Who in the world is Menma Uzumaki Chapter 2!

"What do you mean you; you don't want to go back!" Hinata cried slightly dismayed.

Hinata.R turned to her with a somber look and replied, "I need and want love too! Menma is a total power hungry prick and all he ever cares is satisfying himself, Naruto on the other hand, even though I haven't spent much time with him, I can see he lives to satisfy other people. Sometimes I want to be pampered and treated like a princess you know!"

"Being pampered is overrated…" Hinata commented and was immediately retorted. "As is being a badass!" Hinata.R angrily replied.

"Look I promise I won't hog him to myself, and I'll try to be good… maybe"

"That's not the problem! How will I explain to everybody who you are, it will be awful odd with 2 Hinata's walking around!"

Hinata.R tapped her chin in thought that said, "Oh! I'll be your bad side, just say you were hit by some forbidden jutsu that separated us!"

"And father? How do I explain it to him?" Hinata asked

Tapping her chin again in thought Hinata.R, leaned side to side while letting out an "hmmmm" than turned to Hinata and gave her an evil smile, "You know… I could just kill you and take your place; it shouldn't be too hard to act like you."

Hinata slapped the water, sending a wave of water drenching Hinata.R's face and interrupting her scheming. "Don't you forget I beat you once already…"

Hinata.R grumbled darkly under her breath than suddenly she remembered something, "Look I got here via a forbidden summoning jutsu, let's just tell our idiot of a father that the summoning jutsu doesn't go two ways… there problem solved." With that said Hinata.R began sinking into the water while muttering in a pleased tone, "Problem solved…"

"And what about your family from your dimension?" Hinata asked to the top of Hinata.R's head which was the only part of her not submerged in water. Slowly Hinata.R's head rose from the water, expecting a reply Hinata was caught off guard when she spat water out of her mouth like a water gun hitting Hinata in the face, "I don't care…"

Hinata sighed as she wiped the water dripping from her face, "I just don't get you… you have friends and family in your own dimension yet you want to stay here where you don't understand anybody?"

Hinata.R snorted as she sat down and leaned back against the side of the tub, "You don't become a badass without burning a few bridges girly, honestly I don't think anybody will miss me." She finished with a shrug

However just as Hinata was going to retort a voice turned both their attentions to the door, "How come I wasn't invited to this party?" Naruto asked as he stood leaning on the doors frame with a towel wrapped around his waist much too both Hinata's displeasure.

Naruto slowly waltz over toward the tub as the girls took the time to memorize his beautifully sculpted body, his reward for his hours upon hours of training himself into the ground.

Reaching the tub Naruto climbed in and wadded his way over to the slightly blushing Hinata and kissed her on the lips lovingly, seeing this Hinata.R thought after a night like that why in the world was she still so shy. But still Hinata.R was highly jealous of all the attention Naruto gave Hinata, heck if acting slightly withdrawn and shy meant she would be put on a pedestal in Naruto's eyes… than maybe it was worth it.

Especially after the events of last night…



Naruto thought Hinata was originally shaking in fear but when she whispered to him, "Naruto-kun can we try doing it? It feels really good, I'm so close and ready now…"

Naruto just looked down with slight shock at what his normally reserved girlfriend had said and asked slowly, "Are you sure Hinata-chan?"

But before Hinata could even nod her head, Hinata.R yelled out, "FUCK YEAH SHES SURE"

Instantly Hinata.R dove right into Naruto's mouth sandwiching Hinata between the two as she slipped her tongue messily inside coating both the inside and outside of their mouths with her saliva. While doing this she was busy stripping off her top leaving her clad in only her bra and underwear.

After a minute of intense and wet making up Hinata.R broke the kiss and leaned back onto her elbows panting heavily.

Naruto had a slightly dazed look from the attack, and Hinata just looked slightly angry at the fact she was mushed between the two the whole time getting in on none of the action.

"Wow…" Naruto breathlessly let out, Hinata heard this and didn't want to be outdone. So lifting herself up onto her knees she knelt between Naruto's legs and gently and softly kissed Naruto as they had always done.

