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Chapter 1

The sun was about to set and everything was slowly being engulfed by darkness. The bright orb's almost crimson rays were painting everything with an equally perfect crimson color.

Six men stood inside a room of a private building, oblivious of the beautiful scene outside their glass window.

"You know very well that things had gotten out of hand. The conflict between The Hunter's Association and the Vampire Council is reaching its maximum and a war is about to break. This is a very dangerous mission for you, Zero Kiryuu-kun. Are you sure you don't want anyone's company? Even though you're from the Elite Force… being alone is still…" An old man with menacing ash-colored eyes said. He was sitting in his office, with two seemingly strong bodyguards by his sides, while talking to a young hunter with silver hair and amethyst eyes. The hunter was standing in front of him together with two other men by his sides. He, however, didn't look offended or scared by what he just heard.

It's true that he was from the Elite Force, the special group of hunters who had far exceeded other hunters and was allowed to move on their own even without the Hunter's Association's permission, or make important decisions by themselves if the situation required it. They were highly praised and looked up to by other hunters and were considered to be the secret, and the strongest, fighters who could even fight on their own against dozens of noble vampires. Some older members of the Elite Force were Zero's master, Yagari Toga, and the chairman of the school where Zero would be transferred, Kaien Cross.

"I understand the risk, Mr. President." Zero answered in a cool tone, the one he always used when talking to other hunters. "My decision to take the mission alone remains. While it is good that I will have company, the risk of being found out is also higher if I have a partner."

The old man smiled in a satisfied manner, as if the young hunter's answer was what he was hoping for in the first place. "Well, I expect good results from you, the very best hunter among his age group, and also someone who even exceeds many of the older hunters in the Elite Force. Kiryuu-kun, you don't have to give me satisfactory results immediately. You can just observe everything for a while. Well, that's it. Good luck with your mission. And don't forget–"

"I understand." Kiryuu bowed, cutting the old man from his words. "Mission is everything. Life is nothing before it." The old man nodded in satisfaction again.

Zero bowed again before he turned around together with his two companions and left the room without making any sound. All of them were so used to walking and moving very quietly because of their profession, and no one would even question it inside their headquarter. Since every hunter had a vampire blood in them because of the curse they got from their ancestors, they too sometimes moved or attacked in a very vampire-like manner, like walking very silently or having a very keen hearing and sight, though those abilities were still nowhere before real vampire senses.

"Are you really sure about your decision, kid?" Yagari, Zero's master who was with him in the room, asked quietly. "Spying on the enemy is a very dangerous mission, even if you will be put in the so-called day class which is different from the night class where those bloodsuckers are."

"You worry too much, master." Zero sighed. He knew his master was just worried about him and all. But he still wanted his master to acknowledge him as a young hunter who had accomplished many dangerous missions and not simply a mere kid who could only rely on his master to survive.

"I don't know, kid. I just have a very bad feeling about this." Yagari brought out a stick of cigarette and put it in his mouth. He lit it with his lighter and looked at Zero again. "Be careful. And remember,–"

"Mission is everything. Life is nothing before it." His other companion named Yuzuru continued while smiling. The guy was also in the Elite Force and was older from Zero by a year. He was also Yagari's student, just like Zero. His light-brunette hair fluttered slightly as he looked at Yagari and his emerald eyes shone as they reflected the light from the cigarette.

Zero couldn't help but also repeat the same words, but with a more serious face and dedication. "Yes, mission is everything. Life is nothing before it." The words carry a very deep meaning in them and the hunters were all treating the vow as truth. They would all gladly die for the sake of their mission because a failure in doing a mission is the same as dying for them. The honor and dignity one would lose, not to mention the payment, after a failed mission would make him wish that he was dead instead.

"But even though that is the Elite Force's vow," Yagari scratched the back of his head as he puffed smoke in the air. "Don't get too careless and rash to your death, kid."

