Chapter 6

Zero continued walking until they were in some woody part of the school, almost in the outer circle, before he stopped and immediately shoved the wrist he was holding away from him. Aido got annoyed at the act but he didn't look like it. "I've driven you away. Now, don't ever go to the school grounds anymore if you don't want me to tell your good-for-nothing Kaname-sama what an annoyance you are."

"You have no right to talk about Kaname-sama like that!" He was thinking of silently leaving just then but Zero's annoying words concerning his Kaname-sama made him stay. Even Zero could feel the rage from his aura and if Aido would be serious, he would be able to kill Zero right now. But Aido was still quite sensible even when he's angry. Kaname's order to stay away from this hunter was absolute and he wouldn't disobey it just because of some spur of the moment anger. But he was still angry so it didn't matter that much. He would annoy the hell out of this hunter even if he was to be punished by Kaname. "You're just a pest! Nothing but a little Level E trying to look human!"

Zero's eyes immediately glowed red when he glared at Aido. The hunter actually looked really beautiful, if it weren't for the fact that Aido was so angry he wasn't interested... for now. The hunter couldn't argue to what Aido just said so he kept his silence and merely glared at the vampire.

"What, Level E? Speechless?" Aido voiced in a mocking tone, glad of his verbal victory. "If you dare insult Kaname-sama again, I'll make sure I will do a lot more than simply lick your blood."

"I don't care about your annoying threats." Zero was starting to get angry as well. All these vampires were really out to get him anyway so it wouldn't make a difference no matter what he'd do. "First of all, it was because of your actions that I'm looking lowly at your leader. Because you're so undisciplined, I am starting to feel that your Kaname is not that great of a pers–"

Zero's words were immediately cut off when Aido swiftly grabbed him on the throat and shoved him onto a nearby tree. "It's a good thing you guided me here in the woods where no one can see us, so I can get away with it even if I were to kill you right now."

Zero was surprised for a while but he immediately recovered and pushed Aido off him. He was a lot stronger right now that he had a proper rest, a proper meal, and he also had that disgusting pills if that would count, so he was swifter in his actions. He was able to turn the tables after merely some seconds and now, it was Aido whose back was on the trunk of a tree and his throat was being held by Zero. If it was a normal hunt, Zero would've already broken that neck and put a bullet in the vampire's head. But since he was in a secret mission right now, he couldn't do anything like that. And it was a mistake on his part, because the moment he lost his concentration, Aido was able to summon his power and freeze Zero's hand in ice. Zero, caught by surprise, jerked his hand away from the vampire and immediately tried to take the ice off his right hand.

"Scared?" Aido, who had just lost his cool, was now confident again. He smirked as he covered the ground and the surrounding trees in ice.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Zero asked half in annoyance and half in fright. He didn't want anyone seeing this scene. He tried to feel any presence nearby but was glad that no one was near their location.

"Don't worry, there're only the two of us here." Aido voiced what was on the hunter's mind and even added some things. "I'm not that idiotic as to let someone see my power like this. Kaname-sama will get angry at me." And with that, he started to cover Zero's lower body with ice. Zero jumped and tried to attack Aido while also defending himself from the ice. For a while, he was able to get by. But a sudden chest pain made him lose his concentration and he landed on the ground just as Aido froze his feet. His left hand clutched his chest tight while trying to look like he's not in pain. However, his tensed muscles and his flushed face was not hard to ignore. Aido smirked when he saw it, thinking that the hunter was terrified of his power. "What, are you afraid of me now?"

The pain in his chest heightened and Zero knew what the cause of it was. The damn pills were starting to take effect now and his body was starting to reject it. He also felt that the pain he would experience right now was nowhere near the pain he experienced in the bathroom with Cross, because he only took one pill then. And he took three pills earlier. The look of pain and panic was starting to show on his face and Aido was enjoying it all the more, still thinking that it was his power that was affecting the hunter.