"Dam look at you go girl, I knew you had it in you!" Hinata.R said as she leapt back onto Hinata's back and pulled her off of Naruto while softly whispering, "But we have a problem theirs too much dam clothes on the both of you!"

Hinata.R finished as she began peeling off Hinata's clothes soon both copies of Hinata sat in front of Naruto in just their undergarments. Who couldn't believe his eyes as… both his girlfriends? Was it both now… well he would think about it later crawling toward the two angels in front of him on his hands and knees he began another lip lock with not just one both a three way game of tonsil hockey.

Hinata.R being the most experienced one, found a way to dominate both Naruto and Hinata in it. However Naruto's hands didn't stay idle as they seemed to on their own accord find their way to both Hinata.R's and Hinata's breast and slowly began massaging them through their bras in centric circles. This caused both girls to let out a pair of voluptuous moans from Naruto's ministrations, however there was no way Hinata.R would allow Naruto to dictate her especially after being dominated by Menma for so long she would have her revenge… because technically they were the same person.

Pulling away which led to a weird pout from Naruto and surprisingly Hinata, Hinata.R unclipped her bra letting it slide onto her lap. Cupping her beautiful perky breasts, Hinata.R put one into her mouth sucked on it a bit causing both of her observers to blush heavily but also increasing their respective arousals.

Hooking her finger in a come here motion she offered the same wet nipple to Naruto who took it almost instantaneously, gently sucking and licking it. Hinata.R groaned while enjoying his soft gentle touch, unlike Menma who mostly was rough and careless when he attacked her breast. Honesty she liked Naruto's tender actions somewhat, as her breasts would really feel beat up sometimes.

Hinata saw how much Hinata.R was enjoying herself and honestly she wanted some pleasure herself. Unclipping her own bra, Hinata leaned over and tapped Naruto's shoulder and said shyly, "Naruto-kun please don't forget about me…"

Naruto gave her a coy grin and whispered to her, "Never my Hime."

Naruto detaching himself from Hinata.R's nipple, he leaned over and gently took Hinata's in his mouth, Hinata's sanctity immediately caught up with her as she cried out in pleasure as Naruto put the softest of suction onto her not so virgin anymore breasts.

She blindly lashed out and grabbed onto the back of Naruto's head latching onto tussles of his beautiful sunshine blond hair. Holding him in place in case Hinata.R were to ply him away from her. However Hinata.R would have a backup plan as she eased herself towards Hinata who was still somewhat lost in the land of pleasure as the pace and intensity of Naruto's sucking increased.

Timing it perfectly Hinata.R slipped her soft mound into Hinata's mouth catching the girl unaware, Hinata contemplated on pushing it out with her tongue but Hinata.R gave her a heated look that was all but screaming, suck!

Complying to the silent demand, Hinata began pulling and lapping away slowly and hesitantly at her twins breast, Hinata.R's breath hitched in desire for every pull and lick that descended on her mounds. She turned her view downward and was surprised at the sight she saw.

The way Naruto was positioned in Hinata's lap the way he gently suckled on her breast it was very close to how a child would suckle on their mother's breast for milk.

Could this be her future Hinata.R thought hopefully? She never really thought about the idea of having children as it just seemed rather troublesome and Menma hated children more than anything.

But with Naruto it would be different; he would be a father that would put his family before anything else. Someone who she could depend on every day of her life.

She was pulled from her thoughts when Hinata drew a little too hard on her nipple causing Hinata.R's mind to go slightly hazy in enjoyment.

She had to get them to move on from this foreplay, or she would definitely lose her mind. Pushing Hinata's head away she said to Naruto, "Naruto-kun enough with this, we need to move on to my favorite snack…"

Naruto tentatively detached himself from Hinata's perky hill which caused her to whimper out in discontent, "Favorite snack?" he asked

Hinata.R leaned forward and pushed him back with a sloppy kiss, than leaving his mouth she trailed downwards down his chin, past his broad chest and to his pants where she quickly grabbed the sides of the spandex and pushed it downwards bringing his boxers along.