"I know, master." Zero answered. Even though the mission was really important for them, they all knew that it would not be accomplished if they were nothing but cold corpses. Their life should be dedicated to completing their missions so it was idiocy to rush one's own death.

"And don't forget to smile at your vampire-to-be friends at school." Yuzuru chuckled. "You won't get any inside information if you don't mingle with them."

"I don't care about them." Zero could feel his blood boiling just at the sound of the word vampire. He now wondered how long he would be able to restrain himself before he started killing them all inside that school. "I can get the information I want without talking to them."

"Yuzuru is right, kid." Yagari said. "Even I am against befriending those demons. But for the sake of the mission, I'll gladly do so with gritted teeth."

"Well, that's Zero for you." Yuzuru chuckled again. "He's the most snobbish and unsociable guy I've ever met after all… I bet he won't even have any human friends there."

"Shut up." Zero muttered. "Don't you have anything else to do?"

"I have a mission actually." His senpai answered after chuckling. "But I figured you might get too lonely without me in that school, so master and I will accompany you outside the headquarters."

"Shut up. I will be happier without you. Besides, I can walk on my own. And I don't need a tour guide to show the way outside of my home." Zero said. Yuzuru merely chuckled but what Zero said was true. He was currently living in the headquarters so it was like a home to him. He used to live together with Yagari during his childhood but he left the house when he became a professional hunter and decided to live in their headquarters, just like most of the hunters who had no family did.

The three of them walked in corridors quietly, passing by some important people and bowing to them, greeting other hunters, and chatting silently. Well, it was Yuzuru who mostly did the talking because Zero was not very cooperative and Yagari had a cigarette stuck in his mouth so he didn't want to talk too much.

"So, good luck, kid." Yagari patted Zero's back as the latter stepped inside a black car. The driver who was waiting patiently earlier immediately went inside and turned the engine on. The car immediately roared to life as Yagari gave his disciple a parental smile. The feeling of foreboding was making him choke. If he wasn't a professional hunter and a strong man, he would've rushed to the President's room once again and pleaded for Zero's mission to be given to someone else. But he knew his disciple would see that as him looking down at the younger hunter's capabilities, and he didn't want Zero to feel anything like that so he hid his concern inside his almost steel heart. "I hope to see you sometime soon."

"I will definitely go back." Zero said casually, but his two companions knew it was a sort of oath for Zero. They smiled to themselves as they saw how their silver-haired hunter was maturing.

"Please don't bring a vampire with you as a gift or souvenir, okay?" Yuzuru joked as he rubbed his surly kouhai's silver hair. Zero gave them one last glance before he closed the tinted car window. The car immediately drove away and the two stared at it until it vanished as it turned into a corner of the busy city street.

Yagari looked at the gathering dark clouds and emerging moon, and knew that the bad feeling he had had something to do with Zero's mission after all. His instincts were almost never wrong. He just hoped that whatever it was that would test his disciple, whom he treated as his own son, would not be so dire that he would have to come to the rescue. He was brought out from his musings when he heard Yuzuru's voice.

"It seems like the thunderstorm in the weather report yesterday will come upon us sooner than expected. I hope Zero has an umbrella." He uttered. "Well, I better get going. See you, master!"

"Ah, yes. Good luck in your mission." Yagari said distractedly. "Mission is everything…"

"Life is nothing before it." Yuzuru grinned. "I know, master. And don't you worry too much about that brat. Your real age is showing on your face." And he walked away while laughing. Yagari puffed another smoke-filled breathe in the air as he lit another cigarette. He couldn't help but smile at his older disciple's comment. Maybe he was really just worrying too much. Zero could handle himself well and his mission, though a very dangerous one, would also be a success. He went inside the building just as the rain started pouring down.

Everyone immediately brought out their umbrellas. The others who had nothing of the sort used their hands to cover a part of their head while running for some roofs.

