Watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

AN: Because nobody's done this yet. Set three or four months after the Promised Day. I own nothing. Featuring several dead characters, and younger versions of others. Seeing as it's a little complicated, I'll just list all the characters.

Ed 16 year old Ed.

Al: 15 year old Al

Edward: Four year old Ed.

Alphonse: Three year old Al.

Trisha Elric: About a year before her death

Maes Hughes: From somewhere between the end of the civil war and episode one.

Roy Mustang: From after the Promised Day.

Riza Hawkeye: After Promised Day.

Van Hoenheim: Same time period as Trisha.

Ling Yao: From before he came to Amestris.

Scar: After Promised Day.

Mei Chang: Same time period as Ling.

Xio-Mei: Same time period as Mei.

Izumi Curtis: After Promised Day

Episode One- Fullmetal Alchemist

"In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made many people very angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad move."

~Hitchhikers Guide the the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

"What the hell?"

"Roy? Is that you?"


"It's dark!"

"No shit!"


"Ouch Ed, that's my foot!"

"I'm not stepping on your foot!"

"Someone find a light!"



The mass of people froze.

A light came on, revealing a large group squished together. Said group, for the most part shaded their eyes.

Everyone gasped.

They were standing in a well-lit room full of Fullmetal Alchemist characters. End every single one of them was confused.

Well, Trisha and Hoenheim were kissing, and Ling and Mei were giving each other death glares, Izumi was sending vaguely threatening glares towards Ed and Al, while Ed was sending a death glare at Hoenheim, but that's not the point.

"Hey, look! There's something written on the wall!" Al said.

Alphonse stared at his older self before looking at the wall.

"Hello there! You are all here for a very specific reason. Namely, you're going to watch yourselves! Now, we've got two different versions of Ed and Al. The older ones who have already done this stuff, and the younger ones that haven't. Trisha, Hoenheim and the younger Elric brothers are here so that someone can lecture the crap out of the older Elric brothers. Understood? Great. Now sit down on the couches. Ling Yao, Mei Chang, opposite sides of the room. Nobody's allowed to kill anyone either. The first video will start soon. Also, to avoid confusion, the older Elric brothers will be called Ed and Al, while the younger ones will be called Edward and Alphonse."

Everyone started to sit down, Ed and Al shoving their younger versions towards Hoenheim, effectively claiming their mother. Ed then proceeded to grab her in a bone-cracking hug, while Al gave a much gentler one.

Trisha frowned over Al's wasted appearance, but said nothing.

Edward and Alphonse watched themselves with some jealousy, before climbing up around their dad, Edward looking ticked. Alphonse on the other hand sat down and leaned against his father. Said man felt rather awkward, but didn't push away his son.

Roy instantly sat down beside Hughes, while Riza took a seat beside him.

Ling and Mei finished glaring, before separating to opposite sides of the room.

Izumi sat by herself in an armchair.

Scar however, found himself jostled in to sitting between Ed and Edward, the elder grinning towards the Ishvalan, while the younger moved over nervously.

"Oh, this is going to get awkward" Scar said.

"Call it payback for my arm, back when we first met." Ed replied cheerfully.

Scar shot Ed a glare, before resigning himself to scaring the ever-loving crap out of Edward.

The screen lit up, showing an over head view of Central, quickly fading in to a swirly transmutation circle, and then showing the man drawing it, before finally zooming out to show Central HQ.

"The Freezing Alchemist?"

"WHOO! FIRST LINE! That was me, right?" Roy said, grinning.

"Yes sir." Riza replied calmly.

"Yes. He has sneaked his way in to Central."

Instant booing from Ed, Al and Roy, while the people from the past looked confused.

"Colonel Roy Mustang. I would like to put you n charge of capturing him."

"Oh good work Roy! Direct assignment from the Fuhrer himself!" Hughes said, grinning towards his friend. Roy smiled back at his friend.

"If that is your order."

"Oh, I'm so glad you're in Central. I can rest assured leaving this to you."

"Ha, it's funny because it's bullshit." Al said.

"Al! Language!"

"Sorry mom." Al said, although his huge grin kinda ruined the effect.

"Yes sir."

"Ah, one more thing. The boy is here as well. Use him however you like."

"Like hell you can! I do what I want!" Ed snapped.

"Ed! Language!"

"But mom..."