Due to the close proximity of her face to Naruto's crotch when she pulled his boxers down Naruto's already erect member shot outwards landing right on Hinata.R's cheek with a slap, she smirked at the impatience of Naruto's hardness.

Wrapping her long slender fingers around it gripping his shaft in her hands, she watched as Naruto shuddered and hissed in ecstasy. Yet it was Hinata.R who was enjoying herself the most at the moment, so much power she was holding in here hand at the very moment, the very size of it sent her spiraling. It was probably the same size as Menma's maybe just maybe slightly bigger whatever the case it just made her love it more.

Hinata.R pumped it a few times before turning to Hinata and motioning to her with her index finger coaxing her closer to Naruto, "Come now… the first time is always the quickest."

Neither Hinata nor Naruto really knew what that meant, but they found out as Hinata.R's consistent pumping was starting to affect Naruto in a different way now his breathing turned quick and shallow as he felt the pressure in his shaft rise, the imminent release coming then…. In a harsh masculine groan he let himself loose.

The white liquid spurted out as if through a fire hose, ropy strands flew from it landing on their destination of both Hinata's faces. Hinata was slightly shocked at this yet her twin seemed to be having the time of her life as she continued to unrelentingly pumped Naruto's shaft, looking to milk everything out of him.

When the spurting finally did stop Hinata.R removed her hand from his rod and licked it clean of his release that had spilled over onto her hand. Then she scooped the parts that had landed on her face devouring that too.

Turning her sights toward Hinata she noticed that she was slowly and carefully sampling Naruto's seed. Thinking she was taking far too long as Hinata.R dived upon her which a devious grin then began licking Naruto's cum directly off Hinata's face.

Hinata found this action not only extremely unpleasant but also extremely selfish of Hinata.R, she was beginning to enjoy the flavor of Naruto's seed. And she would have given Hinata.R a displeased look however she noticed on the head of Naruto's penis a drip of remaining cum.

She didn't know what came over her but in a flash she dived at it engulfing the crown with her mouth, she flushed heavily at her actions but did not move from her position. Her tongue darted around inside her mouth gently stroking the tip.

Naruto had his eyes shut and knuckles were white as he strained from the pleasure he was feeling, his sweet wonderfully Hinata-hime doing such lewd acts he would have never imagined it. But here she was engulfing his shaft with her mouth and teasing him with her tongue, just what could our young sage do to not lose his mind?

Yet he was whipped into another round of frenzy when Hinata.R decided to place her hand on back of Hinata's head forcing her downwards, her mouth encompassing more of his rod now.

Which caused Naruto's to groan blissfully, by the time Hinata reached half way down she was already having trouble breathing and choked slightly which signaled Hinata.R to pull her head back allowing Hinata to draw her breath again.

Hinata.R gave her a look of disapproval, "Really come on you can go deeper than that." And as to prove her point Hinata.R without hesitation took almost Naruto's entire length down her throat.

Which introduced Naruto to the new sensation of warmth, texture and tightness of Hinata.R's throat, and yet even with all this pleasure coursing throughout his body he still saw the disappointment in Hinata's eyes as she stared down at her lap in shame with herself. Naruto quickly sought to resolve that by wrapping his arm around her limber waist pulling her toward him and giving her a full loving kiss.

Which he hoped had reassure Hinata regardless of the fact that she wasn't doing as well as Hinata.R was but Naruto loved her just as much if not more.

Regardless Hinata's disappointment almost returned in full force when she felt Naruto's body tremble, realizing that once again Hinata.R was on the receiving end of every drop of Naruto's tasty milk.

Hinata.R slowly detached herself from Naruto while ensuring not a drip of his precious cum was wasted; she patted her belly as she leaned back onto one hand in fulfillment in more ways than one. "So fucking delicious!"

Hinata just frowned as Naruto rubbed the back of his neck slightly in embarrassment; Hinata.R ignored both of them and said, "Now that we are adequately warmed up its time for some fucking!"

