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Chapter 3

Now that Zero was more relaxed, his eyes darted on the room's entirety. There was one huge bed across the bathroom. On the bed's right side, from Zero's point of view, was a wooden two-layered shelf. Above it was a huge rectangular mirror hanging on the wall. Zero could see his image in the mirror. He was naked except for the small towel on his abdomen area down to his upper thighs. His skin looked so soft and creamy with all the droplets of water trickling down his chest and torso area. His hair was still wet and the tips were also contributing to the total delicious wet look that he had. On the shelf's right side was a tall cabinet where his clothes and other things would be kept. On the bed's left side were a study table and supposedly, a chair. But the chair was currently in front of the cabinet. The wall on his right side had the door and on his left side was an open window where the sunrays come from.

His room looked so bright and warm, something he was not used to. He cleaned himself with the towel and clothed himself immediately. He started unpacking more of his things and put them in the shelf and the cabinet. Some of them, like his books and his educational things, were put on the study table. He needed to look like he was really here to study after all.

After he finished doing everything, his hair was already dry and he felt that he wanted nothing to do for now but sleep, until he heard knocks on his door.

Zero looked at it for a while before he answered. "Come in." The door opened and Zero knew who the person was even before he felt, rather than saw, that overly familiar way of smiling at him.

"Is it a nice room, Kiryuu-kun?" Cross asked.

"It's okay." He answered casually. He wasn't really used to this kind of environment so he didn't know what he would feel. He looked at Cross and immediately knew that those topics were not really related to what they would talk about right now.

"You were attacked by vampires, weren't you?" Cross asked seriously.

"Yes, it was obvious." He answered as he sat on the bed, feeling really exhausted. "Are you going to report me to the Association?"

"No, not really." His eyes were so serious Zero could have thought he was a different person than the awfully cheery man he met earlier on the road. "I want to know who bit you."

"Heh? You also knew about that? How convenient." Zero voiced in a sarcastic manner.

"Kiryuu-kun, I want to help you." Cross said seriously as he too sat on a nearby chair.

Zero's gaze darted straight into Cross's as he heard the words. The Chairman was indeed helping vampires… He needed to report it to the Association immediately. Cross, however, immediately guessed what Zero was thinking and voiced his side so he would not be misunderstood.

"Kiryuu-kun, I want to help you not because you are a vampire." He said. He didn't want to cause any unnecessary trouble with the Association right now. It was suicidal. "I want to help you because you are my friend's, Yagari's, student. I want to help you because you are part of the Elite Force where I used to belong. That's all."

"This person is very observant…" Zero thought as he heard Cross's explanation. He didn't know if Cross was saying the truth but he knew Cross read what was on his mind based only on his cold facial expression. This mission was more dangerous than he originally thought. If he was like this, then the vampires in this area would most likely be the same. For a while, the thought about him being a vampire became the least of his problems, until it was brought back by Cross again.

"We need to do something so you won't turn into Level E." He said. And suddenly, Zero really wanted to just shoot a bullet into his head. He didn't want to become one of those creatures that didn't have any will anymore and just moved based on their instincts. He didn't want to become the lowest of the lowest kind of monster. He at least wanted to die as a hunter and maintain his honor as being one.

"What do you mean?" He asked, suddenly interested, though it wasn't showing on his stoic face. He didn't want Cross to have any advantage over him, but if that would at least delay the thing inside him from overpowering his will, then it was worth it. If what Cross would suggest could suppress the vampire that was now in him, at least until he could complete his mission, then he wouldn't care if he died after it, even by Cross's hands.

"First of all, I want to know who bit you." Cross went back to his initial question.

"Tch." Zero didn't know what the hell Cross would do if he knew, or if he just wanted to confirm something, but he didn't care anymore. "A pureblood named Shizuka Hiou."

The Chairman's shocked expression was marvelous, and Zero could have laughed because of it, except for the fact that it meant he could be in more trouble than he thought.

"Shizuka… Hiou..?" Cross mumbled. "But she was currently in custody…"

"I don't care if you believe me or not." Zero said as he yawned. But it was a wrong move on his part. He immediately felt a burning sensation in his chest as he inhaled the air and his mind initially panicked when he thought his agony last night would be repeated. However, after some seconds, he quickly realized it was an entirely new burning sensation, but was just as dangerous as the former one. He clutched his chest when the burning escalated.