"You want more?" Aido asked innocently and the ice immediately went higher. It was now covering up to his upper thighs and he could feel intense burning from the coldness. It was so cold and he couldn't even move his feet. And the damn pathetic rejection thing was also making a scene… Really, it seemed the whole world wanted to crush him right now…

Zero coughed up blood and Aido's eyes immediately turned red even though he was still in control. The hunter covered his mouth with his left hand as he continued to cough up blood. The scent was too strong to ignore and Aido gulped as his mouth started to water. He could somehow remain in control now because it was the second time he smelled the scent. But what was perplexing him was the fact that his ice wouldn't have had that effect. It meant that the cause of that coughing was something else. "Oy, don't tell me that milk was poisoned."

Zero had no time to see if Aido was trying to make a joke or was really serious when he said that. He continued coughing up blood as he started to convulse. It felt so cold and he couldn't breathe much because of the intense burning sensation in his chest. It was starting to spread throughout his whole body. Aido, feeling a bit afraid that Kaname would kill him if he found out something like this happened to Zero, immediately made the ice retract until there was no more ice in the surrounding. Zero, having been freed from the ice, immediately fell on the ground as he clutched his chest with his right hand and covered his mouth with his left.

"Oy, Kiryuu!" Aido shouted in annoyance and, something he wouldn't dare recognize even if he died, concern. His eyes were still red but he was more or less in control, as long as he didn't go any closer to the seemingly dying hunter in front of him. "Don't joke around! You know my ice is not capable of making you cough blood like that! You know you won't convince me with that kind of acting!" His voice was starting to get really desperate and Zero would've laughed if he was really just acting. But the scent of delicious blood was just too real for the hunter to be merely joking. Aido gritted his teeth as he did something that could either get him closer to Kaname or make the pureblood kill him. He approached Zero, who was silently crouching on the ground and preventing himself from screaming in pain, and bent down in one knee. "Oy! Tch!"

He was hesitant at first, but his concern was starting to get annoying so he helped the hunter up and made him lean on his back on a tree. He saw that Zero's eyes were completely red and glowing with so much thirst and pain, and without his anger, he was actually getting enticed. His fangs slowly protracted as it sensed his want but he didn't dare bite Zero because the hunter was clearly suffering. He didn't know what he was doing and it was not his character to do so either, but he was inclined to stay and help the hunter instead of walking away without concern, which was his would-be normal reaction. He just felt that he mustn't leave the hunter in the woods alone when he's this vulnerable and weak.

Aido closed his eyes because the intoxicating scent of hunter blood was too powerful to resist. He gulped again when Zero clutched his uniform unconsciously because of the intense pain. The hunter couldn't take it anymore and his gritted teeth bled as he prevented himself from screaming. Aido saw this and his control started to shatter.

"Don't… provoke me, hunter…" He mumbled as he stared at those lips that were now bleeding intensely because of continuous biting. "Damn… Damn hunter…" He felt his control slowly fade away into nothingness and his will was overcame with that of his instinct.

Zero was still coughing when he noticed that Aido had gone very quiet. If he were more alert, he would've recognized the intense bloodlust in the air and he would've immediately jerked away from the blonde. But he was not in that state to notice right now and he also didn't have the strength to get away. His eyes widened when Aido leaned closer and touched his lips with his. Aido looked at him and the hunter saw nothing but pure vampire instinct filled with bloodlust reflected in those crimson eyes. Zero froze, even his coughing seemed to have stopped, when Aido sucked his lower lip. He immediately reddened and he couldn't help but groan at the sensation. He didn't have the power to make the blonde vampire stop or to push him off. His fists that were clutching the blonde's now also bloodied uniform could only clutch tighter.

"St..op… Ai…do…" He tried to voice in between groans. He coughed blood again and his eyes widened even more when Aido's eyes glowed darker and the hunter felt, rather than saw, the blonde smirked as Aido tried to suck every ounce of blood Zero's lips had. The blonde held Zero's jaw with his right hand and the hunter's right hand that was still clutching to his uniform, with his left hand. Aido's tongue entered Zero's mouth because it too was full of blood and he enjoyed the warmth of the hunter's mouth together with the blood.