"Watch your language. You wouldn't want to corrupt your younger selves, now would you?"

"Sorry mom."

Roy snickered, before Ed threw a pen at him.

"Where did you even get that?" Roy said, dodging said pen.

"Found it on the floor yesterday."

"Well, it's mine now!"

"It's out of ink anyways."

"Fuhrer Bradley;"


"By the boy, do you mean..?"


The camera switched to Bradley's face.





"Really dear? You too?"

"Sorry Trisha."

"The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric."

"WHAT!" Trisha shrieked. Hoenheim didn't look too thrilled either.

The screen showed Ed's face.

"Man, the colonel is such a slave driver."

"Edward Elric, why in god's name are you in the military!"

"Uh... mom... it's complicated?" Ed offered.

"Whoa, I look awesome!" Edward said, drawing a smirk from his older self.

"We'd already bought our tickets to Liore, but that's been cancelled, huh?"

"Who's that?" Hoenheim said, looking over at his sons and gesturing towards the armoured figure.

Al tentatively raised his hand.

Everyone gave him strange looks, confused at how such a skinny boy could move with all that heavy armour.

"They'll explain later I bet." Ed said.

"Nothing we can do about it. Let's hurry up and get this over with Al."

"Mmmhmm, brother."

The scene changed.

"There he goes! That way!"

"Halt! Halt or else!"

The screen showed a few spikes of ice knocking the poor solider out of the way.

Isaac rounded the corner, grabbing a soldiers arm, completely freezing the man, and boiling the other.

Trisha gasped.

Scar looked ticked.

"He stole my thing..."

Al snickered.

"Freezing and boiling, both attributes of water."

A spear glinted in the sky, heading straight towards the man who quickly dodged out of the way.


"What a nasty thing to do..."

"In order to do great things, sacrifices must be made. It's what's known as equivalent exchange."

"There's no way you can call that equivalent exchange!"

"You tell 'em runt!"


The Ed on screen clapped his hands, grabbed the spear, and changed it into a spiked club.

Everyone from the past stared.

"No transmutation circle?" Edward said in shock.

"That is so cool." Alphonse said.

"Who?" Hoenheim said, staring at the elder Elrics.

The two brothers shifted awkwardly.

"What are you talking about?" Ling said, speaking up for the first time.

"The only way to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle is by performing human transmutation." Hoenheim said.

"By performing human transmutation, you pay a toll and see the Truth, who's basically God." Roy explained.

"The fee can be anything. Organs, limbs, eyes, or even your entire body." Izumi added.

"And human transmutation is impossible to get right."Al said sadly.

"At best, you'll get a wheezing pile of organs." Ed finished.

"Charming." Ling said drily.

"Without a transmutation circle...!"

"You can't afford to be so intrigued!"

Ed rushed him, just as Al jumped out behind the alchemist. Ed took a swing with the club, but was blocked by the metal on Isaacs arm. Said man did a flip up, kicking Al and taking a swing at Ed. He was blocked by the club, but the Freezer grabbed Ed's arm, and ended up knocking the boy back.

"What? Impossible!"

Al got thrown back with a shriek.

"Any water in there should have boiled!"

"You ruined my coat you know."

Everyone gasped at Ed's arm.

"Automail..." Trisha said numbly, hugging her son.

Edward held his arm closer to his body.


Ed dramatically took his coat off.

"The skill of a gifted alchemist, one who doesn't use transmutation circles, as well as an automail right arm...! You are the Fullmetal alchemist, Edward Elric?!"

"Damn skippy I am!"

"Brother, never say that again."

"Wasn't planning on it, no."

"Not you?"

Isaac pointed at Al.

"Oh, um, I'm his younger brother Alphonse."

"This runt?"

"Who's a puny runt?!"

Ed clapped his hands, slammed them in to the ground, and trapped the Freezer.

"To think that the man they call the Fullmetal Alchemist is just a little child!"

Ed bristled, clapping his hands before hitting the wall.


"Someone's PMSing." Roy muttered.

Maes snickered.

A stone hand shot out, slamming in to the Freezer, sending him flying.

"Brother, I don't think he meant your height just now."

"Even if he didn't he's going to pay!" Ed yelled, shaking a fist.

"That's the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric for you!" A random solider said, standing in front of Al. "Thank you very much for your assistance."

"I hate it when people do that!" Ed complained.

