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Chapter 9

With her hands tied behind her back, and the open wound on her left shoulder still bleeding, Misaka Mikoto, was fast asleep while sitting on the cold floor. They were currently in an old building somewhere in Academy City. The man who kidnapped the said railgun watched Mikoto as she breathed heavily, still in pain because of her wounds.

"How was your mission?"

A man in a black cape asked, entering the scene. It was dark so his face could only be half seen. The man in a trench coat (the kidnapper) just sighed.

"This girl is certainly a lot tougher than she looks. Are you sure we got it right? She doesn't seem to know a thing."

"She's the girl. I'm sure of it. I've seen her along with that idiot on a number of occasions. So I'm pretty sure that those higher-ups saw that too and are planning to use her. Ggod thing we managed to get to her before they did."

"But she's just a kid. I already felt bad for hurting her and now I can't heal her coz she's an esper!"

"Don't get soft you jerk. Were doing the right thing here. It's up to that idiot to decide what he's gonna do now."

"Are you referring to Kamijou Touma?"

As the man in the trench coat asked this, Mikoto had woken up, but decided to pretend to be sleeping.

'What the heck do they want with Touma?'

"Well, who else would I be calling an idiot? He's gonna be pissed about this, I'm sure."

The guy in the black cape said and sighed. 'So he is notorious for being an idiot no matter where he goes huh? Seriously' Mikoto mentally face palmed.

"What are we going to do about this girl though? We need to get her treated if we plan on using her."

"Once we capture that idiot, we'll do something about her injuries. Right now, our top priority is leaving this darned city with the both of them undetected."

"That's a lot easier said than done. As I said before, this girl is tough!"

"How did you capture her anyway?"

The guy in the cape asked, the trench coat guy sighed as he told the story.


"I'll see you soon Mikoto."


Mikoto just watched as Touma faded away in the darkness, completely oblivious of the impending danger.

"Kamijou Touma"

Someone said. Mikoto looked back and saw a man in a trench coat.

"If you were looking for him, he just left so…"

"Angel of Death…."

"Excuse me?"

Mikoto was confused. Who was this man? Why did he know Touma? What was the angel of death? The man just smiled creepily and lunged forward, Mikoto's eyes widened and she jumped out of the way, with her dress fluttering in the wind.

"You're a 14-year old teenage girl and you still wear shorts under your skirts? That's just disappointing!"

"Oh, so you're on of those perverted thugs huh? I don't know how you knew that moron's name nor do I know what an Angel of death is, all I know right now is that I want to kick the living daylights out of you!"

"That's not the proper way talking to elders you know. Especially one who knows a lot about the things that happen around here…"


"Misaka Mikoto, the 3rd level 5 esper in the whole city. Your roommates name is Shirai Kuroko, you have 2 friends named Uiharu Kazari and Ruiko Saten. You don't really like being revered as a princess. And you've had associations with Kamijou Touma for quite a while now."

Mikoto was stunned. How the heck could he know so much? But since he didn't say anything about her SISTERS that means he doesn't belong to Academy City.

"Youre an outsider, aren't you?"

"Very clever Miss Misaka. Now, I wouldn't want to injure such a beautifully dressed princess, so could you please surrender yourself and Kamijou Touma to me now?"


She shouted as electricity crackled from her body. She started to shoot bolts of lightning at the man but he just dodged them with ease.

"You're a feisty little teenager are you? Look, I had no intention of fighting you, so lets make this quick. You don't know a lot of Academy City's secrets now do you?"

Mikoto stopped charging electricity and just stared.

"What are you talking about?"

"The thing that appeared right before the Daihasei Festival, do you know what it was?"


"It was an ANGEL. And frankly, there's more of them."

"What does that have anything to do with Touma and me?"

"You really don't know anything huh? I feel bad for you. Getting dragged into things without you noticing. Fine, since you don't have any connection with this case, just tell me where Kamijou Touma is going."

"And what if I say no?"

"I warned you little miss….."

The guy suddenly disappeared from Mikoto's sight. 'Teleportation? Is this guy an esper?' Mikoto thought. She turned around and searched her surroundings

"….I didn't want to hurt you."

He said appearing behind her. Mikoto's eyes widened but she decided to jump away, she turned around to see where the guy was but her puffy skirt was in the way.

'Darn it! I cant see!' she cursed. The moment she gained her momentum and landed on the ground, the guy swept his feet under her, causing her to lose her balance and fall flat on her back. The guy walked closer to her,

"You're ruining your outfit by fighting like that you know, little miss Misaka."

"Die you jerk!"

She said as she took out a coin and blasted her signature move, the RAILGUN, at him. A minor explosion occurred, since she didn't really want to kill the guy so she used only ¼ of her power. Mikoto was sitting on the cold pavement panting.

"Nice try. But when you fight enemies you don't know…."

