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Chapter One

Isabella grunted as she threw the ball as far across the field as she could. It landed further than all but one of the others and she nodded to herself before picking up another and tossing it the same way.

Not far from her, laying on the grass with a magazine in hand was her closest friend Angela. She paid Bella no mind as she flipped lazily through the pages of some magazine that Bella had never even heard of.

"Can you believe that they broke up again, B?"

"Huh?" was Bella's reply as she tossed another one, harder this time, and it landed furthest of all of them. "Yes!"

Angela looked up to see her friend doing a little dance and then a fist pump before picking up another ball and bouncing slightly on her feet as she prepared to make another toss.

"Are you even listening to me Bella?" At that, Bella looked over at her friend. She had brown hair that was darker and longer than Bella's and wore black rimmed glasses that she loved to look over whenever she was giving Bella one of her disapproving stares...much like right now.

"Uh sorry Ange, I'm listening."

Angela snorted before pushing her glasses back up her thin nose and looking at the magazine again. "I asked if you could believe that Jelena broke up again."

Bella furrowed her brow. "What the fuck is a Jelena?"

At that, Angela fell open-mouthed. She knew her friend had no interest in celebrity life or much related to it but she had been sure that of all things, this would at least be on her short list of things she paid attention to.

Bella rolled her eyes. "Don't give me that look. Unlike you, I don't need to be alerted every time a celeb who has little to no impact on my life breaks up and makes up with the same person over and over."

"What? It's not even-"

"Hey Bella! Toss one here!" Both girls turned to look and saw the face of Mike Newton, possibly the most annoying person on earth.

"Screw off Mike," Bella shouted back before tossing the ball in her hand across the field to the growing pile.

"Oh come on babe, don't be like that. We both know that whole "I'm a lesbian" thing is just to make me fight for you more. You don't have to play hard to get with me."

Bella had now picked up another ball and shoved it up against Mike's chest to stop his advancing. "I said get lost Mike. Don't make me break your nose, you can't afford any more damage to that already sicking face of yours."

With that she tossed the ball back to the ground and took off in the direction of the running track. She ignored Mike calling after her, continuing her jog along the track.

She could not feel the single pair of green eyes that followed her movements as she jogged lap after long lap. Envy rolled across Alice in waves as she watched Isabella - Bella, as her friends called her - continue along the track at a fast pace, seemingly without tiring. She pulled her bag closer against her chest as she continued to watch her, her eyes wondering from the ponytail that swung back and forth with each step, down the long and lean looking back and further down still to the firm round backside covered by a pair of tiny running shorts. Her eyes continued to wander along Bella's body, paying special attention to certain areas each time she ran closer to where Alice was seated.

To Alice, Isabella was everything she was not, and everything she wished she could be. She not only envied her her body, but also her friends, her carefree persona, and her confidence above all. When Isabella had come out to her group of friends, someone else had overheard and the news travelled like wildfire that the girls' football's deputy captain was a lesbian and eventually, it got to Alice's ears a few days later.

Whenever Alice came across her in the halls, or watched her during their shared free period like she was now, Isabella exhibited nothing but the utmost confidence and a happiness that Alice could not match if she tried. Ever since everyone found out about Bella, the smile that had almost always been present on her face before was now more relaxed and carefree than before. The confidence it must have taken for Bella to announce that and not care what others thought of her was something Alice could only ever dream of for herself. She feared the consequences of such a thing becoming common knowledge on the campus, and she was afraid that in her case it would just make the bullying worse than it was already; something she could not risk happening.

Even now as Alice continued to watch her, she knew that her feelings for Bella went beyond simple envy. She had had a crush on her since that first day at the college when Bella and another person who's name she couldn't remember had given them a welcoming orientation. Bella was a year above Alice and had probably not even noticed her among that sea of students that were present for that first day.

A string of beeps threw Alice out of her thoughts and she looked down at her wrist watch, 10:25. She had five minutes to make it to her next class. With a sigh, Alice pulled herself up from her seat and gave Isabella's jogging figure one last longing glance before leaving.

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