"Hey, your fault for being so small."


"Hey! You can't talk to me like that, I'm the Emperors son!"

"You're a dick. You still owe me for room service!"


"You heard me! You gave me an insanely large bill, and then you didn't even bother to pay it!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."


"Language Ed!" Trisha scolded.

"No, I'm his younger brother, Alphonse Elric."

"Okay! Sorry to keep you waiting Al. Now let's get going."

"Geeze, you're always so impatient."

The screen showed several guards escorting Isaac along the street. They walked over a puddle, and the Freezer grinned, taking off his glove to reveal a transmutation circle.

"Oh, this is going to end badly." Ling said.

He fell sideways, dropping in to the puddle.

Ed and Al looked up just in time to be blinded by a cloud of steam.7

Ed coughed.


"Brother! He's loose!"

"Damn it! Trifle with us, will he?!"

The handcuffs were in pieces on the ground.

"Epic fail." Hughes said.

"Idiots." Izumi grumbled.

"What happened?" Ling said, looking confused.

"Alchemy is weird." Mei said quietly. Xiao Mei nodded from her shoulder.

"Looks like you underestimated your opponent, Fullmetal."

The scene changed, showing Ed sitting inside of Central HQ.

"Who is that guy?"

"I thought I told you to listen to the briefing."

Ed's eyes briefly widened in panic, before he looked down again.

"But no, you had to go right after him." Roy continued.

"Yeah, yeah, alright. I'm terribly sorry." Ed interjected.

"Ed, don't be so rude!" Trisha scolded gently. Roy grinned.

"Fullmetal, your mother is awesome. How the hell did you turn out the way you are?"

"Fuck off Colonel bastard."

"I'm a General actually."

"Whatever. A bastard's a bastard."


"You should listen more carefully when your elders speak."

"Right, right."

"Now then, his name is Isaac McDougal. He's a former state alchemist who they called Isaac the Freezer."


"That's right. He took part in the Ishvalan war of extermination as a member of the military.

Instant scowls from all of the military people and Scar.

"After the war he renounced his State Alchemist title and went on to join the anti establishment movement. Taking him in to custody is a matter of top priority. We may have to kill him, depending on the situation."

"I'm not about to kill anyone." Ed said.

"It would be pretty messed for a kid to go around killing people."

"I'm not a kid." Ed said, looking angry.

"Suit yourself. After all, all we're after is your performance."

Ed and Roy glared at each other a bit.

"Older me is right, you're a jerk." Edward said cheerfully towards Roy.

"You know what Fullmetal, you were an evil midget. Not that you've gotten taller. You were an evil kid, that works better." Roy said, smirking in Ed's general direction.


Roy laughed

"By the way, have you found any leads on getting your bodies back to normal?"

"You never give me any time to!"

Hughes slammed the door open.

"Yo, Roy! Hell of an order you drew, to take the Freezing Alchemist in to custody, huh? Or is this your big chance to get promoted to Central?"

"And so enters me! Damn, I really am handsome!" Hughes said cheerfully.

Roy sighed.

"Oh? By any chance are you the Elric brothers?" Hughes said with interest.

Hughes started shaking Al's hand.

"Wow, it's an honour to meet the youngest State Alchemist. I'm Maes Hughes, Lt. Colonel."

"Damn, so I didn't get that promotion."

"Um, I'm his younger brother, Alphonse Elric."

"Why did people keep doing that?" Ed complained.

"Can't say I enjoyed it much either." Al said with a grin.

"What! You're the Fullmetal Alchemist!"

"Don't you call me little!" Ed mumbled.

"Hughes." Roy called.


"If you don't need anything, then go home."

"I will go, once my business is done."

Roy looked confused.

"You guys don't have a place to stay yet, right?"

"I don't like where this is headed." Edward said, frowning slightly.

"So come home with me."

"Mr. Hughes, you're sounding rather creepy." Hoenheim said.

Hughes's glasses flashed ominously as he plunged his hand in to his jacket, pulling something out.

Alphonse was giving Hughes a strange look.

Hughes held out a picture of a woman and a toddler.

"My wife, Gracia, and my daughter Elicia."

"OH MY GOD THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL!" Hughes squealed.

Riza facepalmed.


Roy smiled.

The scene changed, showing Hughes hugging his daughter.


"Papa, your beard hurts!"