Zero watched them quietly inside the car. His palm was on his chin and his elbow was leaning on the closed window. He could see those people outside running from the rain. He thought how oblivious they were of their surroundings. They didn't even know that the streets and other places they were walking to were reeking of and being crawled upon by so many bloodsuckers ready to devour them the second their guard was low. They were all ignorant of everything… He thought about his childhood and how he was also like that back then, before he became a hunter and encountered those demons in human skin.

Although he had no personal hatred for the vampires, the ideologies of a hunter were drilled so much in his brain that he could hardly accept those creatures as something that should walk upon the face of the earth, even those so-called nobles and purebloods.

He opened his eyes and was a bit surprised that he fell asleep. He didn't realize he was still a little tired because of his mission yesterday. He and an equally quiet guy named Leon was sent to Clidoren, a city far in the east, to exterminate some level E vampires. The two of them were very skilled but the dozens and dozens of level Es tired them out, especially because the bastards just had no sense of secrecy and kept on attacking humans in the city at night. They had to erase every human's memories in the area and they also had to cover-up everything. The mission took longer than usual but it was a success, like everything the Elite Force did. But he was tired and he just got back earlier. He had no sleep for three days now.

This infiltration mission was already given to him about a week ago and his luggage was delivered to the school yesterday while he was still in his other mission. What happened earlier in the president's room was just a simple debriefing in case he forgot something or wanted to ask more questions before he left. The old man suggested for him to have a partner in the spying mission but he argued that it was too dangerous to have more than one spy in an area because there was always the risk of getting found out if there were too many movements from hunter-reeking individuals. Zero knew that it was just as dangerous if he was alone, but at least then, he wouldn't have to worry about anything but his own survival and his mission. He couldn't afford to worry about other people while he was in a mission because it would only make the mission more difficult. It seemed the old man understood his reasons and agreed. His master was against it but Yagari wouldn't be able to argue against the president after all.

Zero sighed as he leaned his head on the window and took some more naps. He needed to relax his system. Because after he arrived in the school, he would be on constant lookout for any movements and he needed to raise his guard even higher there, in the den of those beasts.

He was once again awoken by a roaring sound. The flash of lightning and the sound of thunder echoed as the rain poured down heavily. Almost all the people in the supposed busy street to the train station were gone and those who were still bravely walking under the sudden thunderstorm were visibly trembling under their umbrellas. He remembered Yuzuru saying something about thunderstorm yesterday but he wasn't listening then. Now, he realized he had no umbrella to use.

The car halted in front of the train station and Zero immediately sprinted gracefully out of the car and into the station. His ticket was ready and he only had to board the train. He quietly walked inside the station while wishing the thunder would stop. His keen hearing was doing nothing but buzz because of too much vibration of sound wave. He shook his head gently to try to get the feeling off but it was no use. It's one of the main reasons why he didn't like going in a mission when the weather was bad, because it could dampen his senses.

He went aboard the train and sat in his seat number. His compartment was a first class one so he was the only one inside. It was cold inside the train because of the air conditioner but he could tolerate it. Although, it could have been a lot better if he weren't wet.

After a while, he heard some knocks on the door and his immediate response was to pull out his silver gun, the Bloody Rose. It was bound to his lower knee by a thin rope so it could escape the inspection and the metal detector, which was mostly placed from the head to the torso. The knock was repeated when he didn't answer and he slowly opened the door. He immediately put the gun behind him when he saw a middle-aged female in uniform. His reflex was very swift that the female didn't even notice he was holding something just a second ago. She smiled at him ignorantly.

"You ticket please, sir." She said. She looked at Zero's clothes before she looked at his face again. He was wearing a white tuxedo which was fitted to his slender but well-built body. Some of its upper buttons were open and his upper chest was deliciously exposed. His creamy skin together with his silver hair complemented the clothes very well and he looked really gorgeous with his silver earrings and all, except for the fact that he was wet because of the rain earlier. And yet, ironically, it also added to his natural charm.

