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Demon VIII

Cedric grinned in content and snapped his hips forward pushing his dick into the slimy warmth of the Hufflepuff's vagina Taking a sip of the Firewhiskey the teen sighed in relief, grabbing hold of the bitches hair he pushed on her upper back and leaned forward to get more friction. How he loved the feeling of sex and whiskey combined together after a long day of dealing with Harry.

A laugh escaped the teen's lips as he thought of the Boy-Who-Lived. He only was with the idiot Gryffindor because of his money, and status. Not to mention the kid's body was like a ripe strawberry, ready to be picked. Such a sweet little angel, soon to be his fuck toy. Cedric came with a shout at the thought of Harry's tight, tight, unused hole and those red perfect cupid lips- he could only imagine them around his penis.

"Cedric you comin' to the party 'night?" the red head purred, her red lipstick smeared and hair in dismay. Said teen stood and took a gulp from the half empty bottle, his body slick from sweat.

"I don' know," hazel eyes narrowed over a window overlooking the forbidden forest, "Gotta check on my lil' fuck."

The girl rolled her eyes as she stood, paying no mind to her nakedness, and swayed over to the Hufflepuff. Dragging her overly tanned hands on his shoulders she pouted, and placed her chin on his shoulder.

"Why don' you jus' dump 'im?" she insisted as her hand traveled down his chest and cupped his junk. Cedric grunted, his hands smashing the now empty bottle and instead opted for squeezing the girls freckled boob's together. Cedric fisted her sweaty hair and dragged her into a sloppy kiss.

"Mmmm, sweety, 'cus he has an ass you should be jealous of."

Irony was the worlds way of saying 'Haha! Gotcha- ya cheeky bastard!'. In some situations it was amusing to see how ironic it turned out, in others you're shit faced out of luck. As it seemed for Lord Voldemort he had the pleasure of experiencing the better of the two, where it all works out in the end really. You, and fate are happy- both satisfied with the day's events.

Staring into dazed green eyes he couldn't help but let out a snort; Harry Potter had come and fallen into his arms like a lonely maiden. How convenient. He honestly had thought Dumbledore's new pet would be so up the old man's ass Tom wouldn't be able to tell where Dumble started, and where Potter ended- turns out the boy was just out of the light's jurisdiction.

Harry was just what he needed; a mate, and the light's Savior. Now the only road bump was to convince the boy of his position in Lord Voldemort's life, but it seemed he was making pretty good progress so far.

"Is there something wrong?" a meek voice said.

Tom's eyes landed on green once more, that color was very unique- as was the boy he held in his arms. The demon in him gave a feral noise, and he felt a presence in him begin to stir. It felt as if he was nauseous, but at the same time never the wiser.

Let's take him now, Tom! I won't protest, and you certainly won't protest. He- well... he might protest a tad, but with a kisses here and there he'll melt for us in a jiffy.

Silver eyes began to flicker to maroon red, as the creature in him fought more to surface. His fingers twitched and fisted the boy closer.

Not now, Beleth, we must wait and lure him in. The man locked his jaw when he felt the monster in him press against his mind harshly.

What do you think we are doing, Mr. Riddle! It snarled back at him.

Tom's eyesight blurred and the way the boy was looking at him, he knew something was off too. We do not want him running off scared! Now calm down! He growled and let a surge of power restrain the demon.

"Trent?" Harry asked, voice quivering as he saw the man in front of him practically battle with himself. Harry knew now that the man was definitely hiding his true form as he saw the flicker in his eyes. That did not scare him though.

It gave him ease, rather.

The older man squeezed the younger closer to himself, the demon was getting out of control. It was growing stronger within him, he felt it and now with this incident it was proven the damn demon Lord had used him.

Grinding his teeth together, the older man held his reserve in lashing out at the demon. Instead he opted for raising his head and placing distance between the enigma of beauty and himself.

Thinking up a quick lie he said, "I don't wish to alarm you, but I fear you have no knowledge of what we are doing. We, I might add, can easily be found."

Tom lowered his eyes to land on red lips, it only served to fuel his need; the demon in him crackled in delight. Harry lowered his eyes in shame, and hugged himself. He hadn't thought of that through, the man had been busy giving him the pleasure of a lifetime, and now he abruptly stopped. Something finally cracked within the young boy.

"Did I do something wrong?" Harry demanded, green burning with confusion and slight anger.

Tom smirked, shaking his head he walked to stand behind his desk. "Unfortunately, no."

Huffing in distress the young boy placed his hands on his hips, and pouted. "Well, what the fuck is happening. Because one minute you're practically sucking the very life out of me-"'Tom contained a growl forming deep in his chest, and gripped the desk harshly, nails digging into the wood. "-then you're suddenly having a moral dilemma!"

