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Academy City is known as the most scientifically advanced city there is. It is a place where the schools have a very special curriculum that allows the students to have extraordinary powers, mostly known as ESPer abilities.

This place filled with beautiful scenery, amazing technology and other state of the art amenities is also a place filled with turmoil and darkness. But,

Let's leave it like that for now! I mean, this place is my Home after all. It is a place that caters to all espers and people with weird abilities (me being categorized in the latter part). Ahhh, everything just seems so peaceful, so serene, so quiet, so-

"Oi Idiot! You'd better quicken up your pace or else!"

Scratch that. With the situation I'm in, I won't be in peace for a very long time. Misaka Mikoto shouted and barked orders at me like I was a dog or something. You guys might not understand what is currently going on, so please allow me, Kamijou Touma, epitome of disaster and misfortune, explain it to you.

It started earlier this morning:

"Kamijou-chan! Please come here a moment!"

My teacher, Tsukuyomi Komoe, which by the way has a height of 135 cm, called my name.

"I don't want to."

I answered lazily, fully knowing that I didn't want to hear anything she was about to say.

"And why not?"

Sha said angrily as she stomped her tiny little feet, probably to emphasize her superiority, which, fortunately did not work on me.

"Because youre going to tell me something which is bound to be filled with misfortune."

"Wah? Youre so mean Kamijou-chan! Anyway, I just wanted to say that you're grades are slipping oh so desperately."

"See, I told you it was just bad luck!"

"Uwah! Let me finish first! But I managed to think of something which might just save you from repeating a grade!"

"Oh, and what might that be sensei?"

"The Tokiwadai Middle School is responsible for organizing Academy City's foundation week. Since it's a school full of middle school girls, high school students were asked to help out as well. It just so happens that our class was assigned to join a class of second years for a recital, or something like that!"

"And what do those things have to do with me and my nearly dead grades?"

"If you become our class leader and please the class leader of our paired class then you can pass! Isn't that great?"

"So basically, I have to become an ojou-sama's pet and do as she wishes, correct?"

"Uuuu, please be more enthusiastic about this! The other side's class leader will come here at anytime, please be more energetic!"

"But how can I?"

"OI Kamijou! Do what sensei tells you to do!"

Yup, that's right. Just my luck. Fukiyose Seiri just had to appear.

"Hai, hai!"

I said almost sarcastically. Come on, give me a break! How can I be happy about being someone's pet?!

"Kamijou! You'd better do things right or our class will suffer the shame, but you will suffer the pain!"

She said as she began strangling my neck. Her eyes filled with every intention to kill me.

"Uhm, excuse me, I'm here to meet the class lea- WAH!"

Unknown to us all, the class leader of the class we were pairing up with had already arrived, and it just so happened that she saw me being strangled by a girl. I couldn't see her face, considering the fact that Fukiyose was still killing me. But her voice was awfully familiar…

"UWAH! Arent you!-!"

Sensei's voice seemed so surprised and star struck; she couldn't even finish her sentence.

"Ah, well. I'm the leader for our second year middle school class. I came to meet your class leader. Oh yeah, and my name is Misaka Mikoto."

And that was when it hit me. It was official; I would be entering hell in just a matter of seconds.

"Such misfortune!"

I cried out to lament on my truly misfortunate fate, to become the unluckiest person to live on earth.

-Back to present-

"So, would you mind telling me why you didn't tell anyone that you were the Level 5 "Railgun" and asked Komoe sensei to keep quiet about it?"

"I don't want your class to have a hard time cooperating just because I'm a level 5. They might think too highly of me."

"Oh, I see…"

"Anyways idiot, I never thought that you'd be the class leader!"

Misaka and I were walking downtown toward Tokiwadai Middle School, which is something I feel totally misfortunate about.

"Well, what can I say BiriBiri? I'm as lucky as ever."

"Are you saying that being paired up with MY class is a bad thing?"

"Well, noting down that fact that if I displease you in any way I might have to repeat a grade is considered bad then, my answer is Yes."

"Eh? You? Repeating a grade? If I'm not satisfied?"

It dawned on me.

I was the stupidest man alive. Why the heck did I just tell her that? If she knew she would deliberately harass me to get what she wants knowing that I needed to satisfy her!

"You do realize that you just dug your own grave right?"

She asked me with a creepy (but adorable) grin on her face.

"Yes, and you would probably be my executor, right?"

"Oh no, I'm far from being an executor. Executors do their jobs in the quickest ways possible. Think of me as a torturer. I'll make sure to make you suffer before placing you neatly in a coffin."

"Did you have to define the job descriptions of executors and torturers?"

"Well of course! You should at least know what type of death you died! Whether it was execution or torture right? Think of it as a present from the Grim Reaper herself! [The person who comes to you and kills you, that's what I know anyway. They always carry a scythe around and a list of people who are about to be killed. They are also clothed in an all black cape/robe like thingy]

"It scares me to hear you say that with a straight face."

"Oh don't worry. You don't just get to hear it, you get to experience it first-hand as well."

She said that as a smile adorned her beautiful face. Damn, why did this girl have to be a sadist? Couldn't she have been a normal cute and moe girl overflowing with love and kindness? Is that really too much to ask?

"Such Misfortune."

Oh well, allow me to welcome myself in the hell I am about to enter. Kamijou Touma, be prepared to die.

What did I do to deserve this?!

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