"It does? Scritchy scritchy!"

Hughes looked like he was about to faint from joy.

"Look, these are our guests today. The Elric brothers!"

Elicia pointed towards Al.

"So big!"

She pointed towards Ed.

"So little!"

Much snickering from the assembled group as Ed and Edward bristled.

Ed twitched slightly.

"Elicia, I am Edward Elric, and this is my younger brother, Alphonse Elric. Understand? Younger brother."

"If you're the older brother, how come you're so little?"

Ed and Edward fumed, as almost everyone howled in laughter. Hoenheim had a rare smile on his face, and Trisha was giggling gently.

Both Ed and Edward were fuming.

"DAMMIT I'M NOT SHORT!" They screamed in unison.

"Brother, now look what you've done! You've corrupted your younger self!"

The laughter intensified.

"Let me go! Let me go, Al! Don't stop me!"

"Now, now, they're letting us stay here, so behave yourself."

"Let's have dinner right away! Gracia's cooking is delicious!" Hughes declared, ignoring the screaming teenager trying to murder his daughter.

The screen changer again, showing a quiche, which Ed was looking with great anticipation.

"I graciously accept this meal!" Ed said eagerly.

Hughes smiled as the sound of Ed's frantic eating were heard.

"Yum! It's delicious!"

"Have plenty, okay?" Gracia said happily.


Hughes suddenly noticed something.

"Alphonse, you can't eat while wearing your armour, right?"

Ed and Al scowled.

The Ed and Al on screen froze.

"W-well, you see..."

"Al is in the middle of his alchemy training right now. Okay Al, I'll eat enough for both of us."

"You don't really think I'm that stupid, do you?" Hughes said, shooting Ed and Al an insulted look.

The on-screen Maes looked completely baffled.

"Training! Training!" Elicia cheered.

The scene changed to show Central Prison. The sound of a mans laughter echoed around.

Ed reflexively rubbed his side, and Scar scowled.

"That's the funniest joke I've heard in a while. The Freezing Alchemist and me team up? Me? The Crimson Alchemist?"

Ed scowled.

"That guy's a dickhead." he said angrily.

"Kimbly, together we'll get Bradley and bring down this rotten military!"

"Although the Freezer isn't so bad."

"You must have seen the hell that took place in Ishbal."

"He caused it!" Scar said, clearly pissed.

"You must know what Bradley made us do there."

"Oh, he knew alright." Roy muttered darkly.

"That's why you killed those officers, right?"

More laughter.

"Please, don't misunderstand."

"He's misunderstanding."

"I do not thing in such sophisticated terms. I killed those guys because I wanted to kill them, nothing more."

"That's too bad Kimbly. It truly is too bad."

Isaac walked away, going past the guard.

"Good work." He said, pushing the frozen man over.

The screen showed Maes sitting in his pajamas in his living room. Gracia walked in.

"This is unusual. Can't you sleep?" She asked her husband.


She sat down beside him.

"Do you want me to guess?"


"You were thinking about those two, weren't you"

Hughes smiled, leaning back.

"State Alchemists are those who people call Dogs of the Military. When I think of him being called that at his age..."

The scene changed, showing Ed lying in bed, with his hair flowing out behind him and his automail arm showing.

"Edward, you look like a girl." Alphonse said.

The others snickered.

"Brother, are you awake?" Al said. The armoured boy was sitting beside his bed.

"Al, why aren't you sleeping?" Trisha said, giving him a stern look.

"They'll explain later?" he said weakly.

Trisha frowned, but said nothing.

"Mrs. Gracia's quiche sure looked like Moms, huh?" Al said, sounding wistful.

"Yeah, it was delicious."

"Really? In that case, I'll have to add it to my list of things to eat once I get my body back."

"Get you body back?" Hoenheim said, raising an eyebrow towards Al.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Alphonse said nervously.

"I lost my entire body performing human transmutation. Brother gave up his arm to pull my soul back and bind it to a suit of armour." Al said quietly.

"That's weird." Mei said quietly.

Trisha looked shocked. Alphonse moved himself closer to Hoenheim.

"Yeah! Add it on, add it on!"

"That's kind of sad." Ling said, cheerful as ever.



"I sure would like to get our old bodies back soon."


The scene changed again, showing Isaac drawing another transmutation on the ground.

"One more... One more and Bradley's on his way to hell."

