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Main Pairings(Top/Bottom): Tom(Voldemort)/ Harry, Lucius/Narcissa, Sirius/Remus, Rodolphus/Luna, Rabastan/Ron, Barty/George, Fenrir/Fred

Plot: Lord Voldemort is begged to help out the Potter family, unfortunately he only managed to save Harry by planting a piece of his soul in him. But since the second he saw the babe he knew there was more. Being banished to a different realm he gains Demonic abilities, only to return back to the world and find out fourteen years have passed. Still keeping the prophecy in his thoughts; even if Dumbledore twisted it, Tom has to find a way to get Harry on the dark side and defeat the headmaster. The truth must be known.

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Chapter One

-August 1, 1981-

It was dark, a gloomy purple fog was illuminating the grounds he walked on. Trees, hills, and bodies decorated the dimension he was in. The smell of decay, moist air, and sex floated around. He heard noises all around him; high pitched laughs, snickering, crackling, and whispers. His dark blue eyes flickered from the movement around him; the movements were of bodies and animals running around, sitting in circles, or enjoying orgy's. They were not regular humans and animal. Some were combined. The head of a horse on a body of a man, or the head of a man on a large bird. Some had horns, others had tails. He didn't show any emotion for it didn't bother him. Though as he walked past a group playing poker of some sorts he let his eyes fall on the "money" they were playing for. The money was parts of their body cut off with blood and black ink covering the winnings.

He had a relatively good idea where he was, since he had read of places where your spirit would travel to once your body died. Most of the time your spirit was sucked into random dimensions and there was no way back. Alas he was in the Realm of Demons, but to calm your conscious he was not at all frightened; he was excited. Excited that he could learn new things and gain abilities(if he made deals with demons). Though he didn't mind the concept of the realm, he voiced his an annoyance.

"Can they not quiet down?" he said with a displeased hiss.

"I am afraid they do not know the true meaning of silence."

The man raised his eyes to meet with a face that would have made any person scream until their throat became sore and tears sprouted from their eyes. Fortunately he wasn't one to do that- he just blinked.

"Now that is a sad truth." he drawled and crossed his arms. He let his eyes observe the demon in front of him that wore a black cloak with its hood drawn up- if it was to keep his features hidden it was not doing an admirable job. The cloak looked dusty and of thick material which reached down to drag on the ground. This demon was tall and surpassed his height by an abundance, keep in mind he was not a short man, but it added to the powerful figure. The demons rough voice then spoke to him with an amused manner,

"Tom Riddle," the demon paused and let a cruel smile adorn thin lips to show off sharp teeth. "Such an interesting human you were."

Tom sneered at the creature and narrowed his eyes, "I will not be here long, I assure you."

It chuckled with what sounded to be little humor giving the hairs on the back of Tom's neck a reason to stand. The demon's red eyes sparkled with mirth as he stared down at Tom as if knowing the man did not enjoy being looked down upon like a small child.

"Oh I do not doubt it, Mr. Riddle. I do not doubt it." the demon then lifted his large spider like hand and Tom had the urge to flinch when the freezing fingers caressed his pale cheek. "Such dark beauty." it whispered, as if obsessed.

Tom had a vacant expression as the fingers danced across his high cheek bones, tracing a straight nose, strong jaw and pale pink lips. Although he did not mind having the attention of a strong and high class demon- from the looks of it- but he felt uneasy at the way it undressed him with red gleaming eyes. It was not new to him either being fawned over, much less by a male, but he was used to being the dominant partner. The aggressive alpha; he still was, but he did not want to risk his spirit's diminish from this demon.

"I have a proposition for you, Mr. Riddle." the demon said as he let his fingers slip into Tom's black hair which was soft to the touch.

"And this... proposition entails?" he asked getting annoyed with the placement of the demons hand.

The creature gave a feral grin and bent down so his breath, that smelled of rotten flesh, ghosted over the man's face. "I want a night with you."

Tom swallowed the little bit of saliva which had not dried in his mouth and turned his dark eyes to red ones, "What will I gain?"

The demon smirked and straightened letting his hand fall from the thick silky hair. At his full height he said, "Me... and a ticket out of here." the man merely raised a dark brow in response, the demon took this as a sign to elaborate. "I will merge with you- mainly my soul. It will allow you to have all my abilities, and very little of my body attributes. Your mind and soul will be yours still, only with... demonic improvements. I will not be a voice in your head or like a second soul within you with its own opinion, but -as I said earlier- be blended together with your being. You might be darker than before, but I think you won't mind."

Tom's blank stare was betraying his mind as it was currently running a million miles an hour. What was the catch? Why did the demon want to help him? Was it a trick?

Red eyes connected with dark blue. The demon was obviously excited for his answer and Tom could not figure out why it seemed almost...desperate. He surely did not want to stay here forever; that was for sure. Tom finally voiced a thought,

"Why do you propose this?"

The creature sneered at the question and looked around at his surroundings. "I am King Beleth, and I control 85 legions. Not that many. Having to live here eternally with the same legions gets... exhausting." tapping his chin the demon, Beleth, replied as if in deep thought. "The last time I went to the human world was, I believe, in 907 A.D." Tom blinked at the sudden change in the demon when red eyes became hooded as the same hand came up and caressed Tom's throat, "Although I have to admit, having you in my bed is the leading reason. Plus when you die I return here in my current state, but that won't be for a long, long time. I have nothing to lose."

Tom Riddle thought it over and found it was his best option. He needed to go back soon to the human world. All this knowledge he would gain from it, all the powers. It would be enough, and more than enough to kill that pedophile headmaster and maybe even to help him rule the wizarding world. Looking at the vile creature he replied with a smirk,

"I am all yours, Beleth."

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