When Zero recovered from the continuous shock, even though he's still in so much pain, he tried to struggle from Aido's harassment but it was futile. Aido was now stronger than him and he couldn't do anything but groan embarrassingly as the blonde enjoyed his mouth to the fullest. Their tongues intertwined and Zero was reddening even more with every new sensation and every aggressive actions that Aido's tongue made. The annoying part was his body seemed to be enjoying torturing him to the fullest by making him cough up blood even more. Aido didn't let go of his mouth, not even when he was already out of breath, until the blonde had thoroughly sucked him.

After a while, the blonde seemed to have realized what he was doing and immediately let go of Zero. A thin line of saliva could be seen dangling from Zero's lower lip to the tip of Aido's tongue as the latter withdrew. Aido stared at the hunter in bewilderment and he immediately blushed deeply when reality struck him. Zero, who was already blushing deeply ever since earlier, only blushed even more, if that's even possible. Aido, in his embarrassment, immediately stood up and sprinted away, leaving the still shocked and blushing hunter alone in the woods.

Aido was too shocked and distracted that he actually entered the Moon Dorm without realizing his uniform was drenched with Zero's blood. Most of the students were in the living room and they stopped talking when they smelled the blood and saw his state.

"Aido, where did you come from?" Kaname, who was sitting on the couch while reading a book, asked as he saw the state of his subordinate, not to mention smelled the intoxicating scent of blood that the blonde carried. Even though all of them already knew that the blood belonged to a certain silver-haired hunter, they still didn't want to assume things before Aido could defend himself.

"K-Kaname-sama..!" Aido looked shocked when he noticed that Kaname was there. He was still not himself when he walked inside the dorm and he didn't notice that there were a lot of students in the living room, including their leader. "I-I… went walking…" He knew it would be a disaster if he told Kaname where he really went. Actually, he was not lying. He was merely covering a large part of what really happened. But basically, he really went out walking.

"And?" Kaname closed the book he was reading and looked at Aido directly. The other vampires tensed immediately. Ruka was shocked to see Aido drenched in the hunter's blood. Takuma was just as shocked. And Kain was only too afraid for his cousin. Kaname seemed angry because Zero's blood was all over Aido.

"Aido, what the hell did you do now..?" Kain thought strongly as he stared blankly at his blonde cousin.

"Uh, I, uh…" Aido knew he had no chance to escape this one especially when he noticed Zero's blood on his uniform. "I… I met…"

"You met Kiryuu, and?" Everyone could feel that Kaname was starting to lose his patience.

"H-He… coughed up blood on my uniform…" He mumbled incoherently. He was still a little disturbed at what happened so he could not feel that Kaname was starting to emit a rather scary aura.

"Aido, tell us the truth now! You're only making him angrier!" Kain almost shouted inside his mind. If only Aido could hear what he was thinking.

Kaname could feel that Aido wasn't lying when he said that Zero coughed up blood on the blonde's uniform. But that answer was lacking in information too much, especially since there were dried blood on the corner of the blonde's lips too. "How did you meet him?"

Aido visibly paled when the question was asked. He gritted his teeth. He didn't want to lie to Kaname just to save his skin. "I… I went to the school grounds…" The look on Kaname's face made them all even quieter. Kain closed his eyes. His cousin would be punished greatly. That rule was one of the most important orders from Kaname – don't go to the school ground during daytime. For Aido to break it just like that…

"And?" Kaname asked again, trying to contain his cool. His face betrayed nothing but his deadly aura was far from being unnoticed. Aido gulped as he felt his Kaname-sama's anger. More than fear, it was pain that he was feeling right now because he really didn't want Kaname to get angry at him.

"I… I thought I could annoy him…" He looked down, but still continued what he was saying. "He drove me away from the school grounds and into the woods…"

"Well, I guess that's the kind of person Zero-kun is." Takuma smiled. He's the only one who had the audacity to talk while the air was so tense and deadly like this.

"Ah, yes." Aido agreed, which made them all gape a little. The blonde was not a person who would recognize someone else's good attribute, especially if that someone was a hunter. "We ended up having a fight…" He immediately looked at Kaname. "D-Don't worry, Kaname-sama, we fought in an area where there were no humans…"

"Continue." Kaname said. His eyes were still cold but it wasn't as cold as earlier. He could feel that Aido was not lying and it somehow made him less angry at the blonde.