"Oh, here." Zero brought out his wallet and took the ticket. He handed in his ticket and the female read it before she put a stamp onto it and put it in her bag. She gave Zero another ticket, which was green in color. The other one was yellow. The green-colored ticket was the passenger's copy of the ticket.

"Thank you, sir." She bowed before she smiled again. She took another glance at Zero before she walked away with a smile on her face. Zero closed the door again. He sighed as he sat on the soft sofa. He had no idea why the lady looked happy but he was sure she was making fun of his clothing. He told Yuzuru earlier to help him prepare decent clothes and that was his senpai's definition of what it was to be decent. And he wasn't even going to any company business or a party. He was just going to a school, for goodness's sake. He sighed again. He now wondered if that's also the reason why the old man's lips were twitching earlier when he came into the room. And if that's also the reason why his master looked dumbstruck when he first saw Zero.

"Damn Yuzuru…" He thought. "He'll definitely get it when I get back from this mission…"

He felt the gun behind him and put it back on his lower knee. He stretched his arms as his eyes darted outside. He couldn't see anything outside the glass window except million droplets of rain trying to enter his compartment in vain. In the end, he decided it was a vain attempt to try and see the view in the dark anyway so he just let his eyelids drop as he was pulled into the depth of slumber.

It was raining and his little twin brother was crying in their bed. He had flu and he couldn't sleep because the thunder was so loud it scared him so much.

"Don't cry, Ichiru." Zero said as he gently brushed a towel on his brother's hot forehead and cheeks. Their parents were out hunting and only the two of them were in the house.

"Zero, don't leave me here alone." Ichiru mumbled. His body was trembling and Zero was so afraid for his brother he didn't know what to do.

"I won't leave you. I promise…" He couldn't do anything but hug his brother to sleep.

He felt his brother's burning body but he didn't mind. His brother needed him and he would definitely protect Ichiru. The burning of his brother's body continued until it already hurt even his skin. He opened his eyes again and saw, to his shock and utter fear, that everything was burning. Ichiru was burning but he was still hugging Zero. Zero was too scared of what was happening that he tried to grab the basin filled with lukewarm water and splashed it on his brother. But on the basin was not water anymore but blood. Zero was so frightened that he instinctively threw the basin away.

"Zero… Zero… You said you'll protect me…" Ichiru smiled. "So don't let go…"

"Ichiru!" Zero shouted as he tried to struggle from his brother's grip. He felt himself get engulfed in the flame and his whole body was devoured, unable to return and unable to live again.

His eyes opened with a start. He was sweating coldly and he was trembling, from the dream or from the coldness, he didn't know. His fists were clenching his white tuxedo, and they were very pale. He breathed deeply as he tried to calm himself down. He looked outside and saw that it was still raining hard, though the thunders had stopped. The feeling of the heavy metal on his lower knee somehow calmed him down. He reached for it and touched it with his fingers. The cursive inscription on its side always reminded him of his past. He sat straightly and closed his eyes again. Now he was afraid to sleep. Those pieces of his past were supposed to be buried deep inside him, sealed and forever forgotten. He wondered why he was dreaming of them now.

He looked at his watch and saw that an hour and a half had past since he fell asleep, since it was now 9 in the evening. He decided to stand up and go to the dining area. He was always a first class passenger so he knew that there was a meal waiting for him in the dining section. It's not as if he was a big time hunter. It's just that the money that hunters used for their mission were from the Association and not from their own pockets. That's why they could spend out all their mission money while saving their own income. Others might say it was cheating, but that's how the hunters operate.

He went out of his compartment and walked quietly along the carpeted corridor of the train. He continued walking until he reached the dining section. There were people eating merrily and there were those who preferred to eat alone. Some of the passengers glanced at him when he walked in the area but there were those who really did nothing but stare at him, forgetting their own meals at the same time. He was still basically wet because of the rain and his sweat, and he was slightly trembling due to coldness, but his overall appearance didn't change much from earlier. He was still as gorgeous as ever, and other people couldn't help but stare at him with unmistakable awe and admiration. Some of the older women who were also first class passengers were even staring at him with their eyes full of lust.

