Hello everyone. It's been years since I stopped writing a Hogwarts Story, I'm fairly certain the interest on this niche fandom has waned after all this time. I would like to apologize for having promised to finish this tale when i could not. I've always known what ending I wanted, I actually started with it in mind, however let me give you the reasons why I was unable to:

1. Life got in the way, by this I mean schedules end up clogged. I have struggled with writer's block since then.

2. I was locked out of this account for a while

3. It's been so long I cannot remember where I left off and cannot just backread one chapter, I need to see all the rest if I were ever to write the ending

4. I started this story as a senior high school student, I am now a year graduated from college. Backreading will only put me in pain of my previous quality of writing.

5. The How to Train Your Dragon sequel broke some continuity in this story (which i based off the books) which is important later

6. Cursed Child ruined the Potter and Weasley children fr me and I cannot bear even write their names.

That being said if anyone is still here please do let me know what you think, and I would like to thank you for sticking around until the very end.