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Chapter 7: Save the Trees

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters except for Prince Randolph, the Rabbit King, King Roland, Veolla, the rabbit, the hunters, and Draco.

Grunty sat, looking at her crystal ball. She frowned as she saw Mumbo get his fourth Jiggy and do a stupid little dance. "I have given him a free reign! I shall make lieutenants to give him pain!" she said to herself. She looked at the stone Jinjonator and smiled. "My dear Jinjonator, they will have to borrow your powers in order for them to be real skull-boy terminators!"

She got up and picked up her new staff. It was black and it had a blue orb at the top. It was about Gruntilda's height, and it matched her dress perfectly. Gruntilda had developed a fashion sense since she had acquired her good looks. The black staff was made out of a very magical kind of wood that is exclusive to Grunty's homeland. (Wherever it is.)

Grunty grinned, pointed her staff at the statue and shouted an incantation. A small hole appeared right near where the Jinjonator's stomach was. After that, she placed the end of her staff inside the hole. The room went dark and Grunty's staff started to glow. Magical power channeled from the Jinjonator into the staff. The power went through the wood and into the blue orb. Without his power, he was starting to weaken. Grunty laughed maniacally as the Jinjonator shrunk down to half his original size.

Finally, it stopped. Grunty pulled her staff out of the hole and the hole disappeared. Grinning, she went up the stairs and opened the trap door that led to the roof. Now right now you're probably thinking, "Wait a minute! I thought this place was underground!" Well, the first five rooms that hold the levels do go underground, but then it starts to come out of the ground into a big tower, which we will call Grunty's Tower. The vault containing Grunty and the Jinjonator is at the very top. So, now that I explained that, on with the plot!

Standing on top of her Tower, she used some kind of magic to open the door to the vault and telepathically invited her faithful broom to the top of her Tower, who instantly left his post by Ghost Gruntilda and joined his master.

"What's going on Mistress?" the broom asked.

"Mumbo is winning a little to much, so I'm about to do things like sabotage him, make lieutenants and such," replied Gruntilda.

"Um, good!"

"Now, stand right there my friend, you will become a part of the warriors I'm about to send!"

"REALLY? Oh thank you mistress! THANK YOU!

After telling the broom to shut up, (In rhymes of course.) She began to mutter an incantation that we cannot utter with our non-magical tongues. She raised her staff high over her head and ten different beams of energy shot from the blue orb at the top of the staff. One of the beams hit the broom, the other nine just stopped in mid-air and began to form creatures on their own. After about five minutes ten super monsters were standing before Grunty.

The monsters were looking at themselves and admiring each others strong bodies when Grunty snapped them to attention. One of the monsters spoke up. "Excuse me Mistress, but now what?"

Grunty laughed. "Now my friend, Mumbo's life will end! Go to your posts! And fry that skull boy into toast!" So all the monsters obediently left to strategic places along the Tower and the Tunnel. When they were all out of the vault, Grunty sealed it with her mind.

Gruntilda looked at her staff and realized that the power was still half full. She looked in the blue orb and said something to turn it into a crystal ball, and saw Mumbo. "Hmm, what to do? How else can I destroy you?" she said to the orb. Suddenly, she had an idea. "I know! The monkeys can pay! On the ground, they will stay!" High atop the Tower, she performed the spell.

Back to Mumbo!

King Roland smiled at Mumbo's ecstatic face. "So, are you happy with your reward?" Mumbo nodded. "Well good. I want you to know that you are welcome to stay in the guest room as long as you are in Wild Woods." Just then, Mumbo noticed something else in the treasury. "Another Jiggy!" Roland shook his head, "No, I have repaid my debt. That is all you will get."

