Reisi's favourite time of the day is when he gets home from work every evening. As he gets off the crowded subway clutching papers that he hasn't managed to stuff into his briefcase, he's thinking of what's been prepared for dinner or what he can prepare. As he walks up the road to the small house all the way at the end, he takes a moment to appreciate the quiet.

When he gets in the front door, before he can even call out 'I'm home', he's practically bowled over by a ball of energy. He picks his hazel-eyed son off him and reaches out to ruffle the messy hair of the younger boy who's watching them with a smile, hand extended to help Reisi back onto his feet. He wouldn't trade these two for the world, and he can't imagine what mother would have just left them to die when they could grow into such wonderful children.

A voice calls from the kitchen and Misaki scampers off, leaving Saruhiko to quietly offer to take his father's papers to the study. Reisi sends him off with the papers and his briefcase and watches the dark-haired boy take them upstairs.

He walks into the kitchen to see Mikoto holding Misaki up to stir some soup. It's rare for the redhead to be back early enough to be almost done with dinner and even rarer for him to allow Misaki to touch anything in the kitchen. While Saruhiko was pretty good at cooking a dish or two, Misaki was highly capable of burning soup. How he managed that, no one knows.

Mikoto puts Misaki down and sends him off to look for his brother before greeting Reisi with a kiss. They exchange a few words before Mikoto turns his attention back to the soup just in time to stop it from boiling over. Reisi remembers how strange it was to see Mikoto in the kitchen with an apron at first. He'd never expected the redhead who was rough around the edges to be so domestic.

He never expected them to fall in love either, but they're as perfect a fit as the rings they wear.

Reisi wraps his arms around Mikoto's waist, resting his head on his shoulder as Mikoto takes the soup off the boil. Mikoto smiles and leans back into Reisi and they stay like that for a while until their sons burst into the kitchen, Misaki demanding dinner and Saruhiko trying to hold his brother back.

Reisi sighs and lets go of Mikoto to attend to the boys. Misaki's chattering about their day at school as Saruhiko helps Reisi set the table (Misaki's not allowed near the cutlery either) and Saruhiko adds his quiet word or two sometimes.

At times, Reisi contemplates how lucky he and Mikoto are to have found these two. When Reisi expressed his wish for children, Mikoto brought him to a home for abandoned children where he almost immediately found Misaki by the door. They would have left with just Misaki if Saruhiko hadn't crawled up to them and tugged on Mikoto's jeans. That sealed the deal and they each left with a two-year-old in their arms. Looking back, Reisi can see how incomplete their life would be without either one of them.

The family gathers for dinner and they eat in relative silence as Misaki's mouth is finally occupied with something other than talking. Saruhiko's always been the quieter of the two even though he's usually the mastermind behind the pranks they pull on their often unsuspecting parents. Mikoto's never really been one for conversation either, often preferring the comfortable silence that sometimes falls over him and Reisi.

Mikoto may tease Reisi for being indecisive and unsure of himself and his actions at times but there are things that Reisi will never be unsure of in his life. He'll never doubt that Mikoto loves him as much as he loves Mikoto, he'll never doubt that he loves his family and he'll never doubt that this is where he is meant to be.

And every night after dinner, as they gather in the living room to read or finish off some work, they reaffirm their bonds and Reisi thinks, no he knows, there could be no better life than this.