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Of Memories and Lightwaves

"This is the bed we shared," Blaine's voice sounded echo-y. "It was nice and warm, and felt so much like home before I came out to my parents. - made it feel like that for us both, don't you think?"

Kurt spun on his heel, the doorway he had walked in from was gone and the bed lay out before him. What the hell was going on!? This felt like something out of a bad movie or even worse a bad fanfiction. "Blaine… where are we?" Kurt's voice seemed to echo in the empty room save for the bed.

Laughter was his answer and that upset Kurt, Blaine had never sounded that cruel to him. Turning fully to look at his best gay friend, Blaine's form seemed to morph into Karofsky of all people. Yeah, Kurt thought to himself, definitely a bad dream or a bad fanfiction. The room melted away as well as Blaine had transformed into his tormentor. He shut his eyes to the world around him, he knew without looking where he was: The locker room all those months ago.

Using the crutches, Kurt moved as fast as he could away from the lip-locked couple. It hurt now, the pain in his heart that he couldn't understand. One thought filtered through and he knocked it away quickly. He somehow KNEW he was still a virgin and that did nothing to stem the pain. His crutches and feet carried his body to the choir room in Dalton and he stood in the center of the room panting. He felt deep down, the pain like being shoved into the light after being held in the deepest of darkness. One dream had cropped up, the one of him and Karofsky in the locker room from when he was in his coma. He wouldn't dwell on that now; he had reality to focus on.

"Why didn't you just tell me you where dating someone Blaine," Kurt muttered to the empty room as he sat on the leather couch. A soft knock on the wooden frame jolted Kurt to his surroundings and smiled softly at Finn.

"Hey dude," Finn started and ignored Kurt's glare at being called dude. "Found this on your seat, figured it was meant to come in with ya or something." Finn walked up to Kurt and handed over a Griffon Brooch. "Little girly, but hey it's cool, ya know?"

Kurt rolled his eyes at Finn's lack of tact, some things just hadn't changed in the six or so months and Kurt was glad for that. Mutter a soft thank you, Kurt stared at the item his "brother from another mother" handed over to him. Pain induced into his head and heart. Why was this item just fleeting in his holey memory? Love, he could sense in his emotions from this item, but that was all.

Noticing his brother stood by his side, worry on his face, Kurt waved him away, "I'll be up to the room in a second to help you get the items we need." Finn seemed to be searching Kurt's face now, but Kurt had closed down easily. Nodding and grasping Kurt's shoulder before he could protest, Finn walked out of the room.

Turning again in his seat, he set the brooch on the table at his feet and softly, he felt words fall from his lips in a song he had just heard what felt like a lifetime ago.

"Softly we tremble tonight,
picture perfect fading smiles are all that's left in sight,
I said I'd never leave, you'll never change
I'm not satisfied with where I'm at in life."

Kurt sang his heart out now, though his voice wasn't like the artist's it felt right to sing this last song to an empty room, just like his memories and heart.

"Am I supposed to be happy?
With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
Am I supposed to be happy?
With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
You said, you said that you would die for me..."

Had he paid a price for his happiness he had gained here? Or was it nothing of happiness he had gained here. All he could truly remember was feeling so left out in these walls. Captured and being forced into a role he neither wanted nor would have allowed to take up. New Directions had said they would die for him in a sense, hell even Santana had offered her protection from anyone and everything. Everyone had probably been so frightened at his near death.

"We made plans to grow old,
believe me there was truth in all those stories that I told.
Lost in a simple game cat and mouse,
Are we the same people as before this came to light?"

He felt more than heard the Warbler's enter the room behind him. Had he changed so much, even his own voice that had dropped enough to fit the song much easier? They had joined in, some trying to come up with the beat to match the bitter sweet song that poured from Kurt's soul. Memories, just fragments of the last few weeks hit him. He felt like he had played a game of cat and mouse, but unlike what he thought, he was the cat. So who was the mouse? Blaine? Or this Harry guy? The brooch felt like Blaine's sense of style, but he somehow knew it wasn't.

"Am I supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
Am I supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
You said, you said that you would die for me... "

The Warbler's had finally been able to find the tempo of the song, keeping it going with Kurt singing solo. Blaine sat across from him and nodded to let him know he wanted the next line of the song and Kurt was something… some emotion he couldn't quite place. Blaine was suddenly cast in a different role to his heart and mind. He was glad Blaine found someone, but Kurt felt betrayed and yet not. Dear Gaga why was everything so damned confusing!?

"You must live for me too'...
For me too...yeah, yeah...
You said that you would die for me... "

Blaine's voice sounded broken on the last part, and Kurt knew why. Burt had told him about the panicked call from the ambulance, and the frantic call when his father hadn't shown up yet. Kurt reached over and squeezed his hand, as he took a breath to take back over the lead for the song. He wasn't surprised when Blaine mixed his voice with Kurt's. By all things Gucci they sounded good together. Taking a feather from Santana's hat, he thought how it sounded like their voices were intimate with each other. However, he knew someone else's voice had matched his high with a low.

"Am I supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price.
Am I supposed to be happy?
with all I ever wanted, it comes with a price
You said, you said that you would die for me..."