He sat in a vacant table and a waiter immediately approached him and asked for his order. He read the menu quietly and decided to just order carbonara and a glass of hot milk. The waiter stared at him for a while when he said his order. It seemed the old man was a bit surprised that he, a person of such cool demeanor, would drink milk during dinner. And moreover, carbonara was still basically pasta with lots of milk. When Zero gave one cold glare, the waiter immediately understood that he was not joking and wrote his order on a piece of paper before he went to the counter to get it cooked.

Zero waited for a while, doing nothing but stare outside the glass window where he couldn't even make out anything because of the torrent. He didn't know how long he stared at the darkness absentmindedly but he knew a while had passed before his order was given to him by the same waiter.

"Would you like some towel, sir?" He asked kindly, glancing at Zero's attire, but Zero merely shook his head before he started eating his carbonara.

The old man shook his head before he left the hunter's side and attended to other passengers' needs. Zero took his first half-mouthful of pasta and he was once again reminded that the dish was Ichiru's favorite. He used to cook carbonara for his twin brother when they were young and the dish just became his favorite as well. Ichiru was also a bit thin and Zero always made milk for him. If Ichiru didn't want to drink it, it was Zero who did so despite having his own glass. He didn't know when it started, but now he had the tendency to drink milk whenever he had a nightmare concerning his twin brother. Or rather, he had the tendency to drink milk always. The milk was making him feel calmer and more in control.

He took his time to eat and almost twenty minutes had already passed when he finished his supposed dinner. He stood up from his seat and walked silently towards the other train compartment. The waiter bowed to him as he left.

The train was about to take a stop and that place was where he was going. He returned to his compartment and sat on the sofa again. The rain had almost stopped but he had no intention of looking outside anymore. His mission was about to start and he had to prepare himself not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. The school where he was going to was a den full of those beasts in human form after all. He brought out his wallet once again and stared at the picture inside.

In the picture was a family of four members. The father looked very much like Zero, mature and handsome, and the two little twins on the man's sides looked like miniature versions of him. The mother, a very beautiful woman with long brunette hair ponytailed at the back, was smiling like everyone else. The photo, as seen in its background, was taken in a very bright and sunny place, away from the real environment where the kids lived and the parents worked.

Zero sighed as he stared at the photo with so much longing and grief. Even after ten years, the pain and the trauma that that tragic night caused was still so great that it could sometimes still make him tremble and make his mind completely stop. During those times, his master was the one who would take care of him and excuse him from any hunter mission.

"Father, Mother, Ichiru… I'll make sure to make this mission a success as well." He thought strongly before he mumbled. "I'm so sorry…" He bit his lower lip very hard to prevent his heart from shattering even more and to stop himself from whimpering. He still couldn't bear to look at their smiling faces in the picture without his tears flowing endlessly.

In the end, he had to put his wallet back in his tux's inside pocket and take his attention to somewhere else. As usual, it was the touch of the heavy metal on his skin that was able to calm him down. Bloody Rose was his partner and his savior. And it was the only memento he had of his past, the only thing which didn't turn into dust that night while everything else did. Right now, the Association was everything to him and its laws and missions were his life. He was now dedicating his entire life into serving the Elite Force and exterminating those demons. He knew he was nothing if it wasn't for the Association and he would do everything, even sacrificing his meager life, just to help bring about its ideals and doctrines.

"I will do everything for the sake of the Association…" He recited in his mind his mission in simple terms. He needed to infiltrate the school, Cross Academy, which was a den of vampires and gather information about their activities. He needed to learn what they were planning or if they had something going on under the surface of being mere students. He learned from the reports that a pureblood was ruling over the area so this dangerous mission was at least ten times more dangerous than any other infiltration. And as he felt the train slowed down, he recited the words that the Association deeply ingrained inside his mind. "Mission is everything. Life is nothing before it."