Central HQ was shown again, this time in the day.

"According to reports, Isaac sneaked in to Central Prison last night." Roy said.

"And the last horse crosses the finishing line." Hughes said cheerfully.

Riza, Ed, Izumi, and a few others snickered.

Roy just scowled.

"The situation doesn't leave us a moment to spare. Find him, no matter what. Close off all roads, and look in every last spot. Upon finding him you are free to shoot him dead."

"Kill him dead, eh Roy?"

"Shut up."

"That is an order from the Fuhrer."

The screen showed Roy pulling on gloves.

"I'm going out too."


"Shut up Hughes."

The scene changed yet again, showing the Elric brothers looking at a steaming dead body.

"Medic! Hurry!" A man yelled.

"Uh, believe it or not, but I'd say he's dead." Ling said dryly.

Mei snickered, stopping as her half-brother gave her an odd look.

"Report to headquarters, five men dead!"

"Truth you're terrible at this." Izumi said, rolling her eyes.

Roy scowled, glaring at his fellow sacrifice.

"How awful." Al said.

"Steam explosion. When you rapidly raise the temperature of water, it expands with explosive force. The human body is seventy percent water after all." Ed said, looking mildly disturbed. "Let's hurry. We have to find him quickly." The short alchemist turned, and started walking down the street.

"Mhhm." Al said, following his brother.

Isaac was shown drawing yet another transmutation circle.

"I just know he's doing something with all those circles, but what?" Ed mumbled, face screwed up in thought.

"All right." He said to himself. Blue energy flickered on the wall ahead, and he leapt backwards, avoiding the stone spears jutting out at him.

"Impressive being able to dodge my alchemy Mr. Isaac."

"That voice.. Armstrong!"

"Indeed it is!"

"May Truth have mercy on us." Ed grumbled, looking ticked.

Izumi shrugged.

"He and Sig get along well." she said neutrally.

"Traitor." Al mumbled.

Armstrong's fist smashed through the wall.

"The Strong Arm Alchemist, Alex Louis Armstrong!"

"Why is he sparkling?" Ling said slowly.

"We have yet to find out." Roy said solemnly.

"Amestrians are weird."

"Take this!" Isaac hit his palm to the ground, sending water towards Armstrong, who dodged. The attack missed, and instead sliced the ends of the spears.

"High pressure water will slice through anything!" Isaac said, sending a larger blast towards Armstrong.

"It is no match for my fist!"

Ed and Al saw the explosion of dust and water from an alley near them.

"Are those... rocks shaped like his head?" Edward said, looking baffled.

"Apparently." Alphonse said, brow furrowed.

"Well then... He's odd." Mei said.

"Surprisingly badass though." Scar said calmly.

"Major!" Al yelled, as the Elrics ran towards the two.

Isaac whipped around, throwing a canteen full of water at the pair.

"Brother!" Al cried out again, grabbing Ed and shielding him from the blast.

Isaac ran past.

"Water from his canteen? Thank you Al!" Ed said gratefully, tapping his brothers armour.

"Let's get after him, brother!"

"HOW IS MY LITTLE BROTHER MORE AWESOME THAN ME!?" Edward screeched in anger while Alphonse giggled.

"Let's go Elric brothers!"



The scene changed to show soldiers running around at night before switching to Isaac on a roof.

"I'm guessing you didn't catch him?" Ling said cheerfully.

"Actually, we had him cornered at one point, but he got away from us using a puddle." Al said.


"Not our finest moment." Ed mumbled, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.

"It's been a long time, Freezing."

Isaac turned to see Roy with several troops pointing guns at him.

"Oh, this should be good."

"Roy Mustang... or rather, the Flame Alchemist."

"It's a shame, having to fight against someone who was once a war buddy."

"War buddy? I have no friends."

"Cheerful fellow. Is he single?" Mei quipped, earning a few snorts from the others.

"The only ones in Ishbal was the rotten military and their dogs!"

"What am I, chopped liver?" Scar said, looking pissed.

Roy snapped, and a burst of flames shot towards Isaac, who's eyes widened in surprise.

A burst of water and smoke shot into the air.

Isaac was standing behind a broken water pipe, which was spouting water in to the air. He quickly slammed is hand down on it, causing ruptures around Roy and the soldiers.

Roy looked panicked.

"Well, balls." Hughes said calmly, summing up the situation.

