Alright, I've had this in my head for a while now (months) unfinished and collecting dust, so I thought, "Hey, new season's about to start! Let's make space in the brain for new storylines and Wynn Duffy hilarity!" So, here you are, my first Justified fanfic for public consumption/flogging.

I own the Lidet and Sullivan families but the names you know belong to Leonard and Yost. Also, the time line of the show is wonky, so I'm calling this 3 years ago but it's really just 6 months before Raylan joined the office.

3 years ago

"At 1:20 pm, the transport carrying Alison Riley, Gale Pulichak, Clare Lidet, and Marie Anne Lisbon and a rented Toyota crashed. Dossiers on each prisoner are available from Deputy Brooks. Lisbon is a violent offender, Riley and Pulichak are druggies, Lidet is white-collar. Lisbon is our priority; she has killed before and will again. She is armed and dangerous, Deputy Nelson's sidearm is missing-" Chief Deputy Art Mullen continued at the scene alongside Daniel Boone National Park, where a Corolla had veered into the SUV, totaling itself.

Deputies Nelson and Welford had radioed about the Corolla before the crash so authorities were on scene quick. Quick enough to see Nelson and Welford both handcuffed to their respective doors and all 4 women were gone with Nelson's gun.

There was blood with the broken glass on the backseats. Given Welford's concussion from his head hitting the passenger window, and the way the SUV rolled and slid down the embankment, the injured prisoners wouldn't get far but they'd be more unpredictable.

"Gutterson," Art said at the end of it, "over here."

"Yes, sir," Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson, former Ranger, current sniper, and 3-month vet of the Lexington US Marshal's office, jogged over to his boss.

"You read the files?"

"Yes, sir. All of 'em."

"Good. Stop callin' me sir. How far is Lisbon gonna get?"

"She's a Lexington native. Fit from martial arts, but I don't think she'll get far in the woods. She assaulted that FBI agent over her boyfriend's drug charges, and I'd doubt if she didn't use as well. It'd affect her stamina," Tim glanced around that the other Marshals fanning out into the woods, he licked his lip, "Honestly, sir-Art, I don't think Lisbon could make it outta those woods without help..."

"If you've got an idea that there's a bigger concern...?"

"I think Lidet is a bigger concern. If she's still alive."

Art looked at the Ranger before nodding for him to continue.

"I think she was patchin' up Nelson and Welford, she's a doctor, right? When somebody made a move. Paramedics said there was gauze and tape on Welford's head when they arrived. Nelson's broken wrist had been set. I think she ran because someone's after her, probably Lisbon. She grew up in rural Louisiana, got brothers who're SEALS, and there's the possibility of family money backin' her. Lidet could make it thru there in one piece without help and she could be bankrolled."

"There's also a price on her head. Only a few g's but she's aware of it, we've offered protection," Art narrowed his eyes.

"If she gives information. What if the other prisoners were aware as well? If her family didn't pay for this, somebody else could've to take her out."

"Lidet is a little white-collar corruption beef, her family can buy her out of it, and she knows they will. No point in running. Whereas Lisbon has a history of assault and unsolved deaths, before the murder we connected her to, running is no problem for her," Art paused. "No, Lisbon's our primary. I'm gonna chew on this, you've made good points, but I want you out there. Alright?"

Tim nodded, unconvinced, "Yeah," he turned and started towards Deputy Brooks, who was organizing the Marshals.

"Hey, Tim," Art called out; he spun back to look at his boss, "Thanks for the input."


Art was unreasonably pleased that Gutterson had an alternate theory to the crash. He was concerned that his Marshal still went home to snipe in Afghanistan...when he was sober, of course.

Gutterson had been in his office for a couple of months, safely under the care and guidance of Deputy Rachel Brooks. He worried about Rachel too, but Rachel talked about her problems. Her mother, her nephew, her sister's death, even a little bit about the difficulty of finding a man who didn't wanna play with her handcuffs, in passing.

Tim, well, he was a scary friggin' iceberg that Art would prefer not take out his office. He'd thought it was just PTSD, at first. Then Tim had taken out a target at 60 yards and asked for the last donut with sprinkles.

He'd had a talk with him then. Taken him out for a drink and watched the kid pack 'em away and call the bartender by name. He let Tim know he needed a Marshal, someone who could tell the difference between a question, a request, and an order. Someone who could negotiate a situation out of gunplay. He said that Tim was a bright kid and could bring other things to the table than a great eye, snarky one-liners, and a seemingly indestructible liver.