"Kiryuu-kun?" Cross called in worry, but Zero couldn't even bear to open his mouth because of the pain. His mouth felt so dry and he wanted something. "You're… thirsty…"

Just as Zero realized what was wrong to him, his eyes immediately turned into burning red as he looked at Cross with shock. Cross wasn't the least surprised in what he saw, even when Zero bared his fangs at him. "I…" He smelled Cross's scent and he knew the Chairman's scent was what caused the attack. Cross had hunter blood and it smelled so good to him. "Please… leave…"

"No, Kiryuu-kun, I'll help you." He stood from his chair and approached Zero but the latter stepped away from him. The young hunter just looked so miserable it was unbearable for him not to help.

"Don't come near me!" He shouted as he clutched his chest tighter. Cross merely looked at him in concern and still approached. He held Zero by the shoulders and made the young hunter look at him.

"We need to perform a seal on you. Without the powerful blood of a pureblood, you will definitely turn into Level E in no time at all."

"What seal?" The teen asked as he tried to concentrate on what Cross was saying and not on what his neck looked like.

"A seal to at least make your pain and thirst bearable, to at least suppress the vampire will inside you." Cross answered as he ushered Zero on the bed. The teen lay on his back and the older man straddled him by the waist, kneeling above him. Zero was trembling from so much self restraint and Cross didn't waste any more time. He immediately unbuttoned the young hunter's shirt and placed his right hand on Zero's neck.

Zero struggled against him as his thirst slowly but gradually won against his will. He couldn't comprehend what Cross was doing anymore, especially when the older hunter started reciting incantations he couldn't recognize. All he could think of at the moment was the burning pain in his throat and the throbbing feeling of his fangs. It had grown beautifully because of the Chairman's scent and was now in dire need of blood. Cross continued to recite words that Zero instinctively knew was the supposed sealing charm. His vampire side started to struggle inside him, trying to gain control and resulting to the rekindling of the agonizing burning sensation he felt at the forest.

Zero screamed in agony and tried to break free from Cross's grip as the seal started to take effect and burn red marks on his neck, at the part where he was bitten. It burned so much that he initially regretted agreeing to take part of it and even thought for a second about pushing Cross off of him. But the older hunter was much more powerful than his slender looks suggested and Zero could do nothing but struggle in futility even though he was now a Level D vampire. At the end of the spell, Zero's pain was just too much even for him to handle that he actually fainted.

"Zero, play with me…" Zero heard Ichiru's voice from behind him. His younger twin was ill and his parents clearly told him not to do anything that could exhaust his brother.

"Ichiru…" Zero was about to protest but when he saw his brother's expression as he turned around to face him, he knew he couldn't say no to his twin.

He considered it to be his fault that his brother was like this. Ichiru should have been stronger if it wasn't for Zero eating his life energy when they were still in their mother's womb. Even as a child, he considered it to be his fault and promised to himself that he would give everything that Ichiru wanted. He would do anything that his brother wanted him to do. It was partly because he loved Ichiru too much and partly to pay for his unforgivable sin.

"Alright." He smiled kindly at his brother.

The two of them played outside their house, under the slowly falling snow. The environment was quiet and only their laughter filled the forested area where they lived.

The two of them built a snow man and they threw snow balls at each other. Zero purposefully missed his brother while Ichiru tried his best to hit Zero in futility. His aim was so bad that he was missing his older twin by more than a meter. After a while, Ichiru got tired and wished to play inside the house.

"Zero, I'm cold…" Ichiru voiced and Zero immediately took him into their room and prepared a glass of milk for him and also for himself.

"Here's milk." Zero said as he gave the glass to Ichiru. He waited for his younger twin to take his first gulp before he took his own glass. He was about to drink it when he saw that it wasn't white anymore but crimson in color. In surprise, he immediately dropped the glass and it shattered on the floor. The crimson liquid smelled so good for him but he knew he didn't want to drink it.

"Zero? What's wrong?" Ichiru asked.