The water rained down on the soldiers, and squirted Roy in the face.

"Flame will never beat water!" Isaac declared, creating a bridge of ice on to the next rooftop and running off, destroying the bridge behind him.

The Freezer ran up to one of the transmutation circles, looked annoyed after seeing it covered in rubble.

"Damn." He swore, shoving the stones aside.

"It's a trap." Edward said with a smirk.

He uncovered the circle with a mad grin.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

"That's far enough!" Ed cried out.


"I was wondering what you were doing in this alley, so I came back to see, and bingo!"

Isaac laughed, standing up.

"It's no use trying to escape." Al said, blocking off the other exit to the alley.

"Escape? There's no need to."

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." Alphonse said, looking nervous.

"Yep, we're idiots." Al said cheerfully.

He held his hands out and the circle began to shine with red light.

The light shot in to the air.

Ed gasped as the other circles around the city blasted off covers and began to glow as well, shooting similar beams into the sky.

"An alchemic reaction like this, all at the same time..."

"Impossible. It couldn't be..."

"A philosophers stone!" Ed yelled, turning towards Isaac.

"Wait, what?" Ling said leaning forwards in interest.

Mei did the same.

Hoenheim frowned.

The red glow turned to snow, as the walls began to ice over.

"What? He used the moisture in the air..."

"Edward Elric!" Isaac said, standing in front of a wall of ice with a red glow in the centre.

"Dog of the Military, State Alchemist! Do you know what this country is trying to do?!"

"We probably should have taken the hint..." Ed said, burying his face in his hands.

"You think?"

"Who cares! More importantly..."

"If you knew you'd understand what I'm trying to do!"

"I told you I don't know!"

Al jumped over the ice wall, aiming a kick at Isaac, which he dodged. Al through more punches, and was hit with the last one, flying back and hitting the metal barrier and the edge of the street.

"All right Al! Nicely done!"

"Brother, his alchemy!"

"Well, you're effed." Hughes said calmly.

"Yeah. Hey, you! You have a Philosophers Stone, don't you?!"

"What are you talking about?" Isaac said, grinning.

"If you won't tell me I'll force it out of you..."

"Is this any time to be talking nonsense?!"

Isaac made the river blast up in to the air, freezing it in to a solid mass of ice before grabbing on to the rail as it was ripped off from the street.

"Told you!"

Ed and Al took that as a prompt to run like hell.

"Take a good look at the artistic alchemy..."


"...That has been passed don through the Armstrong family fro generations!"

He caused a dent in the ice, and went flying backwards.

The ice changed directions, smashing through a building.

"That went well."Ling said.


"What are you doing Major!?"

"Oh, I was just..."

He stopped as a cloud of dust blew out of a building.

The scene showed the huge ice wall slamming its way through the streets as people screamed.

"The ice walls!" Al said.

"They're connecting..." Ed trailed off.

"Don't tell me he's..."

The screen showed a giant transmutation circle around central.

Everyone who wasn't there gaped.

"It's Central... no, Central Command Center..."

"He's going to freeze it over!"

"Someone get a hair dryer!" Hughes yelled.

"Major! Al and I will stop him. While we do, the transmutation circles..."

"Must be destroyed! Got it!"

AUTHORS NOTE: At this point while I was writing, Funamation made it impossible to watch FMAB with English subs in my country. So, from this point onwards, I'm using the English dub from Watch Cartoons Online. With that said, we now return to your regularly scheduled story.

"Fuher Kind Bradley. For your cold blooded crimes in Ishval I condemn you to a frozen hell."

"Points off for puns."

"Not so fast!" Ed yelled, alchemising a long pillar of stone, and jumping down on the the ice. Al did the same, and joined him.

Isaac attempted to break off the ice beneath them.

"Two can play that game!" Ed said, destroying the ice in front of him. Isaac went flying.

"Oh, nice shot kid!" Ling said cheerfully.

"I'm older than you!"


Isaac melted the flying ice blocks, spraying the Elrics with hot water, before making small platforms to run across towards them.

"Brother!" Al shrieked, dragging Ed back.

"Too slow!" Isaac yelled."

"OH COME ON!" Scar exclaimed.

Isaac blasted Al. His helmet went flying.

"Alphonse!" Ed yelled. Al's armour crashed to the ground, still holding Ed.

"That looked like it hurt." Ling said with a sympathetic wince.