"And then he coughed up blood…" Aido looked scared for a while as he remembered the scene. "Lots and lots of blood…"

"So you were close enough to him that your uniform was drenched in blood too?" Kain asked. He was too curious he just couldn't help but ask. He felt that Aido was not saying everything yet. And the look on Aido's face as he glared at Kain made the auburn-haired vampire sure he was right.

"It's none of your business! Hmph!" Aido snorted. Kaname felt too that that question was something he should be asking.

"Just tell us." Takuma smiled and to their surprise, Aido blushed a little.

"Oy, oy!" Kain grinned. "What happened? Why are you blushing, huh?"

"Shut up!" Aido glowered. "I'm not blushing!"

"Then tell us." Kaname's voice was calm and composed but Takuma actually chuckled. He knew Kaname too well for him not to notice. The pureblood was just as curious as everyone else. Kaname looked at him meaningfully and he stopped by clearing his throat.

"Kaname-sama… I, uh…" Aido wouldn't be telling anyone this if it weren't for Kaname's request. "I kind of… panicked… and helped him…" He looked down again, embarrassed at what he'd done. "I apologize for helping the enemy, Kaname-sama!"

"No, what you did is just fine." Kaname answered. "And?"

"Eh?" Aido looked at Kaname again.

"He was coughing blood, right? What happened next?" Kaname asked. He knew that even he was getting excited at the scent of the hunter's blood. And he wanted to know if Aido bit Zero. "Aido, did you lose control and bit him?"

With this, Aido's eyes widened. But instead of getting even paler, he actually blushed in deep scarlet up to the tips of his ears. "No-Nothing happened! No, t-that's not it! I didn't..! I mean..!"

"You did more than just bite him?" Kaname asked, more amused now than angry.

"N-No! Of course not, Kaname-sama!" Aido was so red that all of them were now stifling their laughter. "I-I didn't bite him!" And he turned even redder. Kain shook his head while stifling his laughter. Aido was the one who was most against Zero studying here. And yet, he was the first to help the hunter when Zero got in a pinch.

"Alright, I guess I just have to ask him." Kaname said, and they knew he was now messing with Aido. Kain actually chuckled and Takuma smiled.

They were really surprised when Aido actually knelt in front of Kaname. "No, Kaname-sama! Please don't ask him!"

"So it was something different than biting, huh…" Kain grinned. There's no way his cousin could control his bloodlust after smelling that scent. If he didn't bite Zero, then he…

"Don't tell me you licked him again..?" Ruka asked, looking aghast.

"Again?" Kaname asked, making even Aido stop. "What do you mean, Ruka?"

"Uh, Kaname-sama…" Ruka wanted to tell Kaname so badly. But the awful look on Aido's face was making her hesitant.

"I'll explain, Kaname." Takuma said. "Aido, Ruka, Kain, and I saw Zero-kun in the woods last night. And since he was basically drenched in his own blood, he smelled pretty delicious, on top of being so damn handsome. And so–"

"You didn't have to add things like that." A cool-looking guy with maroon hair interrupted him while glaring at him and Takuma looked at the guy meaningfully. A beautiful blonde haired female vampire behind the maroon-haired guy also nodded.

"That was merely an objective observation, Senri." He smiled sweetly at the male vampire before his gaze went back to Kaname. "And so we couldn't help but feel bloodlust at the sight of him. Don't worry, no one bit him. Like Ruka said, Aido merely licked his neck…"

If Aido could just disappear and be buried some miles under the ground, he would've gladly did so. The embarrassment of his activities being reported to Kaname so objectively was just too frustratingly shameful. He was thankful he managed to make the last part of the earlier incident a secret from them. If that thing was to be exposed, his whole life would be rather shameful to live in.

"Aido," Kaname called and Aido immediately looked up despite his embarrassment. "I want you to write the School's Rules and Regulations for Night Class students in a sheet of paper. Make it thirty copies and submit it to me tomorrow morning."