After begging the King and asking if there was any way he could have it, he finally left. He didn't want to irritate the king. He strolled around the outside of the castle on the tree. He looked out to the west. The sun was just starting to set. It had been a long day. Just then, he saw something flying toward the tree at an alarming rate. Mumbo squinted to try and figure out what it was. Then he figured it out. "A spell!" Grunty must be trying to sabotage him! There was no time to warn the monkeys, he grabbed a vine and slid to the ground.

Once he was down, he looked up as he saw the beam of magic nailed the tree. The effect was instant. The tree started to wither. Mumbo saw the leaves turn brown and the trunk turn into a pale white. He also felt a strange sensation under his feet, as if something was happening underground. He figured the roots were being drained as well, but then he looked around and saw that the other trees around him were dying along with the main tree, even though the other trees had not been touched by the spell.

Right then, something happened that made Mumbo breathe a sigh of relief. Hundreds of vines dropped from the trees and monkeys slid down off of them. At least, they tried to slide down, but now that the vines were dead, they couldn't support their weight so they just snapped, causing the monkeys to free-fall to the ground. The monkeys didn't seem to mind though. As soon as they landed, they madly ran down a path that Mumbo knew led to the lake.

Mumbo knew exactly what had happened. Gruntilda had used a Drought spell. She had dehydrated the trees and all of the monkeys living in it. But Mumbo had never seen such a powerful version!

Mumbo ran to the lake to find the king. When he got there, he saw all of the monkeys greedily lapping the water. He spotted the king. He walked over and told the king what had happened.

"Ah, so that explains why we all became so thirsty," lamented the king.

"But something bugs Mumbo. Drought spell can only hit one thing only, so why did all the other trees wither?" asked Mumbo.

"Well, actually, the entire forest is one tree."


"Deep underground, all of the roots are connected. The spell probably spread through the roots and withered all of the trees."

"So, what will king do? King's kingdom in the trees is gone."

"Not yet. The trees should be able to survive without water for about three days. Unfortunately, my scientists tell me it's not supposed to rain for about seven days. I'll order all the monkeys to get baskets and fill them with water from this lake. Then they will take it to the Great Tree and dump the water on it's roots."

"Will monkey's work be enough?"

"Well, I told them it will, but to be honest, it will only buy us two extra days. That's five days. Two less then what we need. Mumbo, I'm begging you, do something! If you save the Great Tree and my kingdom, I will give you that Jiggy you wanted."

Wondering what he could possibly do, he wandered back to the Great Tree. (The Great Tree is the one with the castle on it.) When he got there, he saw something he couldn't believe. "Old Camel is here!" Mumbo exclaimed. Gobi the camel was sitting at the foot of the Great Tree.

"Oh, it's you." Gobi commented dryly.

"Mumbo is glad to see you!" Mumbo exclaimed.

"Last time someone said that, I ended up spitting out all of my water. And I don't feel like spitting it all out right now. I have, like, twenty gallons in me right now, and it's some of the finest, most nutricous water around."

After assuring Gobi that he would not make him spit out his water, Mumbo walked to where Gobi was sitting and raised his staff over his head and pounded Gobi's hump. This caused Gobi to spit out twenty gallons of water on the tree. Immediately, the trees around him looked a little healthier. Gobi let out a cry of outrage and ran away.

"That was a pretty devious thing you just did, Mumbo."

Mumbo nearly jumped out of his skin. King Roland was standing there looking at him with a smile. Behind him was about every single monkey in the kingdom. They all had baskets filled with water. "Mumbo did not know king was there." he said.

"Mumbo, your heart's in the right place. I will give you your Jiggy," the king said. Mumbo gave him a grateful look. The king told one of his attendants to get the assembly line going and then he and Mumbo climbed the Great Tree. (All of the vines had snapped.) They reached the castle and they reached the treasury. Roland smiled and told him to take the Jiggy that was inside it. Mumbo grabbed it and did a little dance of victory. He was finally leaving this world!

But then Mumbo thought of something. "King, did Gobi's water buy enough time?" Roland's smile faded. "I'm afraid not. That water probably gave us another day. But don't worry about us. We'll figure something out."