Naruto and Hinata both instinctively hugged each other in slight fear at the demonic look Hinata.R had on her face, "But… I guess I've been selfish… you can go first…" Hinata.R offhanded finished as she pointed toward Hinata.

Naruto turned his head to face Hinata as he let out a gulp then said, "You sure about this?"

Hinata just nodded as she reached down and slowly slid her panties downward, giving Naruto a good whiff of her arousal. Yet still Hinata had her legs slightly crossed as she bunched her lilac underwear in her hands.

Her shy nature still not completely dissipated after all these years, Naruto whispered to his shy girlfriend. "Take you time Hinata-hime… I will wait an eternity for you."

Too bad their romantic moment was somewhat ruined when Hinata.R cried out, "Yeah blue ball him for the rest of his life, but remember I need mines girly…. So chop, chop."

But still Hinata slowly removed her hand from covering her most private area and shyly asked Naruto when she finally fully removed her hand, "What do you think…"

Naruto leaned towards her dripping flower petal never breaking eye contact with it, it was as if it had hypnotized him and was now trying to draw his soul out. "Perfect… so perfect just like you." Finally breaking contact with her womanhood instead Naruto opted to lean up and kiss Hinata on the lips.

Maybe it was all part of his plan as Hinata seeking the comfort of his body, moved to sit on his lap. While also positioning her moist center directly above his mighty erection, they eyes opened for a moment mid make-out and as they peered into each other's souls they knew it was time and both of them braced as Hinata dropped herself downwards impaling herself onto Naruto.

She cried in pain and pleasure into Naruto's mouth, yet there was no blood that came out. Her training as a kunoichi and her natural born flexibility had seen her hymen destroyed years ago. Yet still she knew her first time would hurt.

Naruto also knew that it would be painful for Hinata that's why he tried to still his breathing, moving as little as possible as to not further any pain Hinata was in.

Nonetheless even with the pain Hinata was in, she didn't care because she couldn't believe she was actually doing this with Naruto… she had been tormented with perverse dreams of her having sex with Naruto ever since puberity… now she could hardly believe it was actually happening.

She would not allow her meekness to ruin this moment for her, so even with the lingering pain Hinata lifted herself up halfway off of Naruto's manhood and once again allowed her body weight to steer her all the way to the bottom again.

"Filling!" was the only term Hinata could use to describe the sensation, the pain was ebbing away and pleasure was filling in the void it had left. Pleasure beyond anything she had every felt, more than when Naruto first held her hand, more than when he first hugged her, more than when he had first kissed her. This was a new level of first with Naruto that Hinata knew would not be easily replaced.

As if Naruto was reading her mind he began thrusting upwards slowly at first but picked up to a moderate speed, and it was at the point where he was starting to really pick up speed Hinata broke off from her kiss with Naruto and instead heaved her head back moaning in sync with every thrust.

And it was not long when her toes began to curl and her back began to arch, when Hinata felt the upcoming phenomena that was her orgasm.

Maybe it was the gods who planed it, because right as Hinata came the walls of her depths, clamp down onto Naruto's penis pushing him over the edge, they both wailed each other's name into the high heavens as Hinata's center continued to ripple and extract Naruto for every drop of semen he had left within him.

Gently Naruto lowered Hinata and him to the floor, both of them panting in fatigue but most of all total satisfaction. The sweat that had built up during their long awaited passion acted like glue between their two skins, and while it might sound uncomfortable neither of them would have given this up for anything.

Taking a minute to regain his strength Naruto slowly and hesitantly lifted himself off of Hinata, who grumbled in irritation grasping Naruto's arms and pulling him back down onto her. Naruto smiled and buried his face into the crook of her neck which allowed Hinata to turn to Hinata.R and give her a smirk.

A devious smirk that Hinata would never allow her sweet Naruto to know she had within her. Even if it was just a few minutes longer, and while Hinata didn't like the idea of torturing somebody. Something about depriving Hinata.R of sex just felt right.