Aido almost gaped at their pureblood leader when he heard his punishment. The rules and regulations for Night Class students were composed of ten pages bond paper, small font size. And knowing Kaname, he wouldn't be able to pass if his handwriting looked like it was in a hurry or in any way different than normal. Not to mention they would have class later on the evening so his time to do the homework was scarce. He groaned inwardly and blamed Zero's blood for everything.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Zero immediately ran back to the Sun Dorm as fast as he could. He almost bump into Cross as he scurried past the stairs in vampire speed and both party were startled when they came face to face with each other.

"Z-Zero-kun?" Cross looked surprised. "What are you doing here? Lunch break was about to–" He immediately stopped when he saw the blood on the hunter's uniform. He didn't know if he would be glad or not at the fact that it was Zero's. He was afraid for a second that the hunter had attacked another student, but when he saw that it was actually the young hunter's, he realized he was also afraid to see Zero drenched in his own blood. What was even more surprising was the fact that Zero looked really, really flushed.

"Ah, t-this was…" Zero looked down on his black long sleeve uniform and distractedly waved his hand. "This was just when I coughed blood…" He walked past Cross but the latter grabbed his arm and led him to his room immediately. Zero didn't know what was happening until he realized there were students in the other rooms. Cross was afraid that they would come out any second so the older male immediately went to Zero's room together with the young hunter.

"Zero-kun…" Cross started but Zero was already unbuttoning his shirt. He took it off with his slightly trembling hands before he looked at Cross, whose pained expression was so intense it would look like he's the one who just coughed up all those bloods. "You can't continue like this… You need to feed…"

The younger hunter didn't answer for a while and just soundlessly walked towards the cabinet and looked for a spare uniform. But after he was dressed again, he answered quietly. "I know that. But as long I can stand it, I will not fall so low that I will have to ask for their blood." He took the Bloody Rose from his drawer and put it in his belt. The handle was poking out of his sleeves but it wasn't that noticeable. It was still class hours but he knew he had no time to go back to his room to get it this afternoon because his prefect duty would be starting just right after the classes ended. Cross just watched him silently for a while and let him dress comfortably.

"Zero-kun…" Cross voiced again. He knew the kid was just as stubborn as him and Yagari. If Zero thought that it was against his hunter principles to drink blood from vampires and humans, then Cross had no chance of convincing him. But if the situation worsened, Zero might even attack humans… "No, I must believe in Zero-kun…"

"What is it, Chairman Cross?" Zero asked as he saw the expression on the older hunter's face.

"Ah, nothing." Cross smiled in his child-like manner. "I just wish you could call me Papa or something. Yuuki doesn't often call me that!" Zero immediately felt the veins of annoyance bulge out from his head. He glared at the Chairman before he went out of his room leaving Cross laughing at his reaction.

"Tch." He snorted. Actually, if he was a normal orphan, he would've liked the idea of calling someone a father. Inside, he was really longing for someone like that. But since his parents died in such tragedy, he just couldn't bear to say those names again. It was so painful, too painful to remember and to be reminded of. The words 'parents,' 'mother,' 'father,' and 'brother' was too much for him to utter. He gritted his teeth as a different kind of pain took his heart.

And yet, he was kind of glad Cross didn't ask him what happened. Of course, he didn't need to ask to know. It was so damn obvious… The bottle in his pants' pocket was annoying but he knew he would need it if his thirst worsened again.

He immediately went back to their classroom just as the class started. Yuuki looked at him meaningfully when he arrived. Just a few seconds after him was the teacher. The gawking students immediately went back to their seats just as the class started. The afternoon classes began and ended in a more or less tolerable atmosphere. Zero was glad that he could finally rest a little when Yuuki suddenly approached him, much to his surprise, and immediately took him by the arm, which made the other female students glared at her.

"What the–?" Zero blurted out just as Yuuki dragged him out of the classroom and into the corridor.