Bringing the song to a close, Kurt smiled softly at his friends he had made in the group of acapella boys. Somehow, they looked at Kurt with acceptance in their eyes, almost knowing he was leaving this same day. Words of thanks wouldn't leave his mouth and words of sadness that he was going back to McKinley and to move on to National's without them. Words of apologies for his stupid run in with a car but that memory wouldn't fade and he refused to talk about his one major moment of weakness.

A cleared throat and the moment was totally broken. One of the staff stood there looking uncomfortable in having broken up what seemed like a sad moment. They had to though, "Mr. Hummel, you're father is waiting for you at your dorm room. He doesn't have the key to get in."

Said staff member walked away quickly the clacking of shoes on marble floor, silence was broken again by mumbling Warbler's and Kurt chuckled softly. It felt like he was at a funeral not a place of happier vibes. Shaking his head and standing slowly with the help of Je- Kurt blinked, "I know you're name, I'm sure I do… I'm sorry, but thank you."

He nodded a pained expression on his face. Harry wouldn't be happy to hear about this. Blaine spoke the words Jeff wanted to himself, "You could always stay…" Kurt heard the undertones, in that one simple statement. When had he become so accustom to reading Blaine!? He had enough trouble reading - Pain spiked in his head again. It was getting on his nerves, this sudden pain at the thought of one simply name.

"Time didn't stop, Blaine," Kurt said shortly; the pain spurring his temper. "We discussed this in the hospital. He's said he's turning over a new leaf, and I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth."

Blaine sat shocked, he sounded like Kurt before the accident suddenly: The accident being when Harry and Kurt were together. How could the boy not realize what was happening to his own actions? Blaine saw the flinch in Kurt's eyes at his own words. How did you address the fact, you were hiding something big from your best friend?

Kurt took Blaine's silence as his answer, so he continued, "I'm missing six months worth of memories, the doctor doesn't know if things are going to come back to me, AT ALL! I can remember the fear of leaving McKinley but I also remember the fear of being trapped in these walls. I can remember someone important to me, but it doesn't match up. You and I aren't dating, you would have told me! So what exactly am I missing?"

Blaine looked away, out towards the expansive lawn and couldn't help the smile that crept on his face. He remembered Kurt looking out that same window when they heard Harry singing all those months ago. He remembered in that moment trying to stop Kurt from feeling anything for Harry. Speaking of the Brit where was he? He always came by to listen to Kurt sing, Jeff had told him that much.

Shaking his head and leaning on the crutches, Kurt limped from the room as the Warbler's parted for him like the Red Sea. Silence was his friend anymore, maybe his head would stop aching so much back at McKinley.

Under the open window, Harry stared down at his open hands, tears in his eyes unshed. Kurt couldn't remember him. That thought kept chasing itself around his head. That wasn't part of his plan, give the boys sometime to rebuild themselves, and try with all his might to get a three part relationship a chance. It was the most sensible thing for him to do, but now this? The pieces left scattered on the floor and Harry felt like a little kid all over again. The time frame added up, when Fleur had fled from the school in such a hurry. Had Kurt been the one her driver had hit!? That didn't make sense, Fleur would have made her driver stop and check on the boy, but hadn't Kurt come up to him that same day? Nothing was adding up in his head. Standing up slowly, dusting off his pants, and chancing a look inside; Harry saw his next plan of action. It was right there, left by Kurt himself: His one perfect key to getting Kurt back and possibly Blaine with him as well. It was a stretch, it was going to be ruthless and maybe, just maybe, things would be easier for them both with everyone on the same page this time. What did he have to lose anyway, besides his heart? What was a heart anyway, Luna would know better.

Texting Jeff quickly and nodding when the boy grabbed the key, he walked off a small piece of hope budding in his heart.

Blaine slammed the large text shut and felt his anger boil beneath his skin, this wasn't supposed to be happening! Everything wasn't suppose to fall apart the moment Kurt left. With Warbler practice done, and studies left to focus on. Harry had vanished again from the school and no one was sure where he had gone, not that Blaine cared.

Picking up the book he was studying from, and with a flick of his arm, it went flying into the wall. Panting and picking up the next book, he let that fly as well. With each thud, each throw, Blaine let out his frustration of the day. Stopping mid throw on his large History tome, he turned towards the door and scowled at Luna.

"Well!? What do you want? To come gloat I take it, come to rub salt in my wounds," Blaine cried out at the usual spacey girl. Smirking in triumph at her scowl he continued his rant, "Kurt saw Harry and I kiss, perfect revenge for him isn't it? Too bad Kurt doesn't have a single damned memory of his time here. He won't remember you, Ron, the twins, hell he doesn't remember me or Harry at all. So Ron was right, we didn't know how to play against him."

Luna's scowl faded as Blaine's voice cracked and tears he didn't even know he was shedding tumbled down his face. She felt bad now, oh don't get the girl wrong she enjoyed someone's pain, but only when she was the cause of it. This pain though, was like looking at Harry after the Ginny incident, and that bothered her.

Holding up her hands in surrender and turning on her heel, she called over her back, "A wise woman once told her student: What the heart has forgotten, the body remembers. What the mind hides, the heart echoes."


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