The train stopped fully and he walked out of the compartment and out of the train. Many people also scurried together with him and many more boarded. He knew this particular mission was so dangerous it could get him killed any second that passed. That's why he made sure to go alone. After a while of standing on the platform, he grew tired and sat in one of the benches used by waiting passengers. He had no baggage so it wasn't annoying to travel, unlike the family sitting on the same bench who were just a meter away from him.

The father had a son and a daughter, both were little kids. The mother was carrying the little girl while the father was standing beside their awfully heavy-looking and big travelling bags and luggage. These people too, Zero thought, had no idea how dangerous the place that they were in was. They had no idea there were a whole bunch of vampires studying in a school just some five kilometers from the station. And for a vampire, five kilometers were nothing more than some minutes' worth of travel.

After some more minutes of observing other passengers, Zero had had enough and decided to leave the place even though it was still drizzling. It was a dark night with no moon in sight. Vampires liked to roam the streets during these nights and make their move against their prey. It's not that Zero was afraid of them, but he was afraid to make any ruckus just before he entered into a spying mission. Killing some Level D or even some Level Es would immediately tell other vampires that a hunter was in the place and he would immediately be observed. He didn't want to be found out so soon just after he entered the place. It would mean failure of his mission and he would rather die than go back to the headquarters with that kind of report, if he would even be able to go back after having been found out – especially in a territory ruled over by a pureblood.

He walked outside the station and onto the street. He thought that the Chairman of the school was supposed to escort him, but it seemed he was stood up. He sighed as he kept walking, oblivious to the curious glances people were throwing on him, and continued until he reached the outskirt of the city. By then, he was totally soaked with the rain and he had to stop in a waiting shed as he brought out the Bloody Rose. He tucked the gun in his belt, with only the holder popping out, and waited for the rain to turn back into a drizzle once more. The gun was still hidden from sight because of his tuxedo so he didn't mind that its holder was popping out.

After a while, when the rain had almost stopped, he started walking again. The school where he would be transferred was still almost five kilometers ahead and he knew his energy would run out by then because of the coldness. From that waiting shed onwards, there was nothing but deep and dark forest, and Zero instinctively knew that that forest was inhabited by vampires even if he couldn't feel anything from it right now. The road had curves but there was only one way. In between him and the road were nothing but huge trees that hid those creatures. He walked silently for a while, hearing nothing but the sound of water droplets on the pavement and the leaves grazing each other as the cold night wind blew.

He continued walking until he had covered at least two kilometers. There was nothing he could feel except emptiness so he was a bit low-guarded when he heard some swift movements in the forest. He immediately knew there was something off with the situation. Vampires right off the bat. The movement wasn't far from his position, but he didn't want to go and chase after it because his infiltration mission could be at risk. He waited for it to come but it didn't. He walked some quiet steps and the supposed body, or bodies, shifted in their position. He's being observed. He continued walking despite the annoying feeling of being stared at from every direction. He noticed now that the movements had increased.

"Shit, more of them are coming this way." He gritted his teeth as he continued walking silently. He wasn't even in the school yet, and he would most likely already be engaged in a battle. He didn't come in the place to directly attack everyone. He needed to make his moves as discreet and as unnoticed as possible. But with this new situation just upon his arrival, he knew he couldn't do that anymore. His instinct was shouting danger to him and he could feel more than twenty of them now. He was surrounded. His hunter sensor told him they were merely Level Es but his instincts were rampaging inside him, shouting for him to kill them all because it was dangerous. "What a way to welcome me."

He gripped the handle of the Bloody Rose just as the first attacker came flying at him. He instinctively pulled the gun from his belt and shot the Level E vampire in the head. The vampire, a male, immediately burst into dust when the silver bullet came in contact with him. The other vampires started attacking him from all sides and he fired incessantly but coolly at every one of them. They might just be merely Level Es but their movements were fiercer than any normal vampires because they followed only their instinct and the scent of blood.