"Ah, nothing. Sorry, my hand slipped." He smiled guiltily. He didn't want to lie to Ichiru but it couldn't be helped. He looked at the floor again. "I'll clean it."

"You can have my milk. I don't feel cold anymore anyway." Ichiru said and Zero looked at him once more only to be shocked the second time. "After all, I'm burning." His eyes widened when he saw how Ichiru's body was being slowly engulfed by fire.

"Ichiru!" He immediately took the cover and used it to put out the fire on Ichiru's body. "Ichiru, Ichiru!"

"Ichiru…" He opened his eyes and saw two chocolate eyes staring at him with so much concern. He didn't know those eyes, but he knew that somehow, he had already seen them.

"How are you feeling?" Yuuki asked when she saw Zero's eyes slowly open. "You're burning up and I'm taking care of you in place of the Chairman. He said you collapsed earlier because you have a cold." She was sitting on the chair where Cross sat earlier and was bending over him.

"Burning…" He initially mumbled distractedly, but when the meaning of the word dawned to him, he immediately jolted and was almost out of the bed when Yuuki caught his arm. It was also a good reflex because Zero felt his head swirling and he almost fell on the floor if it wasn't for Yuuki's little body supporting him. He felt so weak and nauseated.

"Hey, it's okay. It's okay…" She tried to comfort him when she saw that he was suddenly afraid of something. "I only meant your temperature is too high. You're sick… Please rest a little more." He didn't argue anymore and went back to the bed once again. He saw a towel right beside his pillow and a basin on the table beside his bed. He also saw outside the window that it was now dark.

"The Chairman told me to make you drink your medicine after you wake up." She added in a livelier manner.

"Medicine..?" His eyebrows creased and Yuuki immediately brought out a small transparent bottle full of pills. It didn't have any label so he didn't know what kind of medicine it was.

"Can you sit, Kiryuu-san?" She asked in uncertainty. He nodded and she helped him sit on his bed. That simple movement, he realized now that he's calmed down, made his muscles ache so much. But it was bearable than earlier. She opened the bottle and gave him a pill. It was red in color and Zero couldn't recognize its structure nor had he seen anything like it in the past. He may not look it but he was also quite knowledgeable about medicine because of his field of work. Hunters tend to be injured during battles and it was necessary that they knew how to tend themselves or their comrades' injuries and other worse conditions, especially if they were in a place where backup was impossible.

She was waiting for him to drink it and was also looking at something else. He realized she was looking at his neck. He knew she wasn't a vampire so it was making him curious as to what she was looking at. She noticed this and chuckled guiltily.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to stare." She apologized. "Here's water." She gave him a glass of water when she saw that he was just looking at the medicine. He silently took the glass and put the medicine in his mouth before he drank a gulp of water. The effect was instantaneous, and he knew it wasn't made to treat any flu or cold. It was made to satisfy the other burning sensation that he could still slightly feel when he woke up, except for the fact that it tasted so awful and it made his insides squirm.

"So they have a pill that can satiate a vampire's thirst for blood." He thought. He knew he needed to do more investigation and for that, he needed to talk to the person with the most knowledge about the situation in the school. "Where's Chairman Cross?"

"Ah, he's currently… in the kitchen." She said the last words quietly. He could feel that she was saying the truth so he couldn't understand why she was reluctant to say it.

So he's busy huh… Zero looked at Yuuki and noticed that she was blushing slightly, maybe because of the heat. He was observant but he didn't know how to interpret her actions. It was the first time he was able to be treated by a female after all, again except by his mother. She could do for now… "So you're Yuuki."

She looked surprised at the sudden change of conversation and immediately answered. "Ah, yes. I am Chairman Cross's adopted daughter."

"Are you a day class student?" Zero asked again, though very casually. He didn't want to rouse any suspicion even if she suddenly told the Chairman about his questioning.

"Ah, yes. I'm in the same class as you will be." She smiled. Zero heard that the Day Class is a class whose students are human, and the Night Class on the other hand is a class for vampires. The human students were usually already home by the time vampires would go to the classrooms so it wasn't really a direct co-existence between the two.