The guy suddenly appeared out of nowhere again and punched her in the stomach.

"…please don't hold back like that. Or you'll regret it."

Mikoto tried to send out electric shocks, but they seemed weaker than what they were supposed to be.

"What happened to my electricity?"

"I casted a spell on you. It prevents you from using your powers even for just a limited amount of time."


"Oh, haven't I told you? I'm a magician Miss Misaka. The sworn enemy of espers like you."

The man grabbed Mikoto by the neck and raised her to the air, as she struggled to breath.

"I didn't want to this but-"

The man stopped his sentence as he received a painful kick in the face courtesy of Mikoto. He let go of her as he crashed to the ground.

"How the heck could a girl kick that hard even though she's wearing a skirt?!"

"That's the advantage of wearing shorts you know"

Mikoto smiled wickedly as she sent out sparks from her body to electrocute the man in front of her. The man stood up and planned to fight Mikoto, but was instead greeted by another huge wave of electricity. As he dodged the electricity, he received another special electric punch in the face from the Electro Princess herself. He fell to the ground once again in pain.

"Had enough yet Mr. Magician?"

Mikoto asked smilingly triumphantly.

"Youre pretty tough…for a girl…"

"Why thank you Mr. Magician. Now, if I were you, I wouldn't lay a finger on me Touma or my friends, becaude f you did, I swear that I might just have to fry you alive. But, youre gonna have to pay for messing with me…"

She said as she took out another coin and aimed it at the man lying on the floor. Just then, an incredibly strong wind blew past them, lifting Mikoto's skirt upward. As she struggled to bring her skirt back down, the magician took advantage of this and pinned her to the ground.

"I told you that I didn't want to hurt you! But I can't fail my mission, so I'm sorry!"

He said as he planted a knife on Mikoto's left shoulder. But he made sure that it wasn't too deep enough for her to die of excessive bleeding in an hour. He had to make sure that she would last at least 2 more days, without any form of treatment.

"What-the…heck?! ARGH!"

Mikoto groaned in pain as he took back the knife.

"Now, decide Misaka Mikoto. Will you surrender or do we have to hunt down Kamijou Touma?"

He asked. Mikoto slowly took out her phone and dialed the number of the person she needed the most right now.

"Yo Misaka! What happened? You should be home now right?"


She asked, slightly happy with hearing his voice. She wanted to cry. She was scared, but she can't

"Misaka? What happened?"

"I'm fine. I…just have a question for you…"

"Okay, what is it?"

"If you were asked to choose between yourself and the person you loved, who would you choose?"

Her voice was breaking, but she did her best not to sound desperate.

"Misaka, where are you now? Why are you asking that? What happened? Wh-"

"Touma! P-please…please…answer my question…"

Mikoto said it with such tenderness, as if it were her last words…

"I'd choose you…"


"HEH?! No, I meant,-, sigh, I'd choose the person I love. What's the point in living my life if you weren't around Mikoto?"

Mikoto gasped, but smiled. Blood continued to rush from her wound and the guy signaled her that time was almost up. She hated goodbye's, but at this point, it was better than losing him.

"Thanks. Thank you so much Touma… You…Never mind… I just wanted to say, you are important to me, no matter what… please remember that, but please forget me. Goodbye, for good, Kamijou Touma."

Saying that was the most painful thing for her. She didn't want ot be apart, she didn't want to go, but for his sake, she had to.

"Wh-what are you saying? Misaka? Hey! Damn it Mikoto answer me! Please don't say that! You're way too important for me to forget! If you leave, I'd be sad as heck!"

He sounded so sad, confused and bitter. He actually cared about her. Mikoto used her remaining energy to sound cheerful.

"I was just joking… Sucker…"

"Please don't say stuff like that anymore, not even as a joke…"

"Well then, farewell Touma…"

"It's not yet farewell Mikoto, I can still see you whenever I really want to."

"Haha, yeah, sure, we…we will…"

Mikoto really felt like crying. This was too much, it was too painful.

"Mikoto, is there something wrong?"

"Bye Touma…"

She said, not being able to stand the pain anymore, as she dropped her phone.

"Can I know your decision now?"

The man asked walking to her. She sighed and closed her eyes.

"Don't lay a finger on anyone else, you hear me?"

She did her best to sound menacing, as she slowly succumbed to her fatigue and pain. The man carried her, leaving Touma's jacket, her phone and a pool of Mikoto's blood as a memory and as a trap set up for a certain guy.

-end of flashback—

"You made sure she would live for 2 more days?"

"Of course I did, wouldn't want our only hostage to die before the negotiation starts…"

Mikoto tried to see the face of the man in the black cape, but all that she could see was a cigarette and something like a bar code on the man's face. Her wound started hurting again. She looked at it and saw that her white and black dress had been drenched red with blood, slowly, she passed out again, with the memory of the two men in the dark staring at her as her vision blurred and blacked out. She passed out with the image of a certain spiky haired boy in her mind.