"We need to go in front of the Moon Dorm's gate immediately before the other students so we can handle them when they arrive." Yuuki voiced quite happily. She was very excited because right now, she wouldn't be doing all those things alone. Zero would be with her. Zero didn't answer but he didn't struggle either. He just let Yuuki pull him by the arm as they ran toward the Moon Dorm's two door gate.

When Yuuki let go of his arm, Zero leaned on the huge stone wall beside the dorm's gate. He looked at Yuuki's chocolate eyes as they smiled at him kindly before he closed his eyes and waited. After some minutes or so, students started to flood the doorway and soon, Yuuki was using her frail little body as the boulder to keep the students away. It annoyed Zero that the students here were so damn irresponsible and undisciplined. No wonder no one among them was able to be a hunter…

He sighed as he started walking towards the students. That stunt alone actually made them stop and stare at him in curiosity. "Line up." His voice was calm but it was deadly. His eyes looked like they were about to devour anyone who dared go against him. And frankly, no one did. So, for the first time in Yuuki's life, she saw how the students lined up in a parallel manner on two sides of the gate.

"Good." Zero uttered, which earned some giggles from the female students who also found him utterly breathtaking. Yuuki smiled happily at what she just saw. The students actually listened to Zero. She lined up together with the students just as Zero walked back towards the wall and leaned on his back. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes just as the gate slowly creaked open. The students screamed in ecstasy and giggled in admiration when they all saw their dream princes and princesses.

Aido whistled when he saw that for the first time, the students were all lined up. "How neat." He smiled at everyone and the female students knew they made the right decision by lining up.

"I've never seen them this orderly before." Kain pointed to his cousin.

"Yuuki." Kaname called as he saw Yuuki and he stopped in front of her. "Can you tell us about it?"

"K-Kaname-senpai!" Yuuki smiled brightly and looked at Zero, who was still leaning on the far corner. "Zero-kun was the one who did this." Kaname looked surprised for a while and afterwards, smiled at her.

"Is that so?" He said. Kain elbowed Aido who immediately blushed because he knew what his cousin meant by the action. It would be too embarrassing to be teased in front of the hunter so he glared at Kain, who only grinned. Ruka sighed at the sight of the two of them.

"Yes!" Yuuki answered. "He just uttered the words 'line up' coolly and the students immediately lined up!"

"How nice." Takuma, who was behind Kaname, said when he heard the explanation.

"Well then, Yuuki." Kaname said as he smiled kindly. "Thank you for your hard work."

"Ah, yes!" Yuuki nodded enthusiastically.

"Shiki, that's your rival, I guess." The blonde vampire girl whispered as they too looked at Zero, who didn't react like he was listening or sensing their presence. "Well, just as Ichijou said, he really has the looks."

"Don't annoy me, Rima." Shiki answered as he too stared at the hunter. "But they're right. He does smell delicious… even more delicious than Cross's daughter."

"Stop it." Rima said. "Kaname-sama will get angry." And the two of them also walked forward, oblivious of the giggles and screams coming from the Day Class students.

After the Night Class students passed, Zero and Yuuki made the dorm students go back to the Sun Dorm and made most of them go home. They facilitated the students to make sure no one would be left behind the premises or go back to the Moon Dorm.

"Ah… I'm exhausted…" Yuuki complained while the two of them walked back to the Sun Dorm together with the others. "Ah, Zero-kun! Don't forget, we have to patrol the school premises tonight!" She sighed when Zero didn't answer. He continued to walk and ascended the stairs before anybody else could. Just as he opened the door, Cross was already behind him.

"Chairman Cross." He uttered as he let the older hunter in his room. The sun was about to set and it was making Zero's eyes a lot irritated. He closed the door and, out of habit, locked it. He saw that Cross looked a lot more serious than normal, and he was sure there was something wrong as he ushered the Chairman to sit on the chair. He started unbuttoning his uniform when Cross spoke.

"Zero." He called in a trying-to-be-calm voice. "The Association sent a mission for you." Zero immediately froze and his eyes actually widened. He was thankful his back was facing Cross so the older hunter didn't see the panic and the shock in his expression. What Cross said wasn't even a question. "So Cross knew about my mission? What now, Zero?"