"No! Mumbo will stay and help," Mumbo said.

"I appreciate it, but don't you have a journey or something?" the king asked.

"Yes, but journey can wait, Mumbo will help king."

"No, we'll be fine! We can stay at my brother's feild."

"Mumbo is staying!"

"Whatever. I don't know what you'll do. I mean, it's not like you'll steal the Pure Water from King Rabbit's treasury or anything."

"Pure Water? What is that?"

Roland looked at him with concern. "That was sarcasm Mumbo. Do not go down there for us. You'll get creamed."

"Mumbo just wants to know what Pure Water is."

"It's a very magical type of water. It could probably save the forest. I had a bottle of it, but it evaporated when the spell hit us. The only other bottle is in the Rabbit King's treasury. But DO NOT go down there. Even you wouldn't be able to take on the Rabbit King and his army."


"Promise me."

"Mumbo promises."

Over the next few days, Mumbo helped the monkeys in dumping water on the Great Tree. But he wondered why he even bothered. His thoughts kept wondering over to the bottle of Pure Water that lay in the rabbit's treasury. He once asked the King if he had considered charging the rabbits with their own army. Roland said he didn't want bloodshed. And he also pointed out that if they mustered up an army, no one would be there to water the Tree.

On the fifth day, Mumbo had an idea. He was amazed that he hadn't figured it out earlier! Without telling the king, he dumped his basket of water on the tree and hurried to the rabbit path where he had fought the hunters only days ago.

He began the transformation. Only minutes later, Mumbo Rabbit was back yet again! Seconds later, a hunter spotted him.


He fired! Luckily, Mumbo dodged it with swift agility. He started running away, but he went a little slower then he normally would've. Just slow enough to make sure the hunter kept up. Only five minutes later, he had no less then ninety hunters chasing him. And more joined the chase. It was getting really hard to dodge all of the bullets, but Mumbo saw his destination. He dived down into the rabbit's house. The rabbit looked at him. He started to open his mouth, but then...


The rabbit looked at him in horror. Mumbo smiled and ran into the track with the rabbit right behind him. The rabbit ran as fast as he could to the king and told him what he heard while Mumbo transformed back into his normal shaman self. The entire population charged toward the rabbit's house where the hunters were slowly climbing down. Chuckling, Mumbo just waltzed right up to the treasury, opened the door and grabbed the bottle. He left through another hole shortly afterward.

That night, Mumbo sneaked out of his bed and carefully climbed down the tree. When he reached the base of the tree, he uncorked the bottle of Pure Water and poured it on the tree. The tree looked a little healthier. Smiling, he climbed back up the tree and went to sleep.

Two days later, the king was looking at the tree with a surprised look. He had been expecting to see a dead tree, but it was still barely alive. Then it started. Rain poured down from the heavens. A large cheer went out from the crowd of monkeys behind them. They had made it.

Roland looked at Mumbo. "I saw the most interesting thing the other day Mumbo. It was a wanted poster with your mug on it." Mumbo tried to act surprised. "R-really? Who wants to capture Mumbo?" Roland looked at the tree, which was starting to look greener already. "It was from the rabbit king. You are wanted for sabotaging a race, ruthlessly beating up the king, and...

stealing from the king's treasury."

Mumbo looked at him a little nervously. But Roland was smiling. "I guess that shows me how good you can keep a promise. Thank you Mumbo. You have saved us all."

hey everybody! Celtic Boy here. Did you like this? Do you think Mumbo should've just took his Jiggy and left the monkeys to be homeless or are you content? Next episode will involve Mumbo fighting one of Grunty's lieutenants, Brentilda adding another twist to the plot to make Mumbo's life harder, Mumbo putting his five Jiggys in the puzzle to open the door to the next world, and Mumbo will actually enter the world. So he'll have a full plate. Thanks for reading!