But Hinata knew Naruto was too much of a gentleman to allow this denial to continue too long, as he smiled down to her and gave her one more loving kiss before detaching himself from her much to Hinata.R's delight. Who immediately jumped onto his lap pushing him onto his back, like hell if she wasn't going to control Naruto Hinata.R thought as she positioned herself directly over Naruto's large member and without any uncertainty she allowed herself to consume him electing a mind shattering scream from her throat.

She was complete!

This addictive pleasure involuntarily took over her body as she willingly began bouncing on top of Naruto, allowing his rod to probe every contour of her body. She had without doubt been denied sex for too long because this was being driving to new plateaus of heaven.

Or maybe it was just Naruto…

Regardless she never wanted this to end, her mind made up at that point… she was not going to go back she would forget Menma because it was obvious he didn't care about her. Because she had finally found love in the arms of Naruto, honestly what did Menma think was going to happen that he could disappear for Kami knows how long than suddenly reappear expecting to find her waiting for him with open arms… fuck that shit.

The whole redeemed bad boy thing was overrated anyway, it's not that she didn't try… but it was obvious that Menma was too big of a douche to change.

Then again why was she thinking so much when she was getting such cervix splitting fucking? Instead of focusing on that bastard Menma… all that matter to her now was Naruto… who she was riding without any restraint while he just stared mesmerized by her bouncing breast which were glistening from her sweat.

Naruto's sexual stamina was developing nicely but she wasn't going to let him win, slapping her hands down onto his chest she began lightly racking up and down lightly with her nails.

This along with the fluttering of her inner walls was quickly driving Naruto toward his impending orgasm. But it was when she unexpectedly pinched his nipples and twisted it slightly did he fire his load into her.

Yet his sweet torture at the hands of Hinata.R was far from over, his leaking fluids just sought to lubricate his re-hardened rod allowing her to speed up further. Had it not been for Kurama healing him and replenishing his body, Naruto was sure he would have been on the verge of death at this moment.

But he knew the end was near, as Hinata.R began fastening down tighter on him and without warning it almost became a vice as she once again bled everything from him.

She shuddered and convulsed, feeling something burst inside her… yet none of this could overtake her uninhibited cry of contentment

As her high ended she plopped forward onto Naruto with a wet splat and she began shivering from the warmth emanating from him. She wanted to stay like this forever but Naruto lifted her up as she groaned in opposition, yet her orgasm had left her weaker than she wished to be as almost unchallenged Naruto brought over to Hinata's bed and gently laid her down.

She thought he would lie down and cuddle with her but instead he left her and trekked over toward Hinata and picked her up bridal style, there was an eep of delight from the shy girl as Naruto bought her over to the bed as well.

Positioning himself in the middle of the two blue haired Hyuga's he allowed them to cuddle up to his sides, sighing in ease as he allowed his exhaustion overtake his body as did Hinata.

But Hinata.R who had regained some of her strength began drawing shapes along Narutos's naked chest, while slowly thinking to herself. Yet it was the steady beating of Naruto's heart that lulled her into the land of dreams as she too allowed herself to slumber.


Her visitation of the previous night's memories was broken by a soft prodding of her cheeks by Naruto, "Are you okay?"

Hinata.R snapped out of her dazing and replied, "Yeah… uhmmm thanks for asking." And for the first time Hinata.R bore witness to one of Naruto's signature charming smiles and understood while Hinata fell in love with him, "So what exactly do we call you? Hinata said you wanted to stay with us… so Hinata-two?"

Hinata.R pondered for a moment, What exactly could she call herself? Hitomi? After her mother… nah that would be just awkward when talking with her bastard of a father.

"How about just normal Hina…"

Naruto scratched the back of his head slightly and replied, "I guess that would be okay, I think it would take some getting used to for us though… cause that's what I normally call Hinata when we are alone…"

Hinata.R just leaned back and shrugged, "Oh well… so what are we doing today anyway?"

Stepping out of the tub Hinata grabbed a towel and answered, "Well we are going to talk with father about you… than you can come and meet our friends."

Hinata.R let out a groan of annoyance while rolling her eyes, "God dam!" after saying that Hinata.R begrudgingly sank herself back underwater. Drowning would probably be more fun than what those two had planned…

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