"I see." He answered although he knew that by now, it would surely be impossible for him to be in the Day Class anymore. And that would make his turning into a vampire a success. If he could infiltrate the vampire circle, then there's a possibility that his mission would come into completion, if he wasn't killed first.

Yuuki was still waiting for him to continue so he added more, just to make his questioning as subtle as possible. "Why do you call him 'Chairman' instead of 'father'? But that's only if you want to answer."

"Ah, no, that doesn't have any deep meaning." She chuckled and the bottle she was holding gently shook, making the pills hit each other and create a soft noise. "It was just a little embarrassing… And other students might feel that he favors me over everyone else… so…" Zero's attention went back to the pills and for now, he was really curious about it.

"Do you know what those pills are for?" He asked, just as subtly and casually as earlier.

"Ah, these are not medicine for the cold." She answered and his eyebrows gently creased. She knew what it was? "These are for the painful wound on your neck…" Zero's eyes widened and Yuuki thought he was offended. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you… It didn't look that bad actually. I was surprised when I saw it earlier. Chairman said you got it from an allergy… or something. He didn't specify…"

"I see." He answered calmly, at least on the outside, because inside he was itching to look at himself in the mirror and see for himself what the hell she was talking about.

"Ah, I need to go and round the school now so…" She trailed off, again afraid of offending him now that he started talking to her. "The chairman is in the kitchen… If you're okay now, you can go see him… uhmm…"

"It's okay. You can leave." He answered curtly when he noticed her discomfort, though his tone was a bit harsher than he intended. He wasn't used to speaking kindly after all. Yuuki just bowed in apology before she stood up. She didn't mind Zero's words because she knew the guy was not used to talking at all.

"He's a very quiet hunter…" She thought as she walked to the door. "I'll be leaving now. Make sure to rest some more!" Her tone was livelier than when she first entered the room and saw the state that he was in. When the door closed, Zero tried his best to get up and walk. He stopped in front of a big rectangular mirror hanging just above the table beside his bed and looked at his reflection fully. His eyes were back to their amethyst color and his fangs had retracted. And to his surprise, there was now an odd-shaped X with four daggers on each side on top of a cross-like tattoo on the left side of his neck. His fingers tried to touch it as his gaze was stilled on its form. He initially thought that the skin on the part of the tattoo were burnt and had swollen. But upon direct contact with his fingers, he felt that its surface was smooth, though there were some dried bloods here and there. No wonder the girl didn't look too convinced when the Chairman said it was an allergy…

He sighed as he walked towards the door and opened it. If the Chairman was really in the kitchen, then a conversation would make things livelier even though it wasn't his style to do so. Just as he went out of his room, however, even with his senses dulled and all, his hunter senses immediately alerted him that there was a vampire nearby, very nearby. His now sensitive nose could also catch the vampire's awfully intoxicating scent, a pureblood's scent. His senses screamed danger to him as he walked down the corridor as quietly as possible. He encountered no human, or others, and he reached the stairs much too quietly. On the first floor to the right was the kitchen, as what he had observed earlier when he entered the dormitory. He felt that the vampire's aura changed so he was sure that the vampire already knew he was trying to conceal his presence, but in vain. Purebloods were more powerful than even two or three of him, and he knew that very well. He wasn't about to go there and start attacking the vampire. He just wanted to see for himself the face of the so-called prince of the vampires and the son of the powerful Kurans, Kaname Kuran.

He was about to take another step when he felt like he would throw up. The burning sensation in his throat, or the thirst, was starting to come back and his insides felt so awful. He clutched his chest as his breathing became ragged. He coughed and was thankful that he didn't throw up. He stayed above the stairs for a while until he felt better again. He descended the stairs and he walked to the kitchen with senses screaming for him to either run the opposite direction or kill the beast just ahead of him. But he willed himself to fight both feelings for the sake of his mission. If he started anything now, it would really be the end for him.

"Kiryuu-kun, you're just in time." He heard Cross's voice said even before the older hunter saw him enter the kitchen quietly. "Kuran-kun and I are just talking about you." He was a bit surprised to see the Chairman wearing a pink apron with flower designs.

