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Champion's Lullaby Spin-off: Ceiling Tiles, Queen of Hearts, and Cars

By St. Mayhew

For the wonderful possibilities we all have in our lives, and the friends that make them worth it.

" "You think I would still be here if I did?" asked Harry with a raised eyebrow. "I run. I've done it before and it's easy. I run and start from scratch and I'm good at it. I have enough money and grades to get into any preppy school in here or Europe and I'm conniving enough to bring my friends with me, even trick them if I have to … it'd be easy for me to disappear. Easier than staying… but I'm here… and I don't want to hate you, but it hurts to love you… and I care enough about you not to try to be with you like this. It would be unfair to all of us."

"And you don't know if you'll ever stop" whispered Blaine.

"I guess I'm sticking around till one side wins" said Harry and turned, making his way to the exit, but not before calling over his shoulder. "Ron will open up the back door for you two so you don't have to lock pick it; remind him to put the alarm back on." " (1)


The car ride home, was quiet, with no outbursts into song. Kurt, berating himself for thinking things would have been easy this one time, had kicked the dark side of his mind that told him in Harry's voice: I told you so. Glancing over at Blaine, his best friend, and now it felt, his only friend, who told him courage when Karofsky had been bullying. His Blaine who had also fallen in love with his Harry and with himself. He looked so small and so pitiful with his eyes downcast, tears in his eyes and if you looked, a resolve in them; however, since Kurt had only glanced he told himself it was just the tears.

"... I hate him, right now..." Blaine stated through his heartache. "But I'm starting to get what he meant by what he said."

Kurt nods, though no in understanding, because he isn't sure himself what Blaine means at the moment. He wanted to turn on the radio, to stop Blaine if he was going to go further. His worry was for not, Blaine himself turned the radio on, and turned to look out the passenger window.


" "No Kurt" said Ron with a serious face. "As long as he has something to fight for, he'll stick around no matter what, but when he's hurt and feels vulnerable, he leaves. It's his thing, it's why he came to Dalton, is why he accepted going to Hogwarts, is why he took so long to come back after what you did… and you have no freaking idea how hard it was for us to keep him here after the Ginny fiasco… I'm just asking, please, give him space because if he feels trapped he's going to hightail it out of here faster than you can understand."

They stared at him with blank expressions, trying to process everything.

"It's late, I need my sleep and I just reached my quota of deep moments this week" said Ron rubbing his eyes. "But for the record, I just want to make you perfectly aware how unprepared you are to play against Harry. You don't even understand the rules of the game…" " (1)


Kurt went through the steps of school, not really attached. Throwing himself into his studies, his music, to keeping up a façade with Blaine, that he was moving on with his life just like Harry had asked.


"Yes Blaine?"

"... Are you"

"Just sleepy, is all. I've been through Hell, I'll walk through it again if I have to."

He ignored Harry, he gave him his space just like Ron had told him too. Even if it pained him to not be happy with Harry, even if he subconsciously had also been pushing Blaine away as well. He just went through the steps little by little. He would get through this, he had to, he was strong after all. He'd always been strong, use to standing on his own two feet and pretending on the outside that yes I'm okay. No, no don't worry about me.

His friends from McKinley High were fooled easily enough, they couldn't see his eyes over the phone. So the quiver in his arms when he lied to them and decided to bottle everything up. Mercedes and Rachel kept trying to get him to open up, to talk about it, and go through the stages of a breakup. Ice cream, a stupid love movie that didn't turn out for the better, a good laugh, friends and family, but most importantly (to Rachel, if she was asked, which she never was but said anyway) belting out your feelings, turning your face away and letting out tears if you had to.

At that moment, he realized he had an out, he could convince his family, that he could deal with the bullying, he could make sure he was never alone and was always with someone at school. Go back to singing in the backstabbing express, fighting Rachel for solo's, talking clothes with Mercedes, laughing at his step-brother being an utter imbecile when he tried to dance. See Mike and Tina in love would take some getting use to again, but if he was honest with himself, he missed his family chosen not born.

So caught up in his musings, in his feeling of non-attachment, and he would later blame the book his nose was in. With a resounding crash outside the Warblers meeting hall, he found himself on his back, suddenly staring at the ugly ceiling tiles. He chuckled to himself at that. He was still a diva when he least expected it. He just kept thinking of the different styles, the texture's that would have gone so much better with the curtains, the old feeling to it, that he laughed. And laughed. And laughed even harder. He didn't realize, that between the laughter, he was sobbing or the fact that Harry who had walked backwards, stared down at him in utter blankness but his friends saw the crack in his demeanor.

This whole outburst of course, drew the Warbler's out, staring from Harry and his friends, to Kurt still on his back, getting his clothes wrinkled and laughing hysterically until he was crying.