The Dark Lord was quite shocked that the once meek Gryffindor suddenly began to talk back. It just made the boy more interesting, taking a deep breath he tightened his hold on the wood.

"It's not a question of morals, my sweet. I just realized how dangerous it might be for us to continue in this particular room."

"Oh, you are full of bullshit!" Harry shouted. His chest was tight, and his eyes stung with unshed tears. It was all too surreal, he knew it was too good to be true. Realizing he was just going to be shot down- Harry squeezed his eyes shut, heart slowly crumbling. Cedric was right, no one can love me, only him. Oh why did I do this?

"I think I should go now." the small voice returned and Tom didn't like it, it was not his lovely's personality.

Someone had done something to him, someone had trained him.

Busy calming the demon, Tom was having trouble processing what was going on. But he couldn't let the boy leave. He needed Harry with him, on his side, and in his arms. It was a question of restraint for now.

A snarl left Voldemort's lips, and in a blink of an eye the older man was standing before Harry, "No, I do not wish for you to leave." he spat out.

Harry sucked in breath at how fast the man was, once again his eyes were flickering from silver to red. The color of blood. The man's skin also felt colder, he looked drained for the way he was panting suggested he just ran a marathon. What is he hiding?

Narrowing his eyes the boy stood feeling the professors magic surrounding his own, it was almost out of control- the dark energy. It swirled and collaborated with his own. Intertwining and engulfing his magical core, soothing his body. Harry had felt this only once before, when Trent had first encountered him. Breathing in the cold air which floated around him, he closed his eyes and basked in the man's aura. It was pure dark- he loved it.

It felt like sin spilling through his body.

Green orbs opened, and a hand lifted to cup the taller man's chin, feeling stubble he smiled softly. His eye's were now full blown bright maroon, skin snowy white; Harry watched the man lean forward and claim his lips roughly, nothing like before- it was pure possessive instincts driving his professor. Hands came up and sank to cup his scalp as a growl ripped through the older man's mouth, he licked and bite the young man. Like an animal.

Tom couldn't fight it anymore, he needed to claim this being as his own, the demon in him was in full blown hysterics as he watched Voldemort ravage the Gryffindor. Tom was trying to fight it back as he kissed the boy hoping it would sedate the demon.

Yes! Eat his very soul! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tom forced himself to slow down, his bites turning into soft kisses- the kiss turned from rough to sweet as the older man regained his control. The demon's voice began to melt into the background as Tom took in slow breaths, his taste buds savoring Harry. He heard small mewl's coming from the youngster, and Voldemort couldn't help but groan.

"Harry, don't leave."

For some reason the young boy felt his professor wasn't talking about physically leaving, but spiritually. He didn't want Harry to leave, the real one. Placing a trembling hand on the man's muscled chest, he shivered as he backed up.

He wanted to stay, that was why he was mad to being with. No, he'd stay. He'd stay with this man. It felt right. A small smile found his lips. Standing on his tiptoes the delicate boy placed a soft kiss on the professors.

"Harry, where are you, you little shit!"

Harry froze.

His heart rate rose, as his hands began to tremble. The older man saw this and tried to place a hand on the others face, but the boy jumped back and began to hyperventilate. His eyes went wide and glazed over with fear.

"" the boy began to say as he wiped and scratched at his face, trying to get rid of the evidence that the professor had left.

Tom was puzzled, didn't the child want to stay with him?

He watched as Harry ran to a desk at the far side of the room and sat, as if he was in detention the whole time.

"Oh, there you are my little fuck."

The Dark Lord raised his eyes and saw the Hufflepuff walk in with a snobby confidence. It made him clench his hands, and grind his teeth in rage. That little shit, Tom thought, Coming in here like a fucking King.

He felt his magic tremble and shake with the urge to explode the kid's dick off. The cocky way the Hufflepuff smirked up at him, was enough to make him use muggle terms to knock out white teeth. He was seeing red.

Cedric walked up to the Dark Lord and sneered. "Professor, your eyes are red. Hangover?"

Tom felt his torso twitch with the need to tackle the kid down and rip his head off.


"Hmmm." Hazel eyes left the older man's face toward Harry. "Well Professor, I've come to take this shit out of your hands now." he said, and backed up, "Let's go!"

Harry scrambled out of his chair and followed the Hufflepuff out of the room without a single glance towards Tom.

The Dark Lord stood tense, his fists trembling with anger as the room temperature dropped to dangerous degrees. The mans face was passive as if nothing was wrong in the world, but his stance said it all.


Abruptly every single desk exploded one at a time. Clouds of dust formed rapidly as shards of wood flew around the room. Red eyes glowed in the midst of it all.

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