"What a great welcome. Am I busted now?" He thought, strongly wishing that it wasn't the case. His expression betrayed nothing of his inner turmoil except for the fact that he looked too wary of the pureblood in front of him. The vampire was sitting on a chair in front of Cross, just beside the kitchen table. He was wearing black trench coat and pants.

The pureblood only looked at Zero in aloofness when the hunter entered and his expression remained cold. His brunette wavy hair fluttered slightly as he turned to look at Zero and his chocolate eyes looked really hostile. But other than that, his beauty was so overwhelming he looked really unearthly. His creamy skin looked so smooth and soft and his eyes looked really gorgeous. Added with that was the fact that he smelled so delicious for Zero. Zero hadn't encountered any pureblood yet because they were extremely rare so he hadn't realize the extent of their charm until now. Well, he did, in the forest. But that was too tragic and painful that he didn't even see the face of the woman who bit him.

"Now, now, Kiryuu-kun. This is Kaname Kuran-kun." Cross chuckled when he also saw the hostility coming from both of them. "He is the head of the Moon Dormitory and the President of the Night Class students." He then looked at Kaname and smiled. "This is Zero Kiryuu-kun, the transfer student I was talking to you about."

"You're talking about me?" Zero asked harsher than he intended. He knew he was walking on a thin rope now because of his attitude. But if he played nice, it would also be too suspicious. Hunters were naturally wary of their enemies so it was so natural for him to be hostile to the pureblood even without any ulterior motive. He couldn't imagine acting otherwise. Zero knew he wouldn't be able to stop the urge to attack the vampire, even without any weapon, so he tried to focus his attention to Cross and erase the vampire's presence in his senses, which was proving to be a very difficult thing to do if not entirely impossible. He didn't know purebloods smelled that good to other vampires…

"Ah, yes. It's about the class where we will put you in." Cross answered. And with that, his attention quickly diverted to Cross and he had almost forgotten all about the pureblood except for the fact that he talked.

"I can feel that you are now a vampire, just like us." He said, and Zero couldn't help but glare at him. He didn't say it but his eyes said it all. He was not of them and he would never be. He was a hunter and he would not be anything other than that. He'd rather die…

"Well, Kuran-kun said that you should be put in the Night Class." Cross interrupted and Zero tried his hardest not to shiver with disgust. That's what he had been planning all along but the thought of being with those bloodsuckers 24/7 was just so unbearable for him. And besides, he now realized that he might not be able to investigate about Cross if he was in the Night Class. "But I'm against it."

He met Cross's gaze and saw nothing but concern in them. The Chairman was afraid to put a hunter in the midst of vampires, even if that hunter was now supposedly one of them. It was like sacrificing Zero, and also endangering the Night Class students at the same time.

"Where will I be?" He asked quietly, eyes still fixed on the Chairman. He didn't want to look at any brunette-looking thing right now. When he thought deeply about it, he realized he was afraid to be put together with the Day Class students as well in fear that he might attack them if his vampire side got the better of him. He didn't want to be the cause of any more imbalances between the vampires and the hunters by causing more problems. And on top of that, on top of everything, he wanted his last mission to be a success.

His train of thoughts was cut off by the hated brunette's voice. "You will be placed in the Day Class for now, but your room will be at the Moon Dorm."

His eyes widened at the decision. It looked like these two really planned it all. If he was on day class, he wouldn't be able to observe the vampire activities during the day because he was in school. And at night, when he got back to the dorm, the vampires would be in their classrooms. He would also not have any reason to go to the Chairman in the Sun Dorm because it wasn't his dorm and it would look too suspicious if he went here often. And it seemed this was the place where these two talked a lot… He could observe nothing, and he gritted his teeth when he realized that.

"Zero, don't worry. You can still go here if you want, if you're lonely in the Moon Dorm." Cross tried to comfort Zero. He thought that Zero's shocked expression was due to the fact that he would be made to live with vampires. He knew the young hunter might not be able to relax at all.

"Kuran-kun, I think it would be better if he stayed in the Sun Dorm after all." He said to Kaname.