"Kurt!" Blaine exclaimed, rushing to his side to help his friend up, pushing through everyone to get to him. Jeff right behind him and on the other side to help Blaine as well. "Are you okay!? What happened?"

Realization struck home, like the bell for last class. Resounding and joyful, as Kurt turned his head to look at Blaine, and wondered why Blaine was crouching beside him, "Yeah, (chuckle sniff) just the ceiling tiles texture so doesn't go with the curtains and doesn't even (sniff chuckle) match the..." Whatever else he was going to say was lost as he broke into laughter again.

"I think my Lord..."

"You broke him."

The twins looked at Kurt and both were smiling. They hadn't heard Kurt laugh like that in sometime. Hopefully it would help give Harry's own heart a break. Ron ever understanding the twins body language, after all learning meant not getting prank, nodded his head as well.

Between his laughter, Harry beside himself on what to do, because what could he do, he'd usually been so much better at avoiding Kurt. Side stepping, walking backwards or forwards on being truly away of his surroundings, "Perhaps you should get him into the room before more people show to find out who's laughing like a psycho?"

That got everyone to move in an instant. Blaine forcing himself to not even look at Harry when he spoke, but keeping his eyes on Kurt. He squinted at him though, Kurt that is, trying to gauge what had broken the damn of indifference and suddenly chuckling himself at the ceiling tiles.


After that day, something in Kurt seemed to break. To everyone looking at him, he would just start laughing at the oddest moments, usually with Blaine who would laugh with him. They both seemed to support each other so suddenly. More so then they had in the last for days that when Blaine had felt like his best friend had pushed him away and hard. Even in their dorm room, they'd both sing silly songs, like Kurt was doing now, singing about a King of Hearts. Blaine would sing about having a Dark Side and wondering if someone would love him for it. Had Blaine realized, what was really going on, he would have asked for even more time. He was selfish, and crass and he suddenly felt more alive after they seemed to just go back to how things were before Harry Potter had ever asked Kurt on a date.


Hermione tilted her head, finally finding Harry outside of his old dorm room when he shared it with the two sluts. Should wouldn't let herself call them by name, she couldn't. It was too painful to do something like. She could; however, be a little envious when she heard Kurt singing La Jazz Hot and going from low to a higher note that sent shivers down her spin. Ron, beside her chuckling and shaking himself as well. Hermione would sing like that sometimes and it would make him do the same.

"You really should stop torturing yourself," Hermione stated after she had tugged on Harry's arm and pulled him away from the room. It wouldn't do to give those bastards a chance to overhear them. So caught up in each other for some odd reason. If only she knew, she wouldn't have pulled Harry away, and she wouldn't have talked to Tom about keeping Harry away from Kurt and Blaine.


Two weeks before Nationals, they hyped up school having heard a few concerts set up by the Warblers to raise their own moral. Harry had heard about Blaine and Kurt getting a duet, and would never admit it to himself, but was proud of them both, if not in more pain to see them become so dependent on each other. He was right when he had said he was on borrowed time. So deciding, to go about as if his heart wasn't breaking and would try to catch a glimpse of this Blackbird who was learning to fly alone. If he only knew, that in less than 10 days he would have a face to face with that bird.


Courage. Kurt told himself as he knocked on the portrait to Harry's room. He didn't pray, he was an atheist but part of him begged to whatever would listen, to let Harry answer the door. Nope, no such luck. There stood Ron, giving him a look, without words telling him to speak.

"Can I speak to Harry for a moment," Kurt rushed out. "Just for a moment, I wanted to say one thing to him."

He couldn't match Ron's stare, and though he would later say he was too dignified to have done it, scuffed his shoe on the high polished floor. This was beyond stupid, why should he have let himself talk himself into this sort of stuff. He had died inside the moment he thought of Harry, or when he saw him staring at him all over again. When Wes had told him about seeing Hermione pull him away from Blaine and his doorway when they had in Harry's words jammed out. He grasped the item in has hand tightly, bringing him back to his surroundings and was shocked to see Harry was looking at him with a pained expression. He couldn't do this.

He turned on his heel, and just walked away. He kept walking, and walking. Right out the front door. Thankfully, it was a Saturday, no need to worry about skiving classes, but he did have to worry about people looking at him as he felt tears blur his vision. He just needed a walk, that was all. He didn't hear the foot falls behind him, he was too busy just walking away towards the main gates of the school.

"I'm an idiot," he berated himself out loud. "Didn't even bring my iPod, I should have. Courage... ha!"

Harry hung back after hearing that statement so full of scorn and how he remember his Kurt when they first met. Quick to put himself down. That should have been his clue to keep going after him but he was too lost in that moment of when he started to hear Kurt sing, about coming Back to One.

Had he kept following, he could have grabbed Kurt by the arm and pulled him away from his Fate. Had he known, he would have kept him close and in those next few hours, he realized that he looked like his father, but he was his mother through and through.



-End Chapter-

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