Here is the last chapter for this story. I apologize for the long wait, school is nearing it's end and we're getting into the really tough stuff now. And this chapter gave me a run for it for some time. This is not the end of this story line though, just this particular story. I will be starting a new one as soon as I can spare time to write, the first chapter has already fleshed it's self out and I can promise a surprise at least. Anyways on with the chapter.

Two months later Kili went into labor. His labor was quick and easy, after several hours he and Fili welcomed a baby girl. She had Fili's hair and Kili's dark brown eyes. They named her Klana.

Klana and Arien had an instant connection, by two they were inseparable.

When Arien turned three Thorin and Bilbo decided to have another baby, and after several months and a miscarriage that nearly made Thorin call off any more children, Bilbo managed to become pregnant. When he confirmed this, the hobbit planned with his husband's nephews and Arien stayed with them for that night. That evening when Thorin came home Bilbo met him at the door; he helped the dwarf king out of his finery letting him know where their daughter was as he did.

"Arien is over with Fili and Kili tonight." Thorin nodded as he sat down on his chair to unlace his boots, this was not an uncommon occurrence so he did not think anything of it. Bilbo stood in front of his husband nervously and waited until Thorin looked up, the dwarf frowned at Bilbo's nervous stance.

"Is everything alright?" Bilbo nodded and held out his hand curling his fingers over Thorin's larger ones.

"I have something to tell you." Thorin tilted his head and waited. Bilbo guided Thorin's hand to his belly and pressed it flat with his own. Thorin looked confused for a few seconds then his eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.

"You are with child?" His voice shook and Bilbo nodded with a smile.

"I suspected several weeks ago, so I sent for Lord Elrond secretly and he confirmed it this morning. I am three months along and he assures me that this pregnancy is well seated, and that the babe and I are both healthy." Thorin let out a choked sound and pressed his face to Bilbo's belly, the hobbit laced his fingers into his husband's hair as Thorin pressed a kiss where their second child now grew.

"You are astounding." He pulled back and tugged Bilbo down or a kiss.

"I know the miscarriage upset you, it upset me as well. Lord Elrond assured me this morning that this pregnancy will carry to the end. And he is going to stay until after the birth, just in case." Thorin smiled, for all his disagreements with elves he had made a friend in Lord Elrond and was grateful for the elven lord.

"Now that I have reassured you, take me to bed my love." Bilbo grinned and Thorin snorted before scooping Bilbo into his arms and carrying him to their bed room.

Later they lay entangled their hands resting over their unborn babe, much as they had when they were expecting Arien.

"I love you my heart." Thorin murmured his forehead pressed against the younger man's. Bilbo cupped Thorin's cheek and smiled.

"And I you."

Seven months later they welcomed a little boy that looked just like Bilbo except for his blue eyes that were entirely from Thorin. They named him Thirus. As Bilbo watched Thorin introduce Arien to her new brother he smiled and knew that he would always cherish the day that Thorin had come through his door at Bag End. The quest had brought him the greatest gift one could have, a family.

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