"Chairman, it will be too dangerous to let him stay in the Sun Dorm where all the students sleep." He talked as if Zero was not present and it annoyed the young hunter greatly, though his expression didn't change at all. "You know why we came up with that decision when we learned that he was bitten. He is a dangerous existence to the human students, especially at night. At least, if he's in Moon Dorm, he is a little far from the Day Class Students. We chose to put him in Day Class at school because we know that vampires are weaker during the day. He wouldn't be able to lay a hand on the students without exhausting his energy first."

"I will not lay a hand on the other students, Chairman Cross." Zero said strongly. His words were directed to Cross since he was looking at the older hunter, but they all knew he was really talking to Kaname. He was annoyed that a vampire was trying to protect humans from him when it should be the opposite. He didn't trust vampires and he would never trust one.

"You don't know that for sure." Kaname now addressed him. "If your thirst overcomes you, it will be the end. You will become a Level E and we will hunt you down."

"Shut up, you vampire! Don't talk like you so fucking know me!" He couldn't help but shout. He was so frustrated and infuriated that a mere vampire was talking like a hunter towards him. He was clenching his fists and his fangs immediately bared themselves towards the pureblood.

Kaname looked really angry as he gritted his teeth in silence but he didn't make a move nor did he say anything to counter Zero's words. He just stood silently and watched the silver-haired hunter in front of him whose scent was almost making him lose himself. He was used to Cross's scent so he was not that affected by it, but the young hunter's scent needed an entirely different level of restraint. Zero's strong and intoxicating hunter blood could make even a cool and composed pureblood like him shiver in so much excitement and bloodlust. But Zero's character was another matter. If he let that boy roam free in the Moon Dorm, not only would he lose his honor and dignity in front of other vampires, he would also most likely lose his control. But for the sake of the human students… and most of all, for Yuuki's sake…

"Kiryuu-kun, calm down." Cross voiced. "That's why we did the Hunter Seal earlier so your vampire side would not take over you, at least not yet…"

Zero gritted his teeth hard. He didn't want to mess up this mission but he also couldn't bear to be stepped on by a vampire. His hunter dignity and pride just wouldn't keep quiet about it.

"Kuran-kun, I really think it'll be better if he stayed in the Sun Dorm." Cross answered. He didn't want to abandon Zero but he also didn't want to create trouble for the other students, may they be in Day Class or in Night Class.

"Then I suggest he leave the Sun Dorm at night." Kaname proposed at last. "He could be Yuuki's replacement as a prefect." Zero remembered that Yuuki needed to go somewhere earlier. So that's what it was all about.

"What a good idea!" Cross beamed excitedly. "But why a replacement? The two of them could be partners!"

"Partners?" Kaname was disturbed by the fact that he just led Yuuki into an awfully dangerous situation. He wanted Zero out of the dorm at night and being a prefect would be a good idea. But Yuuki would also be out at night because she's a prefect, so Kaname thought Zero could just replace Yuuki. But it seemed Cross had some other plans. "Are you sure about that, Chairman?"

"Of course, it would be great!" Cross looked too excited to be interrupted and Kaname was about to be going. "Are you okay with that, Kiryuu-kun?"

"Ah, yes…" He said. It was better than actually doing nothing. And besides, being a prefect could mean he can be at places where he normally shouldn't go and no one would question it. He could use that opportunity to investigate the whole school activity, especially at night.

"I'll just go back here some other time then." Kaname voiced as he excused himself.

"Alright, come over any time you want." Cross answered with a smile and Kaname moved so swiftly he was barely visible to both Cross and Zero. The Chairman's gaze turned towards Zero and he smiled kindly. "Don't worry. I won't abandon you."

Zero's eyes widened at that statement. He wanted to say something in return, but he just couldn't find the right words. He was speechless and overwhelmed. He suddenly realized he needed to hear that so much. He felt his insides warm up and his eyes stung. He was a bit guilty, but despite the kindness that Cross showed, his mission would continue.

"Kyaa! Kiryuu-kun looked so awed at me!" Cross suddenly blurted out which made the young hunter's veins of annoyance pop out. He was about to retaliate when he felt his insides burn again. He clutched his chest as he felt himself choking. "Kiryuu-kun? Are you alright?" Zero gritted his teeth when the much anticipated and at the same time feared pain rekindled anew. It had the same feeling when he was up in the stairs but it was worse. "Kiryuu-kun!?"