Tokiwadai was in a state of panic. The news about Mikoto being kidnapped was not made public. Only the staff, Shirai, Uiharu, Konori Mii, Ruiko, Touma, Komoe-sensei and her class knew about it. The park where the fight happened was closed to the public for today. They had searched and investigated the whole day but had no leads at all.

"Damn it! I just knew it! Something was wrong when she called me! I should've gone to her! Damn it! Damn it!"

Touma repeatedly cursed himself. Punching the vending machine as he did.

"Uhm, Kamijou-san, you shouldn't punch that or you'll get hurt. Misaka-san wouldn't want any of us getting hurt…"

Kazari said approaching him. It was now dusk. Darkness slowly draped the sky, but that didn't stop them from investigating.

"Kamijou-senpai, this is your jacket correct? Mihgt I ask what it was doing here, considering the fact that you were not here?"

Kuroko asked seemingly composed after hours of ranting and worrying.

"I lent it to her. She was cold while we walked back, so I decided to let her wear it."

"What I don't understand is why the culprit left it here, in Misaka-san's blood nonetheless. Could this be some kind of trap to lure you Kamijou-san?"

Konori asked sternly, facing Touma.

"Why would anyone want to lure me out? Besides, I don't know anyone in Academy City who wants me dead, or who would dare to harm Misaka."

"I guess. So it must be someone outside Academy City. Perhaps it was a group wanting revenge on the city itself."

"Revenge? City? Outside of… OH Crap!"

Touma suddenly said.

"Kamijou-senpai, would you happen to have a clue on who might have kidnapped onee-sama?"

'Darn it! I think I dragged Mikoto into the Magic side! I can't explain it to them or else they'll get involved too!'

Touma thought.

"KAMIJOU-SENPAI! Please tell us what you might know!"

"But it's not that easy Shirai-san! You'll get dragged into something dangerous!"

"He's right little miss. You wouldn't want to get involved in this."

A man in a trench coat suddenly appeared behind them.

"Who are you? This area is closed to the public!" –Konori

"Did you people like the resent I prepared for you? It wasn't easy to get blood out of that girl you know…"

He said as he pulled Mikoto from the shadows. Everybody was shocked to see the railgun in such a pitiable state. Blood drenched her clothes and her skin was paler than usual.

"What the heck did you do to my onee-sama?!"

Kuroko shouted teleporting spikes to her hands.

"Relax little miss. Do you want little miss railgun here to die? I just came here for a talk."

"What do you want with Misaka?"

Touma asked, glaring at the man.

"Misaka? But you called her Mikoto while you talked on the phone right?"

"You were there? So that means, she called me after you did that to her right?"

"Very good. You're actually pretty smart, everyone in our group who knew you called you an idiot you know."

"I knew it. So you were from a magic cabal? Which group are you from?"

"Cabal? Magic?"

Everyone couldn't relate to what they were talking about.

"This really isn't an ideal place to talk now, is it Kamijou Touma? I want you to come with me. If you do, then I can ensure Little miss railgun's safety. But if you don't, she'll be dead in a few minutes. And don't even try to fight me. You know very well how underhanded magic can be in fights Kamijou Touma."

He said. Everyone stopped, not knowing what to do. Things were silent for a while until.

"Fine, I'll go."

"But Kamijou-san!" –Konori

"Yesterday, Misaka called me, I didn't understand anything back then, but now I do. Mikoto ended up like that because of me. I'll bring her back safely. Don't worry about it."

He said as he walked toward the man and Mikoto's passed out figure.


"Misaka-san, Kamijou-san…"

"Very good choice Kamijou Touma."

He said as he literally threw Mikoto at him. Touma caught her and looked at her face. It was scrunched in pain, agony and sadness.

"It's okay Mikoto. I'm here now. You won't be alone ever again. I promise."

He said as light slowly engulfed them as they were transported to somewhere else.


Kuroko shouted before they faded. Touma looked back and saw her almost in tears.

"I…although it breaks me to say this, please take care of onee-sama and bring her back, I beg of you!"

She pleaded, finally breaking. Touma just smiled and nodded.

'Even if you don't tell me that Shirai-san, I will protect Mikoto, with my life. I won't let anyone from the magic side hurt her. I won't let anything happen to her. I let her go yesterday; and I'm not making that same kind of mistake again. Because, Mikoto is, she's…..the girl I love most in this world, and that….that will never change….'

Touma silently vowed to himself that he would protect this girl from any harm, from any danger and from anyone who would take her away, for that girl, for Misaka Mikoto, was his one and only BiriBiri. He would break the faces and illusions of anyone who would dare to do so.

-chapter end—

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