"It did. Like falling a a giant set of keys!" Ed complained.

Hughes pulled a face.

"Eh, don't worry. I've had worse." Ed reassured.

Isaac moved towards them, and Al kicked up, doing a flip as Isaac dodged. The two brothers landed side by side. The camera did a close up on Al's blood seal.

"There's no one in there! It's empty!" Isaac, said, looking shocked.

Ed picked up Al's helmet.

"But, that could only be true if the soul was bonded to the armour!"

"Which it was." Ed said, while Al nodded.

"So, you lost your arm. And your brother lost his entire body..."

"Wait for it..."

Isaac laughed.

"I see. It all makes sense."

"Wait for it..."

"You fools committed the ultimate taboo! You attempted human transmutation, didn't you! Alchemy's one and only unforgivable sin!"

"And the penny drops." Ed finished.

The scene changed to a flashback. Blue lighting from alchemy flickered across the room.

"AAAAAALLLLL! DAMMIT!" Edward screamed. "This can't be happening! No! He's gone! What have I done!" The boy sobbed, completely ignoring his leg, or lack of thereof.

The suit of armour crashed to the ground.

Ed drew a circle in his blood on the armour.

"Give him back! He's my brother! Just give him back!"

The camera showed Ed's crying face.

"HE'S MY LITTLE BROTHER HE'S ALL I HAVE LEFT!" Ed screamed, before clapping his hands together.

Blue light crackled, and the scene switched back to the ice.

"Shit." Roy said, summing up the entire flashback.

Trisha pulled her sons in and hugged them.

Alphonse completely buried his face in Hoenheims coat.

"And people wonder why I hated alchemy." Scar said dryly.

"You know, there are some lines you really shouldn't cross." Ed said calmly.

"Well, he's fucked." Roy said.

"Completely and utterly."

Ed charged, punching Isaac in the stomach, before smashing him on the head with both hands.

"The only advantage to automail." Ed said grimly. "It's easy to beat the crap out of people."

Isaac hit the ground with his hand, sending spikes of ice at Ed, which he dodged. Al moved forwards, breaking through the spikes, and kicked Isaac down the hill.

"This may be a bad time, but I'm vaguely reminded of a really intense game of King of the Hill." Hughes said.

Al cracked a grin.

Ed and Al slid down the ice, landing on the ground in front of a bloodied Isaac.

"Give it up. There's no water for you to use here." Ed said.

Isaac grinned.

"That looks bad." Mei said nervously.

"You've forgotten something. I have all the water I need, 70% of my body!"

"Oh shit!" Ling said, summing up the entire situation.

Ed was stabbed in the shoulder with two blood-spears.

"Ed!" Trisha gasped.

"Mom, I'm fine."

Ed stumbled back, and Al broke them.

Ed hit the ground.

"Why can't you fools understand! I'm trying to save this country!" Isaac yelled at them.

"In retrospect, we're idiots." Al said.

"Agreed." Ed replyed.

The ice hit Central HQ, as Isaac laughed.

"Do something!" Izumi yelled.

Al was kneeling by Ed, who was still on his knees.

"Brother. Brother!" Al said worriedly.

"Come on. We're going after him. I'm not done." Ed said, yanking a chunk of hardened blood from his shoulder. "Not even close."

The screen showed several explosions against an ice wall.

"Did we get it?" a solider asked.

The dents in the ice filled themselves back up.

"Not again!" a solider complained.

Roy walked up, soaking wet. He snapped his fingers, and there was a burst of flames.

"What do you think of my flames now you bastard!" Roy yelled.

Riza closed a case full of spare gloves.

"When will he learn? It's bad enough that he's useless on rainy days."

Roy mumbled something along the lines of "Useless..."

Isaac stumbled down an ally, using the wall for support.

The camera moved to show Bradley standing in front of him.


"ASSHOLE!" Roy yelled.

Scar flipped the screen off, prompting laughter from Ed.

"Bradley..." Isaac said. He panted for a second, and then laughed. "Perfect!"

He used alchemy to form a giant spear out of his own blood. Isaac grinned, and charged Bradley with an insane laugh.

Bradley dodged to the side, and sliced with his swords.

Blood erupted from Isaacs shoulders.

He hit the ground, dead.

"Damn. He is one badass dude." Ling said, impressed.