Zero couldn't even answer as his knees gave out and he stumbled on the floor as his left hand clutched his chest tighter and his right hand covered his mouth. He felt so nauseated and his throat felt so dry. He coughed and was surprised to taste blood in his mouth. He felt Cross bent over him and he positioned Zero in a more upright manner. Zero continued to cough up blood and Cross didn't know what to do for a while.

"It's… the pills..?" Zero heard Cross mumble. "Your body is rejecting it…" He understood what Cross meant but he just couldn't bear to form any words right now as he continued coughing and coughing up so much blood. In fact, he was now throwing up blood and making a mess out of the Sun Dorm's kitchen.

Cross noticed this as well and immediately carried Zero into the nearest bathroom. "Sorry for carrying you like this, Kiryuu-kun. But it will be a big problem if other students see you in this shape."

Zero couldn't even protest as his insides continued to squirm and he continued to throw up blood. Cross put him down on the bathroom's floor, once again in a more upright position. He bent over the toilet and looked like he threw up all the remaining blood inside him because he looked so pale and drained after what happened. He remained still for a while. His eyes were closed and he waited for his breathing to return to normal before he opened them again. Cross smiled at him just as the older male brought out a towel and soaked it in water. He cleaned the blood off Zero's face and neck. He also rubbed them off the clothes the young hunter was wearing, though he knew it was impossible to completely clean the garment now. Zero was too exhausted and too weak to even complain being washed by someone he barely knew.

"I'm sorry, Kiryuu-kun." Cross voiced as he gently wiped the bloods off of Zero. "I didn't know your body is the type that can't bear the blood pills."

"Blood… pills?" Zero couldn't help but ask in his weary voice.

Cross smiled painfully. Now that the pills didn't work, he didn't know how Zero would survive in the long run. "Yes, blood pills are created by the Night Class students as a replacement to actual blood. It is what they drink here."

Zero was surprised to hear that there were actually vampires who would do something like that. Then a question hit him. "Even that pureblood drinks that?"

Cross chuckled at the question. For outsiders, it really was very surprising to hear that the students in this school drank blood pills. "Of course. Kuran-kun was actually the one who started it and the lower rank vampires only followed. Haruka and Juuri Kuran were pacifists, and Kaname, their son, inherited that. Thus, he, just like me, wishes for co-existence between vampires and humans."

"Why?" Zero asked. Cross didn't understand at first so he had to rephrase his question. "Why wish for something impossible?"

Cross smiled again. "Because I don't want to see any more of my comrades dying. I don't want to see any more bloodshed either. I want to live in a more peaceful world together with the people I love."

"But that peace will not be realized as long as vampires exist." Zero voiced, still feeling too weak but he was up to arguing now.

"But there are vampires who also wish to live in a more peaceful world together with their loved ones." Cross said.

"You mean just like that pureblood?" Zero asked sarcastically, but Cross merely smiled and nodded. "That's just ridiculous. Co-existence is impossible. But to drink blood pills…"

"Of course, the blood pills taste awful and they really don't satiate the thirst much so there are students who still can't bear to take them. There are those who try to but their bodies just reject the pills so much, just like you." Cross said. He knew he was saying too much but he really wanted Zero to understand the world he would be living from now on.

"What do those students drink?" Zero asked casually, but there was something in his voice that suggested one wrong word from Cross and he would kill every last one of those bloodsuckers.

Cross knew that very well. That's why he wanted to be as honest as possible. "Blood." Zero's eyes widened and he looked at Cross's eyes directly. The older man added his earlier word. "They drink blood from other Night Class students."

"Why would they sacrifice so much..?" Zero asked, more to himself than to Cross. "What if that Kuran betrays you?"

"He will never do that." The confidence in Cross's words made Zero think that there was something even deeper about their so-called co-existence than what meets the eye. When he didn't answer anymore, Cross was the one who talked.

"Kiryuu-kun, you might not like this, but…" He trailed off, thinking of the best way to say what he wanted. Zero looked at him silently and waited. In the end, he couldn't think of any appropriate approach than to say it directly. "You need to also drink blood from other vampires in order to survive."




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