Art remembered how Tim had smiled at his beer wrapper, like he was suppressing one of his snarky one-liners.

That had been a few weeks ago. He was pleased as punch Tim had thought about this. He was especially proud that the kid had such good points in his argument, and Art was gonna think about them.

But the situation was that Lisbon was a violent offender and recovering her was the primary concern.

After 2 hours, Alison Riley had been recovered, along with the Corolla's driver, Riley's boyfriend, who was looking to sideline in fake ID's. Their escape was slowed by an ankle sprained in the crash. Pity he was caught too, Tim thought, because his work was good enough to fool the manager at Avis.

By 4 in the afternoon, Gale Pulichak was recovered. She was found sitting on a log, and told the Marshals her feet hurt when they found her.

Lisbon was seen around 3:30 when Art tasked Tim with recovering her. A scant hour later he caught sight of her himself. She was wounded. Cuts all over her hands, blood on her arms, bruise on her face. Grimly determined expression. She was trying to follow something Tim couldn't see. He was on the radio with Rachel, reporting the injuries when Art's voice asked if anyone had caught sight of Lidet.

No one had.

"I've got Lisbon," Tim reported, breaking the silence, he rattled off their location from the GPS requesting backup.

Lisbon saw something and ran towards it. Tim chased and pulled, "Marie Lisbon. US Marshals. Put your hands up."

"Not until that bitch is dead," she hollered back out of breath, stumbling further into the park.

"What bitch, Marie?" he jogged after her, giving her pretty good berth.

"That rich-bitch doctor. Stupid cunt attacked me."

"Are you hurt?"

"I'm bleeding, jackass. Yeah, I'm hurt," she tripped again, this time falling on her hands and Tim made out a bloody shard from the shattered windshield in her right hand.

"Marie. I need you to stop and let us handle Dr. Lidet. If she's dangerous, let us get hurt. Alright?"

"You new to this, sparky? I know you know what I am. What they said I did. I'm gonna kill the bitch and then ya'll can try to fry me. But I'm gonna bleed her first!" she was holding her side now. Internal bleeding or a stitch from the running, he couldn't tell.

"Marie, don't make me shoot you." Tim was within a couple of yards by this point, with a clear shot to take her out. "Marie, your boyfriend, the one you kicked the shit outta that fed for? What was his name?"

"You can't talk this out with me!" she sat, looking at the glass. "He said it'd be easy money. That the stupid bitch had money, she wasn't supposed to fight" She took a deep breath and Tim heard his backup coming up behind him. "All I had to do was take her out. I was thinkin' it'd have to be as they were moving us in. Shank her quick. $15 grand easy. Stupid bitch should've let me kill 'er quick." She was muttering breathlessly by this point.

"Marie Lisbon," Tim heard from behind him, "drop the glass."

She glared over at the Marshals, as if noticing them for the first time and dropped the shard. "Doctor Cunt said I was hurt in the crash. Mighta been right."

By dark Lidet and Nelson's sidearm were the only things not recovered and Art pulled Tim aside, "You ready to head home?"

"No. I can head out."

"Head out?" Art didn't want to push him, but.

Tim smiled grimly, "I've chased down worse than the likes of Clare Lidet. Time spent might be rough but I can get her."

"You were right that she was a concern. But if Lisbon-"

"If Lisbon hadn't moved, she wouldn't have run. I know. You were right, Lisbon was the primary issue."

The pair watched each other, measuring for a moment. "Rachel's puttin' together a bag for you to take in. Go help her."

The bag was essentially flashlights, maps, radio, batteries, GPS tag, MREs, couple of water bottles, water purification tablets, ammo (for his Glock, his secondary Sig, and his rifle), and an extensive first aid kit. He added his rifle and a couple t-shirts. He would have preferred a few Twinkies as well but Rachel seemed less than amused at the mentioning.

He dozed in the truck until dawn, deciding to not risk getting turned around in the cold dark when he could be warm and confident Lidet wasn't making much headway w/o compass and a map. Then he'd work from where Lisbon had been, since she'd been trying to track Lidet anyway.

He reached where Lisbon had been apprehended by 8 and realized how close to the river they'd been, maybe a mile from it. There were boot prints.