"Mission?" He tried to act calm about it and was glad that his voice didn't betray his real feelings. He was panicking. He was afraid about being found out, but more than that, he was afraid that he would hurt Cross and sully his trust. He didn't know why he felt that way but he was really feeling awful right now.

"Yes." Cross's tone changed. It had more concern now. "It was sent this afternoon. An emergency mission."

Zero actually turned around and looked at Cross. Now, he didn't expect that. "Emergency mission?"

"Here, read it." Cross handed him an envelope bearing the Association's seal and Zero opened it. It seemed a Level E vampire was roaming the area outside the school and Zero was to hunt it down and kill it. Zero, unconsciously, actually sighed in relief. His face that was awfully tensed and panicky earlier softened as he understood. Cross wasn't talking about his secret mission at all…

"I understand." Zero answered as he headed for the cabinet and took his black trench coat and other hunter equipments. He put the Bloody Rose on the bed just as he was about to slide out of his pants, only to remember that Cross was still in the room. Cross was also a male but it was still embarrassing for Zero to be seen by someone else in his underwear. "Ah…"

"Zero-kun…" Cross didn't look like he was about to leave sooner, however. "I know I don't have the right to stop you… but are you sure you want to do this?"

"What do you mean, Chairman?" He asked distractedly. He really wanted Cross to leave him even for just a little while so he could change his clothes. Cross saw that the young hunter was determined enough to hunt and he didn't dare say anything anymore.

He smiled in concern. "Nothing… Please be careful, Zero-kun."

With that, Zero actually stopped what he was doing and looked at Cross in curiosity. Cross actually sounded so worried. "Chairman… you're weird."

"I'm not!" Cross immediately turned back to his childish act and pouted at Zero. "You're rude!"

Zero smiled. "That's more like you." With this, Cross rushed with exaggerated tears and wails and hugged Zero very tight. "Hey! Don't touch me!"

Cross chuckled. "Well, I guess I should let you dress properly now. I'll make more dinner than usual so make sure to come back by then." And he left the room just as quietly as any hunter would. Zero couldn't help but admire it. Cross was not a hunter for as long as ten years now, but it seemed his hunter side was not getting dull at all. And when Zero thought about what Cross just said, his veins of annoyance immediately increased. Did he actually think Zero could accomplish that mission in just as little as one or two hours alone and without any lead? Damn legendary hunter… He immediately dressed and went out of the Dorm. There were students who looked curiously at him and there were those who admired him even more because of his cool attire. But he didn't pay any attention to them.

When he was finally out of the Day Class students' prying eyes, he immediately sprinted gracefully towards the woods to the east and after some minute or two, he reached the huge two door gate of the school. He went out and walked for some minutes until he reached the town proper. He immediately felt sickened when he smelled three Level Es nearby. He didn't know they smelled that badly, unlike the normal vampires. Perhaps he too smelled so badly that's why those damned noble-looking vampires and their pureblood leader were looking at him in disdain. When he was merely a hunter, he could feel vampire presence but he couldn't smell them. Now, however, he could even know where they were located just from the strength of their scent. No wonder Cross expected him to finish his mission in an hour or so…

Zero didn't waste any more second dawdling on his vampire attributes and immediately sprinted towards the area where he could feel them. After some seconds of searching, he ended up in a dark abandoned alley. He walked slowly and quietly even though he knew those stinky Level Es were already aware of his presence. He went deeper and deeper into the alley and found that the place was so maze-like in arrangement, a perfect place to hide. If he was an ordinary person, he would've already lost his way. But his senses were too sharp to lead him and he knew where he was going was the right way. He continued jogging quietly until he reached the end of the alley, which was an abandoned church. How ironic for them to be hiding here…

The place was in ruin and the structure was almost demolished. The pile of cements were scattered throughout the whole place and the area smelled of three stinking Level Es. Zero pulled out his gun just as he saw a little girl come out. Vampire…

The little girl smiled at him and talked. "Vampire-nii-san…"

Zero, surprised at the words addressed to him, immediately pulled the trigger and sent a bullet in her head. Her body squirmed for a while in shock before it turned into dust. A man came out and growled at him. Zero saw how hideous Level E vampires looked when they growled. Their fangs were showing at an awfully odd place and their faces were stretched considerably. Of course, he could already see that even before he was turned. But now, he could already see something else in their expression. They looked like they were in pain, in so much pain. And that's a kind of pain Zero knew all too well.