A philosophers stone rolled through the blood, and then vanished in to dust.

Kimblee smiled.

"Now that is too bad."

"Fucking psychopath."

Roy destroyed a wall of ice.

"Armstrong, go now!" he yelled.

"Leave it to me! Armstrong fists will not fail!"

"Why did he take his shirt off?" Edward said in confusion."

"Hell if I know." Ed said to his younger self.

Armstrong's alchemy destroyed the circle.

The array over Central faded.

Isaacs body had been covered with a sheet, and several officers were standing around it.

"Fuher Bradley. You're here?" Ed said, sounding suprised, while holding his still bleeding shoulder.

"Now that was a shock." Al said cheerfully.

"Ah yes. Job well done Fullmetal. I came out to see if I could lend a hand. And to think, that I'd be the one to actually catch him."

"That awkward moment when your boss does your job better than you." Roy quipped.

Ed glared.

"If nothing else, this should make an exciting story for my son."

"He spent the whole thing watching I bet." Ed said grimly.

"Most likely, yes." Riza agreed.

The screen showed a sunny day in Central. Inside his office, Roy sneezed.

"Oh, is that a cold I hear? Nevermind! From what I'm told, you're the man of the hour!" Hughes said happily, walking in to Roy's office.

"I didn't catch a cold. I'm pretty sure I got the plague." Roy grumbled.

"Eh, I just destroyed the transmutation circles. The Fuhrer is the one who actually brought down McDougal." Roy said sounding depressed.

"Sure, but the Fuhrer is telling everyone it was you! So congratulations."

"What? Why would he do that?" Ling said, confused.

"I'm really not sure."

Roy gave Hughes an unimpressed look.

"Oh, so it's like that, huh? Suit yourself. But some friendly advice: Next time a superior tells you to take credit for something you didn't do, you might try it for once."

Roy scowled.

"Er, Mr. Roy?" Edward said, looking over at the state alchemist.

"Yes Edward?"

"Would you like some ice for that burn?"

Everyone stared at the boy for a second, before the majority of the room started laughing. Roy scowled, as Ed got up and hugged his younger self.

"I was an awesome kid." Ed declared, after he had sat down again.

The scene switched over to the hospital.

"You know, we never did find out if he had a philosophers stone." Al sid, perched on a stool beside Ed's bed.

"Edward Elric you were not fine, you had to go to the hospital!" Trisha said, looking at her eldest in shock.

"Mom, I was only there for a day..."

"Only a day!"

"Mrs. Elric, if it helps at all, that was a rather minor wound for Fullmetal. He get's himself landed in the hospital at least once a month. The hospital in East City has a designated room for him, and the one in Central gives him reduced rates for frequent visits. He knows at least three nurses by name!" Roy said cheerfully.

Trisha looked even more worried.

"Dammit Mustang, that didn't help!"

"No, but maybe it'll say something in thee official report." Ed replied.

The door opened, revealing Armstrong with a bouquet of roses.

"Greetings Edward Elric. When I heard you were in the hospital I JUST RACED OVER!" Armstrong yelled.

Ed and Al freaked out, leaning away from the Major.

"And as I suspected, you're in desperate need of my assistance!"

Armstrong ripped his shirt off.

Everyone stared at the screen, their faces at different levels of "What the hell".

Ed and Al screamed.

The screen cut to the exterior of the hospital.

"You need an example of a perfect physical specimen to inspire your recovery! You see? You're looking livelier already!"


"Worst. Visitor. Ever."

The scene cut to show Lust on the phone.

"I see, so Isaacs dead is he? That's a shame, I had such high hopes for him too. But, the philosophers stone? Sounds like he overused it."

Gluttony munched on a corpse.

"Well, that's pleasant." Ling said, looking disturbed.

"Gluttony, try to chew quietly, I'm on the phone. Yes, things are going well here in Liore. We'll be ready. It all begins very soon."

The clip ended.

"Well, that was interesting." Ed said.

"You were both idiots." Izumi said dryly.

"Yes teacher, thank you." Al said.

"This is just making me worried. Where am I in all of this?" Trisha said, looking at her sons.

Ed and Al exchanged panicked looks, before Ed spoke up.

"They'll probably explain in the clip. Don't worry mom, me and Al are doing alright." Ed said, flashing a grin at her.

She frowned but let it go, and the group settled in to watch another episode.

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