning. She shook her head, trying to drown out the sounds of the guns that kept sounding off in her head. She remembered feeling shock settle in as she'd felt a bullet graze the side of her forehead. The steady rain fall hadn't been able to wash away every blood stain on her face and hands.

It seemed as if every inch of her body ached and was on fire. She felt as if she had dragged Enjolras's limp body halfway across France. However, it had only been a few blocks. She was able to hire a cab with the small stash of francs she'd had hidden away and they'd gotten ten blocks away from her home.

Rue de Fleur-de-lis.

A street she thought that she'd never see again.

She'd sloshed halfway to Hell with a barely conscious Enjolras hanging onto her, praying desperately that she'd reach it. Providence had miraculously held him up until he lost the few ounces of strength he had and he'd collapsed five blocks away from her home. The blood was still seeping from the bullet wound in his chest and Enjolras was very delirious with a growing fever. She'd pulled him out of the street as best she could before running blindly to her home.

Eponine remembered her once idealistic lifestyle here. She remembered the feeling of wearing a beautiful, silk gown with freshly starched undergarments. She remembered the feeling of a cool diamond resting against her neckline, just above the swell of her breasts. She remembered the flush of pride that would surge through her as men would stare at her when she walked by them with a flirtatious smile at parties. She remembered the look of envy all women had on their faces when she out shown them with her fancy clothes that were always a cut above everyone else's.

But no more. That life style was gone forever.

The sound of a door opening caused her heart to jump up in her chest. She looked up and tears filled her eyes as she saw her parents coming out of their luxurious mansion that she hadn't seen in months. Abelard, the family's loyal servant, was following behind them with an umbrella over her father's head.

Tears filled her eyes as she hurried forward towards them. She coughed the cold, crisp and wet air was causing her breathing to become difficult. The world blurred before her and she sank to the cobblestones, struggling to regain her breath.

"Abelard!" Her father's harsh voice snapped over the sounds of her coughs. "Get this garbage out of my front yard at once!"

A kick in her side caused her to fly off the cobblestones into the muddy lawn! Shock poured over her as she realized her own father had kicked her into the mud.

"Yes Milord." Abelard said. "I will do so at once!"

The carriage door slammed behind her parents and she heard the horse hurry away. Probably away to some party while they, in their oblivious, idiotic, uncaring minds; drank and partied the night away. Men, women and children lay dying in the street miles away from them.

Her parents, who'd raised her for twenty-two years didn't recognize her in her muddy and bloodied state. Her dirty clothes hung and clung to her form. Her hair hadn't been combed in weeks and her face was dirty. Still…she was their daughter; they should have known her!

She lay there stunned as Abelard pulled her up from the ground. "All right." He said gently. "They're gone. Let's get you out of this rain." She looked up as Abelard stared at her in amazement, recognition flashing in his tired, green eyes. "Miss Eponine!" He pulled her close and hugged her. "Oh dear God!"

She hugged him back. "I'm all right."

"No, you're not!" He said pulling back and removing his coat. "You're hurt! Wounded! Oh, dear God you're bleeding!"

"Abelard," she grasped ahold of his shoulders and tried to control her emotions. However, the events of the day had taken their toll on her and tears and hysteria began to catch up with her. "a friend of mine is badly hurt! Please, help him, not me! He's dying!"

"Of course!" He said. "But let's get you inside!"

"No!" She shook free. "We must help him! Please! If he dies then I've no reason to live!"

Abelard stared at her in shock as he drew back. She rarely had a harsh word for him and tonight she arrived looking like a street rat, but there was a new light about her. She'd changed.

"What happened to you?" He asked, his voice a husky whisper. "Where's the girl I used to know?"

Eponine blinked as a drop of rain dribbled into her eye. She shook her head. "She's died. Now, please….Enjolras is dying and my life will be nothing without him!"

Her pleas hit him hard and he nodded. "All right. Give me a few moments and I will have several men with m. I shall also have the others send for a doctor and prepare rooms right away!"

Eponine nodded as he ran towards the house. She stood there with the rain pouring down her face with Abelard's words ringing in her ears. Where was the girl and where had she gone? She'd been gone for so long that she'd lost herself in that time. At that moment, the weeks that had seemed like years when she'd endured them, now seemed like too short a time. Memories rose up like the sea in her mind and she began living those weeks again in her mind.