He pulled his trigger again and the man wasn't even able to move from his position as he too was shot. Perhaps he didn't want to move… Perhaps he just wanted someone to take his damned life away… The third vampire was nowhere to be found and he could feel that it was hiding in the old building, watching what was happening.

Zero was about to walk in the building when he abruptly stopped in his tracks. He wasn't able to sense it earlier but he knew that this presence was the same presence that shot him with those scarlet bullets that hateful night in the woods. He was groggy and weakened then, but now he could feel that this presence was a presence of another hunter… What the hell was happening here..? He was sure that if there were any hunters nearby, the Association would've sent them to this place instead of Zero, who was currently in an undercover mission. And if this presence was indeed that of a hunter's, which he knew that it was, then why wasn't he hunting the vampires down instead of watching idly.

Or perhaps the Association knew he was a Level E now and had sent a fake mission to take him out…

The thought immediately pierced through him and he was greatly distracted as the third vampire showed and attacked with superb precision. Zero was clawed deeply on the chest before he was able to shoot the vampire dead. He gritted his teeth harshly as punishment for acting so out of focus in a mission.

He wasn't able to think much anymore when he felt that familiar sensation, like he was surrounded. He didn't feel it earlier but it was hard to ignore now. There were a lot of Level E vampires surrounding him but no one was attacking. He had never experienced Level E attacking with neat formation and plan before, except in that forest that night. Perhaps something bigger was happening here… He needed to report this immediately…

As if on cue, the Level E vampires attacked him altogether. Zero was now a vampire and he was way swifter than he was then, but this number and this battle tactic was for hunters to use against vampires, and he was greatly shocked that Level Es were the ones using it against a hunter like him. Now he was starting to doubt if the hunter watching nearby was his ally…

It also didn't matter to him now if everything was getting dark because of the approaching evening. His eyesight didn't change much. Or rather, it even became sharper due to the darkness. He shot all those who jumped at him and those who were able to claw him received kicks and punches from his left hand. He was a lot swifter than them altogether so some Level Es could only claw him once before they turned into dust and the others weren't even able to growl as they found themselves dying.

But the Level Es' sheer number was exhausting him and Zero knew that if this continued, he too would lose his strength. Every claw was hurting and his coat was now ripped apart, and that was even his favorite coat!

Not far from him, he felt three high level vampires approaching. Now what? But to his surprise, it seemed the three vampires were actually hunting down the vampires as well. No, these vampires were…

And after some minutes or so, the area was filled with nothing but dust particles and Zero was able to see the faces of the vampires on the other side, though he already knew who they were even before he saw them.

Kain grinned when he saw that Aido couldn't look directly at Zero. "Yo, Kiryuu."

"What are you three doing here?" Zero asked as he stared at Kain, Aido, and Takuma. He knew they should have been in class tonight.

"Kaname asked us to take care of things here." Takuma answered truthfully. "We were in the classroom when we felt that there was a sudden rise in the number of Level Es in this area so…" He stopped as he stared at Zero's torn clothing. The black coat was making his silver hair and amethyst eyes even more prevalent. The hunter looked so damn gorgeous despite being drenched in his own blood. Or perhaps, that's also adding to the merit point.

Zero looked disturbed. He couldn't quite point out what was wrong. But if what Takuma said was right, then these Level Es arrived here immediately after the mission was sent to him. There was really something off about this whole situation but he just couldn't ask anyone about it. Cross was no longer a hunter and asking him about it might only make him worry. If he asked Yagari or Yuzuru, the two of them might come in here and investigate, and that would be the worst situation for Zero. He quivered inwardly just thinking of what their reaction would be if they happened to see him in his state now. And so, he had no choice but to think about it without doing anything.




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