After all, hunter blood could be a replacement for the thick and luscious blood of the purebloods because of its intoxicating scent and power. Of course, it was still nothing in comparison to the purebloods' but its unique scent could still excite vampires to no end. Hunters knew that very well and they often used that characteristic of their blood to lure out their enemies. It was one of their vampire-like characteristics and they often used it for their own benefits instead of fearing it.

Zero, however, could feel that he was getting in a more disadvantageous position as more and more enemies kept coming out and attacking him. He barely had the time to load his bullets and fire at his enemies as they attacked him in a very systematic way. He knew they were planning something because even though he had no ambition of chasing after them, he suddenly found himself being directed to the forest. They were attacking him and he was unconsciously taking a step backwards every time a vampire would come very close to him. In the end, he knew he was being guided into a very obvious trap, but he couldn't do anything because there were too many of them and there was only one of him.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang and he felt his right shoulder area getting hot. He didn't expect it to happen to him and he didn't think these vampires would do something so hunter-like. That's the main reason why he was low-guarded when someone from behind, not far from him, shot him using an unmistakable gun and the bullet went straight in his shoulder. He barely had time to turn around when two other bullets hit his two legs. He gritted his teeth to prevent himself from crying in pain. He immediately hid behind a trunk and tried to search for the one who fired at him as he relentlessly fired at the vampires who kept on flying at him from everywhere. However, he couldn't even feel the aura of the one who shot him let alone see anything in the dark forest despite his keen vision. He knew the one who fired those bullets was no amateur in guns because of the areas where the bullets hit him and also because it was dark and mere Level E vision was not far from hunter senses at all. And yet that vampire managed to hit him. What's worse was the fact that the vampires were just too organized in their attacks. Zero couldn't help but feel that there was really something off in the place.

After a while, the number of the attacking vampires slowly decreased and Zero was just too thankful because he already knew that there was something inside the bullets that hit him. His legs were getting heavier together with his right shoulder and the pain was quickly spreading. He couldn't even feel the Bloody Rose in his hands anymore. All his mind could focus on was the excruciating pain in his shoulder and his legs. He was used to pain because this was not the first time he was shot by a gun. But this was an entirely different matter because the feeling was totally different. It's like there was something inside the bullet which made his pain several times worse and his limbs several times heavier.

His exhaustion and the night's coldness was also another problem. He walked at least three kilometers because he didn't want to invite unnecessary burden by asking someone to take him into the school – especially since he was stood up by someone who was supposed to take him to the school. He also knew his blood would attract vampires and other people would just be a burden for him if a battle started. But walking three kilometers alone at night, raining, soaking wet, and shivering from coldness could easily exhaust even a strong hunter like him.

"Shit…"He muttered as he felt his body getting heavier and heavier until he could no longer move. It was all he could do in order to not cry in agony. He fell on his sides beside the trunk of the tree where he hid and fired some more shots into the remaining vampires before everything went totally quiet, eerily quiet that Zero, though he couldn't move much now, didn't dare let his consciousness waver even a second. The ground was soaking wet and his white tuxedo was now filled with mud and ashes. Not to mention his own blood.

His body might be exhausted but his mind was another matter. He was alert and his senses where still as active as earlier, although it was still dulled by the sound and scent of the rain. Everything was quiet, but then he felt that he was still not alone in the place. He gritted his teeth when he realized how utterly weak and vulnerable he was right now.

Despite the overwhelming pain in his right shoulder, he tried to grip the Bloody Rose tighter and readied for that unmistakable scent of a pureblood to come. When some minutes had passed and still nothing came, Zero decided to at least drag his body into an upright position. He was too vulnerable lying on his sides and he didn't like it. But it was a wrong decision since just the slightest movement made his shoulder and legs tremble and the feeling that they were burning made him let out a stifled whimper. He didn't like that feeling at all, the feeling of fire gorging out his flesh. It always made him remember the tragedy that had occurred ten years ago.

He hated it so much… fire, that is.




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